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I''m jealous because this petite girl is dating my handsome

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hey me and my ex has been broken up for about 7 years but we talk everyday somedays he sweet and fun other days he is mean and nasty I cant tell if he want me back or just playing with me the other day he told me he was see someone but he only bring this up when were fighting so I don 8767 t know what to do he told my friend that no matter what he dose im still always going to be there so should I try working it out or move on and stop talking to him plz and my ex were together for a year and we still talk drity and flirt with each other plz help me

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65 years ago, I would have read this blog and thought it was fictional. I would have said women like that don 8767 t exist or are very rare. Now I know better. The world has many extremely irrational crazy women. Despite all the effort from friends and family in trying to rescue them from themselves, they will destroy themselves and everyone around them, and then blame it all on someone else and play like their the victim.

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Downgrade Boyfriends are the guys who stand by and do nothing when Crazy abuses the children or willingly become her enforcer. These are the guys who step into the role of 8775 newer, better Daddy 8776 and either passively go along with or assist your ex in trying to alienate the children from you. These are the guys who do nothing when your ex denies you custody time. These are the guys who puff out their chests and let you know there 8767 s a 8775 new sheriff 8776 in town, so you 8767 d better toe the line. These are the guys who are unemployed or underemployed and move in with your ex and sponge off of your alimony and child support monies. These are the guys who buy gifts for your kids with your child support money and then tell your kids that you are the deadbeat.

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I am so glad I found this site, reading the articles and blogs has made me realize I am not solely to blame like my ex wants me to believe. This article hits the nail on the head with my ex. We have known each other for several years, dated on and off the last 7 years. She always claimed to be the victim and that she wanted to be with me and needed a good guy like myself. One day a month or so ago she was picking out rings and talking about buying a house together. She was in such a good mood. The next day she was cold and distant and come to find out a friend of mine saw her online on a dating website. I confronted her about it and immediately she blamed me and accused me of being jealous and not trusting her. This happened more than once.

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I been with my bf 6 yrs and we have two girls together one time I found out he called his ex after I gave birth to are first child then I made him block her in fb for some reason she 8767 s not blocked I went threw his search history and he have searched her every week this this month but like to month ago I found there where fallowing each other on Instagram I 8767 m not shore what to do this is driving me nut I keep telling him about it and he apologize but then does it again I don 8767 t think his over her I 8767 m just lost don 8767 t kno what to do I 8767 m not mad just hurt

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Crazy doesn 8767 t want to be rescued, she doesn 8767 t want to be better if it means she has to do the work to get there and Crazy definitely doesn 8767 t want you holding her accountable and pointing out how she creates most of her problems herself. Meaning, Crazy doesn 8767 t want you to help her to become a functioning, healthy, mature, responsible, gainfully employed adult. Crazy wants you to put up with her shit and clean up her messes and thank her for the privilege of letting you do so.

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thanks Cuatezon, I appreciate your advice a lot. I definitely need help because I 8767 m terrified of ending up in the same situation again, and anything that will help me recognise the red flags and learn how to cope in such situations can only be positive. I know I need to go complete no-contact (my son notwithstanding) and rebuild myself before I attempt to engage her over visitation rights, child support and everything else that comes with it.

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And as far as 8775 why did I fall for that 8776 , consider this. We all like to think that we 8767 re pretty good at taking care of ourselves, and avoiding traps and harmful entanglements. And, generally, we are: we know who we can and can 8767 t trust at work we know not to fall for Nigerian scams on the Internet, and we learned long ago that the 8775 X-ray specs 8776 they advertise in the back of comic books don 8767 t really let you look through women 8767 s clothing. We can spot drunk drivers on the road and avoid them, and we know not to fall for those teaser 8775 introductory rate 8776 credit-card offers.

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wow this web site could be written about my stbx wife. we are in the middle of has been trying to alienate me from 8775 her 8776 three kids for years. now she has gotten my brothers and sister on her side. they are mad at me because i started putting up boundries with them. i have allways been the 8775 fixer 8776 and now im not letting them take money,using my stuff, zero sum equation that they have adopted is breath taking. if they all worked as hard at working instead of schemeing to screw me they would be rich. none of them really work. my stbx hasn 8767 t really worked in 75 years. she has run up 75k in credit card bills which i stoppped paying 8 months has been defaming me to all my customers and aquintaces all over true friends are livid with her actions. i could write a book about her actions. this web site has really opened my eyes to the truth about her. she has my brother spying on me and bad mouthing my to my customers and friends threating to close down my i dont work you get no cs but she wants me in jail to punish me for standing up to her

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I still love my ex girlfriend and would do anything to get her back to. But my brother is dating her best friend so she is always at my house. You want to talk about hurt. She hits on my friends, she treats me horribly in my own house and it straight up hurts. She 8767 s there almost everyday and it seems like i can never get over her because she wont let me! She also lives right down the street from me. I just get depressed every time i see her and that is all the time. It just sucks!!!!!! If i tell her to get out im the jerk because her best friend is super popular and she is to so its like i feel everyones against me. So not only do i love her with everything i have, but she is single and talking to guys right in front of my face and it just blows. It is a truly messed up situation. I have no idea how to get over her. Any suggestions from anyone I need some advice here!

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Just wanted to clarify something. If you live with your parents or if you are out of shape, don 8767 t take offense to my comment about my ex-CB 8767 s ex-BF. There 8767 s a lot more to that comment. Basically, I stayed in good shape the whole time we were married and busted my ass trying to provide for the family and have a good career, so when this guy that resembled Shrek, barely had enough resources to support himself (much less a family of five) and no job to speak of came along, let 8767 s just say I was slightly bitter about it.

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So, I have been married for 5 years now and I am all of a sudden having dreams of my very first bf. We dated 65 years ago and we never even had sex..bc well we were like 69-65 yrs old lol. I have had a dream with him in it for the past 8-9 nights. Last nights was really weird he walks up to me, tells me he loves me, and then we hug each other and go sit down at a table. At this table he shows me divorce papers and I 8767 m like whaaaaat is this about???? Then my 8775 now 8776 husband is there and asks what they are and I tell him they are divorce papers and he looks at me weird. Then I say yeah but we were never married. I was never married to him (the first boyfriend).. What the (F) is that about? I have weird dreams a lot so this really isn 8767 t surprising to me, but I really don 8767 t like the fact that he has been in my dreams so frequently lately bleh :/

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My boyfriend had 7 kids with her and she always try to get attention from him using his kids every 7 weeks. The kids are in their teen and grown. She is with her new boyfriend and also got a kid with her new boyfriend. But stil I always hear about her from his mom, sister and friends. And of course see him calling her and she calling him, when I asked what does he talk to her about, the only answer I got was its about the kids. And he always get pissed off.
I 8767 m having a real hard time trusting him.
Cuz I believe that he still in love with her cuz she 8767 s the mother of his kids.
And maybe I 8767 m just something he 8767 s just having to get back to her rather than being alone.

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I take her back and things are wonderful again. Then 8 months later, she suddenly starts the disappearing act. I tell her I notice a distance building and want to talk about it before it gets worse. I get a text that she 8767 s never been single and needs to be alone to figure things out. A month later she is dating a 76 yo unemployed kid who lives with his parents. The whole time we have been apart she’s been with this kid, but telling me her two boys need me in their life, and how much they miss me, ect. She says she wants me to spend time with them, and I agree. (Not knowing about her new bf.) I buy tickets to theme parks, and fun events, and she keeps cancelling on me. I 8767 m beating myself up and at the lowest I 8767 ve ever been in my life. I know things will get better and I dodged a bullet, but I’m devastated, and now I keep asking how she could leave me for these losers.

Sociopaths (and people with sociopathic traits such as BPDs/NPDs/HPDs) don 8767 t have friends they have accomplices and victims. When Crazy downgrades to the type of guy described above, it can be extremely confusing for the Nice Guys who have been killing themselves (sometimes literally) to try to be the best husbands/boyfriends they can be and make Crazy happy (., mission impossible).

After she told me that she became very distant. Then she all but stopped texting, returning calls, and started breaking dates. I was totally confused and lost, because when we did see each other she was talking about marriage and children. After two months of broken dates I find out she is dating a 77 yo HS dropout living out of his truck and doing odd jobs (We 8767 re both 89.) 5 months later, she is begging me to take her back, because she caught this kid blowing marijuana smoke in her 6 and 7 yo 8767 s face. She tells me she is afraid of him and he is threatening her.

My ex and I ended on bad terms I found out he cheated put him out and I 8767 ve tried to move on even got married I have moments when I dream of him in every aspect really strong and I don 8767 t want to say something in my sleep to where my husband hears. I thought about having a conversation with my ex,I don 8767 t know how to tackle the situation. Hello has requested over 75 of my fb friends and family members why I have no idea

So I 8767 ve been dreaming about my ex A LOT. A couple weeks ago I dreamt about him 8 days in a row and today I dreamt about him too. My dreams are always about him and I hanging out and having fun but then his new gf appears and I have to completely hide my feelings for him and then in every dream he always chooses her and I 8767 m left alone trying to find someone else or something else to forget about it. I don 8767 t cry in my dreams I 8767 m always just distracting broken up like two months ago because my mom made us she doesn 8767 t want me to date anyone (I 8767 m a sophomore in high school ) so anyways two days after we broke up he starting liking this other girl and our school is small so everyone would always tell me stuff my friends and even people I didn 8767 t know. But two weeks after we broken he started dating her and they are still dating and that 8767 s what really kills me. I guess I 8767 m not over him and that 8767 s why it hurts but it 8767 s been two months I should be over him! I wanna be over already but I can 8767 t stop dreaming and I don 8767 t know how to stop dreaming about him :/

The Ex has a history of making dramatic moves. When she and my husband split, they were living in Arkansas. She suddenly decided to up and move to Arizona, where she stayed for about 65 years or so That was a very long time for her. Right around the time my husband 8767 s daughter was about to turn 68, they suddenly up and moved to New Hampshire. We don 8767 t know why they moved. It could be because ex wanted to make sure my husband didn 8767 t try to send his daughter a letter like he tried to do with his older daughter (it was returned to him unopened). But I also have a feeling they moved because her lies were catching up to her and people were finding out what a creep she is. If she just wanted her daughter to avoid contact from my husband, she could have accomplished that without moving across the country. My guess is that she pooped one too many times in one place and it was starting to stink too much.

I had a dream that my ex finally got a car of his own and asked me to ride with him I found it odd and decided to look in his Instagram for any idea why I would have a dream like that I then found out he passed his driving test. I don 8767 t think about him and I don 8767 t stalk his gram or FB but it 8767 s creepy and frustrating that even though I don 8767 t keep up with him I still sense things about him ughhh

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