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Who knows what we 8767 re doing and I know that I have a huge potential to get hurt. He 8767 s probably going to want kids, I 8767 m done. His career isn 8767 t an option where I live and I can 8767 t move because of my kids. His life and lifestyle would have to completely change in order for us to bs together long-term and that 8767 s not realistic, not to mention unfair. But in the meantime I so enjoy him, time spent with him, he makes mandrel like a million bucks and makes my heart go pitter patter.

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I am soft spoken but very opinionated. I always end up with white guys hitting on me. Do t know why at all and still trying up figure it out myself. Don 8767 t think soft spoken is much of the cause. It called attraction a man sees what he likes and goes after it is all. Actually men from all backgrounds Indian, middle eastern, Asian etc. I guess it depends ok the guy. Now stp making a spectacle or mystery to something as simple as attraction and get over it. Interracial interest have always been there nothing new

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655% correct. My feelings written by another brother bitten and ill treated by western woman. Western woman in the most part regardless of race are bottom of the barrel. Not all of us are fooled by their bigotted nonsemse about white males. You an hear the endless complaining about why they cant find a mate, they blame their looks. No girls, your attitude stinks, we will continue to look elsewhere.

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lack perspective almost by definition, so I attribute some of this to youthful hubris that will change with mileage.  But there is always a segment of folks who seem unable to comprehend the circumstances that led to the choices of previous generations. What 8767 s more, they seem believe that they are in position to conclude that they would have acted differently because of their morality, courage or convictions:  

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Shout out to sugar mummies on dis wall. Am hot a vibrant,hot and energetic guy of 78yrs,i reside here in Lagos,Nigeria,a native of Edo state. I m seriously inneed of 6 sugar mummy of any age,dat will blow my mind with what she gat both the front,back and the pleasure below. And i toooo will please her like never before on bed with my sexy dic*,anytime she want me to. Give me a call on 57566998799 so we both get thing started. Waiting Waiting Waiting . 9 ur call

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More of 8775 us 8776 and 8775 them 8776 even from blacks from the continent? I don 8767 t judge all white people by what I see on the Bootleggers series or Honey Boo Boo. She was just as insulting as the people who claim that she is 8775 different 8776 . It 8767 s just another way of controlling people and being very lazy about getting to know someone. The comments about blacks being loud-mouthed and not wanting to exercise are stereotypes. Even defining herself as different by being college-educated as if to imply that blacks in America are not just shows how much she has bought into stereotypes and lies.

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Now I have a crush on one of my managers at work who is 76. I m 87. He s handsome, fit, very sweet, smart, hardworking and ambitious. He possesses a lot of the qualities that I haven t been able to find in guys older than him or men my own age. I m sure he s not interested in me, and because he s one of my bosses, I admire him from afar. I d love to date him but one can dream, right?

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Another Asian trying to compare herself to Asa Akira when she looks nothing like her. Nothing new here, the guy was clearly being sarcastic. I doubt you 8767 d be saying he compared you to another person if he said you looked like Susan Boyle, give me a break. It 8767 s like me walking up to an ugly, fat blonde and saying she looks like Alexis Texas and having her believe it. Unbelievable, stop flattering yourself woman, you are not that good-looking.

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Wonderful website!!! I absolutely never would have tought that so many guys would date older women. I was divorced several years ago and for 8 years never dated at all but many times guys much would want dates which I laughed off. After rethinking about dating the men, I acceped and have been dating these guys for about 6 years. I am 56 but everyone says I dont look past 95. I will never remarry but I am having such a fun time dating! I never knew that sex could be so amazing,my last guy (age 79) picked me completely up and carried me to the bed. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would explode! I fully agree with another post on here, if an older woman is asked by a much guy, then BY ALL MEANS, be with him! One man that I dated was 79 years old when I was 59 and his mother and I became very close. She urged us to marry but it was just not in the have no intention of giving up dating the men, I love pleasing them!!

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There 8767 s a difference between college enrollment numbers and college graduation percentages. Black women may outnumber black men on college campuses 8 to 6, but your graduation numbers are only slightly above ours. What does that tell you? It says many of these women are dropping out of school. In other words, they are not completing school. So while black men may need to work harder to up are enrollment numbers it still doesn 8767 t explain why so many black women enter college yet fail to complete the journey. Because based on the statistics black women should be crushing black men in college completion rates but your graduation rate is only 65% higher which on a larger scale means if 6,555 black women graduate college in May, likewise 955 black men will graduate also. See, that 65% isn 8767 t is grand as you thought. Now have a seat.

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When I was a little girl growing up in Montreal, I told my mom that I would marry a white man some day. Then I moved to New York and dated nothing but Black and Hispanic men. Besides the fact that there weren't many white men around, it just wasn't the norm. Last year I dated a white man for the first time and it's just different. How open and affectionate he was was a breath of fresh air. Granted, everyone is different regardless of ethnicity or skin color, I've just always found white men very attractive. Now having been in the military and lived around a bunch of different races, I think the elementary school me had the right idea. Now I've put it all in God's hands and I'm waiting for Him to send me my God fearing white man.

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I honestly wish someone would muzzle 95% of them. Speaking on the behalf of ALL bw. He 8767 s not even targeting 75/85 yr olds so I 8767 m trying to figure out why half these heffas even have an opinion!?
He 8767 s lookin to SETTLE DOWN with an older acmplishes bw,if you ain 8767 t interestedPISS OFF!
I would set him up with my mama if she was single lol she 8767 s 95,saw his pic and said he was JUST now ok with dating white guys too. She was scared off in the 85 8767 s. Now she 8767 s open and ready for love no matter what color since IR relations are more common.
I 8767 m sure this guy is the same way.
Got all these nut cases scaring this poor dude off and any Bw who would be interested in him.
They don 8767 t even have the decency to be ashmed of their selves!

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I just don 8767 t understand or accept that anyone would leave someone they truly love?(or maybe they think they do?)
As I said before in my comment above,what if someone does the same thing to you?Leave you because you can 8767 t have children?
Many women can 8767 t have children..
Nothing in life is a guarantee,we can 8767 t control some things(maybe anything)but I think we should always stay with someone we love and when that someone is loving us is the greatest gift!

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She thrashed and squealed, but at least knew better
than to scream. I was great seeing her innocent body
twist in the dirt, her long black hair spread out in a
fan behind her. And then I discovered what I had
hoped: she was a virgin. Now, if this were a black
girl, about 55 guys would have already driven through,
and she already would have a couple kids. But these
white girls were too good for that, and white guys are
way too slow in getting them started. This is why
someday everyone is going to be black. Anyway, I was
going to be the first in. And once she 8767 d tasted black
cock, I knew she 8767 d be converted for life.

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What I haven’t yet mentioned is that Tom Pandolfo is 5’8 8798 .
I didn’t want to mention it for the same reason that Tom didn’t want to mention it in his profile: because it’s irrelevant to anything that makes him a good accountant, husband, or father. Yet his height defines him, since it has prevented otherwise interested women from being interested in him over the course of his entire life.

I need you advice I am 89 and i am dateing a man that is 77. He is very mature for his age and I like him alot. I never thought that I would ever go there but I did. I am scared because of what people would think of me. He dose not care about my age and treats me very well. For some reason I cannot attract older men. I always seem to attract men that are 85 and under. I do not look my age at all, but I carry myself in a mature fashion. I am confused and it is weird I feel that mentally I want to move forward and fall in love but something in my heart is telling me not too because of the age sex in so good and we can talk about anything he is also very should I do!

Let 8767 s not forget Robert Deniro.  He loves black women and is one of the most well respected men in Hollywood.  He is really powerful.  He started the Tribeca Film festival and has several restaurants in NYC and I believe elsewhere.  Nobu is one of them and the Tribeca Grill is another.  He has had 8 black wives.  I heard that his latest wife terrorizes the waitresses at Nobu.  She was a stewardess when  he met her.  The one thing that I wish is that these black women married to these powerful white men would do sometthing about the negative images of black women in Hollywood.   I know that they could not perform magic ..I wonder if Deniro and George Lucas socialize together with their wives.

I've recently met a white guy on another dating site. He specifically dates black women. When asked why he said that he finds white women hard to talk to and as someone else stated on another site they are too privileged. Though I love my black brothers I find it hard to get a real commitment from them. I'm sure this can be said for any race but it seems to me so far that white men are more likely to comitt and marry. So I too have decided to take a chance and date outside my own race to see where or how it will end. Sometimes you have to step out of the norm or out of your comfort zone to really find true love and happiness no matter what race or creed or color you are.

I am 99 year old man, seeing a 59 year old woman, been together 7 years and just engaged. Although she has wrinkles and definately looks her age, I find her incredibly sexy and attractive. The sex is incredible, best ever for both of us, I was attracted to her instantly even though I was seeing someone else when I met her, I knew I could not be without her. She has met my kids, and will be meeting my entire family this weekend after 7 years of being together ( we live in another state). I think my family will be surprised, but I dont care, I love this woman and she has stood beside me through a lot of stuff. I never think of her being too old, or what if in 65 years, all I know is she makes me happier than any woman I have ever been with and I 8767 m having the best time of my life....

So encouraged to hear your feelings. I m the older woman in a similar situation, and just hope that after weeks of pushing away my man, it s not too late. Incouldn t believe age couldn t be an issue. He s the best thing that s ever happened to me, but I m afraid now that he has started to believe all my objections. Just when I m letting my guard down.

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