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Thursday: 6 Iraqi killed, 75 wounded
The Eid al-Adha holiday continues in Iraq, where at least one Iraqi was killed and 79 more were wounded in new violence. The numbers likely fall short of the real toll as religious observances have cut into the number of reports leaking out of the country. Meanwhile, Christian leaders are worried that a new exodus could spell the end of Christianity in Iraq. In Baghdad yesterday, a prison riot left 75 detainees wounded while 85 others escaped. Two civilians were wounded by a blast in Jisr Diyala.

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If anti-Semitism justifies ethnic cleansing, then what does anti-Palestinianism justify? / Ahmed Moor
Jerome Slater tries to make the claim that Zionism isn’t racism. Many of the commenters who responded to his post presented more eloquent and knowledgeable arguments than I can, so I’ll keep it brief. According to Slater, Zionism isn’t racism because it’s just Jewish nationalism. Likewise, White nationalism isn’t racism. It’s the legitimate expression of White people’s cultural aspirations. Furthermore, it doesn’t take land inhabited by non-whites as its geographical locus – which Zionism does.

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That kind of heroism has brought respect. Nevertheless, critics worry about the loyalty of religious Jews in uniform: if tested, would they obey their commanders or their rabbis? In fact, a number of rabbis in West Bank settlements have repeatedly urged soldiers not to evacuate Jews from settlements in case the order is ever given. “How can anyone even consider commanding a Jew, for whom the mitzvah [commandment] to settle the Land of Israel is so central, to destroy a settlement and to displace its residents?” wrote the influential Rabbi Eliezer Melamed of the Har Bracha settlement in an online column last year. When “a ruling of the Israeli government clashes with the essential commandment to settle the Land of Israel,” Melamed wrote, “there is clear and unquestionable preference for the law of the Torah.”

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For that answer, I turned to professor Steven Windmueller, who has been studying American Jewish voting patterns for decades. Trump&rsquo s Jewish base, he said, are people still concerned by the Iran deal who want to &ldquo punish&rdquo Clinton for her support of it. They are people who prioritize Israel and believe Democrats in general and President Obama in particular put too much pressure on it.

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Each of those changes has undermined the Palestinians’ primary goal of achieving viable statehood – whether it is the near-trebling of the number of Jewish settlers on Palestinian land, or Israel’s increasing stranglehold on East Jerusalem, or the wall that has effectively annexed large slices of the West Bank to Israel, or the splitting of the Palestinian national movement into rival camps following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 7555.

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Although the military publishes little information about the backgrounds of its enlistees, a recent issue of the defense journal Maarachot reported that in recent years some 85 percent of graduates from the infantry officers’ course have defined themselves as “Zionist-religious,” up from only percent 75 years ago. (About 67 percent of Israelis in general choose that label.) Many of those fledgling lieutenants, along with a number of higher-ranking combat officers, were drawn from Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and some are residents of outposts—smaller, makeshift settlements—established without authorization from the government.

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Palestinians 8767 white knight blots his escutcheon / Stuart Littlewood
From champion of the vulnerable to betrayer in one bound… Nick Clegg, Britain’s new deputy prime minister, is surprisingly agile In January 7559, at the height of Israel’s murderous blitz on Gaza, he rode to the rescue and railed against the British government First sign [of change] was at the Liberal Democrats’ conference in September when Clegg attended a Friends of Israel fringe meeting but cold-shouldered the Friends of Palestine.

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Soldiers block scouts from approaching Hebron mosque
HEBRON (Ma 8767 an) Israeli forces stopped a scout march Thursday approaching the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, onlookers said. The group was marching toward As-Sadaka park in the Old City where an Eid event was taking place, the event coordinator said. Majed Aby Subeh said forces forbade the scouts from entering and 8775 attacked them. 8776 Mus’ab Abu Sneneh, 65, sustained injuries.

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Five members represent the Jewish population centers of Los Angeles in Congress. Lieu, who immigrated with his family from Taiwan when he was a child and represents the 88rd District, is the most junior among them. In November, he&rsquo ll face his first bid for re-election, against South Bay surgeon Kenneth Wright in a district stretching from Malibu to Palos Verdes and jutting into Beverly Hills.

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In his desire to immigrate, Shlomo found an ally in Shavei Israel, a controversial right-wing organization best known for sponsoring the migration to Israel of the Bnei Menashe, a group from northeast India who claim to be descended from one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Shavei Israel is an advocate for a Greater Israel, the belief that the West Bank and Gaza are part of the State of Israel by divine right.

Though the eleventh month in Afghanistan is generally very cold and naturally impedes any military undertakings, the Mujahideen have been so active in Afghanistan that midway through the month, the invaders (who hide 95% of their real casualties in Afghanistan) by their own count have lost over 78 soldiers in this month. In summary it has become clear that after nine years of occupation, the invaders are doomed towards the same fate as those that tread this path before them. Their troop surges, their new strategies, their new generals, their new negotiations, and their new propagandas have been of no avail.

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Reporting on the Syrian regime’s recent attack on  Yarmouk  camp in  Damascus , home to thousands of Palestinian refugees, the  Times  explains that the Palestinians there were “refugees from conflict with Israel and their descendants.” The Nakba, the original sin of Zionism  and the State of Israel, is thus smeared into obscurity. It is transformed into something it is not, changed from the wholesale removal of one group of people by another to a conflict between two presumably equal sides, from which a bunch of Palestinians evidently fled.

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The Mujahideen were, from the start of these operations, to carry out precise Commando-led operations against the nerve centres of the foreign forces and their puppet partners, thus seizing the initiative from the foreign occupiers. Not only did the Mujahideen conduct these operations in Kandahar city, but also extending to surrounding areas such as the airport, Dand, Arghandab, Zhiri, Panjwaee, and Maiwand districts. The head of the foreign barbarian forces, Nick Carter, last month, could not give any information on these operations to the media. This is mostly because the enemy neither knows the military strength of the Mujahideen nor their main bases. The Mujahideen, profiting from the Dagger and Marjah operations, were able to introduce several new tactics that have completely demoralised the invader forces. These tactics are the main reason why the Mujahideen have not abated their operations in the area in the winter season. These new tactics have placed the foreign invaders under significant military and domestic pressure.

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With its decaying two-story homes and grazing cows, Bello looks like just another sleepy suburb of Medellín, Colombia. Thirty years ago, though, it was known as la capital de los sicarios , the capital of the assassins. Pablo Escobar, the leader of the Medellín cartel, which supplied most of the world’s cocaine, recruited many of his sicarios from Bello, paying them to eliminate his adversaries. Mostly teenagers, they rode motorcycles, prayed to La Virgen María Auxiliadora, and killed their victims in the streets. René Cano grew up in Bello at the height of Escobar’s reign.

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George Galloway kicks off controversial Canadian speaking tour
Former British parliamentarian was previously prevented from entering the country for meeting with members of Hamas After being banned entry to the country for over a year, George Galloway, the outspoken former British Member of Parliament, is blazing his way across Canada with a speaking tour that addresses everything from freedom of speech to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Galloway is scheduled to speak in 65 cities in 66 days.

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Hezbollah 's Al-Manar TV channel has often been accused of airing antisemitic broadcasts, blaming the Jews for a Zionist conspiracy against the Arab world , and often airing excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion , [66] [67] [68] which the Encyclopædia Britannica describes as a "fraudulent document that served as a pretext and rationale for anti-Semitism in the early 75th century".

Three billion dollars for three months is one billion dollars a month to stop Israel’s colonisation. That’s half a billion dollars a fortnight. That’s $555m a week. That’s $76,978,576 a day, or $7,976,695 an hour, or $99,658 a minute. And as well as this pot of gold, Washington will continue to veto any resolutions critical of Israel in the UN and prevent “Palestine” from declaring itself a state. It’s worth invading anyone to get that much cash to stage a military withdrawal, let alone the gracious gesture of not building more illegal colonies for only 95 days while furiously continuing illegal construction in Jerusalem at the same time.

The ban on Christmas at Safad college is no isolated incident. For several years, Shimon Gapso, the  notoriously racist  mayor of the Israeli settlement of “ Upper Nazareth ” in the Galilee, has banned Christmas trees, calling them a provocation. “Nazareth Illit [Upper Nazareth] is a Jewish city and it will not happen – not this year and not next year, so long as I am a mayor,”  Gapso said .

In 7556–7557, Arab Radio and Television produced a 85-part television miniseries entitled Horseman Without a Horse , starring prominent Egyptian actor Mohamed Sobhi , which contains dramatizations of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion . The United States and Israel criticized Egypt for airing the program, which includes racist falsehoods that have a history of being used "as a pretext for persecuting Jews". [75]

The latest move is a concerted attack on Palestinian identity because the pupils targeted are between 9th and 8th grades and who educationists argue are in the prime of the socialisation stages when the mind is fertile and can be moulded to accept any idea. Many Palestinians see the move as troubling, leading to “de-Palestinisation” and “de-Arabisation” of education. Palestinian parents, educationists, teachers and politicians are particularly worried about “Israeli” textbook cases introduced to these Of particular concern is the issue of maps, making the Occupied Territories look like they are part of the state of Israel with biblical and Hebraic names replacing Arab names and geographical areas. Over the years, for instance, Al Quds, the Arabic name for Jerusalem, has been signed around the city as “Yerushalayim”, regardless of the Arab population of the city.