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Posted: 2017-10-12 16:00

I've come across a lot of freaks who live in a hole in the ground, who message me and say, 'Run, run to me -- I'm a mile underground in the middle of Nebraska, said Kama, who lives in Portland, Ore. I don't want to hide down in a bunker for the rest of my life. I'm really okay with the outside world -- we're not facing any end-of-world scenario yet, so I want to live in this moment.

Doomsday ready: The British people preparing for the

what im talking about is somthing closer to a anti zombie tank. steal grating over the windows, 55 gallon tank in the trunk, remove all uneeded weight reinforce week areas, somthing i can travel long distances without needing to refuel, my buddy and i where thinking abouyt checking out the local junk yards for something that runs good but other wise needs body work (this car would be stricktly for this purpose and would not be street legal)

What happens if China stumbles? A $140 billion doomsday

While other landfills in the area have been used for retail, nothing on the scale of what Related’s asking for has been approved before. Keith Roberson, senior engineering geologist with the water quality control board, called Related’s proposal “a solid plan,” and he worries about setting a precedent. He emphasized that all proposals will have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. More research and monitoring will be necessary before any approvals will be made.

The Latest Plan to Fix the Silicon Valley Housing Crisis

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. 

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ooooh, a saiga-67 shotty, i 8767 d definitely love one, with bolo shotgun shells ( two slugs with wire between them , streching out when fired and making an effective decapitator) but, how much do they cost? i 8767 d need the well, the dbl barrel will have to do, and if zombies come knocking down our door, im sure my neighbor would gladly lend me his bennelli super black eagle (kick a*s gun!!!) hopefully he would..he 8767 s got a whole ton of guns.

Doomsday prediction from tomb of ancient Egyptian queen

be prepared! I ahve had an encounter with the undead and I just DO NOT want to have to go there again. I am teaching my children to defend themselves against the ensuing hordes. Calling believers crazy is just a convenient way to push our scary warning to the side. I am sick of people looking down their noses at me and threatening to take away my children. I will never go to that place again and have injections to make me forget my responsibilty to my family. When I say that I am going to kill them, I mean the undead. When they say they dont exist I say 8776 you 8767 ll be happy I am here and prepared when they do, so that I can save your life!

Pentagon's nuke-proof 'Doomsday' planes damaged by tornado

He pissed me off so much one day when I caught him in a lie after I found a job for him I decided to throw him out, changed the locks and put his clothes out on the step. Called ICE since he never renewed his VISA and was here illegally. I moved back to Florida and lived here for a while and decided to go back into politics. I was too busy to look at the IMs I received. I received one message which was extremely close to being crazy and after looking at this insane person's profile I know he was dangerous. I called OK Cupid. They do nothing. Not even check out what was said and what was done. This is what he wrote to me:

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also ive reconseidered my take on the rabies virus recently as new strains have been appearin in my local area it started in bats and now its jumped to foxes, the virus dliberatly makes things violent to spread
itself there have been reports that it replicates faster than the older strains, if somone had the (ie terrorists) wanted to speed up the replication rate , and make it more infectious in humans then we may have our virus. heres a good read speaking of terrorists and zombies, check out patient zero, good book

Doomsday averted on the Temple Mount, for now - Al-Monitor

Time to wake up America! September is National Preparedness Month. Babylon the great will soon fall and three days of darkness will follow. Receive Jesus Christ into your heart to be protected from the wrath to come! Heaven and earth will be shaken and there will be chaos on the streets so please stay inside with your family tomorrow! Get into the ark before it s too late because you DO NOT want to be left behind. Many will have to die for their faith but will still go to heaven as long as they DON T take the mark of the beast mandated by Obama through the NWO. All the signs are here and the Palestinians received approval by the UN to raise the flag and divide Israel. God will bring judgment to this world by 9-68 and the rapture will occur on 9-65. God bless and please click share so your loved ones can have time to prepare!

The Ancient Roots of Doomsday Prophecies and End of the

And the few guys that are on there who are real of course DON'T bother to read anyone's profile, so all I get is the idiot responses like, "Hi, how are you?" or something to do with my looks. Half the time I can't tell if they are one of the scammers or just the moronic guys, although women are just as bad as NOT reading profiles. I just realized about 85 minutes ago that their app doesn't work. I wasted about an hour blocking & deleting TONS of fake users, then I went on to my computer today, & the users' messages were STILL in my inbox so I had to redo everything wasting MORE of my time. I have to take a guess that after bought them out (I didn't even know until a few weeks ago), everything went to **. NOT GOOD!

Treasure hunter stumbles across gold rings dating back 600

It was a brief incident, suppressed in a matter of minutes, but it was enough to send shock waves across Israel and the Palestinian territories. It forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to link arms and work together, despite their mutual loathing and current competition for support from the US administration. They were both committed to preventing a further deterioration in the situation or escalation, which could have left them both trapped by flames. Netanyahu called Abbas almost immediately to report what had happened and try to put an end to the rumors and fake news that tends to inundate social networks after such events. Abbas responded as Netanyahu had hoped, condemning the attack in unusually sharp terms.

World does not end Saturday despite doomsday prediction

I knew it was a scam right away. He said he took her phone and deactivated it but when I looked up on the OKC site not only was the person online they had changed the area that they lived in. Even the phones numbers between supposedly hers and his the area codes were way different. One was from South Carolina. The other was from Missouri. I reported the profile to OKC. Nothing yet. They still showing online and sent my evidence of the texts to IC8 so beware of these numbers on OKC 8587856987 and 8667599965. They are scamming on this site.

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The Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board have all accepted Related’s proposal but that doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal. “The green light to build never really happens until you get the last permit,” Ruth Shikada, Santa Clara’s assistant city manager tells Mercury News.

America Once Planned An Unstoppable Nuclear Doomsday

well, honestly you don 8767 t really have a choice in the diversity of your group or each team members skills. you take what you can get. the important thing, i think, is not only determining which person has what skills, but being able to assign tasks and jobs effectively. you must know your strengths and weaknesses and you must be aware of those around you. *. joe isn 8767 t a very thorough forager when we are searching an old doctors office for supplies, but when it comes to clearing the same building of any and all undead, he will make sure there won 8767 t be any 8775 surprises 8776 waiting to jump out and take a bite out of your ankle.* but i definitely agree with your last sentence when it comes to someone with any knowhow in the medical field that person should be protected and cared for above most others. maybe that 8767 s why i 8767 ve been only dating nurses lately. lol

Arctic 'Doomsday' vault stronghold for world’s seeds

and just to clarify, i wasn 8767 t in any way rejecting the importance of strong durable weapons and effective zombie fighting skills because you WILL be in situations where you must kill all im trying to convey is that, as everyone knows, well rounded preparation and steadfast planning is an important part of survival. and face it do you want to be that scared person alone in the woods with nothing but what you have in your pockets and if you do want to be that person, do you really expect to survive?

My second complaint is how unsupervised the accounts are. I found an account that legit said in the self-summary that it was a "phantom account" and he/she was only there to stalk people. I reported this account 5 times in the last two months. OkCupid has yet to take this account down. Who knows how many more of those type of accounts are out there. I don't feel safe using OkCupid. It's too easy to make a fake account and OkCupid doesn't seem to care.

Israeli security forces have prevented several such attacks over the years. Only limited numbers of Jews are now allowed on the Temple Mount. They are restricted to small groups, certain hours and can only visit after undergoing a thorough security clearance. Although the possibility that armed Muslims might storm the compound has been taken into consideration, it was never a high priority to which to prepare. Yet, that is exactly what happened. As a result of the attack, Israel made the rare move of closing the area to Muslim prayers through the following day.

“The regulators were pretty skeptical at the start, I have to say,” Stephen Eimer, an executive vice president with Related tells Mercury News. After much back and forth, Bay Area regulators have finally accepted Related’s technical document that outlines how the site would be made safe. A foot-thick concrete barrier would be laid over 85 square acres. Housing would be built over shops and restaurants to create more distance between the residents and the waste. Sensors and alarm systems would monitor gasses and a separate system would collect and dispose of it.  

I was a frequent user of this site for several years, almost daily. I paid the monthly fee for their premium access (A-List). I was a moderator for inappropriate photos. My account was disabled. As others have noted, it is almost impossible to make contact with this company. I have been provided no rationale for their action nor have I been able to discuss the matter with anyone from the company. I still have a recurring charge for their service that will need to be canceled. My actions to date have been to file a complaint with the attorney general for the state of California. I have notified OKCupid of this action and mentioned my next step is to contact an attorney to discuss filing a class action lawsuit. I have yet to hear from OkCupid.

I might saw off my dual 67 gauge single shots for CQB scenarios..It 8767 ll be hell to fire, which some people don 8767 t realize *cough-modernwarfare 7 akimbo 65 gauges-cough*, but it 8767 ll pack a punch and be light enough to run longer distances with.
Pros: Small size, easily carried, large spread will mean that you will be able to hit more
cons: hell to fire, VERY inaccurate, slow to reload, only one shot each.
well seeing as the cons sorta outweigh the pros..maybe only one.

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