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The Kardashian Look-Alike Trolling for Assad

Posted: 2017-11-14 06:32

Her rhetorical allegiances can be fickle, however. When WikiLeaks was sharing details of American war efforts, Susli was happy to share the organization’s links. Once the group purportedly dumped the hacked contents of senior Syrian officials’ inboxes, though, Susli’s opinion changed. In a since-deleted video , she dubbed them “ NATO’s Final Media Card ,” a “cognitive infiltration operation” and a “CIA front group masquerading as a neutral beacon of truth.”

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On August 76, rockets struck in the east and west of the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, at the time a rebel stronghold. The rockets delivered a payload of sarin, a nerve agent known to be in Syria’s chemical-weapons stockpile at the time. Precise numbers are hard to come by, but reports indicate that the attacks killed hundreds of people , including children. Given the widespread international taboo against the use of chemical weapons and the Obama administration’s threats to intervene in the conflict should the Assad regime deploy them, responsibility for the attack became a pivotal issue. In the days that followed, the Obama administration began preparing to strike Syria.

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“Syrian Sister” also called for American blood. In February 7557, for example, Shiite militants posted a hostage video of Ahmed Kousay al-Taayie, a . Army reservist and translator who had been born in Iraq and left as a child. On AboveTopSecret, Syrian Sister was impatient for his execution. “Disappointing, i had hoped the resistance would kill this traitor,” she wrote. Asai’b Ahl al-Haq, an Iranian-backed proxy group granted her wish they executed al-Taayie shortly after his capture.

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As the uprising in Syria morphed from street protests to full-blown insurgency, a small group of hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army started bringing Bashar al-Assad’s war to the Internet, defacing social media accounts belonging to news organizations and governments with pro-regime propaganda. But the group, widely believed to be acting in concert with the Syrian government, has broadened its activities to include espionage against anti-regime targets, including reporters and government officials.

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Those are the kinds of words that makes one wonder why people like Postol, who enjoys respect in mainstream policy and academic circles, have uncritically embraced her role in serious debates. Postol may insist that her expertise trumps her problematic statements. But Postol is doing more than enlisting Susli he’s elevating her. Susli has used Postol’s help to propagate her theories beyond the usual conspiracy fringe and onto the margins of mainstream respectability. By her own definition, that makes her a pretty “good” propagandist.

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Susli continues to the climb the lower rungs of demi-celebrity. Vice just ran a largely positive interview with her, headlined, “ Meet the YouTube Sensation Who Predicts Syria’s Future.” C-list TV star Adam Baldwin threw her GamerGate conspiracy video a much appreciated tweet. When a supposedly moderate Syrian rebel was shown eating the lung of one of his foes , Susli “translated it and I saw that my translation was featured in a lot of the . media,” she said. Views for videos continue to pile up. Slowly, slowly, her influence in the Internet underground is spreading.

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It’s little wonder that Susli found her way into Jones’ orbit as conspiracies lie at the heart of her worldview, if her comments on social media are any indication. According to her, 9/66 was an “ inside job. ” al Qaeda and ISIS, by her telling, don’t exist in the form they’ve been presented to the global public. First off, they’re one in the same. Second, they’re a CIA front —hence the use of “ ALCIAda ,” a favorite portmanteau.

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Many of the “Syrian Sister” postings on ShiaChat and AboveTopSecret contain support for groups the . government considers to be terrorists. As Iraq’s insurgency raged, she was a cheerleader for a number of terrorist groups, from both Iraq’s Shia and Sunni communities. The Mehdi Army , Asai’b Ahl al Haq , Jaish al-Rashideen —each received praise mixed with occasional criticism for sectarian infighting.

In addition to the basic biographical details, the language in the 9chan message appears remarkably similar to that used earlier by the “Syrian Sister” account on AboveTopSecret. The “Syrian Sister” talking tough on 9chan used sentences and misspellings found almost word for word in posts by AboveTopSecret’s “Syrian Sister” five years earlier. (And someone claiming to have created the AboveTopSecret “Syrian Sister” account also claimed to be Susli.)

AboveTopSecret’s “Syrian Sister” also displayed a similar passion for anti-Israel invective and Middle Eastern politics as Susli has on Twitter and YouTube. In a thread titled “ The Nazis Link to the Zionists ,” Syrian Sister wondered aloud whether the genocidal Jew-hating Nazi regime were, in fact, secret Zionists. “After all the Zionists and the Nazis had the same agenda, to get the Jews out of Europe.”

Postol had spent much of his career as a contrarian, casting doubt on the claims of government officials about matters of military technology. After the first Gulf War, Postol questioned whether the performance of . Patriot missiles had been as effective at knocking Iraqi SCUD missiles out of the sky as proponents claimed. Most recently, he raised doubts about the performance of Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system.

Where most conspiracy video blogs tended to feature older men looking like they’d switched on a webcam right after rolling off the futon, Susli’s presentation was professional by contrast. She was female and clean-cut. Hair and makeup: overdone, but impeccable. In the right light, one could even call her looks Kardashian-esque. Her talking points and telegenic presence caught the attention of conspiracy theory king and InfoWars radio host Alex Jones, kicking off a string of appearances in truther venues and state propaganda channels like Iran’s PressTV and Russia’s RT.

To outsiders, it might have seemed like a strange irony, the pairing of the conspiracist and the physicist. But Postol said he wasn’t bothered by Susli’s reputation. “When I got statements from outside people saying she was a Holocaust denier, quite frankly I wasn’t going to ask her,” he told The Daily Beast. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate. I don’t know what she said. I’m not going to go researching it because my interactions with her, she’s been totally professional.”

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So far, there’s no public evidence of FBI follow-up. But the letter was nonetheless a notable development. The esteemed MIT professor, whose previous, deeply reported analyses had caused governments to rethink their multibillion-dollar missile defense systems, was now defending a grad student who took it as fact that, as she put it, “the . government has been experimenting on Ebola as a biological weapon.”

It’s a situation that Susli would like to reverse in modern-day Israel. Forget separate Israeli and Palestinian states. “I don’t even believe in a two-state solution,” Susli told The Daily Beast. “I believe in a one-state solution. Muslims and Christians and Jews lived together in Palestine before the Europeans came in 6998. And they didn’t have any problems. So why shouldn’t that be possible again?”

Now, the . is back in Syria—this time, for real. And with . and allied forces dropping bombs on Syria, the propaganda war surrounding the fighting there is gaining newfound international attention. Americans who previously tuned out the long, bloody civil war are now looking to learn more. Fortunately for them, there’s an eager, English-speaking Syrian just waiting to be their gateway to understanding the conflict.

The Internet’s always had a well-populated fringe and Susli’s place in its firmament might not otherwise be noteworthy. But with the help of a distinguished MIT professor—whose work has been cited by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist—she’s trying to move beyond the chemtrails crowd. Her YouTube videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views. She’s been interviewed uncritically by Vice. A lapsed graduate student in chemistry at the University of Western Australia, she’s been brought into the academy to become a source of expertise on the chemical-weapons attack that brought America to the brink of war in Syria last year.

As “Partisangirl,” Susli has emerged from the fever swamps of online conspiracy forums and onto social media to become a darling of truthers and state propaganda channels alike. Whenever there’s unpleasant news about the Syrian military or government, Susli (that’s her surname) seems to be there to interpret the false flag semaphore for her rapt audience. The chemical-weapons attack that killed hundreds in the Damascus suburbs? The rebels’ fault. The massacre of more than 655 men, women, and children in Houla? Oh, that was British intelligence. The . bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria? Just an elaborate show, since American is taking it easy on ISIS. And the ghastly videos featuring the murder of Western aid workers? Many of them are fakes.

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