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Posted: 2017-10-27 18:49

Along the same lines, most women may not be into short guys because it makes them feel big and heavy. There 8767 s such a strong emphasis on women being small mostly thin, but also petite so maybe if it was okay for women to be any other size it would be okay for men too. If a guy is going to outweigh me (I 8767 m 5 foot 6, mid 695s) yet not be fat, he 8767 s probably going to be a few inches taller than I am.

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As for the Napoleonic complex thing: he was very even tempered and rational until he got behind the wheel of a car can you say road rage? Apparently having control of several tons o 8767 steel with which to be aggressive is the great equalizer. It got to the point where I didn 8767 t want to be in a car when he was driving. So when I divorced him after 65+ years (mainly because of the missing sex/affection/passion piece) I vowed, no more guys who were self-conscious about their stature, whatever it was.

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Short men who are successful have no problem at all finding a good woman once they broaden their horizon and date women in other countries and cultures.  Mostly fat women whine about their situation.  Men short, tall or whatever simply adjust to the situation and deal with it.  
I men who just happen to be short, to know how to deal with predjudice people like you in the work place, that is my point.  You showed your ignorance again by posting some crap from a website which was just someone 8767 s predjudice opinion. What I posted has true research to back it up. Napoleon complex is a myth.

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Sorry I posted the wrong response to the wrong message,  that was meant for something else you said. What I have to say to this response is. I have know a LOT of women, professional women go for tall losers. I know of this friend who is now 98 years old and admitted to me she was shallow when she was Her shalllownes put her in her current predicament. She was in the airforce and a high ranking airforce sergeant, she married this tall janitor who quit his job shortly after they got married, he never worked a day during the marraige and now suing her for alimony. She knows of numerous friends who made that same mistake. It 8767 s more common than you think.   I know of this black woman who is a Doctor married to this tall  dude who didn 8767 t even have a job at all and no education pass highschool. 

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Alina Li is one of the most gorgeous pornstars in the industry right now but honestly I think she might have taken a break or something, I haven 8767 t really seen her doing much work lately! Hopefully that changes but in the meantime at least we can enjoy sexy photoshoots like this one where Alina is in her sexy outfit on the couch, lifting up the hem of her little skirt to show off her thong panties and garter belt with those sheer thigh high stockings. This girl has a tight little spinner body with nice perky boobies and a fantastic ass, but really it 8767 s that stunning face of hers that draws your attention in and keeps it there!

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8775 you just showed your ignorance. first off like I said before Napolen complex does not exist. No credible psychologist would agree with you. Reading is fundamental, I’m not sure how you or anybody could have missed that point. You think you know everything but I’m sorry you don’t. I would never see myself as a victim, if you read anything else I wrote on this blog I am clearly giving dudes advice on how to deal with the discrimination and how to deal with idiots like you with pre-conceived notions. 8776

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Actually, your data is incorrect.  The height of the average American male is one of the most frequently misquoted pieces of information on the Internet.  According to the CDC, the average American man is 5 8767 8798 tall ( https:///nchs/fastats/body- ).  Even if we break out the different racial groups, the average height of man in every group is less than 5 8767 65 8776 .

I want to say that the problem has been limited opportunities for us to drive together, but it’s not at all the case. It’s more a matter of motivation. Simone doesn’t like to do things she’s not already good at , and she has no intrinsic need to be able to drive herself around. She doesn’t care that much about having a license. I’ll say, “Want to drive today?” and she’ll say, “Not really.” So unless I push her, it just doesn’t happen. It’s not fun for me, either, which makes me less likely to insist.

I 8767 m a 5 8767 6 bald man. I 8767 m also naturally  skinny (ie: skinny arms) in a heathly way. I happen to be a great all-around athlete and musician, amongst many other talents and attributes.  I 8767 m also a good person raised from a great family.  I have been walking over taller men in numerous activities and engagements all my life, constantly being underestimated (including sports, schooling, manners, achievements, social life, etc.)
All that being said, are all you women out there still saying you would rather have a mediocre shmuck with a much lower overall value just because he is 9-6 8798 taller?  That sucks lol

The real question, ultimately, is not how hard short guys have it in the dating (particularly online) world, but the power and control women can have over their own lives (and men) by being free from culturally imposed dating standards that limit, not the short guys 8767 dating prospects, but the ladies true strength. This is not a plea to have women date short guys, but a statement that it doesn 8767 t make a difference unless you place your own limitation on your life. People whose outlooks are so limited (be they tall or short) are not as sexy and appealing as those who have freed themselves from conventional boundaries. My grandmother always admonishes us that you limit yourself most when you limit others. It 8767 s that type of strong character that makes her such a strong, special and respected lady. She gets it.

If you managed to specify what nationality your future wife should be you can easily identify the top-rated services operating in the segment you are interested in. Although international dating is a vast market it is not that hard to find overall rankings and detect the most reputable sites. Whenever you have found up to 65 websites that seem trustworthy and sophisticated, your next step is to check their background and to find out as much information on them as possible: it is time for a research.

Men reject women for small boobs, short legs, and flat butts.  All these characteristics could exist in a woman of healthy body weight with a healthy body style, yet many men (not all ) act as if morbid obesity is the ONLY reason why a man rejects a woman based on her physicality, and the go on to say they are really only rejecting the lifestyle and the character flaw that obesity is a reflection of.  Now THAT is total non-sense.  I have no problem with men having a physical type, and if that means a woman with short legs gets rejected, so be it.  BOTH genders are entitled to their own unique set of attraction triggers.  An OKC study showed that men only pick the 9 8767 sand the 65 8767 s to write to.  And men say that is perfectly OK.  But a woman having her own attraction triggers ?  Many men say 8775 not OK 8776 .

One question I have is why women find it so easy to make a guy feel self-conscious about his height. I 8767 m 5 8767 8 8776 and several women have admitted before our date = they have reservations about my height, asking me questions like 8775 are you really 5 8767 8 8776 ? 8776 I would NEVER make a woman feel bad because of her height or weight, so I do not understand why many women do not give shorter-than-average men the same consideration.

I have a suspicion you 8767 re a short man trying to pass for some tall man bad ass advice.
It 8767 s self haltingly adorable.
Anyway, how about let us women choose whoever the fuck we are attracted to instead of blaming them for being superficial shallow bitches? Poster above is right something just feel off with shorter men. Like they never really reach adulthood. From what I read shorter men usually stop their growth spur much earlier than tallerpeers so it 8767 d make sense to rather be attracted at traits that indicate more robust sexual/reproductive health.

Furthermore, I noticed in his profile that Tom refuses to go out with a heavier woman. And I couldn 8767 t resist the temptation to picture if this post were about a big-hearted fat woman instead of a short man. In my imaginings, the large woman submits a lengthy response to reader comments containing an exhaustive academic breakdown justifying why men shouldn 8767 t remove fat ladies from their dating options. She appeals to their vanity by extolling the 8766 sexiness 8767 of the enlightened attitudes of men who like their women big and beautiful. She asks 8766 Why would anyone want to date a woman who merely conforms to media-hyped/society-enforced notions of what is attractive? 8767

If short men make a woman having to be in the top 95% beauty wise and refuse to date averagely cute women, they are hypocrits for complaining about women 8767 s short bias, when they clearly have a beauty queen bias.  And short men who claim that ALL women want men who are 6 feet tall are liars as well, which is demonstrably true.  Just take a look in the world, there are plenty of men under 6 feet tall who are happily coupled.

Wow. So long as the guy is a gem I don 8767 t care overmuch about height. I always thought other issues like compatibility are more important.
That could also be due to my job. As a midget female in the military bigger guys always want to push you around or challenge you. (Officer. Nuff said.) Not all mind you but dealing with the alpha male nonsense can be fun. (Big jerks make big targets in deployed conditions Being short has bonuses.)
Having dated tall or short and divorced from a short I still know one thing. If someone can 8767 t get past something I can 8767 t help I 8767 m grateful. (Shallow? Can 8767 t date a military/alien/short/non-blonde?) Lucky escape for me! Sorry this doesn 8767 t help you though. 

By the way, I am a strong, confident and successful guy, but for anyone to suggest because of such strength I am (or any short guy) 8775 Napoleanic 8776 is in need of some therapy. That 8767 s a stereotype that doesn 8767 t sell the short person short, but sells the believer in that concept short. A woman who is successful is not some power hungry b ch, but should be lauded for overcoming what are still strong (albeit thankfully decreasing) cultural biases.

My first husband was 5 8767 6 8798 and 685 pounds soaking wet (runner with a small frame). I 8767 m 5 8767 5 8798 and muscular (freakishly strong for a woman when working out regularly) and also overweight I always felt like a horse next to him, and when I did his laundry, folding his tiny T shirts and underpants it was like folding a child 8767 s clothing. Just really killed any sexual desire on my part, which was minimal to begin with. He was a great guy in a lot of other ways, which is why I married him, but that piece was always missing for me.

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