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Conversely, I ve seen hot guys who looked very dapper in their suits, but then up close I realize he probably hasn t washed his hair (perhaps his whole body) in days and has a BO stench that could kill a cow. Makes me dry up like the Sahara. Deodorant on dirty skin/hair is gross and does nothing to help it. Especially around my area, I notice that a LOT of men don t wash their hair daily or even every two days. You can SEE the grease, and dirty hair looks dull and unhealthy. It seems to be worse with guys whose hair has even a bit of curl.

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YES! Proper grooming and hygiene is so important for attractiveness, for both men and women. I ve seen men who weren t hot in the conventional sense (. short, a bit pudgy, face less than average) and thought meh walk past them and get a whiff of that fresh clean smell along with some nice deodorant, and suddenly I want to jump their bones. I love inhaling the smell of my man s clean skin, and a good deodorant coupled with that is an amazing turn-on (though the deodorant is optional). It s very intimate to be able to get so up close with each other and know that the whole experience feels good.

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I think it s also just about the sheer number of people.. When you re surrounded by so many people, you have to create a little mental space for yourself in other ways, so there s a bit of an unspoken rule about keeping some distance on public transport, for instance, everyone sort of pretends the other people don t really exist. For the most part, the only people who break that are people who want money from you or people with pretty major boundary issues for one reason or another. So if a perfectly reasonable person from somewhere without that rule tries to chat, they re going to get a pretty suspicious response.

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Most men have absolutely no idea what to do with their hair. They go to the barber or Supercuts, get the exact same haircut over and over again, and never stop to think just how much a decent hair cut can change how they look. There 8767 s more to a haircut than just trimming off a couple of inches here and there a proper hair cut can completely transform your face, bring balance to your features and help frame your personality.

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Great advice in this article. one of the most salient points imho is 8775 get to know yourself 8776 and there is a great course convert women should really take by Anse Tamara Gray called Project Lina. it has three elements including know yourself, and establish independence I highly recommend it as it is taught by an American convert woman who is mashaa-Allah a great role model to begin with, and it really hits home at points that Anse Tamara, being a convert herself, really 8775 gets 8776 check it out: http:///classes/project-lina/ I think it is a great resource and she even talks about marriage in it and discusses many of the pitfalls including the intercultural issues

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No. Biologically speaking, intersex is not a third sex or gender. Intersex persons are either male or female, regardless of secondary sex characteristics. All but three individuals recorded since the 6955s with any variation of intersex have provided the role of mother or father. They had a sex, whether outwardly distinguishable or not, and it was male or female. Those 8 extreme anomalies were not a third sex or gender, but both male and female.

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Trans legislation is not about Human Rights. No one denies trans people their humanity or right to individual happiness, not even TERFs. However, we do deny the legislation of provably false ideologies, especially when they eradicate protections in place for other humans who had no choice in their oppression, like PoC and women. Let alone the fact that these groups are opposed and assaulted in vastly higher numbers.

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John Goodman s naked body? Why do you assume that women will think that John Goodman s naked body is unattractive? John Goodman is a 65 year old man and a talented actor. His weight fluctuates a lot but this doesn t make him unattractive. In fact, I think he s kind of cute in a bear sort of way and his talent makes him even more attractive to me. He s also been married to the same woman since 6989 and I would guess that she does not think his naked body is unattractive.

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Yeah, but there s a difference between a dealbreaker that people are aware of and one that just happens. One of the last girls I went out with, I liked, but then we hung out more and there was just something about her that I could tell I d always find very unnattractive. I still don t know what it was she was much shorter than me, and it just hit something in my head. But at the same time I ve found other girls of the same height attractive and haven t had any of those negative feelings about it, so was it the height? Was it something in the way she walked? I dunno.

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I do think sometimes people get caught in a rut of not expressing themselves at all outwardly and then being frustrated that people don t catch on to their unique inner selves very quickly (I m guilty of this) and that some others don t realize what signals they re sending to others (I m mostly thinking of a very quiet, nerdy friend who kind of needs to ease out of the long hair/bandanna/metal t-shirt look, because it doesn t reflect who he is anymore and tends to intimidate the women who he wants to date). But I don t think that s as likely to result in the same kind of emotional reaction as a conflict between the person who you really are and the kind of people who you think you want to date.

Putting aside the morality angle, this will not work, and you actually will be losing out on something. If you make out with a woman, tell her you re a virgin and she bolts, it s the exact same response as you d get as if you tell her some nonsense story about your sexual conquests and she bolts. In both cases you re further than you ve ever gotten before. With the first one, there was at least a chance she would have been okay with it and decided to have sex with you, though. I don t think you re going to be able to lie about this convincingly enough for there to be a chance of that happening in the second scenario.

I think maybe if you grow up in a place with only a limited number of things to do, you re not in the habit of seeking new experiences out So even if you move somewhere that has more possibilities, you don t necessarily take advantage of them. It seems like there s nothing to do because you don t have much instinct developed for going out and finding stuff, or you re not aware of what you could even be looking for?

So you don 8767 t believe that there are two sexes or that two sexes are enough, just like Christians believe in a bearded sky daddy because they choose to. My 8775 belief 8776 on this point is based on provable, reproduceable fact. Yours is based on how you feel. Otherwise, please prove that sexual dimorphism isn 8767 t enough for humans by naming a third human sex and explaining how it reproduces. Until you can, you have no argument.

Everything said in this article is completely honest and true. I know from my own personal experience and that of others. It might make you uncomfortable or the language used might offend you but it 8767 s better to get this all out in the open so female converts are properly warned! I WISH I had read an article like this, it would have saved me some major headaches. I applaud the author for this incredibly insightful and helpful article.

For people who are strongly homophobic, they re pretty attached to the idea that there s something wrong with someone who s gay, and it can be supported by some pretty fundamental things about how they evaluate the world (eg. religion) I m pretty skeptical that this would be a more changeable belief than any stereotypes about virgins. I ve found it amazing how much peoples set attitudes can change when they get to know someone on a personal level I think this could be just as true with something like virginity.

For desktop users: make sure your computer s monitor is straight ahead of you, parallel with your shoulders. the top of the monitor should be roughly at about eye level (maybe slightly above eye level if you ve got a large one) and be positioned arm s length away from you. Also: Keyboard placement is important, when typing/mousing, if your forearms are 95 degrees, you re at a good height.

A lot of women were pretty keen on Yul Brenner in The King & I (he was in his mid-85s). For a more contemporary example, Vin Diesel s been shaved-headed all along, as far as I know, and he got popular in his 85s. Not someone you d want to model in personality, but I recall many women talking about finding Edward Norton rather hot-looking as a skinhead in American History X (late 75s). And Chris Daughtry had a lot of female fans when he was on American Idol (mid-75s) and after. Oh! And that dude who played Lex Luther on Smallville had an awful lot of fans. He can t have been that old.

ashton boy i would be honest with ya you are only 8 years old what do you know about sex yes i understand that you are gay or maybe feeling like it i cant stop you you do your thing but as a friend i advise you gay life is not appreciated by most people in society about 65% support it whatever happened to the other 95% i dont know but try go get educated so that you will have something to depend on thats your education if you have education yes you are gay people may not like you but they will have no other choice but to respect you even though i may not know you i love you because you are a fellow human just like me so take my advice and do something with it

Edit: Actually, you know what, even arguing this point doesn t matter. Because it wouldn t matter even if you ve heard of many women ditching guys for being virgins. Because as I ve said over and over (and you haven t responded to once, I assume because you don t have a good argument for it so you re choosing to ignore this point), it s the woman s right to make that decision. She has the right to decide she doesn t want to have sex with a virgin, she has the right to decide she doesn t want to date a virgin. She has the right to decide to only sleep with a virgin if he s also ten feet tall and purple she has the right to decide she ll only sleep with guys who were born on the moon. (If that means she doesn t end up having sex, well, that s up to her.)

ahahha, that picture never fails to amuse me 😀 ahhh, high school anime geeks. anyway A HUGE YES!!YESS!!YYEEESSS!!! on trimming your fingernails/keeping your hands neat, please!!! my first boyfriend (waaay back in high school) had raggedy, longish fingernails and one time, getting a little over zealous with the makeout session, he rammed them up my vagina. let s say to this day I still flinch thinking about it. for the love of God, trim your fingernails if you are going to put them near sensitive lady parts, I beg you.

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