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My two pence is that beta males are actually cetas, giving room for what 99% perceive as alphas to slot in as betas necessary leaders of the masses. Half the physical stuff on the list doesn 8767 t apply, along with the how to treat a lady crap and give a hoot about appearance. That 8767 s all wannabe alpha stuff (my beta). The Einsteins of this world are quoted as examples he was a freak. Geniuses are freaks, they don 8767 t fit in. But they steer evolution in their own way.

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The feminine energy is never truly free unless and until the masculine energy shows up for real, and is ready and wiling to protect and serve. Both energies need to feed each other. I won 8767 t deny that it IS hard for women to be truly feminine in today 8767 s society, because there are lots of terribly egocentric people around, and once they see vulnerability they will step all over it. Especially women. In fact, women are the worst to other women.

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Men in general lean conservative, but most men are not alphas. Many male leaders on the left are alphas whether you like it or not. Political correctness is a left wing beta trait, but fear/hatred of gays and transgender people(or anyone different)is right wing beta trait. Since most men are betas whether they like it or not, I don 8767 t think their political party would correlate much at all to their

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Being an alpha male is not all beer and skittles. Being truly respectful and admiring the female essence creates a whole new set of problems. Women trust alpha males in ways one did not think of before. Non alpha females tempt alpha males with almost no input from you at all. Sending lingerie selfies to illicit a response from the alpha male. Of course if the alpha male 8767 s partner is also an alpha female it can be resolved, however this is not always an easy task.

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I used to fight in the ring and, when forced, on the street. I have kicked the living hell out of more of these kinds of guys than I can remember. The 8775 alpha male 8776 type is usually an easy fight because he 8767 s gotten by without HAVING to fight very often, if at all. He don 8767 t look too 8775 alpha 8776 when he 8767 s KO 8767 d in the street. These guys are often secretly very insecure as they attempt to give off the impression of this 8775 alpha male 8776 bullshit. Girls dump them all the time, man.

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We are in on the brink of the next stage in evolution. Do you realize that a million alpha males could be killed by the push of a button? It 8767 s not your 8775 Alpha males 8776 that shape the world anymore. It 8767 s the beta males that are locked up in their basements and their laboratories who are really shaping the world while your so called 8775 alpha males 8776 with their big jaws and good lucks get the credit.

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Some wet-ass millennial or gen X kid is going to tell me I have not learned anything? You have no idea what you 8767 re talking about, kid. You display your lack of any real life or street smarts with your response to my comment. This whole 8775 alpha male 8776 thing is kiddie bullshit. In time you will find that to be true. There are men who take care of business when they have to and then there are guys who go around acting like a supposed 8775 alpha male 8776 . They are two completely different kinds of individuals. You seem to have no concept of that.

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No wonder neither of you are in the mood for sex at the end of the day! It's easy to see how all of these factors can completely derail your bond and make you lose that loving feeling. After all, you fell in love with a sexy, handsome, capable man, not a child! And, he fell in love with a smart, attractive and flirtatious woman, not a mother-hen pecking at him to pick up his dirty clothes and empty the trash. You want to be partners, not an unequal pair with one of you wearing the pants while the other one has to ask permission to turn on the television.

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The question I ask you is 8775 how much am I fulfilling my partners needs?, Where can I give him more? What needs does HE have that are being unfulfilled? 8776 . Now, it 8767 s possible that your partner just isn 8767 t the right person to fulfill your needs. It 8767 s also possible that he has the capability to when he feels a desire to, rather than being 8775 forced to 8776 . I would say to have an honest, open conversation with him. About how you can help him fulfill his needs, and what they even are. You will both need to lay your swords down at the door and just have an honest conversation. No blaming. No little snide remarks to each other. You do this because you love each other and you both owe each other the gift of open lines of communication. Then after that conversation you will have more clarity on what to do next.

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Now, that I have seen you comments in what you have responded to other people and their views, I can respect your words and views better. What you have said wasn 8767 t filled with words of just air, but your words actually have meaning behind them. I read your article. I was an enjoyable read. I have read your comments on Jesus, and it actually allowed me to really enjoy your article even more. You truly do understand the personification of what an alpha male is. You choose not to argue nor discredit anyone 8767 s belief, but choose to provide proof for them to digest. Thank you.

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I don 8767 t give single mothers a chance simply because it is in my ingrained bias to not trust them. They likely bailed on their child 8767 s father and broke up their family instead of making it work and they always have some ridiculous over dramatized excuse as for why. Why would you put yourself out for a women like that only to be in a worse situation where you are not even the childs father and will always come after her children. It 8767 s a lose, lose situation there 8767 s a reason male lions will kill and eat all the existing cubs when they take over a pride.. nature isn 8767 t stupid, so why should we be?

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In reply to Cher: How the hell is the person you described an alpha male? Did you even read the article? But here is some advice for you (if you haven 8767 t done it already): RUN! Run and never look back! Don 8767 t talk to him, don 8767 t contact him. If he tries to contact you and apologize, ignore it. And for gods sake, read this article and find a man like this, and not a wannabe pretender.

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Wow I am so happy I found this, my 8775 ex 8776 who I was with on and off for 5 years (BTW we are both early 75s) is exactly like this very dramatic, unpredictable, selfish, ungrateful, doesn 8767 t really care about sex, one minute she loves me next minute she doesn 8767 t, always lying about tiny things that don 8767 t even matter etc. The only reason why I have put up with it for so long is because she was my first love and she 8767 s extremely hot, but I can no longer accept this for myself. She always breaks up with me making up any excuse and comes back to me, and like the fool I was, I always took her back, even though she was never apologetic or admitted to any wrong doing.

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But shouldn 8767 t the Alfa tell the girl about his behavior if she even interrupt s him she gets a cold blooded mean stranger and he WILL make the girl hurt mentally. He knowing the girl has no idea of Alfa bs unyoll it 8767 s to late and the girl is jury and totn apart sooo Alfa can feed of her for his on insecurities. The girl eventually figure s it out and research s and no NOT alga after all Excuse of a man that all girls are aware of ASSHOLE

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I 8767 m a mom who has a three year old daughter. I 8767 ve been dating this guy for about 5 months now and he claims to love me and my daughter. I believe him but the issue we have here is my daughter 8767 s father. My boyfriend doesn 8767 t like the fact that still good terms with my daughter 8767 s father. He does nothing for her but I keep him around because my daughter absolutely loves her dad and I can 8767 t take that from here no matter how much I hate the guy. How do I tell my boyfriend that I 8767 m definitely not choosing my daughters father over him. And he needs to understand this situation?

For every single mother there is a single father. Any judgements to place on the guys? I was put in a situation in my early 75s where someone I cared for and trusted pushed things too far and forced himself on me. And guess what? I became pregnant from that one incident and now have an amazing boy and I wouldn 8767 t change anything because of it. I personally don 8767 t tell many people that real reason but I have enough daily struggles without being judged by people like you. Unless you are perfect, I don 8767 t think you should judge.

When someone has a child her kid comes first. Unless there is some dysfunctional situation where she is neglecting the child. My mom divorced when I was 9 from my then highly abusive father both alcoholics. My mom remarried some mean men she told me 8775 Blood is not thicker than water, 8776 as she neglected me and ran off with many men. I think the woman needs to first and foremost take care of herself and her child. Then dating a single mom would mean you are not first or second there so you are better off not dating one if you aren 8767 t ok with that and if you are jealous of the attention or time she gives her daughter. My step dad was jealous of any time I spent with my mom and he treated me like I was a piece of crap. It drove me away from her and them both. So, if you aren 8767 t a loving and compassionate kid-loving person don 8767 t even bother. It 8767 s sad for the kid and you won 8767 t be happy if you are number 6.

Donald Trump is an alpha male. He consistently cheats to get ahead, lies when convenient, is determined to win at all costs and humiliate his rivals. John Wayne was an alpha male. While other actors actually volunteered as soldiers, he stayed in Hollywood, seducing their wives and making fake war movies. Though a failure in many parts of his life, he was able to maintain his alpha status and privilege until his death. Putin is clearly an alpha male. Unlike the many good sounding characteristics you list above, he must be the winner in all contests, will kill his opponents at the slightest excuse, disposes of friend and women when he feels like it. Again, bluster, power and the ability to kill his opponents establishes his status. Saddam Hussein was an alpha male. He would show up at meetings of his political party and shoot his opponents without warning when he felt like it. Schwarzenegger is an alpha male, who established his personal status with good looks, heavy use of steroids and lying to almost everyone in his life, while pretending to be an open and sensitive man. And the list goes on see how many characteristics these men share on your list.

Word of caution
Don 8767 t assume that if a woman is giving you mixed messages that she is emotionally immature. She may not be into you. She may not be sure about you and processing. You need to take an overall snapshot of how she is overall responding to you. After a woman experiences something really intense she may need a couple of days to recover. Other times she could be battling things in her head, along with the attraction she feels for you. This is a common reason why woman will say one thing and then do another. Because they don 8767 t have the awareness to understand what it is that they truly want. Or to admit to themselves that they are in fact attracted to this man.

The guy Real Alpha is talking about tried to demean him in front of his girl and then made reference to SLAPPING the guy and did it TWICE. You don 8767 t just walk away from that kind of unprovoked mistreatment of yourself and your girl. At the point where the asshole takes it to that level he gets whatever he gets. Real alpha did not ASK for this guy 8767 s rabid and heartless bullshit. If the guy gets his ass kicked after doing that to a decent, friendly and well-meaning man and his girl he deserves it. Real Alpha kept his cool and that 8767 s admirable. But, in my opinion he 8767 d have had every right to have laid this asshole out in the street.

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