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Hi, I heard that you are trying to build a story on Matt Boermeester, and kind of searching around, asking people for information. I’m really the only one that could really answer or tell you anything and clear up any [garbled] ideas, or accusations that you seem to have. So I guess if you really want to talk to somebody, you’d reach back out to me. If not, then you really have nothing, so you can call me back at this number. Have a good night.

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You x77 ve got to buckle down and stop somebody, and that x77 s what I liked, stopping somebody.

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The first time I was mandated to come in and be interviewed by the Title IX office, I was told that I must be afraid of Matt, which I definitely was not and am not. When I told the truth about Matt, in repeated interrogations, I was stereotyped and was told I must be a “battered” woman, and that made me feel demeaned and absurdly profiled. I understand that domestic violence is a terrible problem, but in no way does that apply to Matt and me.

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On one occasion I was told to come in to view a videotape - which I was happy to do - and then nothing was shown to me. It ended up being just another interrogation. I feel I was misled, harassed, threatened and discriminated against by the Title IX office to such an extent that I had to retain my own attorney during the process to protect myself and to try to get them to listen to me. The Title IX office’s response was dismissive and demeaning, “We are sorry you feel that way.”

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Hey my man, not sure what streamers you re talking about but as someone who does a lot of promotional streams/sponsored content, I can promise you, we disclose it. Or at least, I do. Twitch has a pretty strict rule about being transparent about sponsored streams. You ll usually see a lower third on the screen, a #ad or #sponsored in the title, and possibly even a panel below the stream saying that it s sponsored content. On top of all that, we usually have to verbally say it s a sponsored stream as well.

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Terrible and untrue things have been said about Matt by people who don’t even know him, including apparently the third party who contacted Title IX, and these bizarre assertions have been treated as fact in this investigation. Words, including mine, have been incompetently or intentionally misrepresented, misquoted and taken out of context, which should not be that surprising since no statements were recorded or verified.

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Looking back, Matt never had a chance. Before he was even interviewed by the Title IX investigator, he was suspended from the University. He was not permitted to go to class or be on campus (he had two classes left to graduate and he was not allowed to take them elsewhere), he was not permitted to rehabilitate his knee with our trainers (he had surgery by USC doctors two weeks before), he was publicly removed from the football team and all of its activities, he was forbidden to contact me because of an unfounded concern about my safety (it was a one-way no contact order, and every one of my repeated attempts and those of my own attorney to have it lifted it were denied), and he was told he could not talk about the matter or he would potentially face another alleged violation of the policy.

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They think they x77 ve got to keep that trend going so people just give people names. They just think of something and give it to them, when we were coming up it was good. I think mine is the all-time greatest. You had some good ones, but nobody could come up with something better than x77 The Glove x77 and really put it with what I was doing [as a player]. and explain it. Then you add all the accolades to verify it. Nowadays, everybody is just trying to keep it up without anything behind it. Like OK, I x77 m gonna name you. Octopus. OK, you Slinky. It x77 s just names.