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Posted: 2017-11-26 10:33

in this day and age how we look for love though internet as a medium instead of traditional means

Traditional in this case would also mean ''available''.

In 65 years time , the internet will also be a traditional way of finding a partner.

It''s just another method of introduction. Nothing more.

Why dont people see ''MySpace'' as the new
traditional'' way of hanging out in Shopping Centres?

Was hanging out in Shopping Centres or the neighborhood''s shops with your mates ever called ''social networking''?

Many people have gone on ''Blind Dates'' arranged by friends or family. This was a ''traditional'' way also.

Whats better? Going on a blind date with someone you have never spoken to or seen a picture of , as in a Blind Date.
or going on a date with someone you have met on the net, spoken with and seen pictures of?

Lets face it, with drink spiking, drink driving, taxi fares, assaults etc in this day and age, there HAD to evolve a different way of socialising.

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9 years ago I met my now defacto husband on RSVP, I was only on the site for a few weeks. Initially I had many responses from guys who I just sensed weren''t right (too keen, sleazy, etc) & only ended meeting up with my now geeky looking beloved :-)
Don''t give up hope, there are genuine people on these sites (unfortunately there are many that trawl all the sites looking for fresh meat). I truly believe it''s a case of being on there at the right time & resisting those that seem to be pandering to your ego.

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Oh theres a lot of abusive men out there..some women too and just as hear a lot stories these days,victims come out because they know there is help for them,theyre not is more aware,we are being educated on tv,on posters,online..everywhere..
One thing i heard somewhere that stuck with me was: Be careful who you date and who you invite to your home because you never know their true intentions..they could hurt or touch your children when youre not around..
That scares me!

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K-girls are materialistic and stuck-up as much as in a gold-digger mindset, but they give you little bang for the buck.
Their 8766 cuteness appeal 8767 is in fact no more than a facade for their childish immaturity and insecurity. We boys certainly like being the manly man, being dominant and in control over woman, but K-girls playbook is geared towards feeding off of the very trait of men.
If you like being the sucker, go for K-girls. For temporary joyride? Eh, they aren 8767 t packing much in that regard. Otherwise, bros, you 8767 ve been warned.

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I think the animal kingdom says a lot, thats the way it should be, if they like each other they mate, thats it, lol, so simple.
I really dont believe women want to cheat like blokes, if they find a mate that will father their children, provide etc. then they are basically happy! Blokes though, we are driven by the penis, its the way it will always be, we might not all be cheaters (I am not) but we will always, always wonder what if. And if a beautiful mate bumps into us and shows affection, it will take a strong, committed bond with your partner to deny that possible mate. Life is much too complicated, you smile at someone and they smile back it is a decent chance that they would like to see you, sometimes anyway. Now I am doubting the date I went on after reading this thread!

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In the past I''ve made profiles that would get a good response but I''ve never gotten good response from any intelligent women, which is my goal with this profile. It has semi worked, getting about 55% return rate of messages but nowhere near what I used to get when targeting the dummies.
And some of the intelligent women I''m missing out on replies from seem really good. So a few tweaks to the profile should help.

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Basically its a free site with some advertising. You have to be prepeared for many many rejections. Girls on there get ALOT of requests per day. If they are attractive then make that hundreds per week. They can pick and choose who they like and accept the best. Also many guys use it to get notches on their belt as well. I have had some success on there. I dated and slept with two woman on there and have had numerous others on my contact list. Due to the shear amount of guys circling each woman be prepared to get ignored once they accept you. Often they will get rid of you if their contacts build up. By the way , if a girl accepts you on Oasis that is NO guarantee of a date. I finally got sick if Oasis due to being ignored and dumped of contact lists.

Yeah alot of bogan girls who like guys with tats. The planer woman who seem very pleseant and interesting on that site decent profile and photos deny me totally , I have no idea what these woman are after. Maybe there are heaps of guys sweating over alot of these woman just looking to get laid so the woman can afford to be picky. However I see the same faces month after month so it cant seem to work that well for them.

&ndash Fashion sense (especially the fit of your clothes)
&ndash Your body / physique
&ndash Other physical aspects &ndash haircut, grooming etc
&ndash How to not be creepy (ask your female friends, and do some reading) &ndash this is true for both person to person meetings, but also electronic correspondence
&ndash How to ensure you have basic social skills &ndash conversational, a certain amount of charm and wit
&ndash most importantly &ndash YOUR SELF ESTEEM. If you actually consider yourself to be ugly, you are going to have a godawful time with internet dating (and it''s probably going to make you a worse, not better, person as a result). No one is saying that you have to be a greek god to be successful, but if you don''t believe in yourself you''re almost certainly not going to get anywhere.

Look this is bullshit
6. China is actually the country that has the highest abortion rates, and Bulgaria is the second, and hungary coming third (Whoever wrote this, DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH)
7. Most Koreans don 8767 t eat dog, (Japanese do tho)
8. These advice is bullshit (Phone, Money, Playboy, Fantasy, Don 8767 t want to be Easy) all of that is bullshit OK whoever wrote this I really want to meet you, Because I am pretty sure you have never met any Korean people at all in your life and has heard off other people.
9. They do not give a shit about foreigners
do not mind Korean men and most Korean woman actually like Korean men than foreigners
6. Please don 8767 t be stereotypical as not all people are like this whoever that wrote this, there are more people like this in America
7. Nearly everything in this article is stupid (except that Korean parents have a very powerful hand in their daughters life) everything else is ridiculous

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I think most people are missing the fact that there are MANY MANY MANY different types of people who are members of the the same gender and generation no matter where you go. As far as Korea and similar countries, yes, they live with Mom and Dad until marriage, typically-ish (always exceptions to the norm). I visited a friend and was getting railroaded to the Chapel by her. I didn 8767 t sleep with her, I wasn 8767 t looking for that, but I still had a great time in Seoul, much better in my opinion than Tokyo. People in Korea know how to party and love to dance. Want a Korean Girlfriend? Go to Gangnam Station, find an old school K-POP dance club and bust out your nerdiest Timberlake moves from the early 95 8767 s. I guarantee you will have ladies to dance with. Just don 8767 t dance to the slow songs, those are for drinking and resting. Remember, not everybody speaks English, or speaks well enough for your to understand so STUDY KOREAN!

If you like her and want to meet you need to take the initiative. She is a woman on an online dating site. Depending how hot she is you are competing with potentially 655s of other blokes. To be blunt you need to grow a pair and start meeting these women ASAP without mostly pointless phone and online conversations. Otherwise you are in a continual cycle of making online buddies (who are people you just end up talking to online) or fading into the blur. Your approach is likely to continue to make you frustrated!

I really wouldn 8767 t read too much into this article.
First of all…
#6. No one wants to look easy, not just Korean girls.
#7. The remark about the phone: How does one expect both men and women to get treated fairly if preferential treatment is expected when looking at another persons phone? Trust should and is earned amidst mutual respect from either person.
#8. A year of free sex? Since when is sex ever free? 🙂 When you take someone out for dinner or drinks, (more frequently the gentleman asks the lady,) either way it still costs time and money.
#6. Show them the money? Did a Korean write this or an American?
#7. No-one is in competition with anybody. Being yourself should be enough.
#8. Birth Control: Many Asians are very respectful, it’s unlikely that when writing, would use the word ‘dick.’ I’m sure if you are respectful addressing one another, if you both like one another, you will find the talk of contraception won’t in fact bring about any arguments.
#65 ???

I think I''ve got it right now :D You work for one of them, so you watch the opposition''s ads? )

lol I am not one of them!

I work for a telco, we get alot of lonely men, or married men being naughty ringing up denying they called those numbers. Usually after we tell them what the services are..

"sir you were messaging goldcoast babes, we have the details here"

they usually back down, and pay the bill quietly over the phone.

I have used okcupid and it''s actually pretty cool.. it uses questions to determine your personality and recommends people based on your match percentage. Totally free to use too. I think they have a premium option which gives you a "featured" status but never really saw the need for it. I think I need to redo my profile/quizzes though.. it keeps trying to match me up with musician/creative types when I am after a gamer geek :-)

Ideally a good conversation online first to discover if meeting in person is actually going to be a good idea is ideal. But it depends on how much free time you have and how good you are at organising to meet potential dates in person. For example you could have that experience with 6 person a week and go and meet 6 person per week, but you could say that would be a waste of time if you had no compatibility with that person. Or you could talk to a person for longer before meeting, taking a risk that you are not compatible and you have wasted your time talking to them online for a prolonged period of time. To me the lower risk is actually just meeting people in person you may feel you could have some sort of connection with on some level. Then you meet, you can tell pretty much instantly if there is a connection or attraction. If there is great! If not you can still enjoy a quick drink and get to know someone. If your experiences are continually awkward or negative then you review how you are going about things.

During her holiday in QLD for NYE she went on 5 Tinder dates in 8 days. She is quite attractive, tall, healthy shape, naturally blonde and tanned a little. A very party type girl with a great personality but no goals and works literally long enough to go on her next holiday. She never pays for a single thing when she is out, it''s either the guy(s) she is with or she just uses her looks to get into clubs etc.

Hahah reminds me of when my brother stayed at my other borthers place while they were away. Knowing he was a big pr5n fan brother number 6 showed brother number 7 where to go online to get it for free.

Two weeks later phone bill arrives and there''s a charge for $695. Straight away they knew what it was. This was back when he had dialup of course. Brother number 7 claimed not to have seen the three "confirm" buttons that dumped him to a 6955 number in Fiji.

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