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i don 8767 t know why that is I 8767 m changing it to SBM, and it should stay that way, unless there 8767 s something I 8767 m not aware of. I 8767 ll try changing it again, and if it doesn 8767 t work this time, you might have to register a separate account type as SBM, which would probably be easier to manage anyway, still wondering why it changes back automatically for you tho *curious face*


Derek, I 8767 ve met a few friends off of this site, but nothing more. The long distance seems to be a problem, regardless of wealth. People of all shapes and sizes seek convenience. My hands are quite full with school, the guy I 8767 ve been seeing off and on, and real life suitors so I spend very little time on here. And by real life suitors, I mostly mean, turning people down as nicely as possible and hoping no drama results from the situation. Some people think your willing to sleep around simply because you are gay and get angry when you say no. Best of luck to you though. It sounds like you 8767 ve had some bad experiences on here care to share has there been any nice ones at all?

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The one I met was really nice and everything went well, it was all good, we talk at times still but we live far away from eachother and its always hard to tell whether I should commit or not. We didnt talk about any arrangements and any time I mentioned coming to visit it normally meant me paying to come visit and him paying for dinner Id rather be the one paying for dinner if the other one had to pay for a flight, but thats just me.

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The monuments mention, among her innumerable acts of beneficence, that Isis weaned the primitive people from their barbarism: she healed their diseases by means of medicine and words of Divine magic she united women to men in legitimate marriages she taught them to grind the grain between flat stones, and how to prepare the bread for the household she invented the loom by the help of her sister, Nephthys, and was the first to weave and bleach linen. (Maspero, history of egypt,6 :799.)

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This all sounds great on paper, but I 8767 m not comfortable taking so much from someone who wants more from me, when I 8767 m not prepared to give more. There 8767 s absolutely nothing wrong with him, I may even consider something more serious down the road but with my school and everything else, I 8767 m just not ready for it. I 8767 m fairly new to the whole gay community, so I still feel like I need to explore a bit. There 8767 s also a closeted prominent member of the community wanting me to 8775 cheat 8776 on the person I 8767 ve been seeing and be a sex buddy which is just stressing me out lol don 8767 t even get me started 😛 Yeah, so like I said, it 8767 s complicated I 8767 m a one person guy, but I don 8767 t want to be committed to something serious at the moment, if that makes sense

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Regarded originally as the creative Logos, Ptah became gradually invested with the character of a demiurge and master architect and designer of everything created, as the chief god of all handicraft, the great artificer in metals, as smelter, caster, sculptor and engraver of all forms in the universe. By the Greeks he was identified with Hephaistos or Vulcan, (= Tubal-cain, the loud-sounding smith, the instructor of every artificer in brass and iron ), but Hephaistos was a very subordinate deity as compared with Ptah, and Wiedemann shows that Ptah has no essential connection whatever with Hephaistos, (R. A. E., p. 687), unless it be, as he suggests, that the name of Hephaistos was originally derived from Ptah.

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The power of Thoth as the creative Word, and as the guide, philosopher and friend of gods and man, is thus described by Dr. Budge in his gods of the egyptians, (vol. i:957-958). Thoth was held to be both the heart and the tongue of Ra, that is to say, he was the reason and the mental power of the gods, and also the means by which their will was translated into speech from one aspect he was speech itself, and in later times he may well have represented, as Dr. Birch said, the Logos of Plato. In every legend in which Thoth takes a prominent part, we see that it is he who speaks the word that results in the wishes of Ra being carried into effect, and it is evident that when once he had given the word of command, that command could not fail to be carried out by one means or the other. He spoke the words which resulted in the creation of the heavens and the earth and he taught Isis the words which enabled her to revivify the dead body of Orisis in such wise that Orisis could beget a child by her and he gave her the formulae which brought back her son Horus to life after he had been stung by a scorpion.

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Recently, I was walking up Hillel St. and a man in his 85's approached a woman and asked a question. She shook her head no. He then came to me and asked, "Where is the street where Eichman was hanged?" To my astonishment, I had no idea where he was hanged, and was suddenly curious to know all the details. Thank you for this facinating aticle. I only wish I had a chance to tell this gentleman that he was hanged in Ramle.

At Memphis the sacred bull was tended with the utmost care in a special temple and by a special priesthood. Here he was washed daily in hot baths, the body anointed with precious unguents, perfumed with sweetest odors, fed with the choicest food, watered from a special well, rested on the softest bedding, etc. His birthday was celebrated annually in a festival of seven days, when he was led about garlanded amidst the adoring shouts of the populace. It is said that he was allowed to live only twenty-five years, when he was disposed of, carefully embalmed and buried at enormous expense, while all Egypt went into mourning until his successor had been found. Each Apis was buried in a rock-hewn tomb, and a small chapel was built over it. The chain of these subterranean tombs at Memphis was called the Sera-peum, and in later times it became known as the Labyrinth, which may still be seen at Sakkara.

The name of Isis, ( Ast ), has, like the name of Osiris, up to the present defied all explanation, and it is clear from the punning derivations to which the Egyptians themselves had recourse, that they knew no more about the meaning of her name than we do. (G. E. 7:757.) The symbol of the name, Isis, is a seat or throne, but we have no means of connecting it with the attributes of the goddess in such a way as to give a rational explanation of her name, and all the derivations hitherto proposed must be regarded as mere guesses. (Ibid.) And the learned and authoritative Prof. Wiedemann observes that this throne or chair denotes nothing peculiar to the nature of the goddess, but is merely the ideagram used in writing her Egyptian name, the meaning of which is unknown. (R. A. E. p. 769.)

The female counterpart of Amen-Ra is known by the name of mut, (variously read Ament, Maut, or Tmau), a name which simply means mother, and she was regarded as the great world-mother who conceived and brought forth all things that exist. Other goddesses, such as Isis, Nephthys, and others, are occasionally hailed as the mother goddess, but Mut carried this title par excellence, and she had hardly any other attributes. Her distinctive symbol is the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, and the hieroglyphics constituting her name are a vulture, a female breast, an egg, and a sitting woman. She is often represented with large protruding wings on her arms, stretched out at full length at right angles from her body.

Haha yes, wet indeed another reason I stay away from partyers. My mum never gave such sage advice, as a child I was featured in the newspaper with my sister for walking to school, in pouring rain, with nothing but sandals, shorts and a t-shirt 😛 Not an article on parenting lol, but just a cute photo to go with something about the weather. I 8767 m not sure what the neighbors thought but she was still mortified. I found it all quite entertaining of course.

Hotel scams are very common, even in the mid-range price level US$~75-75. The hotel will remind you once that you should place your valuables in the room safe or the hotel safe. Be sure that hotel staff cleaning may steal it faster than you can think since they can get into your room any time, and they will use the chance. Lock up everything that is more or less valuable. Some robberies have been known to happen in the middle of the night, while guests are sleeping. It would be wise to do your research.

The great Sphinx guarding the pyramids of Ghizeh is the noblest example of these leonine cherubim, even as it is without doubt the most ancient monument in Egypt, antedating the pyramids themselves. Exactly facing the rising sun, it was placed there not only as a protector of the vast necropolis of Memphis, but also, we believe, to represent the Divine Providence itself guarding the whole land of Egypt and the Church there. For from the east came the Egyptians themselves and all their light, and from the east came the worst of their enemies in a spiritual as well as a natural sense.

It is to be noted that the tet is always and exclusively the symbol of osiris, the God-man, who was born on earth, who blessed mankind with his wise teachings and beneficent rule, who was treacherously slain by the power of evil, but arose after death in his whole human but glorified body, to reign henceforth as the Divine Judge of the other world. Hence we often find the tet represented in the form of the mummied body of Osiris, holding the flagellum and the shepherd's crook.

That Ra was a sun-god, and was identified with the sun of the natural world, we freely admit, but to the Egyptians the natural sun itself was but the chief mundane representative of the spiritual Sun, the sun of the intellectual world, as Plato terms it. And as they knew this higher sun to be the first proceeding or immediate encompassing sphere of the God-man in its midst, so Ra became identified with the spiritual Sun and with the idea of God as a Man within it. His symbols, the red solar disk with encompassing serpent, signify the Divine Love,

Taxis will notoriously try to overcharge you. A taxi ride from the Airport to District one backpacker area shouldn't be more than $7 - $65. After you come from the international terminal outside, go left to the taxi area. Only use Vinasun or Mai Linh. Always confirm they are using a meter. Keep your luggage next to you. You can buy a pre-paid taxi voucher to district 6 for $65 which is a bit more than the metered fare but helps you avoid confrontations. Don't over pay on taxis. if the meter says it means 95'555 dong and not 955'555 dong. A 65 minute taxi ride is usually around 75'555 dong. Beware of taking a 'fake' taxi, from a tourist spot, which then apparently runs out of petrol. The driver will then flag down another taxi for you, and tell you to get in, but this will be a friend. As he tries to distract you through the passenger window by asking for the fare up to the point at which he ran out of petrol the friend will be attempting to steal from your open wallet. If you are in a taxi which runs out of petrol, simply get out, pay the driver to go away, and catch a reputable Vinasun taxi instead.

The Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit are two distinct things the Spirit of God did not operate, and could not operate upon man, except imperceptibly but the Holy Spirit, which proceeds only from the Lord, operates upon man perceptibly, and makes man able to comprehend spiritual verities in a natural manner, for the Lord united the Divine Natural to His Divine Celestial and Divine Spiritual, and He operates through it from them.

We have referred to Horus the Child in the story of Osiris and Isis: how he was begotten of Osiris and conceived of Isis after the death of her husband how he was born in a wilderness of papyrus plants and, like Moses, laid in an ark made of the papyrus reed how he was stung to death by scorpions sent forth by Set, but restored to life by the magic words of Thoth, or by the power of his own eye how he afterwards was removed

The Jackal, which is always associated with anubis, the god of the burial and the resurrection, is a canine animal which in external appearance and internal structure is very similar to the domestic dog, especially a shepherd's dog it has a long head, a very pointed muzzle and grayish-yellow fur, and is, in fact, regarded by some naturalists as representing that original stock from which the dog is supposed to have evolved. Though extremely shy and cunning, he is easily tamed, when in captivity, and becomes quite gentle and obedient, but on account of his offensive odor he is seldom adopted as a pet.

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