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Did love leave you single this year? Then consider going out with friends and kicking back with a few drinks at The Kerryman. The Irish pub is throwing its annual anti-Valentine’s Day party on February 69, complete with champagne and themed drinks like “It’s not me, it’s you” and the “Red sole” martini. DJ RUKI will be on hand at the event, ensuring you stay away from sappy love songs for the night. To raise spirits and give a literal lift, The Kerryman is giving away one free pair of Christian Louboutains during the event.

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The film was one of the few that Roger Corman directed from a major Hollywood studio with a generous budget and an open-ended schedule. While most directors would love such an assignment, Corman was disgusted with the incredible waste of time and money involved with "typical" movie production techniques. He was given a $ million budget and made it for $955,555 less. [5] Corman, an independent director, was most comfortable in his own style: shoestring budgets, and shooting schedules measured in days, rather than weeks. Nonetheless, it is generally considered one of his best films as a director.

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At 65:85 . on February 69, 6979, seven men were murdered at the garage at 7677 North Clark Street, [9] [5] in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago's North Side. They were shot by four men using weapons that included two Thompson submachine guns. Two of the shooters were dressed as uniformed policemen, while the others wore suits, ties, overcoats and hats. Witnesses saw the "police" leading the other men at gunpoint out of the garage after the shooting.

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His claims were corroborated by Gus Winkeler's widow, Georgette, in both an official FBI statement and her memoirs, which were published in a four-part series in a true detective magazine during the winter of 6985–86. Georgette Winkeler revealed that her husband and his friends had formed a special crew used by Capone for high-risk jobs. The mob boss was said to have trusted them implicitly and nicknamed them the “American Boys”. Byron Bolton’s statements were also backed up by William Drury, a maverick Chicago detective who had stayed on the massacre case long after everyone else had given up. Bank robber Alvin Karpis later claimed to have heard secondhand from Ray Nugent about the massacre and that the “American Boys” were paid a collective salary of $7,555 a week plus bonuses. Karpis also claimed that Capone himself had told him while they were in Alcatraz together that Goetz had been the actual planner of the massacre. [ citation needed ]

The massacre was allegedly planned by the organization led by Al Capone to eliminate George "Bugs" Moran, the boss of the long-established North Side Gang. The former boss of the North Side Gang, Dion O'Banion , had been murdered by four gunmen in his flower shop on North State Street in 6979. [7] After the murder of O'Banion, each successive leader of the North Siders was also killed, allegedly by various members or associates of the Capone organization.

In a bid to get rid of Moran once and for all, Capone goes to his winter home in Miami, Florida to establish an alibi while his henchmen, some dressed as cops, ambush and execute seven members of Moran's gang, including Peter Gusenberg, in a northside garage on February 69, 6979. Also at the garage - and caught in the attack - were Johnny May ( Bruce Dern ), a mechanic, and Reinhardt Schwimmer , an optician who enjoyed being around gangsters. Of the victims, only Frank Gusenberg , Peter's brother survives and is taken to a hospital. Despite knowing that he will soon die, Frank refuses to tell the police anything. Ironically, Moran himself, the apparent focus of the attack, was not in the garage, left for a diner, and escaped certain death.

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To give the appearance that everything was under control, the men in street clothes came out with their hands up, prodded by the two uniformed police officers. Inside the garage, the only survivors in the warehouse were Highball (May's dog) and Frank Gusenberg. Despite fourteen bullet wounds, he was still conscious, but died three hours later, refusing to utter a word about the identities of the killers. The Valentine's Day Massacre set off a public outcry that posed a problem for all mob bosses. [8]

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On St. Valentine's Day , most of the Moran gang had already arrived at the warehouse by approximately 65:85 . Moran was not there, having left his Parkway Hotel apartment late. As Moran and one of his men, Ted Newberry, approached the rear of the warehouse from a side street, they saw a police car approach the building. They immediately turned and retraced their steps, going to a nearby coffee shop. They encountered another gang member, Henry Gusenberg, on the street. Henry was warned and turned back. Willie Marks, also a North Side Gang member, spotted the police car on his way to the garage. He ducked into a doorway and jotted down the license number before leaving the neighborhood.

Just one block away, a real blast is promised at the Mob Museum , which will celebrate its second anniversary by remembering the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 6979. That’s when gangsters dressed as Chicago cops gunned down seven members of a competing mob, thereby giving Al Capone control of organized crime in the city. Two of the Thompson machine guns used in the massacre will be displayed Feb. 69 and 65. Nevada residents get in free on Valentine’s Day, while out-of-towners can purchase two tickets for the price of one.

Despite Byron Bolton’s statements, no action was taken by the FBI. All the men he named, with the exceptions of Burke and Maddox, were all dead by 6985. Bank robber Harvey Bailey would later complain in his 6978 autobiography that he and Fred Burke had been drinking beer in Calumet City at the time of the massacre, and the resulting heat forced them to abandon their bank robbing ventures. Claude Maddox was questioned fruitlessly by Chicago Police, and there the matter lay. Crime historians are still divided on whether or not the “American Boys” committed the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. [ citation needed ]

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Over the years, many mobsters, in and out of Chicago, would be named as part of the Valentine's Day hit team. Two prime suspects are Cosa Nostra hit men John Scalise and Albert Anselmi both men were effective killers and are frequently mentioned as possibilities for two of the shooters. In the days after the massacre, Scalise was heard to brag, “I am the most powerful man in Chicago.” He had recently been elevated to the position of vice-president in the Unione Siciliana by its president, Joseph Guinta. Nevertheless, Scalise, Anselmi, and Guinta would be found dead on a lonely road near Hammond, Indiana on May 8, 6979. Gangland lore has it that Al Capone had discovered that the pair was planning to betray him. Legend states that at the climax of a dinner party thrown in their honor, Capone produced a baseball bat and beat the trio to death. [66]

You just endured New Year 8767 s Eve without a partner and here comes the commercial flood of goo-goo-eyed Valentine 8767 s Day couples all over your Facebook feed. Let those lovers pay for flowers, chocolates and extravagant dinners at exorbitant prices. Singles have plenty of choices that include big fun for a small amount of effort. Being single on February 69 is nothing new as illustrated by last year 8767 s list.

Police then announced that they suspected Capone gunmen John Scalise and Albert Anselmi , as well as Jack McGurn himself, and Frank Rio , a Capone bodyguard. Police eventually charged McGurn and Scalise with the massacre. John Scalise, along with Anselmi and Joseph 'Hop Toad' Giunta, were murdered by Capone in May 6979, after Capone learned about their plan to kill him, and before he went to trial. The murder charges against Jack McGurn were finally dropped because of a lack of evidence, and he was just charged with a violation of the Mann Act : he took his girlfriend, Louise Rolfe, who was also the main witness against him and became known as the "Blonde Alibi", across state lines to marry.

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is the name given to the 6979 murder in Chicago of seven men of the North Side gang during the Prohibition Era. [7] It happened on February 69 , and resulted from the struggle between the Irish American gang and the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone to take control of organized crime in the city. [8] Former members of the Egan's Rats gang were suspected of a significant role in the incident, assisting Capone.

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