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The health care system of Ethiopia is among the least developed in sub-Saharan Africa, with lack of access to basic health care facilities in rural areas. With widespread poverty, poor nutrition, low education levels, poor access to health services, and an increase in HIV infection rates, the current life expectancy of 59 years is expected to decline to 96 years in the near future. The median age in Ethiopia is currently years.

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Good reply. Yeah, I 8767 ve known a lot of 8775 white 8776 folks in my time, and I agree. They are just as rotten as the 8775 black 8776 folks, at times. I have witnessed this type of 8775 anti-dark 8776 sentiments in children and adults of all colors. Growing up with a lot of 8775 dark 8776 friends, I never really gave a lot of thought to the idea of being mean to them because of their color.

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The American Indian concept of family includes immediate and extended family members, as well as community and tribal members. Women are the traditional care givers. Grandparents help counsel and care for their grandchildren, and children are expected to respect and care for their elders and take pride in their culture. At powwows, elders are served meals first and are given special seating areas. Indian communities encourage education with an emphasis on the unique cultural legacies of the community. people often leave home to become educated, then return to help their families and tribes.

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As a Ghanaian, I like many others dislike being referred to as African Americans. Africans are who they are based on their origin, and more specifically their tribe. That speaks volume. It 8767 s a reason why many Africans do not join in the debate of race,which is only an issue in America. The argument on race or African American sounds foreign. It hits a nerve when I am called African American because it erases who I am, my identity and says nothing about me or where I am from, and not because it 8767 s a bad term to describe me. comments like I am Caribbean so don 8767 t call me African American due to facts that I know nothing of Africa, only parts of me have African ancestry, or I am mixed race but then calls someone like me an African American makes no sense to me. if you call me African American because I am from Africa then what would call one like me in France, Britain etc

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as a Afrocentric person and by choice I took on African american. As to your question I believe that losing ones African identity and culture was due to the hopelessness that came with slavery in the Americas, for Africans did not know about race,it was a European creation. Their names were changed and given European names along with last names of the African shores from which they were taken. but If one wants to be called black I see no problem there. It is a choice. But to deny one ancestral heritage is very strange in deed to run from the millions that perished at the hands of the European for financial gain. as a researcher on African American history I see instances in which our people believe if we bury our history out of existence racism will go away, It will not go away and we will still be inferior in eyes of our oppressors.

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First off, the middle east is an extensive area that belongs to both western Asia, and northern Africa. Egypt, and the countries you mentioned ARE part of the middle east, and those particular countries ARE part of the African continent. Second, at no point in my comment did I say that race was a social construct, you are either a blind fool or have been reading a completely different comment. All I 8767 m saying is that the logic the person above me attempted to use is ridiculous, and if you notice, the entire second half of what I said was hypothetical with a basing off of the idea they were trying to explain previously. It is obvious that there are different ethnicities, that is not what I am trying to refute, I honestly have no idea how you are coming to such conclusions. Anyway, only the first 8 sentences in your comment apply to what I have said, so I wont waste anymore time pointing out your foolishness

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Many Hmong practice spiritual healing, which involves retrieving the lost soul from another plane of existence. They may consider an illness or an invasive surgical procedure to be the cause of soul loss. Hmong may conduct healing ceremonies in the hospital or in the home. Herbal medicine and traditional healing practices are often widely used before a person seeks Western medical remedies. A person also may use traditional herbal treatments as complements to Western treatments and practices. Surgery is usually not acceptable to older Hmong people unless laboratory or other tests identify a disease. Blood transfusions and organ donation also are considered unacceptable.

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Traditional Hispanic/Latino families include extended family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, godmothers, and godfathers. In the US, acculturation, assimilation, and separation of family members based on economic needs have changed family roles. The man is the traditional head of the household, although today with the increase of single parent homes, many women take on that role. The intergenerational connection that characterized earlier generations is no longer the norm, although workers in the US tend to send money home to support family members in their countries of origin.

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Traditionally, men and women do not touch members of the opposite sex outside the family, such as shaking hands. According to Islamic tradition, women are expected to cover their bodies, including their hair. Most Somali women do not wear a full-face veil. In Islamic tradition, the right hand is considered the correct and polite hand to use for daily tasks such as eating, writing, and greeting people. If a child shows a left-handed preference, parents train the child to use the right hand. The Somali language is spoken universally by most Somali people, with Arabic, the language of Islam, a common second language.

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The greatest of thoughts!
Thank you!
We are what we make of ourselves with a little luck and help from others.
We are defeated if we believe that someone must pick us up and carry us.
Charles Edwin Anson Markham
8775 There is a destiny that makes us brothers:
None goes his way alone:
All that we send into the lives of others
Comes back onto our own.
I care not what his temples or his creeds,
One thing holds firm and fast
That into his fateful heap of days and deeds
The soul of man is cast. 8776

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Histogram, With Ferguson noted The gap in North Charleston, site of a police shooting this month, is also considerably more severe than the nationwide average, as is the gap in neighboring Charleston. Nationwide, the largest proportions of missing men generally can be found in the South, although there are also many similar areas across the Midwest and in many big Northeastern cities. The gaps tend to be smallest in the West.

Traditional staples of the Hmong diet are rice, noodles, fish, meat, and green vegetables with hot chili sauces. Hmong tend to eat the same types of food at each meal, with very little fruit or dairy products. Hmong people often prefer hot dishes and drink hot or warm water. Traditionally, a sick person must eat hot food with certain vegetables. Within 85 days of childbirth, Hmong mothers usually eat only warm foods.

I don 8767 t think it 8767 s doing black people any favours by lumping EVERY black person into this 8775 African American 8776 one size fits all label. First of all Africa is a continent not a country. So this comparison with people supposedly knowing white people who consider themselves German-American or Irish- American is NOT a correct comparison and honestly I don 8767 t know ANYONE that is third generation or beyond in North America that attach their ancestral nationality to their birth nationality. Most black people I know are way more than three generations being born in the United States so why attach African to it? It has nothing to do with being ashamed, if you want to know more about your roots, then take an African history course or better yet GO TO AFRICA, but blindly calling yourself an African American does not make you more or less afro centric or proud of who you are, I actually think it makes you seem MORE ignorant about your ancestors.

Culture is essential in assessing a person’s health and well-being. Understanding a patient’s practice of cultural norms can allow providers to quickly build rapport and ensure effective patient-provider communication. Efforts to reduce health disparities must be holistic, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of individuals and families. Also important is making connections with community members and recognizing conditions in the community.

Some Russians believe that disability or illness is caused by something the individual did not do right, such as not eating well or not dressing warmly enough. Good health is equated with absence of pain. Illnesses that do not cause pain often go undiagnosed and under-treated, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Mental illness is regarded as disgraceful in many Eastern European countries. Immigrants often do not answer questions regarding a family history of mental illness or past treatment.

Black does not mean African, neither does African mean black. The issue of race is so complex and only found in America. The rest of the world sits in aww while we watch this unending debate march on. If not to be referred to as an African American is on the bases of being mixed or from different ancestry, then many whom you call African Americans also have Native American, White and Indian ancestry etc. Never have I witness people make the same mistakes that they accuse others of.

Vietnamese patients may smile easily and often, regardless of underlying emotions in situations other cultures find inappropriate. Because Vietnamese people value politeness and respect for authority, patients may not ask providers questions or voice concerns. If they disagree or do not understand, they may simply listen and answer yes, then not comply with recommendations or return for further care. They may not take appointment times literally, arriving late so as not to appear overly enthusiastic.

A typical Vietnamese diet is generally healthy, with rice or noodles, fresh vegetables, and fish or meat. However, the diet also can be high in sodium from fish sauce and MSG, and low in fiber from lack of whole grains. Dairy and soy products are not part of a typical Vietnamese diet, although most children drink milk. Many adults are lactose intolerant and lack calcium. Women generally believe that formula is more nutritious than nursing for their infants.

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