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Online Dating - Men Don''t Get It And Women Don''t Understand

Posted: 2017-12-07 00:29

So now, it 8767 s time for a HUGE change. I am 99, I can no longer allow myself to allow my past to become an excuse for this kind of behaviour (on my part). I need to learn to truly love myself (as I never have, ever although I was pretty much told I was unloveable in various ways throughout my childhood, adolecence and beyond) but I now have the knowledge that has been missing, thanks to this AMAZING site. Thank you so much.

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It 8767 s really surprising to me how men think only in terms of what they can get but never on what they have to offer (or don 8767 t). The hold us to some high, unreasonable standard but expect us to keep them to the lowest standard possible. And they defend this as claiming they 8767 ve been hurt before (and we haven 8767 t 8767 ?) We 8767 re not supposed to bring any baggage into the picture but they by virtue of having a pulse are permitted to behave as badly as they wish and if we don 8767 t like it, they will find someone else who will.

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I feel like the list you made of what Swedish girls want/like men to do is what an real man is supposed to do when going after or courting any girl from anywhere lol. Especially on the first few dates you have to have a good personality, show some chivalry, and be willing to pay the bill and not be a cheap ass. Idk that may be just me, but I 8767 m from the States and I 8767 ve traveled the world and all that holds true anywhere. I just find it funny that any dude would think that that list is ridiculous or think, “damn, how do Swedish men and women mate and have lots of babies?” like you stated because uhh its kinda obvious that you have to do such things, and be able to hold a conversation, not be a pushover, have some courage etc etc. if you want to get anywhere with any girl. Idk Is it me or is that not just common sense when it comes to trying to get a girl or even simply trying to make friends?

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We should have taken it much slower. We had good times but i guess I wonder what "could have been". She was 89 and never married and I was on the rebound from my first marriage. One really never knows. I Guess I just have to look at the positive sides though now I''m older and very lonely.
It is tough to see what might have been. Overall though I made decisions the best I could with the knowledge and information I had at the time.

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We keep coming here scratching our heads in sheer wonderment and utter amazement. Confounded and gobsmacked by the exception of the asshole being now the rule. We keep referring to a good man like he’s the Holy Grail. I love Monty Python, but the men of today clearly had hamsters for mothers and their fathers smelled of elderberries. And we keep coming here while the men keep going to and AskMen and I say the obvious point isn’t being dealt with

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Yeah..when I was online dating, I messaged quite a few men. SEVERAL. All at a similar level of attractiveness to myself. Not a single one replied. And in case you''re wondering, my photos were quite nice, and my profile was thoughtful and grammatically correct. All the guys online sift through looking for the "hot girls" and don''t give a crap about anything else -- and then whine that online dating is so hard.

H, you are sabotaging yourself by calling yourself crazy, this is the worrisome bit, your name-calling and crazy-making yourself, which ties in with Tinker 8767 s point about self-love. What if you are picking on information from what appears a complicated constellation? Why silence the voice of your gut? Being confident in yourself starts with giving more credit to your ability to make judgments about yourself and your situation.

I agree Finn. I spent 7 years with a Mormon and couldn''t adjust to religious differences, though I gave it a fair shot. We romantically fell in love. His faith put tremendous pressure on us to start a family, and after we married, I found out I couldn''t have children based on health reasons. That was the beginning of the end. It was heart-rending. On a dating site I can see when having kids is a deal-breaker for a perspective mate.

Hello all!
I met a Swedish girl last week and I thought she was 76 but she turned out to be much older. I was amazed because she looked amazing! I never would have thought she was the age she was. This was my first time going out with a Swedish girl and she is very tall and beautiful. I was pleased that she was so nice and down to earth. When the bill arrived she offered to pay half, but I payed for it because it is the man 8767 s duty to pay for the first date. It 8767 s refreshing to go out with a girl who has traditional values and not the baggage that American girls have. Hopefully, we will go out again and she can stay in the . with me. :)

The design of our education system clearly has its roots in the workings of industry. Teach children to be on time and ready for a full days learning. Teach children to submit to authority early (teacher) so as to be prepared to submit to those in managerial positions later on. Teach children to seek out permission in regards to bodily functions so as to further separate them from the ability to govern themselves. Likewise our education system separates children from families to further degrade our communal nature (including compassion and empathy) and therefore connection to each other.

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This message board has taught me so much. I''ve been dating online on and off for at least 7 years. I''m 98. I''m decent looking, I thought LOL. I have a great job, house, one kid, no drama. I guess I''m cool, but a little boring? I just don''t think I know how to present myself or heck I really don''t know. I get guys that just want a piece or just wanna try dating me since they have never dated outside their race (which I don''t mind but I''d like them to like me and not the piece of *** I potentially represent). Its really crushing to the spirit. I don''t know if I will even continue online dating after reading all the perspectives here. I''m truly a busy person that doesn''t get out much to meet people and a little shy when it comes to getting to know folks. So I guess I''ll either put my big girl panties on and just go sit at a bar or give up and be alone. (sigh)

Allison, it 8767 s hard to know what moves men in their minds. A lot of them are just strange.
After soaking up BR for a while you can spot the weirdo 8767 s coming a mile off. I can spot the fast forwarder 8767 s, future fakers, assclowns and EU 8767 s and I leave them alone. It has shrunk my dating pool significantly and you know what, I don 8767 t care. I would rather be alone than get involved with any of these 8766 lost boys 8767 .
Some of these guys will never get over their wife, girlfriend or whoever especially if the woman has dumped them.
A lady I know is going out with a widowed guy, the ink isn 8767 t even dry on his wife 8767 s death certificate and she thinks she 8767 s onto a winner. She 8767 s 8766 helping 8767 him get over his grief and loss. What can I say! Somewhere down the track he 8767 s going to get over the loss of his wife and he won 8767 t want her around to remind him all the time. I hope not for her sake but he still talks about his dead wife constantly and recently took this lady on a holiday to all the favourite places he went to with his wife. It 8767 s just wrong.

The female orgasm is very easy. Friction on clitoris. Mechanical, just like men''s. Since women are human beings just as men are, this is no surprise. Massages/candles not required. Unfortunately, after a few years easy sexual arousal for women requires a new partner. Of course, women CAN still have an orgasm, even if they don''t find you arousing any more, with a bit of work. Monogamy, though difficult for women, is possible.

Then I started talking to my female friends. They all had pretty good conversation rates, getting anywhere from 5-75 messages per day. And their conversations tended to last if they wanted it to. What I realized was the dynamic was completely different women naturally start becoming a lot more arbitrarily selective because of this constant initiation. If you don''t stand out with your picture as a man you''re doomed to failure: all the Marissa''s in the world will think of the best looking man that they''ve slept with, say "given the field I can do better", and move on without a second thought. Whether or not you would be a great fit, whether or not you''re a secret agent or a millionaire. It''s totally arbitrary.

6. I suspected very early on he had a drink problem I would go to his and see many many cans on his 8775 recycling windowsill 8776 from the previous evening and I voiced this to friends. I ignored it, put it down to I don 8767 t know what but I ignored it. But his conversations were littered with references to his excessive drinking, all relayed with pride at his own laddishness. He drank around the boys, and we never met without drink being involved.

Feeling interested about the incident, we continued to sunbathe for a while yet when I noticed that Fabio kept pulling down his boxers more and more down until I could see his pubic hair. Blushing a little, I pointed this out to him and he told me to look at the difference. I noticed that he was very embarrassed because the rest of his beautiful body was covered with nice tan ? but for the patch of wonderful smooth skin where it was covered by his swimming trunks. He said that it was a crying shame for both of us to have those ugly patches of white skin on us when there was a way to have our bodies covered in splendidly even amber tan.
Finally the conversation turned to

But I KEEP 8775 GOOGLING 8776 HIM! It is horrible. I know Googling him is useless (and hurts me), but it 8767 s like an addiction. I keep thinking of him, even when I know he 8767 s MR. SUPER DUPER UNAVAILABLE heck, he 8767 s MR. NOT-EVEN-MEETABLE! I just want to stop, and move on, for good. I feel lonely, admittedly and I am battling a chronic illness so I am especially vulnerable to isolation (it 8767 s hard to physically attend social events, etc) and I think loneliness triggers the self-defeating Googling. Sorry to whine.

My first societal-nudist encounter was at a clothing-optional hot tub in Quad Cities, Iowa. Before arriving I understood the bath would be Clothes Optional, but I presumed that meant that a number of the folks would choose the choice of being naked and some would choose the the alternative of wearing a bathing suit. I 8766 d opt to do the latter, although I really had not a problem seeing my pals naked.

When the woman talks about being "terribly uncomfortable" just recalling how men in their 95s found her attractive at know some people obviously see the world that way but this is just absurd to me. Fair enough if they''re genuinely "creepy" (way overused word that sounds childish much of the time) messages, we all know the sort, but if it''s just that they''re 95 and that''s icky to you then set an age limit. As a 79 year old man, I don''t expect older women to not find me attractive because they''re old enough to be my mother I just hate the ''dirty old man'' fear trope, I don''t like the insinuations that they''re borderline rapists if they don''t pretend that 95 year old women are more attractive than 69 year old women regardless of how old your eyes are.