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My advise is that everyman Capricorn or not likes what they can't have, so play hard to get right from the start. A true Scorpio women would not be bothered by that wall that capricorns display there isn't no one that we cannot see through and no one more relentless than us when we want something. The way to his heart is through sexuality and emotional bonding that is how he will let down that wall and be yours forever. He has to be able to TRUST.

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Taurus Chick :
damn these pisces chick they can have any guy they want to be compatible with it sux ass well u know what taurus has adolph hitler and who do yall have ke$ha so whats up now and then we also have chris brown and yall have rihanna yeah and we have lenardo de vinci y yall have justin bieber hmm whos winning in the long run oh yeah us and heres one who wins no matter what we have enrique iglesias and u have oh wait no yall have chuck norris i guess yall do win

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Me being a typical insecure shy cap, I took one glance at her and gave up all hope lol! But as the night went on my friend just so happened to strike up a convo with her and the second he called me over we had such a strong attraction towards each other! And once we started talking, like magnets, this extremely strong connection naturally fell into place! We got lost in admiration for each other and oh my gosh it was just intoxicating, sparks were flyin! literally. We were just fascinated by each other, and just over small talk!? And the cool part was that she could see right through that wall of mine! But just for fun I'd throw it right back up jus so she could catch that mysterious side of me too lol, and she was eating it up!! lol

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am a Scorpio woman and met this capri guy from my past recently. the thing was he was the first guy that I had ever kissed and I had always have this fond memory. I didn't know he's capri until we hear from each other again recently. he's 96 and i'm 88. he told me that he feels that there's a connection between us from the start. the thing is, he's so capri and I am so is not my cuppa tea, we are both career minded. so i'm grilling myself to be patient bcos this man has really mersmerised me. we haven't met physically cos of our geographical location but, when we talk about of how we would make love to each other,i can already imagine when that time bedroom would definitely explode! I have never been so open intimately with a man before. with him, we are so open. i'm sure any Scorpio woman loves sex but with the right , crossing my legs and my 'll wait for my capri :love you babe!

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This is my input from a Pisces female who has never had the good fortune of even meeting a possible Scorpio mate. My father, brother, and nephew are Scorpio and we communicate perfectly. To meet a possible Scorpio boyfriend/husband is only a dream to me but I will tell you this. I know exactly how a Pisces feels and reacts and the stories I have read . I shake my head and wonder why you Scorpio / Pisces combo 8767 s are letting the little things get in the way of your happiness.

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well im a college student and I been talking to a Scorpio man , and like it's so crazy how I feel about him its like I wanna spend the rest of my life with him because I never met or had anyone like him but I just feel maybe he's not that into me because he told me that we need to stop hanging out because I was getting to jealous , but I can't help it I don't want no one else to take what is mines in a sense lol, but I just don't know what to do , I want him to myself

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I had a thing with a scorpian man for about 7 months and we were absolutely in love with each other, until I lied to him and he broke it off immediately. This was a year ago and I 8767 ve been trying to get him back ever since. He invited me over the other day and we cuddled up and held hands but when I tried to kiss him he didn 8767 t kiss me back and when he kissed me goodbye it was on my cheek. What do I do??

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I'm a passionate Scorpio woman mesmerized with a Capricorn man. He is my ideal lover but does not know how much I love him. I give him love and attention all that he needs most of all I am a typical classy woman. I understand his personality but I'm making sure he feels the same way about me. Everybody is saying be patient but being a Scorpio woman it not easy when you want something I know for sure us Scorpios when we want something we go for it and only time will tell if true love exists.

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WOW, reading these comments is like hearing my situation. I am currently dating a cap guy and I am I true scorp. He too was involved with a woman. He kept assuring me that they are breaking up but im not the one to come second to anyone. I love him to death. I love his touch, his smile, his sex and I love the way I feel when we are together. Never, have I experienced this feeling before and its great. It took him a minute to warm up to me and to start expressing his feelings but it was worth the wait. I constantly told myself that I cant do this cause he had a woman but I kept falling back in the trap. I was happy to find out that they were not together anymore, now the only thing now the keeps us from really being together is that we live in two different states.

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I have had my eye on this Pisces lady for the last year. Yes, I 8767 m a Scorpio man and she works at my favorite little pub. Whenever I come in, she lights up and I find myself really sad when she 8767 s not there. I 8767 ve coyfully asked her out and joked around, but I just realized, she really would go out with me if I was serious. I 8767 m asking her out for real next week after seeing this.

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I am an Aries married to a Scorpio man. I am also in love with another Scorpio man who is my soul mate but married another. She trapped him and is in total control of him. My Scorpio is intensly in love with me, the way I am with the one I can never have. I am dedicated and loyal to my Scorpio because he's loyal to me and takes damn good care of me and does everything expected of a husband, but honestly the heart does not lie. So there you have it, Aries women dealing with scorpios is always careful because if they love or loved you in the past they will never, never, never let you go. They will seek you some kind of way. They plot, plan, scheme and do what ever it takes to have some type of connection. They never let it die.

I am an Aries woman and I've been w a Scorpio man for the last four months. I'm willing to do whatever makes him happy. He tells me everyday all day that he loves me and he wants to marry me and have children. He makes me nervous all the time though but in a good way. And he drrives me crazy in a good way. The sex is freaking awesome. I'm doing things I would never do w any man. The only problem is that he doesn't trust me for whatever reason. How long is this trust issue going to last and what can I do to get it. I think his heart is already mine. I just wish he would tell me what he wants sometimes instead of expecting me to read his mind. I know he loves me. And I am head over heels for him.

to the lady who wants her husband to fall for 's your husband and he will want control no matter what at some do you take notice in the things he ADD to them? that's a start, or you could just do your own thing its up to you. But since it was an arranged marriage he will probably want TOTAL control because he didn't get to CHOOSE you. I know being a Scorpio u are sensitive and emotional and committed but you to attracted each other for a reason. You should try reading about the law of attraction.. (the secret) then go from there.(google it)

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as an Aries Woman: Let me say it once again: have your you-know-what together. Please read the previous sentence one more time. Be prepared to impress your Scorpio target with an ability to react to whatever comes your way with self-possession and, if possible, use it to your advantage. This shows him that you are a major player and can help him in his climb to success. Concentrate on acts, not words. Don’t let him know you are trying to figure him out. That will make him disgusted. He likes to think he is inscrutable, and really he is.

Yes he is difficult and doesn't show the emotion that I want him to show all the time, yes he does keep his secrets, and is withdrawn at times, keeps me constantly waiting for him to say I don't like, in true Aries fashion want to hear it now and not later. I love this man because I know he is worth loving and expresses it differently and will one day say the words I need to hear. He is in my life forever and I in his and we both have said just hope it's as his girlfriend and more..we'll see what the future holds but whatever it brings he will always and forever be my one and only scorpio.

My First love was a Scorpio so I know how intense it can be me being a Scorpio women can see through a caps eyes and they say a lot I am now dealing with a 85 something year old cap who's heart has been broken a couple of times an he's so bitter but since the day we met we've had this connection he an I both know that it can b something strong but are walls are up so hi were going to need a fork lift to pull us together wish me luck if its meant it will be if not he wasn't good enough

Aries woman trying to move on from a Scorpio man after 5 years. Like many of you, I feel this is never going to happen. First two years, I didn't know it at the time but he was cheating on me constantly. During the second year, hit me because he didn't want me hanging out with his friend because he was mad at him during this year I am a complete. "aries woman" to him. controlling, angry over the betrayal. ranting.

It was really interesting reading what everyone had to say. I have to agree I could sympathize with what was being said. As an Aries female I met a Scorpio male and all though we never dated mainly for the distance and we never talk anymore since he is pursuing a law degree & has a girlfriend I still remember the things we talked about and the intense feelings that I know for myself personally is nothing like I have ever experienced before. It still drives me crazy. I am not even sure why. All though it is frustrating it is also very rewarding. & Maybe like y'all say this is what true love is supposed to feel like.

thanks guys. 🙂 i do believe there 8767 s a reason we met too. and maybe that reason has ended for now and our paths need not be on the same road anymore. my love for him will remain the same until we run into each other again. but im not so hopeful anymore. if i dont see him again, that 8767 s fine. if i do, that would be a surprise, but we 8767 ll see till then. ill just live life the way it is, and maybe even find the right one for me. every time we talked after a long time, he would ask if i found a bf already. one day i hope i can say i did. maybe then we can be good friends again. wait, is that possible?

I am a strong Scorp woman. My Cap man and I like so many others on this post have years of history but our situation is much different. We met in our early 75's and he was a hustler but not in a low-life creep sort of way. True to Capricorn form he treated it like a business and he was at the top of his game, becoming a multi-millionaire. Being a Scorpio woman I'm not the type to be with someone for profit and he tried to impress me with his flashy cars, houses, jewelry etc. but I didn't care however I was SO drawn to him as a person. He was this serious street personality but he was an absolute teddy bear when we were together.

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