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Waiting for God to whack you on the head and tell you whom to marry isn t faith it s fear. Many people want nothing to do with dating because of the risk and potential pain that it involves. This is certainly understandable, as dating can have traumatic results in unhealthy circumstances. But what do you think serves us better in the long run? Growing and suffering in the process of learning or a revelation that lets us off the hook? I would have loved to know that the beautiful woman I was talking to would one day be my wife, but I might not have worked as hard to earn her hand in marriage. I would have missed a lot of experiences that made me a better man.

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It is never too late. While the idea of 89 born-again virgin 89 may seem a little like 89 technical virgin, 89 it is not the same thing. Many Christian teens that have already had sex choose to act as if they have never had sex and vow to wait until marriage. Having sex is not the end of the world. God is very forgiving , and He smiles at those who return to Him with a desire to do His will. While the temptation for someone who has had sex can be even stronger than the virgin, it can be overcome with God s help. God is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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&ldquo Hiestand and Thomas don&rsquo t kiss dating goodbye what fun would that be? Instead, dating is revealed for what it is, which might disturb you. The greatest strength of this book is the contribution the authors make toward thinking biblically about something not in the Bible, which isn&rsquo t so easy to do. So it is possible that some might agree with their premises and the trajectory of their arguments, yet differ on some of the specific conclusions. But all will be challenged and blessed by their wise contributions to this vitally important issue.&rdquo
Richard W. Hove , Campus Crusade for Christ, Duke University

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&ldquo This is a straightforward, yet provocative little book. You&rsquo ll find a lot of practical, sane, biblical wisdom that will explode a number of our cultural assumptions about dating. If you are single or care about someone who is, you really should read this book. The result may just be a simpler, more God-honoring approach to dating than you thought possible.&rdquo
Kevin , Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

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Pre-marital sex is a sin. Sin is sin. However, it is dangerous to think that sex is a minor or equal sin to all others because it can put you in a frame of mind to make bad choices. Sexual sin is still a defiance of God, and no sin is acceptable to God. Yes, you can be forgiven, but you will have to live with the sin you have committed, which can be difficult if you are not prepared to deal with sex emotionally.

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Sex and love are very different, but they are meant to complement one another. If you are in love it does not mean you should have sex. Sex is an act. Love is an emotion. They are very different, and it can be dangerous to mix them up. You should never feel like you have to have sex with someone just because you want to show them you love them. There are plenty of non-sexual ways to show your love to someone.

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She adds that managing desires isn''t just for the single/dating years. "Sexual desire is going to remain throughout your life," Dr. McCleese says. "Singles often believe that the sexual desire switch turns off in marriage, and they are attracted only to their spouse. Truth is, even in marriage, you have to rein in your sexual desire and allow it to be fulfilled with your spouse in a loving consensual encounter. Part of dating and learning to bring your sexual desire under submission is simply training ground for marriage."

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&ldquo This is a straightforward, yet provocative little book. You&rsquo ll find a lot of practical, sane, biblical wisdom that will explode a number of our cultural assumptions about dating. If you are single or care about someone who is, you really should read this book. The result may just be a simpler, more God-honoring approach to dating than you thought possible.&rdquo
Kevin , Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

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&ldquo Jay and Gerald have written a provocative book on one of the most pressing issues of our generation sexual purity. As the authors show, few things necessitate getting to the core of the gospel like our soul&rsquo s craving for sexual fulfillment. We cannot think too carefully about what our heavenly Father has said. Even where I reach different conclusions from the authors, I am grateful for another investigation of the biblical data.&rdquo
J. D. Greear , Pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina author, Not God Enough and Gospel: Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary

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T here are some myths out there that people assume to be gospel about dating. Christian culture is like any other in that we develop truisms that we accept without verifying. There are things floating around that have little or nothing to do with the Bible. Most are well intended and contain a nugget of truth. Some are flat out wrong. Dating is hard enough without sifting through all this erroneous information, so let s debunk some myths. There are plenty of them, but let s focus on what I believe are the top five myths that make dating harder for Christian men.

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To any adults reading, thinking 8775 pshaw, that 8767 s just the opinion of one woman. 8776 you know how people ask, 8775 if you could go back and change one thing about your life, what would it be?? 8776 that 8767 s my one thing. If I could rewind, and undo that, (yet still wind up where I am, without the baggage & regret), I so would. Decisions made in the heat of the moment are very rarely the right decisions.

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The trick we have to pull off is holy, healthy expression of our sexuality before marriage. It s not easy, but it can be done. It will look different for different people, but it needs to be expressed. Otherwise it will force its way out. Look at the crisis of Internet pornography running rampant through the church. Men are dying for a way to embrace and express their sex drives. You can t ignore your sexuality, and you can t white knuckle your way through life until your wedding night. Your sexuality isn t bad. It s not sinful or dirty. It s a gift from God, and we need to figure out a way to embrace that gift before marriage.

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Everybody? No. Not everybody is having sex. While the media and people in school may make it seem like everyone is having sex, there are just as many Christian teens (and non-Christians, too) waiting until marriage. Doing something just because everyone else is doing it is just giving into peer pressure. It takes a stronger person, or a person backed up by the strength of God, to resist temptation. When you stand up to peer pressure you are actually saving yourself from committing sin while being a good Christian witness to other teens around you.

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Our mission is to prayerfully match Christian singles according to God''s universal plan. Our vision is to serve Christians from all churches and denominations. Every single who''s a committed Christian, may join cMatch. Students and seniors, Catholics and Pentecostals. We''re united in Jesus Christ. We don''t judge based on your past, how involved you are in church. It''s about being saved by grace.

As a College student who has been dating for over 8 years, I really appreciate the message you so boldly proclaimed. In college, It sometimes gets hard because you see all the people around you doing things and you almost think that it is alright to do them to and sometimes people get pulled into things before it they realize what had hit them. I know the traps and what people are saying. People say they do the things they decide because they 8775 love 8776 each other, when in reality they really don 8767 t know what love truly is. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know i appreciate your message! For me and my boyfriend we are doing our best to stay pure until marriage. it 8767 s not always easy, but it is worth it and honoring to God

Be careful if you think God has told you that Betty from the bookstore is the one for you, but you have no idea if she feels the same way. If you plunge in, convinced that you are on a mission from God, and she s not sure yet, it s a quick way to scare her off. Our unconscious mind can kick up powerful feelings that sometimes get mistaken for a message from God. Maybe she was nicer to you than anyone you ve met in a long time. Maybe she s the first woman you ever met that likes Cracker Jacks as much as you do. Or maybe she s just drop dead gorgeous. Of course, a woman who s nice, white hot cute, and likes Cracker Jacks might be someone you want to ask on a date. I just wouldn t go ring shopping yet. Especially if you want a second date.

When I typed out these words as an idea for an article on abstinence, I realized this was a difficult topic to get people talking about. When I asked my peers to share their stories, few were virgins with no sexual history, and even fewer wanted to talk about it. I wasn''t surprised. Recounting my own sin made me feel like the chief of hypocrites. Yet, at the same time, I knew couples who did it right. They met, fell in love, dated and waited until they were married to have sex. There seemed to be a special connection between them that made me wonder, How did they do it?

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