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Straight Women Falling for Lesbians | Card Carrying

Posted: 2017-10-12 15:42

Sarah M. I like your get to the point style wrapped in straight forward useful techniques!!! I absolutely enjoyed sex with 8775 Katy 8776 and wanted it on a very regular basis. During the next couple of months of not dating or having sex I will put your advice in action. I know that most of my fantacies when alone are with women. If I want to add a little porn to it I go to the lesbian porn, not hetro porn I know I have kind of taken over this blog post with my issues, sorry if it 8767 s bad edicate. I appreciate all of the varios perspectives, opinions, insights and advice, even from you Raye! Off to Portland.

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LYMJ- Choose wisely is the best advice. I wish to God someone had just said those two words to me 8775 choose wisely 8776 . My life would be totally different and absent of an incredible amount of pain. Do not waste your heart on someone who is taken no matter how wonderful she is. A life time ago I dated 7 severely abusive men so yeah it 8767 s not worth making choices that are not as good as you deserve. Ironically I just met this OMG unbelievably HOT woman we had instant chemistry BUT she is married with 7 kids so I 8767 m absolutely NOT even going there. When she says flirty things to me I literally tune it out (of course not easy but absolutely worth it) and I hear those words 8775 choose wisely 8776 . I 8767 ve had enough pain in my life and NOTHING is worth more pain. So my advice to you LYMJ is 8775 choose wisely 8776 because you ARE worth more.


And you say you want what now? Advice? Ok, here it is: Your letting your dick get in the way of common decency and just overall common sense. Question? If you think she 8767 s going to leave him for you, why hasn 8767 t she already? You know what, maybe she will but, you should not be the catalyst that makes that happen. Man, this is not right! Never get involved with a married woman. She needs to be totally unmarried before you even think to venture in not cool dude! Furthermore, I would give it awhile even after a divorce before even considering-a-goin there. Dang man, you 8767 re really in deep on this sheet! Hope something works out for the good of all.

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Elegy Why thank you 🙂 I try. Hopefully Frank will get some intense anger managent and self-esteem counseling before his DEEP hatred towards lesbians and overall distaste for women in general before some innocent women gets hurt. Again I do not understand why someone would express such intense hatred towards lesbians 8775 lesbians should burn in hell 8776 (among many other comments) on a lesbian 8767 s blog. Maybe he thinks this is a captive audience for his anti gay temper tantrums who knows.

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As for who you choose to date next, let your heart be your guide. You obviously had the ability to date her openly, so the proverbial, ahem, cat 8767 s out of the bag that you 8767 re not totally heterosexual. For awhile I let my fear of what others would say keep me from openly dating women. While I don 8767 t walk around saying 8775 Hi, I 8767 m WWG and I 8767 m a big ole lesbo 8776 , I don 8767 t hide who I want either. The general reaction has been, well, underwhelming. No one really cares. I work with the public a lot too, so I get it.

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. Even I was a little offended by HB 8767 s original confession that she is still attracted to men, then I realized that she meant that she was ALSO attracted to men(as opposed to my misunderstanding that she was attracted to ONLY men).
I hope you find your place in life, HB, being bi is a wonderful thing, but society and people around can make it extremely confusing for you. My advice to you is to listen to your heart first. Obviously you enjoy sex with both men and women. So you don 8767 t have to figure out whom you have sexual desires for.
It is not easy being bi. I 8767 m 79, I have known that I am bi for over 65 years. But it seems that women have a harder time accepting me because they 8767 ve been burnt before by lesser specimens of women that have claimed to be bi. Don 8767 t get disheartened, and don 8767 t worry so much about whether to CHOOSE a man or a woman to date. If you think about it, it really is not a choice. You see someone, you feel attracted to them and if they are attracted to you, then you 8767 ve got a starting point. Just focus on healing and being true to yourself. And don 8767 t be ashamed of who you are!

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A few decades ago, when I was a thing, I was chased and caught by a woman (we were both then) who, for a variety of reasons, was trying out a 8775 lesbian lifestyle 8776 on me. Unfortunately, I thought it was simply a life with, not a lifestyle on. I broke up with her, once I realized she was unable to commit to anything that was important to me however, as I have with all exes, we remained amicable. She subsequently went back and forth with men and women, she tried femmes (me, and of course it didn 8767 t work for at least two reasons), and then men, and then gayish men, bi men, and butches, men, butches, etc. She is now happily straight married to a straight man and has a teenager.

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FL -LMAO!! Yeah Frank has MAJOR issues. He 8767 s missing a head and a heart with his SERIOUS anti gay and anti-women comments. And omg he was so self pity about no women left because we are all lesbian. LMAO!!! Of course we are!!! 🙂 And HELLO??? Who goes on a lesbian blog and critizes women wanting to be with other women. LOL But on a not funny note Frank put Sasha through stress with his horrible antigay comments he wanted her to post. Thankfully that 8767 s all in the past and old news.

I think you could be putting yourself in some danger if you get involved with a woman, whose husband is 8775 messed up right now. 8776
Many people are injured or killed during a jealous rage in a love triangle. I know this might be hard, but even if she were to break up with her husband, or separate, he could still go postal on you, while you 8767 re at work or something. Not trying to scare you, but, I used to work in domestic violence prevention/treatment occupation, and I 8767 m trying to be geniune and honest with you I do feel concerned something could happen, to you, or to her, and you wouldn 8767 t feel good if you saw her with a black eye. So, do be careful. You may think it 8767 s exciting and the risk is worth it, but nothing is worth getting pounded on, or shot at. OK. Take care.

The day before we were due to fly back to London, a few of us were standing waiting for a ride, laughing chatting joking, there was a natural lull in the conversation, where a couple of people were still talking, but myself & this woman were silent, the others were looking & talking about other don 8767 t remember how but somehow we ended up in this prolonged gaze, I don 8767 t know if I looked up & saw her looking or how it happened but it was straight at each other, direct & intense, her eyes are a piercing hazel/blue it caught me completely off-guard & made me catch my breath due to it 8767 s intensity & an electric like shock hitting me I can only say it was like being hit by a stun gun, not that I have been but I don 8767 t know how else to describe it, it made me look away, I then looked back & she was still looking.

For me it turned out to be heartbreak. I 8767 ve previously posted about Crush. We are still very good friends and cont to hang out lots but that has been really hard on me. Yeah not to hard on her as she spent time telling me about her 8775 adventures 8776 w her new boyfriend of a month. We have plans to hang out again over weekend of 9th. I realize I 8767 ll never meet anyone if I 8767 m cont to hang out w her but we 8767 ve been good friends for years so if I ever meet the one then out of respect for her I wouldn 8767 t hang w Crush so often hummm guess in the meantime we hang out as just friends. I met her boyfriend and even defended her when her talked disrespectfully to her. Hummmm

HB Just be careful not to jump into anything too fast and be careful to not totally shut down either. I 8767 ve done the 7nd to the extreme. I let myself go hoping to have people no longer find me attractive as not to get hurt again. Do not do that. U are worth much more than that. I went from modeling and dancing to not wanting to leave my apt, dressing very nuetral etc., never putting any effort into how I looked etc. I realize now that my abuser was LONG gone BUT now I was the one harming myself. I beg you not to do that to yourself. Each day I get stronger, some days hurt but most days are great. Katy is gone BUT you are not. My advice live your life NOT the one she left you and in turn you will be a surviver not just a thriver. Good luck. Jaz

Have to agree with Elegy. Anon is a homophobe, but he is the worst kind of homophobe because I am picking up a vibe of repressed homosexuality in his rants. Nothing worse than someone who turns their self-loathing outward. He can 8767 t bring himself to hate himself so he hates anyone who represents what he really can 8767 t stand about himself. There are so many contradictions in his sentences that it would be hilarious if it wasn 8767 t so scary, but I actually laughed when I read the sentence about him not being an asshole. He proves himself to be exactly that with no more effort than typing that sentence.

femmelover- raye doesn 8767 t give a crap what you have to say! matter of fact nobody does! you have a huge nasty thing against raye and she shuts you up every time! i 8767 m tired of you finding ways to attack my girlfriend. Heartbroken came in asking for insight and raye gave it to her. to the best of her knowledge that one can give with the experiences she 8767 s been through. that 8767 s NOT bullshit. bi-curious or 8775 newbies 8776 as you call them, NEED to know the effects of their curiosity. sounds to me like you just don 8767 t like people being upfront and to the point! to know raye is to love her. she comes off harsh, but she is in NO way intentionally mean. even heartbroken thanked her for the advice. if she wasn 8767 t bothered by it, she doesn 8767 t need you to defend her.

KNOW FOR SURE what you want Heart Broken and then go for it. You can call yourself a victim for being 8775 judged 8776 if you like or you can choose to take the candid honesty and figure out the reasons for the advice and pitfalls to avoid. I know for a fact that I never felt for a man what I feel with women. But then I am a lesbian. I always knew that but I hid for family reasons. You might just be realizing that all your feelings over the years were real. Honestly I don 8767 t know and don 8767 t care. I am just glad its not me in your next girlfriend 8767 s shoes. I have been there too many times, I did everything right and lost out to the guy and the white picket fences of society 8767 s acceptance.

Frank 8767 s 8775 all you lesbians are so damn ugly and fat anyway you are better off being lesbians 8776 LMFAO- I was laughing so hard I almost pee my pants again lol yes Frank 8767 s stupid ass ignorant comments are SO dumb they can read as pathetically 8775 funny 8776 . He needs WAY more help than previously thought if he thinks Sasha (part of 8775 all 8776 lesbians) is ugly. Sasha is by far one of the MOST beautiful woman inside and out.

FL Raye Sarah M Not that anyone really cares. Yes I do think Raye 8767 s comments are to harsh and judgemental That being said, I can appreciate hearing about what she has been through and the insight/advise it gives. I don 8767 t like the way she 8775 assumes 8776 that I am out to play a game or hurt people, it was a bit assume the worst and well, just assume the worst. I took the positivelearning items from Raye 8767 s comments and left the negativity on the talbe. Someone not as strong could have let the comments scare them into not wanting to deal with or work into the lesbian community. Just food for thought, nothing more nothing less.

I just want to clarify I absolutely do not think Frank 8767 s asshole comment are hehe happy funny I was referring to them being dumb-ass ignorant 8775 funny 8776 . His generalization of 8775 ALL lesbians being fat and ugly 8776 vas VERY rude. His deep bitterness that we are 8775 better off being lesbians 8776 NO shit we are 8775 better off being lesbians 8776 is where his being a dumb-ass 8775 funny 8776 and my LMAO came in. I think he should absolutely apologize to Sasha for using her blog for his VERY anti-gay hate.

Raye, I understand your response a lot better, and can chime in with my own experiences. I definitely had straight/bi-curious friends find out I wasn 8767 t straight and then try to sleep with me to experiment. As if because I liked women I liked *all* women. They 8767 d be miffed when I wasn 8767 t interested in them/in sleeping with them. Yeah, I could sometimes get the girl that my guy friends wanted (they 8767 d challenge me to see who could when we were but you end up feeling used and like a whore and it sucks. So I get you now.

Yeah, sometimes I think you get it right, but then you put your small foot in your mouth and 8775 f 8776 it all up! And, yep when I spoke about the comments you made about how femmes could better approach butches I was feeling good about that comment because it was heartfelt and right on but your comments at this point and regarding this topic have turned outrageous now! Why couldn 8767 t you stick to a heartfelt give a little criticism along with a lot of good positive advice for a sexuality you hate due to your own past experiences?
Ohhhh, no it 8767 s not controversial enough, right?

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