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Posted: 2017-12-07 12:47

As the Washington Post reports, Perry spoke to the pranksters via translator and they touched on everything from the Paris Climate Accord to nuclear power to Russian sanctions. But the big giveaway that Perry wasn’t speaking with a top official from Ukraine was probably when the pranksters told him that the country’s president had developed a new biofuel made of home-brewed alcohol and pig shit.

Uber And Lyft Drivers'' Fight For Unionization Still Alive

UPDATED August 7 7:59 . EST : Brooke Steger, Uber’s general manager for the Pacific Northwest, gave the following statement to Jalopnik: “The Court’s decision ignores the serious legal challenges raised in this case about an ordinance that will turn back the clock in Seattle. If this ruling is allowed to stand, those most adversely affected will unfortunately be thousands of ordinance was never about benefiting drivers or the community but really about helping Teamsters and protecting taxi companies.”

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