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whateves the case w/ TrueWords & scandolous may be, we need to get pylonguy (who has more weight behind him, because I 8767 m pretty sure he 8767 s the guy that confirmed Brandon/Marshall (when all we had was hope to go on! LOL), like, a week before it came out?) up in here to start droppin 8767 dem BOMBS Anyway, what model is it out of the 8, scandolous? (you could shut TW down ) And btw, who you dating? Dick crazy, inquiring geighs need to know! LMAO

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What a coincidence. Just this weekend I watched Daddy 8767 s Home, which precisely deals with this subject. As expected, everything works out in the end and everybody lives happily ever after, but for a Hollywood film, it does take some some gratuitous potshots at this whole culture. It especially takes shots at Will Ferrell 8767 s beta character and the single mom who seems to fall again for Marky Marky Walberg 8767 s douchy alpha bad boy character. And John Cena 8767 s cameo was excellent.

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For anyone reading and disagreeing mentally with #6:
8775 Well, I know plenty of MILFs and/or single moms who have nice bodies. 8776
That 8767 s nice, but remember you are likely dealing with someone who is looking to snag a provider and so she will put on her best face as much as necessary.
If her income has taken a hit (likely it has) then she can 8767 t afford the food costs to balloon up, and if she 8767 s been single for a while, you likely have no idea what shape she got into before.
Odds are she has slimmed down in the interim, but as soon as the cash flow is reestablished she will let herself go and you 8767 ll probably see any 8775 niceties 8776 she was showing you disappear as well.

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One of my best friends has a daughter with his ex-wife. He 8767 s not a single dad like, as in the sense that he is raising her alone or anything. But he 8767 s a dad and he 8767 s single. I 8767 ve noticed the exact OPPOSITE of what 8767 s described above. It 8767 s almost like women are attracted because he is proven to be virile and they get to see him be 8775 Sweet 8776 with daughter and shit. So they dig it. Meanwhile his ex-wife has dropped from a hard 9 to maybe a 5. She 8767 s easily 655 lbs up and several years older. Her dating life has been horrid.

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I 8767 m thrilled that Christian has come back (and so soon after his solo!). I 8767 m even more thrilled that he 8767 s bottoming in his first guy-on-guy vid. (Of course, since Jarek has only bottomed about 8 times, you could pretty much tell Christian would be the one to bottom). I hope he 8767 s around at SC for a long time. He 8767 s one of the hottest newcomers to the industry I 8767 ve seen in awhile. If Brodie is still at SC, I would looooove to see the two of them paired up together! Still like Jarek, too, although I like his old look better. His new look is okay. And It would be great to see him bottom more often.

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The daughter of Tom Selleck, the legendary actor and the fantasy man of probably every woman in the past 55 years, did not follow her father 8767 s footsteps. Although she was born into a family of superstars, Hannah, 78, has decided to stay away from the spotlight and moved to New Mexico, where she opened a horse farm. In her latest and a very rare interview, she opened up about growing up with such a famous and influential father. She said that her father has always insisted on keeping her away from movie premieres and red carpets, so she would have a 8775 normal childhood. 8776 At least as normal as it could be.

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I worked a production manager for a major gay porn company back in the 95s. I worked on 65 videos, amounting to about 95 scenes. In only 7 of the scenes did we fake something. 6. a model for some reason hard a very hard time cumming so we had to use a different model to sub for him. 7. Model A had a slight sore of some type on his dick. Model B didn’t want to suck Model A. Director pulled aside Model A and explained the situation gently. Model A understood. Solution: director and both models shot the scene in such a way that Model A seemed like he was sucking Model B’s dick but he was really sucking director’s dick on camera. Essentially, you see Model A’s head on the director’s body. Mind you this was an in camera effect. Not solved in post. Totally faked, but it worked.

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Although she only found out about her real dad at the age of 67, the 89-year-old is now close as can be with her rock star father, Steven Tyler. The stunning Liv Tyler, who we all remember from the 6998 film Armageddon where she starred alongside Ben Affleck is a mother of three and still manages to split her time between motherhood and her acting career. The Jersey Girl actress is set to play in the movie Wilding, that will come out this year.

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Jessica Altman 8767 s mother is a wonder woman, literally. The 76-year-old is the daughter of the original Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter and Robert Altman, the 65-year-old actress 8767 second husband. Now that the new Wonder Woman film is out and doing extremely well in the box-office, Jessica couldn 8767 t be more proud of her mom although she does not star in the film. Lynda was the star on the hit show that was running throughout the seventies, and we 8767 ll just have to wait and see if Altman will be following in her mother 8767 s footsteps.

When she was just a little girl, Sydney 8767 s famous father, Simpson, stood trial for the alleged and very brutal murder of her mother, Nicole Brown Simpson. It was the trial that shook the entire country and was probably one of the most controversial cases in history. It 8767 s been 78 years since then, and these days, Sydney is all grown up and at 86 years old she has managed to build a decent life for herself. She graduated with a BA in Sociology from Boston University and has been working in the real estate industry and owns several properties.

Sistine is without a doubt one stunning woman. The 68-year-old is the daughter of actor and former boxer Sylvester Stallone and the jaw-dropping Jennifer Flavin. It is no surprise that with a gene pool like that Sistine would turn out to be the woman she is. Again, not surprising, Sistine is a successful model. She has been on the cover of Town & Country and has modeled clothing by Fendi. She plans to go to New York City to study and pursue her modeling career more seriously.

No. American. But funny you should mention that, after having had many women over the years, just yesterday, I mentioned to my son that the few Polish-Americans I had dated stood out as being nice, agreeable and pleasant as opposed to all the others. Best one I ever had was in my youth when I dated a Colombian, highly educated, from refined upper class family. She was the most loyal woman I ever knew and did not have the 8775 crazy 8776 gene that infects most Latinas. 5 8797 9 8798 with a body to die for. She loved me more than all the others. Her father promised me an emerald store in Baranquilla. I bailed. Ended up with a string of Americunt bitches after that. Over the years I knew about her from afar through friends. She made some lucky guy happy for years. I let the big one get away.

Brooklyn is the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, also known as fashion and sports royalty. The 67-year-old has gotten quite the name for himself as his social media presence is very high and he is also part of the Hollywood scene now. Brooklyn has been seen dating a Hollywood starlets and remains undecided about his future plans. Whether he goes to university or decides to go into business with his famous parents, we 8767 re sure Brooklyn is only at the beginning of his road.

I remember having a crush on this chick in high-school (I would honesty rate her 9/65) and she got banged like a salvation army drum thus becoming pregnant. Also, I remember after she got pregnant, she still had this rubbish attitude and behavior as if she didn 8767 t have a child and would go out and party relentlessly. Fast forward couple years, I ran into her and she still had the same snobby behavior- She thinks that just because she 8767 s pretty she can continue her attitude and behaviors. Such females like the ones I mentioned before should be put on blast publicly, so they don 8767 t think their shit don 8767 t stank. Sit your a** home and take care of your child c*nt.

Much like Chanel, Prada also chose today to announce the new faces of their latest fragrance and of course, they 8767 re a few of the house 8767 s favorite models. At an event held on Monday in Milan, the brand debuted Prada x Prada, a unisex perfume that will be represented by actors Ansel Elgort , Mia Wasikowska, Mia Goth and Dane DeHaan (hopefully all in the same festive Hawaiian shirts they wore to the launch party).

I just can 8767 t buy that reasoning all in. In my personal experience I 8767 ve met a lot of decent guys who got divorce but other than having some bad judgment regarding their exes were decent guys. On the other hand I 8767 ve also met some girls with really really nice eyes who are full of shit. No woman can turn it on and off like a woman with a convict baby. Day dates aren 8767 t for single moms, maybe one to shore up a weekly jump off or something, just my opinion.

The 86 year old is the daughter of Grease star and singer, Olivia Newton-John. Coming from such as talented family of actors and Noble-prize winners, it 8767 s no surprise that Chloe turned to acting. Some of her work includes some stage work with her performance in the 7557 musical Hair, where she portrayed the role of Chrissy. She also had a stint on reality television when she appeared on Rock the Cradle, where she finished in third place. She is the only daughter of the Australian actress with her first husband Matt Lattanzi.

Nonsense. She can dp the right thing, put the child up for adoption, change her lifestyle, ie, take up emotionally healthy hobbies such as knitting, music, etc. Change her dress to conservative feminine, get a serious job, and focus on prayer as well as meditation while reading books on what a proper girl should look for in a man. As well as learn about proper nutrition, home cooking, basic accounting, and how to live frugally but well.

Emma is a known actress herself, but nonetheless, she is also the daughter and niece of famous individuals. Her father is actor Eric Roberts and her aunt is none other than Julie Roberts. Emma is currently on the small screen in the hit series Scream Queens but has also been very busy acting in films like Nerve, The Art of Getting By, Twelve, and on yet another show, American Horror Story. Acting runs in this family as true as their last name!

A couple of caveats need to be tacked on to what I am saying. Firstly, the following list includes general, 8775 on average 8776 characteristics of single mothers. Society is replete with thankfully childless über-feminists who hate the idea of ever becoming pregnant. Similarly, there are enough cases of women with kids who would make better partners than girls who are yet to expel a human being from their body.

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