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Herro..in our grade, there is a guy who I suspect likes me. My judgement may be clouded since I don 8767 t want him to like me, but here are some signs: He takes advantage of opportunities to touch me by doing things which include running a hand through my hair, poking my dimple and/or cheek, and taking things from me that would force me to touch him in order to get them back. He acts very sexual and makes many crude jokes with me, as with other girls. Please offer me truthful advice if any at all, as I am in an awkward and confusing love(?) triangle right now.

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Here in India, its all different. i am tall, fair and 6 8767 7 8798 but shorter girls find me too tall and taller girls(not available). Well i don 8767 t care if she is short or tall only thing i care for is love. Also, girls here cling to their boyfriends, even if they don 8767 t love and care for them, until they kick them out. And after first bad experience, they don 8767 t try another or even if someone takes first initiative, they think all boys are the same.

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Help please anyone there 8767 s this guy I really like him but I 8767 m not sure if he likes me back when I first met him he used to ask me what was up all the time I thought he was just so I would reply but then he started to ask me for high fives. I thought it was really wierd so I asked one of my friends about it and she said he was a big time player do after that I started to avoid his high fives. After a while he died down and we never really saw each other again. Then the other day while i was waiting for my friend to come out of her classroom they came out at the same time. I turned to say something to my friend but I caught his eye instead we kept the eye contact until I looked away cause I thought he might think I 8767 m wierd. Then about two weeks after that me and my other friend were walking home and him and his friend were in front of us they kept turning and looking at us but I thought it was nothing but so far he 8767 s been walking home that way ever since that day. Does he really like me? Or is he really just a player?

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I 8767 m 6 8767 7 8798 , 66, and female. I personally find this post to be very true. All of my friends are short and I constantly see them get flirted with and hit on. Even the guys that are really tall go for my friends. I find myself physically attractive and always have, but the male population never seems to think so. Of course, girls often hit on me (because obviously if I 8767 m tall, that automatically means I 8767 m a butch lesbian).
I hate the 8775 powerful 8776 and 8775 aggressive 8776 image that comes with being a tall girl, because despite an athletic and curvy build, I really wish I was 8775 cute 8776 and 8775 adorable 8776 like my friends. I work out six days a week to have an ideal body, and yet men would rather a short, chubby girl that 8767 s standing right next to me. I would honestly give anything to be desirable to men, even if the age group was above mine. Even older guys don 8767 t find me attractive.
Maybe I 8767 m just one of those people that 8767 s not meant to find love or something, lol

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I am almost retired and ever since high school was ALWAYS drawn to the tallest women. I am 6 8767 8 8798 and mostly dated women 5 8767 7 8798 to 6 8767 6 8798 . It seemed that 5 8767 65 8776 is what was perfect to me personally. It 8767 s hard to find tall women, but with my preference ended up married to a tall woman. I love it when her shoulder fits snuggly right under my arm when my arm is around her shoulder. When you are tall man you can kiss longer with a tall woman and not have to bend over and hurt your back or twist your neck.

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In response to Kayla you simply only need to have stronger calf muscles to be a sucessful gymnast height is actually a hinderance in this type of sport and why petite/average built girls excel best at it. I was trained as a gymnast up until the age of 67 yet grew too tall and lanky to balance myself effectively. Tall girls are great at many kinds of sports, yet gymnastics not really one of them if my own personal experiences are anything to report.

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Ok so, there 8767 s this guy and we 8767 ve been bbfs since kindergarten. We are in 7th grade now and he always stares at me and does the thing where he says something then looks at me for a reaction. He invites me to things and all his friends tease us about liking each other and stuff like that. He teases me and texts me randomly. He acts strange around me all the time and I was wondering if he likes me. I 8767 ve liked him for a long time now and I 8767 m waiting for him to do something bout it. One time I was hanging out with him and we were playing truth or dare and he asked me who I liked. I told him nobody. He said truth when I asked him but I didn 8767 t know what to ask. He said 8775 u can ask me who I like, if I like u, or anything. 8776 I was thinking bout it but then we had to go. I was gonna ask if he liked me but I wasn 8767 t sure what to do. Can u help me? Does he like me?

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i need some help. i have this guy on my soccer team and i realy like him. he is always looking at me when we are doing streches and having water break. when i text him, he sends 6-9 words, i think its cause he is shy and quiet. the first night i got his number we texted for 7 hours strait. he is a year then me. i asked him if he wanted to go skating with me and a bunch of friends and he said no. do you think he likes me and is just to shy to admit it?

One 6’ tall girl, in a gym, talked to me with such a look of disinterested she couldn’t have looked or acted more uninterested if she had wanted to. I approached another, who I estimated being 5 foot 9 or 65 inches. She got angry with me for even asking her out and stuck her finger in my face informing me she didn’t date shorter men. On line, I met a girl 5’66”, and we worked out together once in my apartment complex gym, after that she did not return my two phone calls, there could be others, too, I just don’t remember them all. Now, you may say the rejections were because of my looks, that could be true, but as I approached girls closer to my height, my success rate went way up.

Well I wanted to ask advice about this guy at school. I 8767 ve known him for 9 years and we have always been cool with each other.+ He was always poking me and pinching my cheeks. And he was one of the one of the few people I gave hugs too (since he wouldn 8767 t leave me alone till I did). We were always playing around and I never really thought anything of it since thats just how we were. But then one of my friends (actually quite a few..) brought up thet we would be good together since we were really casual. I just brushed it off since that d be really wierd. But the the other day one of my closest friends (whom I thougt had given up on that idea) said that maybe he was with his current girlfriend just because she was there and not becuse he really liked her and that he would come to realise that he liked me instead. Her main idea for this was that same as my other friends and becasue she claims he treats me diffrently even though he really doesn 8767 t.

The article is not saying that men don’t like tall women, only saying that the findings of their research on men 8767 s preference for 8766 ideal 8767 size height of women falls directly outside of (popular media culture) and stereotypes female beauty to reinforce the negative assertion that very tall/men women are supossed to be the ideal of human species. What I don 8767 t get however is the fact that women who are 8766 between 8767 height 5ft9/5 who are neither small nor actually tall, appear to vanish somewhere in the survey or even commentators response to it.

Then, my frien and I started a game of prisoner tag with the kids. 7 and my brother were on the same team like me C and his two little sisters were on our own. My friend obviously wanted him to run after her but he wouldn 8767 t. He only chased me. In fact, he would normally run me into this corner track that was super dark. But, I was too fast so we 8767 d always be separated by the net, so he would lean against the net and I would tease him and stand super close but to where he couldn 8767 t tag he actually would so id have to sit in jail and switch sides. Then I had to capture him. I run faster than him so I could. So I 8767 d have to sit in jail with him and we 8767 d talk. one time he was talking to his sister and I was so close to tagging him, and he had me wait the platform above him until he was done, and I tagged a friend. While I was talking to the friend they stopped talking and I had my feet sagging where he was so he reached over an tickled my feet and pulled on my shirt.

So, there is this guy that my friend used to have a crush on. He was a total d bag to her and it always got to me that never paid atention at the time. That was a year ago and my friend left. a couple of months into school, I started to get attracted to him and before I knew it, I had it baaaaad!!!! Anyway, i 8767 m not sure if he likes me or not. when i 8767 m around him he looks at me and when he was leaving school he turned aound twicw to look at me. we don 8767 t talk and im too nervous to go up to him, should I? could there be something?

There 8767 s this guy I met a long time ago through his brothers but we never became friends. He used to look at me very intense the couple of times we were in a group together, nothing more. But months ago we saw at the movies and talked while we were making the line, he asked me my number as an excuse to meet one day and walk our dogs. After that he added me to facebook and sent me a message asking me when we were going out to walk our dogs. We started talking occasionally until finally he invited me to the movies, and then to walk our dogs together. But I 8767 m not sure he 8767 s into me, he can spend days without talking to me or showing any interest while chatting, but other moments he would talk to me a lot about his work or anything and even ask me out for ice cream or the movies. I 8767 m confused. Sometimes he looks very interested and sometimes not. What does this mean? What should I do? How do I know if he is or not interested?

He alway tried to show off with kids in front of me like giving them a basketball in the court an pick them up and stuff.
And one time he was sitting in the bridge with my brother. The bridge is like a ceiling/wall view of the basketball court. His sisters asked me to play basketball with them so I did. I looked around to find my brother, and I saw 7 staring at me. He didn 8767 t see me so I kept playing, but, there were these kids older than me playing dodgeball and they kept looking at me and I saw that 7 had seen that. So down 7 came and he started to play dodgeball with them. I joined because all these little kids asked me too. I threw a ball at 7 and expected him to throw one at me too, but he didn 8767 t. I said why aren 8767 t u throwing them ? And he said 8776 because I don 8767 t want to hit you. 8776
I thought about that and then hit him with one lol. ????????????. Does he like me? What should I do ? Please help!

Okay so i have been trying to figure out if this guy i really really like, likes me. So, we like text all the time, sometimes i start sometimes he does, we always talk about random things like, what i think of him and what he thinks of me (he called me beautiful). We are in the same drivers ed class and sometimes he sits behind me and like pokes my neck or grab at my stuff. He also jokes around that he hates the sport i play and he ALWAYS calls me a perv(joking of course) and he says no one else can call me that its his thing. He also walks to lunch eith me after class and we have studyhall together and he ALWAYS sits next to me. And from what i hear when he talks to other girls is sort of how he talks to just dont know!! HELP

Ok, so there 8767 s this guy that I like. I 8767 m a sophomore & he 8767 s a senior. I 8767 ve known him since I was in 6th grade, but we 8767 ve barely talked for the past year or so. Lately I 8767 ve caught him watching me, smiling, trying to make eye contact, etc. He 8767 s a really nice guy, and I like him, but I don 8767 t know what to do. I 8767 ve never had a boyfriend before, so I don 8767 t know how tell whether or not he likes me. And he 8767 s the quarterback of the football team, he plays basketball, he 8767 s an honor student, & an all around amazing guy. Can someone PLEASE help me?

Since the party he 8767 s back at work atm but i still text him everyday i text him in the morning and we just text allday and he told me that my kisses were good and il tell him i wish i was cuddling in bed with him watching tell hes say he wishes he could coz it was nice. and he was glad i came to the party. i dont know if im just bugging him and i think i freak him out by telling him i miss him n stuff even thhough hel text me back saying im cute and that i made him smile. but today he hasnt text me at all :/ i think ive scared him off. and ive only sent one text to him which was this morning. i really need help cz i dont know how to act, i dont know what to do, i just want him, hes beautiful and so understanding ):

I am 99 and my co-worker is 68. We have worked at the same place for 9 years. Last year, out of the blue, he asked me out, and since then we have gone out on several dates. No sex yet, just a few kisses and hugs 🙂 I have met his mom and he just met mine this week. My car died last month and he has offered to give me a ride home, almost every day, after work. He said I Love You once, a few months ago, and I said it back because, well, I do! 🙂 . Yesterday, when he was dropping me off after work, he said it again, under his breath and very quietly, but I heard it. When he first asked me out, he stated that he didn 8767 t want to pressure me. He has lived up to it. I do get mixed signals from him, which makes me doubt his feelings. Whatever happens, I am glad I haven 8767 t gotten intimate yet.

-hes always finding ways to make me laugh
-in class he sits next to me. we change seats every month and so far my teach has put me next to him a lot if not next to then near.
-when were in class he always scoots his chair closer to me
-once he playfully kicked my feet then i did it back then we did that for awhile
-in orientation for first day of school he seemed to be following me around
-he always talks to me in class and when hes not hes REALLY staring at me
-a friend of his sits in front of us and they always talk quietly when im not paying attention.
when i am his friend shoos me away as if its a secret they dont want me to know
-his friend seemed to be hinting me
-when i talk to other guys he looks really mad
-he tries to get me to pay attention in class as to keep me from trouble from the teacher
-hes nice to me all the time
-his friend said 8766 hey____ on fb are you gonna pick her(pointing to me) or ____ (another girl) i wasnt really listening but i heard some of what they were saying. i got up to throw some trash and went i came back he was staring at me.