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Aquarius man Virgo woman - Compatible Astrology

Posted: 2017-11-14 22:28

This message is for Chiquita. #6 You never told us what sign you are. You just expressed your dislike for someone based on you losing someone you obviously cared a lot about. But you should know that whenever you lose someone to another person you have to place the blame where it really belongs. If this man in your life truly cared and love you. No one , I repeat no one would be able to take him from you. It is so easy to blame the other person because we feel if she wasn 8767 t there this would never of happened. But it could of been any sign that came along and snatched what you believed to be your man away. So let go of the hate and move on. Stay positive and the universe will send you that special person made for you. But you must open your heart to positivity.

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It 8767 s a shame that the aries virgo sexual interest is likely to be lifelong because I 8767 m struggling to keep this Aries out of my head and no matter what progress I make during the week, everytime I see him all this excitement instantly comes flying back. (We 8767 re 8775 friends 8776 in the same circle, a year ago he was interested in me for a second, but he isn 8767 t anymore.)

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I 8767 m a pisces lady currently dating a virgo man. We 8767 re both in college right now and he is the ultimate gentleman. It helps that he has a scorpio moon and cancer venus. We had only saw each other in passing for a long time, and then my roommate encouraged him to ask me out before someone else did. Which was a huge shock to me because it seemed to have come out of nowhere. But he was very sincere and genuine about it so I gave him a shot.

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To the Virgo woman out there struggling with their Aquarian. Firstly sex and especially courting is a game to us Aquariuses. We love to be able to figure you and out and find those hidden depths. Tease us, don't always want, want ,want. I know you do but you got to play the game, deny us, tease us and withdraw things and you will have our interest. Come on too strong, demands, needs we'll either withdraw or run.

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My aries guy is indeed very romantic, he loved the moonlit walk and candlelight dinner thing I 8767 m not like that! (Candlelight dinner??? Please! I can 8767 t see my food What if there 8767 s a hair?! LOL). He is also into PDA which I 8767 m never comfortable with. He 8767 s very spontaneous and I like to plan. LAWD He drives me really mad sometimes when he 8767 s late or suddenly postponing something. But I know he adores me, and he 8767 s afraid more of losing me than me of him. Even after all these years, many on and offs, we 8767 re still keeping touch and kind of know we always will. But too bad Aries dearie My heart belongs to my one and true soul mate, who is a SCORPIO!!! Now that 8767 s the guy who can really read my mind and understand me better than anyone

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Advice to virgos about aqua guys: Be VERY patient and don't get into nagging mode. Better to just hold your tongue and tell yourself everything is fine, on track, and focus yourself on your own independence and he will admire and love that about you (as he values that in himself above all else). Crowd his space, you will lose him easily. don't lose yourself either. Keep your committments and hobbies. Do your own thing, and ENJOY it. The sooner you learn to respect when he needs his space, the sooner his heart will come back to you in that loving way you know he can be.

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I am a Virgo woman who has been on off for 9 years with Aquarius man, when I met him he had 6 child but now he has 8 more with same woman, I also have 7 children with him, he tells me he loves me and always wished he would be with me, am I a real fool or what, he had some problems and basically he is living with his wife again (they never divorced) am I just being an idiot believing that one day he'll be with me and do I just need to move on!!!

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I am a Virgo woman with many Libra qualities. I have been seeing an Aquarius man who I have known for many years but recently started seeing. There are days when I love knowing him and being with him, then there are days when I just want to throw in the towel. Sexually he is great in bed, one of the best, and when I am with him he is totally into me. But then he goes off into his own little world, and I just let him. I have so many friends and such a huge social life, that fine whatever. When he does come back to earth from rotating the planets, he is the coolest guy to ever meet!

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Degree of Romance: There is a great deal of romance here but it 8767 s hard to keep it on the up-and-up.  For example, it is romantic to yearn for someone impossible to have.  It is romantic to want to heal someone who is desperately ill.  It is romantic to benefact someone whose life has spiraled out-of-control.  But this is perhaps not the best use of the energy.  I recommend that the couple in this combination try very hard to always take off their rose-colored glasses and see what is really going on … under the guise of romance.

You don’t just change astrology signs your still the same sign u can’t change the signs there is still 67 lol. My man is an Aries and I’m a Virgo women him and I get along but yes we do have our times like everyone else. He’s very caring , loving. And he will always fight for me and never gives up and very hard working we both are. We Love eachother very much so an Aries man and and Virgo women are a good match.

Hi Pisces female here. I ve being dating Virgo boyfriend for almost a year now. When we re good everything seems right, just by looking at each other s eyes I feel safe in his arms. He asks for hugs when I see him and although it crosses my mind to give him but I still love that he asks for it hehe. He s not the obvious romantic but he certainly does Littles things that when u think back on it makes u smile and appreciate him. Yes, he also acts cold and disappears from social media when I contact him he might not reply but he would call me later to check up on me. From my short experience, u just gotta be patient and love and care for them without smothering them. I compare my Virguy to a cat, no offense to you guys. When ur cat comes to you little vulnerability or wants a cuddle, just shh and enjoy the moment cos before u say awwww, he s gone. Lol enjoy the moments and care for them. I truly wish we d be together forever. As he once said I want us to become one.

Virgos enjoy the little things in life, so thinking up of small sweet things to do, is totally worth your 5 min. A random note on the mirror saying baby I love you will make our week. Hand picking flowers on your way home will be on display for a week. Bring us our fav ice cream when we don't feel good and you have our hearts. Small reassurances prevent break ups.. You should be awed by her complex, independent beauty everyday.

Above all, respect his space. Trust him, if you know he is trustworthy and faithful. Aqua men are usually very loyal. don't analyze everything down to the bone. Accept the skin of things and enjoy him for who he is. If you do not accept him for who he is, he will find someone who will. Be yourself, and don't be needy. If you need something he can't give you at that moment, either talk to a friend about it so you can feel better or wait until he is back in your world. Sometimes waiting for him makes you cherise what he gives so much more, and you will appreciate it more. Be patient!

Well im a Virgo girl and I just started talking to this Aquarius boy not that long ago. We talked for a while and then he said he had a girlfriend and all I wasn't really hurt by it, just a little shocked. But im really shy so he wants to meet in the halls and stuff of my school. So I want to but I dont. I really like him a lot he's really nice , cute, and funny. It almost feels like a curse on me that I like guys like this but.. I have no idea how to deal with this whole "I have a girlfriend" situation. But I really need help on this I think im thinking way too much about how this is going to work out and his girlfriend and I know for sure that Aquarius guys and him period are very loyal. Please help me!

yea agree!! the chase part i tested it out yesterday and this is driving me crazy because i cheated on my aries guy now i need to proof my honesty and love but so much being there be staying in communication and showing him that i want him is like he gets more distant or he takes what i have to say in a bad way. I 8767 m guessing is because he does like the chase so i got bad at him for not believing me on something didn 8767 t talk to him i looked mad n like i didn 8767 t care well end of the night he texted me after almost a whole day of no contact

As much as I agree with the chameleon view, this sounds like a negative half ass version of what a Virgo has to offer, fueled by bitterness. If all virgo males are such rude cynical perfectionists assholes then why would you date one (oops I forgot they re stable). What you wrote has a ton of truth but its like reading an incomplete math problem. Even the attempted positive virgo paragraph sounded bitter. 6 + (blank) = 7. Something s missing. Even though you went into detail about that first 6. Where s the other half of the equation.

He treats me VERRRRY good. Best I ever had. We've been together almost a year (since fiding each other again). There are times when I am more emotional about things and he hates crying, etc. which has been actually good because it forces me to deal with things on a more rational, mature level. We better each other in so many ways. And can be VERY sweet and thoughful in the small things. He just brought me red roses today for no reason. He tells me he loves me every day throughout the day. He spends time with me a lot and we go lots of places together. He is very funny, keeps me guessing, and is wild in bed.

This Is the worst match ever. I'm a Virgo woman who Is 88 and was seeing an Aquarius man at 57. We met through a website. He was the most selfish being I've ever known. It was all about him. Very controlling. Seems that dominance was Important to him. Always got to be right. Our conversations were mostly minimal. We argued a lot. And talk about a mooch! Very unpredictable. I never knew how to take him. The sex was good, but I've had better. Plus he was loud and tactless. He never gave thought to his words before he spoke. Oh and did I mention he was a stalker? (on the Internet) He would always question why I didn't pay more attention to him. Nothing I did, was never good enough for him. But I will say, he was quite Intelligent. Overall, I will never pursue another Aquarius male again! I'm sorry, but I want a man who Is good with communication, who Is giving, understanding and can be open as well as honest with me. And you'd think I'd know better, because my mom Is an Aquarius and we butt heads at times! But Isn't It always like a Virgo to give someone the benefit of the doubt, despite the odds? LOL

I am a Virgo woman In love with an Aquarius man. see, that man Is irresistible! he's beautiful In every single way. he's very Intelligent, can hold a real conversation. street smart, book smart. a loving father. a real family man. he make me laugh, he's the person who I love waking up to. I wanna ask him to marry me. at times when both our tempers are flaring, I really cant stand him (Virgo women,ya'll kno why). but aside from that, he's everything I want In a man. spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally and speaking on that physical part, us together, wit all emotions flowing, maybe even angry sex, it's something beyond this earth. seriously!

it 8767 s true. as a aries man. my ex was my virgo queen and at any second i 8767 d do what she needed. even after she broke my heart, i ended up driving 8 hours to to pick her up after her car broke down. its been 8 years and everyone in the area knows im single, but taken. i was her pit bull and every person who hurt her got hurt. im now going after a scorpio. man do we aries love challenges

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