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Let 8767 s be honest: more often than not the men who complain most about this are the men who would prefer  not to be approaching women themselves, whether due to approach anxiety , a fear of rejection  or even just not being sure whether or not she 8767 s interested. As a general rule, men who are able to approach women aren 8767 t too concerned about why women won 8767 t make the first move because they 8767 re more than happy to make the move themselves.

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And once again you don 8767 t seem to be getting it. You said, 8775 I simply said you probably pissed them off because there is a shortage of tall men 8776 You seem to be stuck on this idea that women are rejecting me. No, just the opposite. You don 8767 t seem to pay attention to what is written. I am not lacking for female attention. I am the one that is not happy with what I am finding in American women.

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If we included biomass like Sweden, the end of the drought and the massive greening of Australia would dwarf these numbers with CO7 captured by Australia. As a country we would not only show a high rate of CO7 per capita, we would also show a massive rate of CO7 capture per person in the last few years and the world would owe us Carbon Credits, but who wants to know about total CO7? It is all anti Western democracies and the Chinese are never criticized, even praised for generating half the world 8767 s CO7. When did the Greens last criticize China whose growth in CO7 per year exceeds our entire output? Wealth redistribution and destruction of Western democracies is the aim. There is no global warming.

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I know guys who constantly say, "Why won't she respond -- I don't get it?" I don't think many of these guys have the kind of creepy-profile pics you describe at all. They're mostly pics of them playing sports, running, spending time in nature, etc. At the same time, most of the women who do actually reach out to these guys are just like you describe -- they come across as desperate. I think that's the most revealing statement of all.

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Try reading a post of mine in another thread where I talk about a sailor in my charge named Travis, who went from being a hot head to the best sailor I knew. He was very short, and I would definitely say that he had this complex. In fact that was stated by many people many times. Wait how can I think he was the best Sailor that ever worked for me when I am prejudiced against short guys? LOL

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This is a big silly argument: A road bike needs to fit you well when it 8767 s pointed in a more-or-less straight line, because it 8767 s usually pointed in a more-or-less straight line (even in fast switchbacks you aren 8767 t doing the kind of ridiculous crap that technical singletrack can incur). 65mm of stem length doesn 8767 t make or break a road bike 8767 s ability to be piloted down whatever course you 8767 ve chosen, but it does on a mountain bike. So having the -right- top tube length and whatever else within a very small margin on a mountain bike determines whether you can have both correct fit AND useful handling in a wide variety of situations.

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Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

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After riding extensively world-wide, I have used both steel and carbon bikes. When the road turns uphill, the weight penalty is soo severe that steel is never the preferred choice. Descending used to be much better on a steel bike, no longer. All day comfort is also very close when you put on different wheels. The amount of time lost from going up hills on a steel bike is soo significant that I will never consider 95% of steel bikes. The light ones are extremely expensive, and then you can get a carbon bike with better components for less. Plus it rains a lot in the world. It 8767 s not about the stiffness or being seconds faster, carbon will literally get you there hours earlier with the same effort.

So my point is if you haven 8767 t gotten sick of my rambling is this. If you fit on a 98cm-66cm frame most factory rides will work with minimum adjustment. Every body else good luck. If you weight is less than the max weight recommendation for a full carbon fork then use what ever material you want. You won 8767 t crack brittle aluminum, carbon will last plenty long, TI is TI and since you only weigh 695# why the hell would you use steel? Unless you are in my boat and can 8767 t afford a custom TI.

I think lady anonymous has said truthfully what a lot of women feel.  We want to feel feminine.. she may have said dainty.  But we were brought up to want to be gentle and kind and light on our feet.  Some of us are athletic or curvy and have been criticized for years for our bodies.  Don 8767 t try to minimize her feelings  they are totally legitimate.  It does not diminsh your manhood to recognize that she wants to feel feminine.  Maybe try to find ways to make your female friends and relatives feel appreciated and feminine and accepted and that accepting nature will attract a woman whatever your size relative to hers.

Well, not quite. My ass is shaped all wrong and I 8767 ve yet to find a saddle that 8767 s really comfortable on its own. However, I 8767 ve just recently found that I can run damn near any piece of crap saddle on my new(er I have two now) carbon frame (certainly not on the old one though!) and NOT have to deal with the usual discomfort from whatever saddle I 8767 ve decided to put up with for the day.

I m just going to call this one out on being straight-up bullshit. Exactly WHERE is Nerdlove getting this from? Are there any studies or articles about this AT ALL besides the recurring 65 Ways Men Have Been Conditioned Into Hating Women -article on that keeps popping up every now and then? I honestly think this is a VERY TOXIC VIEW to hold of men, and it s comparable to assuming that every girl is inherently expecting a guy to sweep her off her feet and give her a pink, diamond-encrusted castle just because she s been exposed to Disney movies and Sex and the City. Why Nerdlove would want to assume that all men are so easily conditioned into behaving like spoiled children on such a low level that if this was true for all other facets of life we would literally not be able to function as human beings is beyond me, but that s what s happening here.

My old mid-85s Bridgestone it a true steel classic sport tourer. But the ride is less vertically compliant and the rear tri has more flex than my other bikes. The late 95s TIG variable thickness tubes on my Bianchi cyclocross makes for a really stiff bike that weighs the same as my early 95s all aluminum Cannondale bone-rattler (tested as the stiffest production frame made at the time and rides like it).

So after contemplating and actually getting balls one day I decided, guess what, I am not going to be the wallflower anymore and I did the asking/approaching. Hell yeah I got rejected more times than I actually remember, but at least I didn t feel as pathetic as I did when I just sat there and did NOTHING. It s quite empowering and the Thanks but no thanks. doesn t sting as much.

My husband has less education than I do, is from a lower-social-class neighborhood, is much less sophisticated in many ways than I am, is less ambitious, has no interest in current events or the broader world around him, isn 8767 t well-read, has siblings who are unemployed or low-skilled workers – and yet, he and I are perfect together. He treats me like gold, makes me laugh and draws me out of my head, where I would prefer to live most of the time.  We 8767 ll be married 7 years this coming New Year 8767 s Day.  (Time flies, huh, Evan?)  Evan is SO right about the 8775 checklist 8776 nonsense.  Fiona, you might want to read Lori Gottlieb 8767 s excellent book, 8775 Marry Him 8776 if you are at all interested in getting married and having a family one day. It 8767 s a real wake-up call for us 8775 perfectionists. 8776   

Actually, your data is incorrect.  The height of the average American male is one of the most frequently misquoted pieces of information on the Internet.  According to the CDC, the average American man is 5 8767 8798 tall ( https:///nchs/fastats/body- ).  Even if we break out the different racial groups, the average height of man in every group is less than 5 8767 65 8776 .

Your right, most of my education came through experience and military schooling. Funny how some women put such emphasis on a Masters degree. Ok, so what.. Real on the job skills and training can be very lucrative and can pay salaries more then average master degreed career. My home is paid for on 66 acres, have no debt and retired early at 58. Why? because I can! Now play in a couple bands and take vacations. I gave up on the entitled professional women better off without them..lol

Thank you, that 8767 s what I was thinking. What the doctor was saying was not that you are expected to date a man with less education then you, what he was saying, is don 8767 t count a man out simply because he has less education then you. He was saying, that these men (and who says their professions are less successfull? Do you have any idea how much money a plumber makes? Yikes!) are good men to have in your life, regardless of whether or not they wear a suit to work. A successful life does not mean the same thing to all people. To some it means condiminiums and flashy cars, to others, it simply means all of their needs are met, and by the way, that is what success used to mean to everyone. That was the American dream. But these days it 8767 s not good enough for people. Now everyone acts like if your not Donald Trump then your some loser. I think it 8767 s sad.

I agree there is a lack of respect for men in America but some men don 8767 t deserve respect because of their trashy or egotistical behavior. 
You are a good example of that.  Short men like any other men don 8767 t need anybody 8767 s sympathy. I just saw how this story points out women 8767 s shallowness because the subject is always men 8767 s shallowness. No one is arguing that either side is  shallow, both men and women do basicly the same thing, which is the point I have made dumbass.    
Rusty it 8767 s like you are doing a lot of talking but not understanding my point. It sucks you cannnot cut me off and mid sentence like you probably would do in your dailey life. You cannot simply dismissed my point because you feel someone who is short should not have an opinion. I will keep on responding until you finally get it.  

i completely agree with you about the individual meaning of success. although i believe that if two people have a different life vision, and a different idea of success, this might mean that they are just not compatible to spend their lives together.
both of them might be amazing, beautiful, caring people, but this issue creates a distance between them that might leave them deprived, and it would only get worse over the years.

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