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I don 8767 t think you have anything to lose by messaging her. Just let her know that you understand that you have those differences, but it 8767 s rare you meet someone you feel you can connect with and that you 8767 re attracted to. (Or whatever feels true to you here.) Share that you 8767 d like to try one more date to get to know a little more about each other. Ask if she 8767 s open, and if not you understand but feel you two might be missing out. Be kinda casual like that. Don 8767 t tell her how amazing she is or how much you like her. Don 8767 t go overboard, in other words. Best! Bp

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I 8767 m not saying that this man doesn 8767 t want to be with you but you will only push him away but running towards him and expecting him to give you reassurance that he still wants to be with you. It makes you seem desperate to him and thats not attractive to men. Even though you are probably an attractive girl and you have dumped every other guy. Don 8767 say you can 8767 t live without him, time heals everything. I 8767 ve been there too and I 8767 m stronger now for it so just keep your head up and whether he comes back or not, there 8767 s plenty of great guys out there who 8767 ll appreciate you. Sometimes, you have to set someone free and if they come back that 8767 s great but if not then it wasn 8767 t meant to be.

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Tony, i have been chatting with this girl online now for the past few days. I sent her a message yesterday just asking what kind of music shes into an i got a reply that said i would like your num tho so im confused as to why she said that an not answerd my ?.. so i gave it to her an still havnt heard from her. its only been 79 hrs tho Im just wondering if its just another game! the text before all of this was hey boo! so idk whats going on! Let me know what you think?

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Yeah I feel the same way-
But then that problem arises within my head
What if he just continues to not text, and I don 8767 t text? Then I feel like I 8767 m failing as his girlfriend and I feel like it 8767 s partly my fault we 8767 re drifting
Because he doesnt text me. And when he does, I have to start the conversation. If I never started the conversation, we would never have it. Thus, we drift and become less close. 🙁
I don 8767 t know what to do!

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I chat with a guy via whasapp for 9 months and we only met up twice. We have been texting everyday throughout these 9 months about 8 to 9 times and most of the time without fail. The messages are always long and we chat about anything. I feel that we have some connections and mutual feelings. But recently, his messages take very long to reply. Is being busy an excuse? Does it mean that he is not interested anymore? Should I just ignore him and get over with it? Should I tell him how I feel?

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Diane, you 8767 re not being selfish wanting to see him you 8767 re being smart. Like I said, when a man doesn 8767 t meet you or even talk on the phone, there is a reason. It 8767 s not because his mother is sick. And he doesn 8767 t live all that far away. I think you know intellectually that you 8767 re overlooking clear signs that something isn 8767 t right don 8767 t you? I hope you decide to move on to a man who actually shows up for you. Again, when a man is into you AND he 8767 s looking for the Real Deal he will move mountains to be with you. I wish you the very best, of course. Bp

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Eric Charles,
I kinda feel stupid for being on here, I feel like one of those needy girls, but here it goes.
Ok, I went to school with this guy, and I always thought that he was cute in school but rarely talked to him. While I was hanging with my 7 one of friends, I ended up meeting him, I talked to him a little bit, but other than that nothing else. About 7 weeks after that, he started randomly texted me (I never gave him my number or anything). Now we have been talking for a couple weeks, but I usually have to start the conversation, and sometimes he will just stop texting me in the middle of a conversation. Or I will text him and he will never answer that text back. Why does he do that?

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I am really surprised that people are thinking this way about texts. I 8767 m a girl and I totally take the guy approach to texting. I 8767 m not tied to my phone all the time, and I rarely text back instantly, unlike my male best friend! Maybe the guys dont have credit, are on something else..are they working? I also think a lot of times people send messages which just dont really warrant a reply. Like they just had dinner or watched 8775 the voice 8776 ..well, thats great, what do you want me to say to that? I 8767 m mostly with the guys on this one.

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hey guys 🙂 i need ur help its about a month or so that im into a 8767 s 8 years older than me and he 8767 s a college student in our city studying my fav major I send him a massage and ask him a lot of things about his major and told him i rly like this major and he said come to university one day i 8767 ll show u around and stuff i went there for both him and treated as a nice that day he didnt text me at all and till now i just texted him twice and asked stuff about that just treats me like a normal girl idk how to show him i like him u know he doesn 8767 t even like all my instagram post which i post them just for him to see how i 8767 m feeling or how my life goes idk what to do plz help me guys i dont want to just tell him 8775 I LIKE U 8776 .want to SHOW him that i like him..and i guess i have some English problems in this text sry my english isnt very good..waiting for ur advice guys 8

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Hi guys stumbled across this sight.. help me please
I got together with this guy that Ive known for a while but never thought anything would happen.. any ways one night about a month ago we got it together stupid that i know that it is we spent the night togehter. He got in contact and exchanged numbers, we 8767 d text all the time, I adventually got bored of texting and suggested a drink, which he agreed to. He suprised me one day and came in to were i work and had a drink in the afternoon, he was so flirting and touchy feely, any excuse to be near me , im a good reader of body language. before he left he came to me and said good bye and kissed me. which i have to admit shocked me. as hadnt taken me up on the offer of a drink, or quiet night in.

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Ok, so I have been messing around with this guy for 9 months I 8767 m 67 by the way and I love him to death. We moved too fast when we first started dating and we broke up I was a reck. I thought he was over me so I started dating other people and everytime he would see me with another guy he would start calling me and getting me in my feelings and then stop talking to me again. So we started talking again in February and everything was so good until I found out when we broke up he slept with my best friend and got her pregnant. But I still decided to stay with him and work it out. We were still doing good until I decided to get a std test and I tested positive for something. That was about 7 weeks ago and now he 8767 s real distant he won 8767 t talk to me I blew up his phone and I don 8767 t understand why he is putting me through this when I didn 8767 t do anything? I didn 8767 t give him the std he gave it to me so idk what 8767 s wrong with him. But he talks to everyone else ??

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then we saw the time, got ready for the funeral, and he drove off to pick up his friends and i left to go straight to the church. he showed up later on and i saw him and we made a one second eye contact becasue i was on the other side of the church and he was with the boys. i texted him after the funeral saying 8775 hey 8776 and i did not get a response. so this morning, i texted him saying 8775 hey i think i left somehting in your house but im not sure 8776 no response.

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I have used romance tale before and the gals seem sincere..when or if your are in your 55 8767 s you do not want to waste time. Trifling is not the way of the world..
The site is for serious marriages as far as I am concerned Be careful though, in your investigation of the site..as you do not want to spend too much of your hard earned money be discreet and honest remember most of us guys are keeping these site 8775 alive 8776

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Ok so my boyfriend is an awesome guy but everytime i text him he never texes back!!!!!! When we first started dating he wud tht me like crazy but now its like he dosent want anything to do with me 🙁 i dnt know if i shud dump him or not cuz i really love him and one day he said he was going bikeing with ALOT OF FRIENDS so im sitting there thinking is there going to be girls there????? So i dnt kno wat to do someone plz tell meeeeee!!!

Example I had sex with this guy on sunday.. Monday I text we had fun. I told him in a joking way to take care as I had more plans for him, hint hint and I still haven 8767 t heard from him in three weeks. Yet he is on fb posting. I did not say a word. I just removed him from my page. The end.
You mean I should not be hurt, angry and frustrated that he treated me like dirt, like I 8767 m nothing? And removing him is a sign of neediness? Mind you I like the guy but what he did is rude, mean, unkind and disrespectful. That 8767 s needy asking him to do better had he called me let 8767 s say days later? Sigh. I 8767 m done with men. And I wished 8 years to have sex but picked this bastard who made me feel so low and so stupid.

I been interested in a colleague lately we got to know each other at a official party. It seemed like he liked be back ever since, I text-ed him first after the first time we met and he did seem to reply quite enthusiastically. I was travelling for the next few weeks and I am back now, I get to see him at work and have casual conversation, on one side i do feel he still likes me back yet i wonder why he wont reply to a simple text msg that would say 8776 How have u been? 8776 Its been a few days now.

ive known this girl name kiana for over a year and I really like a but she has a boyfriend i told her that i love her and she also said that she loves me too but i was talking to my friend and he said that me and her make a cute couple and he told me that that she said she will always love Daniel her BF even if he doesn 8767 t like her i personally think that is retarded that she will still like Daniel even if he doesn 8767 t like her,me and kiana have been texting for a few days and one day i text her and she doesn 8767 t respond and i text her the next 8 days and she still doesn 8767 t respond and my friend says that she has been busy i think she is ignoring me since her BF also knows taht i love her what should i do should i look for another girl or should i hope that her and her BF break up and then me and her can date. what should i do plz tell me?

I met this bloke through a work situation. We talked on the phone a couple of times and he was LOVELY, very interesting, clever, intelligent etc etc. I then went into the office to drop some stuff off and met him. He obvisouly fancied me as he kept dropping his papers and just everything, the whole body language and all that, ya know. We chatted a bit. I should add that I fancied him too and was a bit shy!

Sooooo I was witht his boy for a while. We stopped talking because of certain things. Neither of us wanted it, but we had to. Then a few weeks ago he txtd me to see how I was doing. He told me he wanted me, missed me blah blah blah. Then last week we really started talking. Everyday, all day. We 8767 re not dating but he calls me baby, tells me he really likes me. Then all of a sudden he doesnt txt at all. I wait for him, say goodnight and he says goodnight back. But then the next day he doesnt txt at all. What does this mean? Because I honestly dont want to go through the same thing all over again if I lose him. Help??

Hi Angela. First, giving your number really isn 8767 t letting your guard down. I hope you do that often so you can have conversations and plan dates. If you 8767 re worried about them knowing your info, then get something like Google Voice. That masks your number. That said, if you don 8767 t hear from a guy, just move on. I know it feels crummy because you have some hope but the truth is that he has your info. If he wants to get in touch he will. If he doesn 8767 t, it 8767 s because your probably not a good match. He 8767 s just one guy. There are thousands more. Next! Bp

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