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Posted: 2017-10-02 15:29

In the end, Assad will be remembered as an authoritarian tyrant whose regime represented little more than the interests of a rich neoliberal business class and a fascistic security apparatus. Those who have thrown their intellectual weight behind his campaign of brutality have cast the sincerity of their commitment to popular struggle and anti-imperial resistance into serious doubt. By denying the Syrian people the right to revolution while supporting the Palestinian struggle, they are no less hypocritical than the Zionists who cynically celebrate the Syrian uprising while seeking to crush any iteration of Palestinian resistance. In my opinion, the right to resist tyranny is indivisible and universal. It can be denied to no one.

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Some fake christians believe that the old testament no longer applies because of Jesus giving the people a 8775 new covenant 8776 . But Jesus said, in Matthews 5:68 8775 For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. 8776 Ok. Maybe Jesus was misquoted. But if God was right at one point in having the commandments as written in the holy bible, how can he have 8775 changed his mind 8776 ? Is right or wrong for morality to change over time?

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These 8775 answers 8776 made by 8775 science lovers 8776 about what the creationists are really saying are complete garbage. All this article is doing is promoting a close scientific society that hates and fears anything that isnt 8775 accepted 8776 by those in the 8775 know 8776 . You can love science and still be a creationist/intelligent design believer. how about trying to promote a world of open scientific dialog where people with radical ideas aren 8767 t branded as pariah. The 8775 Intellectual elite 8776 are so sure of what they know and threatened by anything that could challenges it you get ostracized. Pushing the envelope is how you get progress and if it takes seriously looking into some crazy ideas who knows what you may find. and shame on you buzz feed for attacking those who don 8767 t agree with your ideology.

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I think Chad and men like him take it too far with some stuff and are too locked into pleasing women, and they don 8767 t have any solutions for these men who don 8767 t have the fucking tools, because dad was cut out of the picture because mom divorced him or they never knew their dad. On top of that I was never down with the chest beating macho shit. My dad was no prize pig, he imparted a few things into me, but I learned a lot from my shop teachers and the military. The stuff Chad is talking about is PHD level stuff for these soft men. You got to get back to basics with these kids.

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Let me approach this discussion from another angle why would any sane man want to get married and remain faithful in that marriage? A married man ends up having to be faithful to just one woman whose looks will largely vanish by the time she is in her mid to late 85s, having to take care of her and his children.. and likely be involved taking care of members of his wife 8767 s family as well.. If he had remained single, he would have a choice of women to sleep with and also be unencumbered with the burden of taking care of children.

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8775 at no time does it account for microevolution vs macroevolution 8776
The whole 8775 micro v. macro 8776 idea is a creationist concept that has nothing to do with the theory of evolution. There is no macro- or micro-evolution. There 8767 s just evolution. I hope that. some day, at least on creationist will actually understand that when it is explained to them. Maybe then. we can start down the road to removing these useless terms from the equation.

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I don 8767 t believe in creationism, but I also don 8767 t believe in one-sided debates or tricking people so that you can ridicule them. John Oliver 8767 s segment with Bill Nye was clever, funny and moved the conversation on climate change forward. The project presented on this page is arrogant and deceitful, and moves the conversation on creationism backwards. But because it 8767 s not hard to understand that ridicule puts people on the defense, I assume the purpose of this project in the first place was never meant to be positive.

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He then talked about men not pouting or complaining about life, yet does this utterly ignorant of psychology and its complexities. Positivity and determination are not cures for the depression that countless men face in silence, when what they actually need is real treatment. Or has the preponderance of male suicide eluded your knowledge? But boo hoo right, complainers whose existence is utter misery just need to get their attitude in check.

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There are some very jaded people here, especially this article, if you actually think this is anything like the entire gender being badmouthed you should really question your judgement and character selection. Last time I checked the majority of this was untrue of the majority of men, however, as with BOTH genders there are some people that relate more to others than the rest of the gender, somone that 8767 s slept with 655 ppl has likely made more of an impact 8775 romantically 8776 than someone that 8767 s slept with 5, and bear in mind that a known fact is the majority of men have slept with, what, 8x less ppl than the average female???? And we are the ho 8767 s?? WTF!? Take some accountability and responisibility for your misakes in judgement and dont blame the rest of us that you barely even notice! ha! 🙂


We know the world is a pretty amazing place. Nature is complex and does not contain any inherent morality. A tiger feels no guilt for eating a rabbit. The ecosphere of the planet is not unlike the world within our bodies- viruses try to survive and our white blood cells fight them off. We live in an inherently practical universe. Entities live and try to survive while consuming other entities. We know this. We see it all around us. This is a definite. Does a complex world require a creator? Maybe? Maybe not. We really can’t say one way for sure with the facts we have. If you insist nothing can exist without a creator- one must ask “Who created the Creator?” Then you say “Well, the Creator was always there”. But why couldn’t the physical universe always have existed using the same argument?

For fuck 8767 s sake Neil..you made a couple of bad choices in life. Most of us have had at least one or two lapses in clarity as well. You ain 8767 t the first man to have to wear the dunce cap for a bit and you won 8767 t be the last. From what I 8767 ve read of your comments so far, you sound just like the very person they 8767 re writing this article for. Whatever issues you have because of the bad choices you made own it, fix it, then move on with your day and stop being a whiney little bitch. See items 8 and 69 above.

“Essence” in this context is just a catchy term for essential oil, the concentrated form of the chemicals which give a plant its fragrance. Some essential oils are useful in medicine as antiseptics or anesthetics, while others are often used in industrial processes, cosmetics and hygienic products. Because they’re highly concentrated, they’re an invaluable part of the food industry: Essential oils can be distilled and packaged wherever it is logistically easiest and sold off for use in a huge variety of products.

Last night, thousands of opposition protesters appeared in front of Egypt 8767 s presidential palace in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis to voice their anger with President Mohamed Morsi 8767 s draft constitution. Influenced almost completely by Muslim Brotherhood officials and their Salafist allies, the proposed constitution is a divisive document. At the protest, the mostly secular, upper middle class crowd went well beyond the demand for a constitutional dialogue, denouncing Morsi as a dictator and calling for his ouster. 8775 Erhal! 8776 ( 8775 Leave 8776 ), they chanted 8775 Dictator, Dictator, Morsi, it 8767 s your turn! 8776 was another cadence that filled the air outside the palace.

More productive work is being acheived by reminding theists that science and faith are not now nor have they ever been mutually exclusive. It was a Catholic Priest who first proposed the Big Bang and even now the Church officially considers evolution and the Big bang parts of its catechism. important work is still being done by theistic scientists (Francis Collins anyone) as well as atheists who accept the reality that as it stands evolution is the best explanation for the origin of life we have.

Please spell check before your next rant. Also the bible is a collection of parables and metaphors not a history book. Please, if you are going to make blanket statements, think them through a little more. You are clearly on the extreme opposite spectrum from the people you are trying to denegrate, which makes your opinion irrelevant. . I think you need to research what cognitive dissonance means and pick up a dsm 5 before you diagnose people. Finally, I believe in evolution, so don 8767 t think my reply is just because I am some Bible thumper.

Wrong these are the people who are actively working to change the laws to allow the nonsense of creation to be taught in schools. They must be ridiculed and marginalized if we have any hope of being a productive and competitive nation. Practice your religion to your hearts desire. The SECOND you act to change the law regarding my child 8767 s education being in line with your religion you 8767 re going to have one heck of a fight on your hands.

For a large part this is stupid. One thing I can thin is. be your fucking self. I can care two less shits of what you think men should be. Women can be what the hell they want so why can 8767 t we? You say stop complaining but sounds like your the big pissy that doesn 8767 t know his ownself mich less life itself. Life happens. If you got you legs blown off would you climb a fucking mountain? You can 8767 t climb by yourself without legs dumbass. Just a thought to some of your bullshit! Have a nice day! ^_^

Klein is also closely affiliated with the Christian right in California, organizing resentment against all the usual targets Muslims, homosexuals, feminists, and even Mormons. He is a board member and founder of a group called Courageous Christians United , which promotes anti-Mormon, anti-Catholic and anti-Muslim literature (including the work of Robert Spencer) on its website. In 7557, Klein  ran for the California Insurance Commissioner under the American Independent Party, an extremist fringe party linked to the militia movement, garnering a piddling 7 percent of the vote.

Perhaps he didn 8767 t cover those points because you go around the internet talking about equal rights and fighting the oppression and yet you 8767 re the first oppressing someone because he 8767 s different from you.
Let alone the annoying attitude you have.
The lack of respect you show for those who haven 8767 t been gifted with the intelligence you have, or too poor to afford a college, those who had no parents and had to resort to build bridges for a living.
All in all, sorry for judging, you appear like either looking for trouble, or to fire up the debate one that cares more about 8775 being right 8776 and imposing his own view onto others (hypocrisy, once again), rather than someone who is genuinely trying to understand someone different from him, and to put aside the differences, as Chad tried to do with his reply.

They had versions of feminism aka feminazism in the Babylonian, Greek and Roman Empires as well as no fault (meaning its always his fault,) divorce. Those laws caused men to avoid marriage, the birth rates went down, and society eventually collapse because woman are not capable of successfully running a civilization. The same is happening in America and western Europe for the same reasons. Women like you are the reason why the Muslims are invading our countries. I am content to pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and watch the F 8767 er burn, and watch people like you get what you so richly deserve. #MGTOW