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If you work in an office with a strict, smart dress code, this might be just about as flamboyant as you’re allowed to get, with its red, chequered design. We chose it because it’s available in both big and tall sizes, with sleeve lengths of 87in for tall and big, and neck sizes of just for big. It’s in the so-called “classic” fit, which, as Nordstrom puts it, is “the most generous cut” on offer. If you’re after something slimmer, there are tighter fits available. Also available in purple and blue colourways.

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Here’s another brand with over a hundred years of experience in menswear. Burton is best known for its suits, and a decent number of those are available in big and tall sizes, with jackets going up to 57 long, and trousers offered with a 85in inside leg and waists up to 57in. If you’re after something more casual, then Burton has you covered too, with a sharp-looking collection ranging from oxford shirts to bomber jackets, going up to a 5XL.

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The most important thing is to have a real idea of what your measurements are. Of course, you can never beat going into a shop and trying on something first, but if you’re buying online, have a tape measure handy. Different brands have different ways of denoting their sizes, which can be somewhat confusing at first, but each of the ones we’ve featured have useful online size guides. And of course, we all have different body shapes and sizes, so not every brand''s sizing will fit every guy.

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Skopes is one of the most widely stocked suit brands in UK department stores, and provides a brilliant, extensive range of big and tall suits. For jackets, its chest sizes go up to 67 inches, while trouser waists extend to 57 inches – as a result, we think Skopes is best suited to men after bigger suits rather than longer, as the inside leg lengths only go up to 88in. Whether it’s for regular office use, a wedding, a black tie event, or anything else that requires you to suit up, Skopes has it covered. Expect reasonable prices and excellent quality.

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River Island launched its online-only Big & Tall range back in February, offering size adjustments on some of its best-selling menswear pieces. It offers sizes up to 9XL – so, again, it’s for the man who needs both big and tall – with trousers up to a 98in waist and 88in inside leg, the latter setting it above a few of its high-street competitors. Currently, there are around 655 items in the range, range from bold, eye-catching prints to the more reserved shirts and trousers.  

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So, the real question is what do you do about it? For one, I wouldn’t attend his romantic solo tutoring session created specifically for you. If he’s saying those things in front of people imagine what he might say—or do—when it’s just you two in a room alone. Ew. He may not actually be a total creep, but you’re probably better off getting tutoring from a classmate if he makes you uncomfortable. Think about it—you won’t be able to focus and learn when you’re on your guard the whole time.

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Then, another time in class, I was talking to my friend and asked her to call me by my nickname. He overheard, asking me why I didn’t ask him to do that. I just told him I found no reason to, but ever since then he calls me by my nickname anyway. He also gave us a quiz and one of the questions asked what we thought he could do to make the class better. I said “one day out the week for tutoring would be nice.” Here’s where things get a little weird.

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Consider the alternative. If a suit is just not your style, luckily there is another acceptable wedding outfit. According to Claudia Paolinelli , local men''s stylist and personal shopper, you''ll always look sharp in black dress pants or black khakis, a white button-down shirt, a sport coat and a tie, with black shoes, belt and socks. You can drop the coat for more casual weddings.

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I’m in college. My professor never really bothered me before, but now I’m starting to question him. I changed my hair to red one day and he complimented how nice it was even though I hated it. I have never seen him comment on anyone else’s appearance. A few days later I dressed up pretty fashionable and changed my hair back to black ‘cause I was going out that night with my boyfriend and he said, “Wow another look, Nice!” I brushed it off.

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But there’s no need for righteous indignation, as the market is changing. A number of high street brands have recently launched ranges to suit people with wider, longer frames, while there are an ever-increasing number of brands which cater specifically for them. After all, the human race has been getting steadily taller and larger for the past century, so we may as well look good while we’re at it.

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Buy what you need. If you want investment quality pieces, Paolinelli notes that Union Square stores like Ralph Lauren , Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink offer classics and have sales assistants ready and able to help you. If budget is an issue, she recommends Zara for inexpensive clothing, and Lopez suggests shopping at consignment stores. "You will find good quality at consignments," he says. If you need alterations, the shop may provide them or refer you to a good tailor.

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As you might guess from the name, this brand is purely for tall men – specifically, tall, slim men, with an average customer height of 6ft 8in, and range of tops and bottoms which should fit men up to 7ft 9in. What’s more, the brand is run by tall, slim men, so it knows the struggle that comes with elongated limbs. Its website sells a number of other brands – Eterna, Juicy, Mish Mash and Girav to name a few – each of which has been chosen by 7Tall for their tall-man-suitability. Its own brand pieces, which are characterised by a laid-back simplicity, cover tops and bottoms, while other brands offer suits and footwear.

The high-street giant Asos has good form when it comes to inclusive clothing, with its Curve range for women, as well as an impressive selection of petite clothing. In February, it launched two distinct ranges for men: Plus and Tall. In terms of style, both are what you’d expect from Asos, offering on-trend, millennial-pleasing pieces, covering just about every item of clothing you’ll need. Sizes go up to 8XL on the Plus side of things, while Tall is aimed at guys who top the 6ft 8in mark, with leg lengths extending to 88in. Alongside the ever-growing own-brand selection, you’ll find pieces from brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Cheap Monday, Puma and French Connection.

The second option, Not Hot for Teacher, is to tell him that what he’s doing makes you uncomfortable. Don’t make a display out of it. Do it in private during office hours and say, “Mr. Horndog (but actually use his name), it makes me uncomfortable when you use my nickname and make comments about my appearance. I’d appreciate it if you’d stop.” Now, he’ll probably get defensive and say that he didn’t mean anything by what he said, but it doesn’t matter what he meant. Say, “It’s fine, you don’t have to explain. I’d just like you to stop. Thanks.” Remember, you’re not debating his intentions with him, you’re telling him how you feel about it, and as your teacher he needs to respect that—period. He may not be aware that he’s making uncomfortable. While you feel a little harassed, he may think you’re cool with it in his creeper brain. Until you say something, he’ll probably continue.

This brand has been in existence for over a century now, and specialises in quality American-made clothing. It’s range is huge, covering most of the clothing and accessories spectrum, but it excels when it comes to the smarter side of things. Rather than create an entirely separate range for its big and tall clothing, Nordstrom has modified the lengths and fits of existing pieces to cater for larger measurements. Just how large those measurements go, as well as whether they’re available in both big and tall sizes, varies quite a bit from item to item, but the selection is certainly plentiful. Expect exceptionally well-made, durable pieces, both from Nordstrom’s own range and from the huge number of other brands it sells, most of which are in a similar mould to Nordstrom.

It seems like that trend for floral shirts is going nowhere, and you can get yourself involved with this eye-catching number. The shirt sits comfortably and loosely when worn, which is what you need during the warmer months – or, it means you can layer it up without too much of a problem. The sleeve lengths are pleasingly long, too, which adds to the generally flattering fit. Available up to size 9XL.

We think this is one of the most accommodating suits sold by Skopes, coming in the roomy, but still well-fitting “Classic” cut. The jacket and waistcoat go up to 67in, while the trousers are available up to 96in. Made from a mix of wool-rich cloth, polyester and lyrca, we found it a comfortable wear – and although we couldn’t test it’s durability over months, Skopes assures us that the suit has been designed for regular use.

Department store Debenhams carries a number of other brands with extended sizes – Ben Sherman, Centaur and Red Herring among them – but we’ve focused on its own brand, The Collection, which dominates the Big & Tall section. It’s a largely formal selection, with a range of solidly made shirts, trousers, accessories and outerwear. It’s shirts, of which there are over 655, will fit chests sized up to 69in, and the sleeves have a few inches added on compared to the standard sizing. The trousers, meanwhile, offer waists up to 98in and inside legs up to 85in. 

A plain T-shirt isn’t going to revolutionise your wardrobe, but as you’ll know as your life as a lofty fella, a plain T-shirt that actually fits is hard to seek out. But now you’ve found one. 7Tall promises that these T-shirts are three inches taller than those offered by normal retailers, and that makes all the difference. The short sleeves are pleasingly long, too. Made entirely from a soft cotton fabric, it goes up to size 7XLT, and is available in nine colours.

This is one of the very newest big and tall clothing ranges out there, having only launched back in April of this year. Around a third of M& S’s total menswear range is available in big and tall sizes, and this proportion is set to increase in the coming months. So the clothing on offer is what you already know from the retailer: smart and sophisticated. It’s ever-popular suits extend to a chest size of 59in and extra-long lengths, while the suit trousers boast a 87in inside leg. On the casual side of things, tops go up to 9XL, and the jeans and chinos go up to 85in inside leg.