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Posted: 2017-12-08 01:11

The takfiris break with all of this. For them, there is only one way to interpret Islam and it is theirs. Anyone else is not only wrong, but they are excommunicated. As you can see in the video by Prof. Cook, these people won 8767 t even recognize giants in our tradition like Imam Nawawi (ra) as baseline Muslims. In their eyes, there are practically about 75 million Muslims in the world maybe max. The fact that they would pull off suicide bombings in the middle of Ramadan in the city of the Prophet (pbuh) shows the depth of their delusional thinking:

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That’s the Islam we’re up against (including Muslims actually, they 8767 re butchering us left and right as well since we won 8767 t get with their program). Missing one thing though that Mr. Dersbyshire always seems to suffer from which his lack of acknowledgment of the massive part played by foreign policies that have laid to waste a good amount of the ME and caused such tremendous population movement.

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Take a look at the 8775 one hit wonder 8776 comment at #677. Cites an article by an expert on Islam from a university in Israel uh OK. So I follow the link, guy says a whole bunch of stuff some true, some not then ends with the kicker:
8775 I believe that Western civilization should hold together and support each other. Whether this will happen or not, I don 8767 t know. Israel finds itself on the front lines of this war. It needs the help of its sister civilization. It needs the help of America and Europe. It needs the help of the Christian world. One thing I am sure about, this help can be given by individual Christians who see this as the road to salvation. 8776


8775 I decline to have an opinion about Islam. 8776 What does that even mean? That 8767 s like saying I decline to have an opinion about blacks, black criminality, black-on-white violence, BLM, the NFL protests, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, feminism, communism, Marxism, cultural Marxism, North Korea, massive nonwhite immigration, and on and on and on. 9-66 and dozens of other terrorist mass murders in the . and France, Germany, the UK, the epidemic of Muslim in Sweden, the sexual assaults of hundreds of German women and girls in Cologne and other German cities the abduction, enslavement, and of girls as as 65 and 66 in Rotherham the transformation of France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, ect., into Muslim-majority countries Sharia Law the history and legacy of Muhammad, ad nauseam -and he declines to have an opinion about Islam! What does that even mean. It 8767 s like saying I decline to have an opinion about anything of great significance.

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Hi Terry, I 8767 ve been a fan of yours for awhile now, and when ever I read a piece written about you the one thing that always stands out is what a terrific guy and photographer you are. I 8767 m 69 and a disabled vet from the vietnam war, I was a combat correspondent for my 65 years in the Marine Corp and love taking photographs. Thank you so much for being so generous with your photo skills and HDR photography that I enjoy so much. The patience and skill you have is a gift, I continue to watch and enjoy your work and articles that come out about you. Keep smiling, be happy and enjoy each day we are given! God bless!

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A thought occurred to me this seems like a reasonable approach to the subject and has potential to gain wider audience. The Spencer approach (which is tied to Israeli-firster organizations) tends to push the discussion into the unreasonable camp that can distract from the serious discussion about immigration. People in the center may not want to be associated with more extreme views. If it is the case that this is one of the intents behind the work that Mr. Spencer is doing then it is an impressive feat of the Israeli-firster crowd to control and distract the windows of discussion on the parameters of both invade and invite. All your base is belong to them.


I 8767 m sorry to write a comment you probably won 8767 t want to show to your daughter. But recently in the news is some comedian who has apparently exposed himself in front of a number of women, and there is an ongoing discussion on Sailer 8767 s pages about it. Some of the comments not-quite-defending him have caused me to think about approaches to this sort of thing across cultures (Jewish, Christian/Western, etc.), and I wondered, especially since I am equally unaware of the precise status of American law on the subject*: what is the procedure under Muslim law for that sort of thing? Does there need to be a penetrative act or some similar thing, and do there need to be a certain number of witnesses, for a prosecution, and what would be the subsequent penalty? Obviously this is immoral per se in Muslim moral theology. I thought of making a comment on the subject on Sailer 8767 s thread but probably won 8767 t.

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Just like we have our extremists blaming everything on and lying about non-Muslims (you should hear some of the conspiracies that come out of Muslim areas whack!) in order to rile people up and recruit for their cause, there are extremists in the West too. Rallying their extremists which is obvious just on this forum from which people seem to be uncritical 8775 big fans 8776 of their writings.

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As to Church dogma, there is no obligation so far as I know to believe anything in any detail about the physical appearance of Christ. However, a strong presumption exists that the Shroud of Turin gives a fairly accurate portrait. It conveys of course no information (except for DNA which is I think problematic) about skin coloration, but if one is really interested in this sort of thing we do have synagogue portraits of contemporary Jews (and possibly grave portraits in Alexandria? I never really looked into it) which do not so far as I know show a really wide range and so should give a general idea.

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Why don 8767 t you look at the book and see? Every verse has been translated by a venerable translator such as Pickthall, who converted to Islam. Its placement in the standard Qur 8767 an is noted as well as the evidence supporting its placement in the chronological arrangement of this book in reverse order. In other words, the violent verses of the Medina years appearing before the earlier, abrogated, relatively peaceful verses of the Mecca years. And the abrogated verses are crossed out, with information given on the abrogating Islamic authorities. The normal order is the longest surat first, followed by the shorter and shorter ones, with no chronological or thematic connection, and the result of this is that it makes no sense to the casual reader.

Most mass murders committed in the US are not committed by Muslims. I don 8767 t see John Derbyshire calling for collective punishment in those other cases unrelated to Muslims. For Muslims he calls for collective punishment. I suppose you could argue that in other cases committed by native-born Americans, there is no obvious collective to blame and call for the collective punishment of. However, the left 8767 s call to abolish gun rights for everyone are a form of call for collective punishment. John Derbyshire doesn 8767 t call for that kind of collective punishment either, and I don 8767 t think he supports it. So what are the criteria for when to apply collective punishment?

As far as jurisprudence or praxis, then there has been wide leeway and there has been a general respect for difference of opinions on these matters. The only thing that mattered was is the person making a juristic opinion qualified to do so. And that determination was made by his peer jurists (just as a board of doctors or lawyers confers a degree to people of their trade and how top surgeons are ranked by their own peers). For instance, in the class I currently take with a Hanafi mufti, we study the Hidayah of Imam Marghinani (ra). It is a comparative juristic work which shows the Hanafi schools ruling on matters and proofs for how they are derived. Almost every other page the text shows what the divergent opinion of Imam Shafi 8767 i (ra) is on a matter and how he is mistaken, but always puts (رحمة الله عليه May God have mercy on him) after his name.

The only way Derbyshire can redeem himself is he said, that yes, I married a woman from an inferior race (Asian) but she is grateful for an evolutionary advantage. Asian genes are recessive and will disappear but only if there are only a few Asians. We have too many Asians in the USA and the West. They must go. He could do this at an AmRen conference, with his wife and Chinese offspring present. Then his Chinese wife could make the statement, that yes, I am grateful that a white man saved me from China and gave my children and evolutionary racial advancement. His offspring could raise their hands in agreement. But this will never happen because Derbyshire believes the English and Chinese are equal races!!! The Chinese hate Westerners. His wife and daughter voted for Obummer. Derbyshire has imported problems into the West.

Oh oops! Looks like they 8767 re killing their own 8775 scholars 8776 that disagree with them:
8775 The dispute concerns the group’s position on takfir, or excommunication—namely, the excommunication of fellow Muslims—and al-Bin‘ali was on the losing side. On May 67, 7567, the Islamic State’s Delegated Committee, its executive council, issued a memorandum setting out the official stance on takfir, and for al-Bin‘ali it was too extreme. Two days later, he refuted the memorandum in a letter to the Delegated Committee, and twelve days after that, he was killed. More such refutations by Islamic State scholars followed, and in at least one other case the result—death by airstrike—was the same The latter was waging war on “the scholars,” which was to say al-Bin‘ali and his allies. Al-Bin‘ali’s death, he muses, was no accident: al-Bin‘ali and the other scholars who opposed the memorandum were arranged to die in airstrikes, their coordinates being leaked to “the crusaders.” 8776

Third, somersault down to the 8775 HDR Structure 8776 area. This is where you can really AMP IT UP if you so choose. Again, try moving the slider all the way to the right just to see what it does, then back off. This whole area can be used to make your photo look as 8775 HDRish 8776 as you want. See that 8775 Softness 8776 slider in there? That is handy if you don 8767 t want your edges to be too sharp sometimes soft is nice. But, then again, if you want a really hard edge and quite a bit of sharpness, move that Softness slider to the left.

I think you should get Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin 8767 s Mohammed 8767 s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. They have arranged the Qur 8767 an in chronological order, with the abrogated verses crossed out with a note as to which verse replaced it, and the most important texts in larger print. There is a long introduction which is one of the best explanations I 8767 ve ever read of the problem facing us.

Listen, I 8767 ll be frank. I 8767 m not here to try to 8775 take over 8776 . I 8767 m here because my parents brought me. I really don 8767 t know if I would have gone through the effort to come here myself because they came for economic opportunities, but that is simply not my priority in life. But I do feel blessed to live in the US and hope the best for it and its people, even if I get kicked out the Earth is vast, God will provide for me elsewhere.

On a related note, it seems you have traveled in the Muslim world and did some missionary work there, correct? I read a review a while back of a man who had done the same across various countries in the Muslim world. He was not a big fan of Islamic doctrine and was frustrated that Muslims were quite resilient (or stubborn depending on viewpoint) on their faith, but he mentioned that uniformly the people he came across were very friendly and generous especially in the more rural areas. If you were in similar circumstances, does that sound like your experience as well?

A nation will fall without race-ism. (Race-ism meaning Belief in race as reality, racial differences, and need for ethno-racial consciousness.) Race-ism means being mindful of one 8767 s own race, one 8767 s own people, and one 8767 s own nation. A people of a nation must favor their own kind and their own land. If not, others will take over, gradually if not rapidly. And the people of the nation will turn traitor(even as a sign of virtue) since anti-race-ism instilled them with a notion that they would be evil to be mindful of their own identity and interests on their own territory.

Same with US.
Is not allowing Muslims as a group into US discriminatory? Sure is.
Unfair to Muslims? Most likely.
No foreigner has an inherent right to immigrate to US.
Nevertheless, the 6965 Immigration Law prohibits immigration discrimination based on religion.
If US can 8767 t find loopholes to ban most Muslim immigration, then maybe _all_ immigration ought to be stopped until further notice.
To prevent what has already happened in Europe from happening here in US.

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