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Shame of Britain's Muslim schools: Secret filming shows

Posted: 2017-10-15 19:42

Many animals have fur, feathers, or other natural coverings to protect them from the weather. Humans have almost no natural protection from the weather. Even so, they live in some of the hottest and coldest places on Earth. People also have modesty, or the desire to cover their body. In addition, each person has a personality, a culture, and a place in society to show to other people. For all these reasons, people wear clothing.

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Armed police order Muslim woman to - Daily Mail Online

Osman’s cousins go to the same madrassas he attended and told him the beatings were still continuing. This persuaded Osman to try to reveal the truth behind the private world of faith schools. Over a period of two years he bravely placed cameras in both schools and collected highly sensitive material for us. His experience of madrassas is not uncommon. But persuading people to go on camera about this has been difficult. One family who were willing to talk were too frightened to do so openly.

Her brother, only five at the time, would be hit on his feet with a stick. They dreaded going to those classes but did not tell their mother. Salma eventually withdrew her children from attending madrassas for a completely different reason: she learned that they were being taught an intolerant version of Islam. ‘They were using terms like “Kaffir” just because somebody isn’t of the same religion,’ she says, ‘and I’m teaching my children to integrate and not be racist so I pulled my children out.’