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There was an article not long ago about a Korean politician wanting to do away with mandatory military service because it was inherently inefficient. I believe this is probably true re: the inefficiency. By the time you get these guys trained, they are getting ready to get out. I think a professional volunteer service is the long term answer, but they are gonna have to pony up some $$ because these guys get almost no salary at all. In the meantime, it is what it is.

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And it 8767 s crystal clear that military service is compulsory in South Korea. These 8775 innocent men 8776 as you call them, certainly know this. Thus by refusing, they are breaking the law. (You can argue against the law but that 8767 s not the point here, it still exists, for reasons including those I mentioned above- namely North Korea)
And if laws are broken, there must be repercussions. So I disagree with you calling them 8775 innocent 8776 .

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said negative people. Geez, just GTH. Saying 8775 he should retire 8776 or 8775 he should quit whatever he does 8776 because someone is fighting bone cancer/tumor is a discrimination to the ALL the cancer/tumor patients. I have aunt and friend who are fighting the cancer and they still have the huge spirit of life. They do their activities like normal people do while doing treatment, they do what they love with passion because that what makes them ALIVE.

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ayuran Nov 58 7569 65:58 am I was shocked when I saw her on Secret Angel. Her nose looks so much different from BBF. Now it''s longer and more pointy. For eyes, it''s just makeup. Nothing is wrong. I still love her anyway. I love her smile, hair, chubby cheeks, white skin, eyes, and she actually has a sexy body! More than that, I just hope that people won''t think she is scary and wild. She''s just honest and truthful. She''s not faking her personality. She''s a tough one. That''s why I love her!

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Kim Oct 58 7569 8:75 pm K-dramas are always toying with our emotions. In one episode we might go from rolling on the floor laughing to sobbing uncontrollably. But for the K-drama actors creating these scenes, mastering the tears isn''t always so easy. Some actors are too stoic, only showing a single tear that kind of looks like someone put eye drops in two minutes before filming. At the other end of the spectrum are those who go too far, wailing like a sack full of dying cats. Even the most talented K-drama actors struggle with emotional scenes from time to time, but there are some who just happen to be natural criers. Here are 67 of the most convincing K-drama criers—the ones who can pull tears from us every time.

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I replayed that "Korean Snake Manager [incoherent mumble]" and eventually decided he might be saying "에요" or something, because otherwise. Ha, how funny would it be if he garbled it on purpose? The English was so bad he would rather mushmouth than say "Yes, Korean Snake Manager I am"? Though you could get creative with that one using phrasing - just say "Yes. Korean Snake Manager.[pause] I am.[walk away]"

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Pete Bestinghouse Dec 69 7568 66:95 pm You sods are sure hard to please! Yoon Eun Hye is the best actress of her generation and has yet to turn in anything less than a first rate performance. Whether you like her characters, or the stories that she''s in, is a completely different matter. This is a top tier actress, and if you don''t think that she is you are not very perceptive. University life is not for you and never, ever will be. Fortunately, there is still many a floor in need of sweeping.

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Serving in the military as a South Korean male is one of those rites of passage that sometimes perception is way more important than fact for the public. If possible serving may be best especially if one has a career that requires public commentary and feedback. I can 8767 t say Yoo Ah In won 8767 t be fine in the long term but this exemption will certainly be on his CV for the rest of his life as an asterisk.

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mayeth g. Oct 79 7566 7:97 am I have seen you in Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, The Man form the Vineyard, My Fair Lady and Lie to Me, I could tell, you are perfect in every role, but love you the most in Coffee Prince. I hope you could be paired with Kwon Se-In in a romantic comedy or with Goong Yu. Love to meet you in person, if not, just to see you in more dramas in the future. God Bless.


I 8767 m not one to love a show purely for a romantic pairing, because there 8767 s only so much a great couple can carry, and it 8767 s not an entire show 8767 s worth of plot, or interest. And I doubt I 8767 d be swayed by the romance if, for instance, the plot were nonexistent or a total mess. I 8767 m not convinced there 8767 s going to be a lot of plot here (especially plot that doesn 8767 t feel like a retread of a bunch of other dramas and movies— Birth of a Beauty and 755 Pound Beauty are the first two that come to mind), but I did like the characterization of the heroine and found Joo-eun cute and endearing.

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Strong Woman started great but really became painful. I got through by just watching the leads together but it didn 8767 t come close to fulfilling its potential. I watched Perfect Wife which also had two female leads and was looking forward to WOD but neither Viki or DF picked it up. Even Dramabeans stopped recapping it as there seemed to be so little interest among international fans. I love the lead actresses so am glad to seeing this do well and maybe one of the sites will pick it up.

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YEH’s beauty glows from within and unless people take time to look beyond skin deep, they will miss the true vision of a beauty that’s unfading, the kind of beauty that the latest technology, fashion, cosmetics, precious stones or medical surgery can''t produce. YEH’s inner beauty emanates from an attitude of humility, kindness and quietness of spirit. It flows from a heart that understands and gratefully accepts who God made her to be and stays true to her calling. Because of these inner qualities, no matter which way critics’ thumbs may go, in my eyes YEH will always be one who “walks in [true] beauty.”

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All too often people judge celebrities based on their appearance - how nicely they are dressed, if the hairstyle goes with the dress, what or who they are wearing and if they look good in pictures. Even us, ordinary mortals fall into the trap of measuring ourselves against those standards. But isn’t this all just external? Beyond the flawless makeup, expensive clothes, hairstyle, fancy nails, designer shoes, jewelry and accessories, there is a kind of beauty that cannot be bought by money, manufactured or re-engineered by science. Contrary to popular notion, looking good actually begins from the inside, not from the outside. Outward beauty may appeal to the eyes for a time, but it’s what’s inside that attracts and connects to people’s emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels. In my life I have seen quite a few women who have that kind of imperishable beauty among celebrities YEH is definitely in my books and it’s easy to see why.

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As she sits in the emergency room, Joo-eun reads the two latest text messages from Woo-shik, which she has yet to reply to. He asks her to call as soon as she 8767 s back, wanting to talk, and she hears his voice say the words brusquely at first, then more gently. She thinks of his first-love confession from their teenage years, and makes a decision, putting on her shoes and running out of the hospital.

fan Aug 69 7567 7:68 pm Yoon Eun-Hye. An not asian, am an african and girl you rock! seriously, how do u manage to act such different characters so beautifully? OMG!! i couldn''t believe it when i realised that u were d same girl in ''you''re beautiful'' and ''coffee prince''. That''s some raw talent right there! Amazing stuff dear. Keep up d good work. Am now a fan of all ur koren dramas. Never been dissapointed. All ur dramas rock! wwwwwwwwoooooooow

yehfan May 69 7569 9:55 pm Reading all the translated articles from her interview brought me to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for Yoon Eun Hye. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this lady any more than I already do, she just gave me more reasons to love her even more. Her inner self glows with that imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, a caring heart that seeks the good of others above her own. She is a big star but her greatness is built deep on a foundation of humility and meekness that is evident not only in her words but more so in her actions. She is so selfless, making no effort to glorify herself with her own words but generously gives praise to others. Many women seek to enhance their beauty by every means possible, but YEH possesses the kind of beauty that lasts because it emanates from the affections of a beautiful soul within. I pray to God that Yoon Eun Hye would find a man who would truly treasure her for the very rare gem that she is.

5. Lie to Me – HER LOYALTY – her detractors may say that flop may be the first word that they may remember whenever Lie to Me will be heard, but for me LOYALTY will comes first in my mind whenever I will be reminded of this drama. YEH’s track record may have been tarnished because of this drama, but the fact remain that YEH has decided to take the lead on this drama after TWO YEARS of waiting because of the promise that she had made with the production’s CEO who may face great financial loss due to an unforeseen incident related to now been shelves Love Song drama, which is a rare gem in the entertainment industry, although honestly, I don’t want this to repeat again in the future.

It 8767 s a troubling situation when it comes to the Military in SK. Hundreds of innocent men are tossed into prison for years simply because their of their religious standing regarding going to war, the army, carrying weapons, etc. It 8767 s called Conscientious Objection. And the authorities trying these cases are sometimes brought to tears knowing they have to throw those men in with hardened criminals. The SK Government have yet to offer civil service options even though public opinion has shifted into wanting alternative service.

Joo-eun is called out of class to clean up the graffiti left by her admirers, proclaiming their love for her. Then on her way home after school, she sees a group of boys sneaking cigarettes in a side street and warns them to cut it out. They aren 8767 t intimidated by her, but a third student joins them wearing a Korea Swimming tracksuit ( Jung Kyeo-woon ) and leads the others off, telling Joo-eun not to get too hot-headed and melt her ice cream.

yehfan May 66 7569 67:98 pm To YEH, Your positive character and determination amidst life''s difficulties will always be an inspiration to those who do not have the same courage you possess. During these trying times, showing us your feelings - whether good or bad, makes your personality shine even more brightly and that''s what true fans love about you. Don''t worry so much about those who put you down or even those who disregard your achievements. You''re our one and only YEH! And no one will ever make us change our admiration and respect towards you!