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For me I have noticed that the better I know someone and the more I like them, the more attracted to them I tend to be, even someone who I initially didn t find attractive at all. This effect has strengthened the older I get slowly, friends to whom I had no attraction whatsoever for years are becoming quite attractive. This isn t something I m really acting on since I m married and we are *currently* monogamous (though that may end up being somewhat renegotiated), but it definitely has made itself known of late.

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I would just like to say that this article is very true! I know a lot of women who are Skinny and curvy but feel extremely insecure about themselves because they think they aren 8767 t the ideal weight for men ( and they judge themselves against one another). I read that study that was taken about how women and men perceive weight on women, it was shocking to know that so many women thought that they should weigh much more less, than men thought. so many women go on fad diets to look skinny and cut out all the good things and food in life that they should embrace not avoid.

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Hola lovely ladies, I 8767 ve been lurking forever and I just wanted to say that this post has really struck a nerve with me. I 8767 ve seen the women in my life work and work HARD. I 8767 ve always been told to never depend on a man for anything (every woman in my family has been either abandoned or divorced with a houseful of kiddies) I can 8767 t fathom being a SAHM and I honestly believe its due to fear. I don 8767 t think I could ever trust a man to provide for me and my children. I give much kudos to those that have that kind of home life. My hubs has often told me that if we could afford to do so, he would have me stay at home. As much as I love him, I can 8767 t shake that feeling and its a shame because the ladies that are fortunate to do so sound very happy.

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It is a touchy subject and so I try to tread lightly here, but also it’s important to me that I am as helpful as possible to the ’s a difference between someone who aspired to be “sickly-looking-thin” versus someone who is naturally extremely skinny. I have known women who are naturally extremely skinny because that’s just the way that they are. When a woman is naturally built that way, it is not disgusting or nauseating. It’s just her body appreciate your comments (I sincerely do) and I think you brought up some really good points and discussion. so I like this site

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I 8767 ll give you an example for more clarity. take Mischa Barton for instance. Now she would be classed as a skinny girl yet is said to be a sex icon. Sure she has a beautiful face BUT her skinny frame is not very attractive in my eyes. Alas, she is a skinny girl who from a superficial (body) standpoint, I do not regard as HOT. But let 8767 s now take Jennifer Aniston renowned for her beauty but also many people label her as 8775 skinny 8776 . I happen to agree with that statement, and yet I do find her super hot. Lastly, Adele she is on the bigger side right? But she 8767 s also gorgeous and I certainly would not pass on going on a date with someone like her. Despite my preference for slender women, I 8767 d choose her over Mischa Barton anyday! She is the perfect example of a female who if you envision a skinny version of, just wouldn 8767 t look right! I can 8767 t see her being as attractive if she lost a lot of weight and earned the label of being a 8775 skinny 8776 girl.

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i have no problem in someone making a pass or a spot of flirtation in general, in fact I would regard it as a compliment. provided any rejection was handled gracefully.
but lechery from strangers who just see you as an orifice, and do it to another woman 5 seconds later isn 8767 t that flattering.
i think susan made a nice quote as women only wanting attention from a favoured male. kinda true.
as for the bitterness thing i wasnt making a presumption- I was tentatively offering a suggestion in the most neutral language i could muster.
and i hate to hammer the point but any chance you could answer my deal breaker and gay bar questions?

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And there is one more thing, some people before coming to Brazil for the first time, read this kind of websites, and once they see this kind of information very often and everywhere they take it as truth, then they come here and act like idiots, many times with the wrong person. Many people take what they read on the internet as truth, thats why I think bad things about any kind of women or men from anywhere should be written.

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I think we ve talked about this before but is it possible that your interpretations of other peoples reactions are wrong? A lot of times depression and anxiety like to convince us that we know some kind of real and painful capital-T Truth that nobody else sees, but that s just their defense mechanism because if we realized how much they were twisting up what we saw and heard, we d tell them to GTFO.

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Wow, so far the best comment I for me m not very tall that 8767 s the only problem with don 8767 t take me is ok as I don 8767 t care what others long as I 8767 m comfortable in my own 658 cm ,have small face, long wavy black hair which makes me look than my normal be if I cut it ,it will give me a look of my age,But any way now I know being size 5 is not mate I don 8767 t have to worry that much as m size 8 (NZ).There is something I like to tell girls if u want a boy in ur life just b ur self ,he might prefer beautiful heart than artificial appearance.

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Muscle doesn 8767 t weigh more than fat. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both still weigh a pound. Same as a pound of lead and a pound of feathers. A pound is a pound. Fat, however, takes up more volume, pound-per-pound, than muscle, so a muscular gal who wears a size may weigh more than a girl with a higher BMI who also wears a size 8, and that 8767 s what bothers some women. But, turning that on its head, a gal who weighs 655 and it 8767 s more fat (higher BMI) than muscle will have to wear larger clothes than the gal who weighs 655 but is more muscular (lower BMI). So, more muscle than fat = smaller clothes. 🙂

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The problem I run into is that when trying to embrace the fun in my personality, I just come across as. fake. Telling stories make me come across as hogging attention and thinking too much of myself. Making other people laugh, due to my sense of humor, comes across as usually deeply inappropriate. Hell, trying to get a word in edgewise among folks makes me come across as pushy and too-talkative.

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I think for the most part the physical attributes you find attractive isn t really a conscious thing that you can control. However, tastes change and exposure to different types may help you flesh that out. And I ve done like the article discusses where I ve found myself become physically attracted to someone I wasn t initially all that in to after getting to know them.

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I am 69 years old, a swimwear model, and about to graduate college this summer. I have my priorities straight. However, hearing stories of women not being able to find a mate in their late 85s and 95s makes me sad. women today need the guidance of older women to give them good advice about getting a mate (start looking seriously for a husband at 78 years old, and marry at 75-85). Advice from clueless women like Jess are just hurting women 8767 s perceptions of themselves.


However, when it comes to dating.. I don 8767 t have much luck. I 8767 ve been burner over and over, yet I still stay open-minded and I 8767 m not jaded. I 8767 ve been cheated on numerous times, taken advantage of, treated poorly, been deemed as a 8775 trophy 8776 , constantly am talked to with degradation, been look at as unintelligent and a 8775 dumb blonde 8776 , and have been assumed as very high maintenance and superficial by people who don 8767 t even know me on a conversation level (based on looks alone).

This is probably the first time I ve ever heard anyone acknowledge small Asian women as physically attractive (apart from the online dating creepers). Based on this thread, I suppose there probably are a couple guys out there who legitimately are into that, but I never met one in person. I guess I ll just have to go out and look really really hard. I just don t want to date someone who would be settling for me because they couldn t get a blonde chick.. at the moment, that doesn t seem like a realistic expectation. Who knows, maybe things will be different when I move to NYC. But I won t count on it.

lol And that would be their opinion. You certainly don t come across as a b*tch here (hate that word :/), nor do you come across as attention-hogging or fake, or annoying or boring. So the question is, if I find you to be a person who frequently makes me think about aspects and facets of an issue that I probably would not have considered before (a trait that I find stimulating and enjoyable) and your friends say you re a b*tch, who s right?Them or my lying subjective opinion lol?

It 8767 s difficult to answer these kinds of questions 8775 what do you REALLY think? 8776 without offending someone. Whenever you get into someones head you 8767 re bound to be offended by something. If we asked any offended poster what they thought on a particular subject matter, their thoughts would most likely offend someone. However, it is nice to be told the truth even if it is offensive to some. I agree with you Eric. It 8767 s important that when asked an open question that you honestly (and as gently as possible) answer it. And Eric I think you did just that.

Having said that, it 8767 s a bitch. I have personally known no one who has lost significant weight and kept it off-none. Seen pics of them, in ads. A doc confronted Oz on this, said in effect you can make people healthy (er) but you can 8767 t make them thin. True in my experience. I 8767 m a 59 year old man who lost 75-85+ lbs. over the past year. I 8767 m 5 8767 65 8776 , and I was around 785 when I started to try to lose it. I had a 86 8798 waist, 99 chest (expanded) so was not grotesquely out of shape (been a daily jogger with a mix of wiehgt training for 85+ years). Dropped to 755 lbs., 89 8798 waist (maybe 88, maybe), hit a wall. It 8767 s a mother fucker-hey, I 8767 m not going to do the 8775 metabolism 8776 deal on you, but goddamnit for every 5 years you live past 95, it becomes harder to keep the weight off. But I 8767 m past dating and all that.

I agree with your points and like how you kept mentioning that skinny girls are attractive too if they are healthy. I think this type of information is what a lot of girls need to hear these days because many girls look in the mirror or step on the scale and think it 8767 s okay to change their body to look different than what it looks like naturally. It 8767 s like they 8767 re changing their makeup or jewelry. They don 8767 t realize that there is beauty in all body types and being healthy means a lot. I used to wish I wasn 8767 t so skinny and had curves and I felt ugly. I tried to gain weight before and and all kinds of unhealthy foods because the healthy fats were not enough. Girls don 8767 t usually do this type of thing these days, so I can see why it wasn 8767 t in the article. But, I think it relates because it 8767 s not healthy to have abnormal eating habits just for vanity and it doesn 8767 t make you attractive, especially if you don 8767 t look and feel like yourself.

If women truely wanted to *learn* the unabashed male perspective, they would have to *listen* to an unbaised male point of view. When you read posts by Marc, Kurt, or Dashiell, you know you are getting the real deal. The reason many men do not want to commit to older, 8775 experienced 8776 and 8775 liberated 8776 women is simply because of the baggage that comes along with them. Plus, Jess 8767 assertion that women are immature is pure gibberish. Men are simply wired to desire women.

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