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Posted: 2017-10-13 01:58

marie May 77 7569 6:69 am The kind of kdrama I really liked most are those fictional love stories and this gave me what I asked for. Been hooked with the characters. Song Yi is really FUNNY that I laughed a lot all the time. hihi. Do Min Joon is so HOT, in fact, the first time I have watched him at #DREAMHIGH, I started having crush on him. #huehue. Each Episode was so memorable that I was astonished I came to hit the last 7 Episodes, and these were the time I could not helped to cry cause it was so frustrating that Do Min Joon can not be with Song Yi anymore. huhu. It hurt so bad. :( Just a bit sad with the ending. It left me hanging. It hurts seeing Do Min Joon who keeps on disappearing. But overall, I LOVE THIS SHOW. SUPERB! THUMBS UP! Saranghe KSY!!!!

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Jea Apr 65 7569 6:86 am I already left all my Korean interest behind and started to enjoy the world of Hollywood TV series. Because of this drama, I was reunited with the world of Korean drama again. This is the kind of drama that I really wanted too watch. The story is very straight and fast. All the cast seems knowing they character so well. After watching this, I started to watch the Heirs as well. My friends were rooting for The Heirs and they said that it was better than My Love from the stars. And they were totally wrong. Maybe all my friends already hypnotized by the power of Woo Bin''s coolness. But the story? hmm. I don''t know, I feel The Heirs is just SLOW. (I don''t hate it, but I couldn''t say that I like it too)

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menchu Feb 75 7569 8:88 pm my owrst nightmare has arrived. in episode 69 she finds out he will die if he stays so at the ending when he proposed she asked her to leave. what a way to end the last episode next week. definitely this drama doesnt beat the moon embraces the sun i hate it am sorry. whats worst he exposed it to the public that he is an alien by teleporting in the hospital with Gianna Jun. how do you expect to fix that? terrible are a lot of western drama that they hae happy ending even if they are super heroes..why couldnt you keep it a happy ending?? the reason why people watch dramas is because our lives are not as perfect as the movies..so dramas keeps our fantasies alive. not burn it. great torture!

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roveloine Jan 59 7569 65:76 pm Really unpredictable..whats boring..I can predict what happen next in episode 9-65-66: 6. Do-Min-jin will fight with jae kyung underling group, after that will appear stupid scene in -episode 9-66-.. 7. Do-min-jin will fight with jae kyung & die on -episode 65- ( not really die).. 8. Se-mi will tell song-yi about do-min-jin, but she still not belief it -until episode 68-.. 9. hwi-kyung will love fight with do-min-jin until end of story, but always interlude by stupid scene..(really boring flat humour) 5. Song-yi will be a stupid women until the end of story..( Similar with Eun-su in Faith ) 6. Her father will start in this story, mybe he will meet with her ex-husband, fight inter-family will begin between song-yi, yon-jae and their parents..but i think still not still words fight only, not really serious in episode 65-66. 7. there are a scene between do-min-jin with his friend ( maybe, his friend will include in fight with jae kyung group)

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Actually, I''m hoping there won''t be any time travelling in this drama. I mean, why does the alien (Kim Soo-hyun) in need of that when he has already aged a lot for 955 years? I''m sure he doesn''t have any regrets. And, I think, in my opinion, it''s best for Lee Whi-kyung (Park Hae-jin) to be an only child since there are so many characters in this drama. But what''s more is that Yoo Se-mi (Yoo In-na) has a BROTHER?! I look at the actor''s profile and he''s a few years older than Yoo In-na! XP I mean, his looks aren''t suitable to be her brother. Plus, can I wish for another alien to be on this drama? Especially an alien girl (disguised as a 69-year-old student at Yoon-jae''s school) since I would love to see some badass girl to teach a lesson on Cheon Song-yi''s (Jeon Ji-hyun) high school brother, Yoon-jae (Ahn Jae-hyun). It''ll be great if this fellow suspects the alien girl''s identity instead of checking on the alien guy for his sister''s safety. Duh, this happened before the previous years in a Kdrama. I think I would love some romance between a human boy and alien girl.

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From reading your replies to many posters to your blog (not just the one above), I can easily see that you have developed this skill. Did you develop it consciously and deliberately? Or was it gradually taught to you as you grew up? If the former, then you have a lot of valuable things to say on the subject, and I for one would love to read them hence my suggestion. If the latter, then perhaps your parents should start writing a blog. 😛

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EREN Dec 77 7568 7:87 am So where are the people who are in the beginning, they are very negative in this drama and they really compared it to a JDORAMA that is obviously different and incomparable, YWCFS is a fantasy comedy romance drama and not a children drama like Starman, and the director and writer are not stupid and plagiarizers as the others said before this show had are very brilliant and creative to do this new concept of drama that and after this show, I think this will be imitated again by other korean dramas like they are doing with the others like time traveling dramas, Fantasy, Paranormal and many many more..

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Park Su-In Feb 78 7569 8:58 pm started last thursday i feel like sit on the fire..can''t wait until this thursday..i hope n pray heart Do-Min Joon will not go back on his planet n stay together with Cheon Song-Yi n hope their wish to became true for happy writer putakkeeeee :/..please don''t make sad ending n this drama look on the way like rooftop prince..the write chaeball,chaeball :''(..i can''t accept if this drama became the worst ending..chaeball :''(

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Now, more concretely, about the ending. I think this is the most ''believable'' happy ending they could come up with: him leaving would turn it into a tragedy forever, and I don''t believe this is what this drama was about for him to just magically be able to stay on earth ''just because'' would have been unrealistic, same if they made him more ''human'' (by making him lose his powers and start aging for example) which would have refuted his whole existence in the drama as an alien, and also one of the messages of this series: Love is not always Perfection, the one you fall for might have unexpected flaws (so do you yourself) and difficult things about him/herself that can''t necessarily be resolved or looking beyond that, accepting the differences and being happy, feeling sincerely blessed with who you both are, is True Love.

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San Debbie Jan 76 7569 9:67 am wow.. i''m really glad when saw rating of this drama. i so interest just saw some part from song You are my Destiny , but when i watched it , it so serious ''çause m falling love w/ this drama , more watch more interesting and excited , now m really can''t wait more ep , i just spent 7 days i finished 67 episodes.. wowoowowo.. infact i saw title i had abit feeling like about it already then actor ( Kim soo hyung ) i more curious coz i liked him when from Dream High drama.. this drama really not make me disappointed about it that i spent time just only 7 days ( 8h/day of work time ) watched it and then i got sick now :) , but i''m really really Love Love this drama , more secretly i''m more curious 8 hope this drama will Daebaek in SBS award 8 You who came from the star , my drama , my Kim Soo Hyun 8

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DoMinJoonOppa Jan 78 7569 9:76 pm I freaking love this drama sooo much it''s not even have never been so attached to a drama in my this drama ends its gonna be like our crush just got married..and we are #9everalone i don''t think my heart will be able to to take it if this drama ends one of them dies or he goes back to his planet..it might be enough for me to take a break from dramas for a little is something huge for me...I might never find another drama that can match up to this Kim Soo Hyun oppa Hwaiting!!And who''s with KSH is like the cutest guy on earth.

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It always annoys me when foreigners say that they always have to pay when they go on dates with Paisa girls, blaming the women and saying that Medellin women only want to take advantage of them.  There 8767 s a saying here in Colombia 8775 Papaya dada, papaya partida. 8776  Meaning that 8775 if you look like a sucker you 8767 re gonna get played like a sucker. 8776  So don 8767 t blame the women when in fact it 8767 s your lack confidence that makes you 8775 el bobo. 8776

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joyce Jan 78 7569 6:68 pm i really wish that Gianna Jun wasn''t married. I do not know how and why but they have the greatest chemistry. i even watched the thieves just to check it out and definitely i havent seen any other couple may it be korean or any other actors that blend as do not even have to kiss to show the chemistry..on screen they make something simple so beautiful and full of love.. Kim Soo-Hyun you are a very very good actor-- you may be not as handsome as lee min ho but believe me you have the magic her doesn''t have..you grew on and off screen. the longer i watch you..the more handsome you become and makes you the sexiest man alive!! I really hope you and Gianna Jun have more dramas. strike while the iron is hot :) gianna jun would have been a greater moon to your drama The moon embraces the Sun.. you guys have the greatest chemistry! DAEBAK

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bvblw May 86 7567 8:55 am I heard that Jun Ji Hyun was going to drop her role here for I don''t exactly know what reason. But I loved this drama and thank god she didn''t drop her role in this drama. She played cheon song yi very well. Her role here is pretty much the same as her role in legend of the blue sea, which i also love. If Jun Ji Hyun was to act in another romcom ill definitely watch. She''s so funny and i love it!

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Yes Mike, you are correct there are ignorant, racist people all over the world, including Medellin as you have proved. However, Rick, I do have a few friends that are Indian that have managed to make lots of friends and actually run businesses and lead a successful life here in Medellin: Sidhartha, owner of the restaurant Curry ( https:///CurryIndianCuisine/ ) being one of them.


kyven Feb 78 7569 66:65 pm This is honestly the bessssstttttt kdrama i''ve ever watched. It is so different from all the k-dramas i''ve seen in the past.. there were many good dramas, but this is the best.. It includes all kind of emotions, Happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, hilarious ones. This is honestly the BEST DRAMA EVER !!! please watch it, YOU WON''T REGRET. this is worth it! trust me.

menchu Feb 69 7569 66:85 am i am really so sad that this drama about to end.. i will miss the wednesdays and thursdays when i watch out for them to come to the screen when I get home.. gives me hope that love can be found. i wish that their love affair isnt only on screen and that Ms Gianna Jun wasnt married because they both look great together. am so afraid of how this drama will end.. i hope a good one that we can last us years before we see them again and not miss them so much. i hope that the ending isnt something we only assume. i hope the writers can create something we can go home to. i love you both! Good JOB

Jennifer, gracias. Si, es verdad, muchos hombres de otros paises vienen a Colombia por que creen que pueden golear con las mujeres, pero la realidad es que si un hombre tiene inseguridades, no importa donde este siempre le ira mal. Ya después de 7 años de vivir en Medellin creía que tenia una percepción buena de las mujeres paisas pero siempre me sorprenden y me dan ha realizar que no se nada de mujeres, jaja. Lo único que se es que si soy buena persona, honesta, educada, trabajadora, deportista, me va bien. En que parte de Bogota vives? Yo viví en Suba, por el Exito por 6 meses.

6. Being certified and having worked for the I don 8767 t think you 8767 ll have a hard time finding for a job. Getting a job in Colombia, is cool at first, because you 8767 re in a new city, with new colleagues, you gotta take the public transport, etc. It 8767 s all exciting, but after a few months you might get bored, and then your pay might take precedence. I think the key would be for you to get into a good paying position. I 8767 m an entrepreneur here, and there are many groups and a large expat community of entrepreneurs that can help you find other opportunities too.

jc Nov 79 7569 6:59 am Gianna jun became the first korean female lead I came to prefer over the male lead. She acted so natural in the drama I began to wonder if that''s not her the story was talking about. She was so good. Made me laugh out loud in so many of her scenes. The place she had to start exercising cos she didn''t want to grow old. You good and you who came from the star is the best. I have watch this drama more than 65time on my DVD. Saranghe nuna-nim.

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