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Yuma is a hasty, energetic, and cheerful boy who likes to challenge himself to do anything that seems impossible, which he normally fails at. Undaunted by his failures, he states that doing these challenges gets him fired up and will eventually accomplish what he sets out to do. [66] He calls this challenge his " kattobingu " spirit ("feeling the flow" in the dub), which his father taught him. [76] Even Yuma would sometimes doubt himself when depressed, yet he'd still go through with his trials, such when he had shown up for his Duel with Reginald Kastle. [66] Yuma told Astral it was because of his promise to his father is the reason he doesn't to do things halfway, believing it was like "betraying" his father if he did so. [76]


Due to his poor Dueling skills and constantly proclaiming that he will become a Duel champion, Yuma was frequently teased by others. One day, after losing a Duel against a few classmates and was teased about it, Yuma became depressed and sad. His father noticed this, and took him camping in the mountains to cheer him up and have a "man talk". Despite his father attempt to cheer him up, Yuma continued sulking and refused to talk about his problems. [76]

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As the Duel continued, Faker's new "Number", " Number 97: Heart-eartH Dragon " continued to torment the trio, even banishing Yuma's "Utopia Ray". As Shark and Kite's turns came, Yuma worries for them as their injuries worsen, even though they told Yuma not to. When Kite managed to Summon " Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon ", he reduced Dr. Faker down to 655 Life Points. After the attack, Dr. Faker came clean about his actions and why he committed them. After revealing it was a being from Barian World who ordered him to do such things in order to save Hart, Yuma, Kite and Shark decided to go after Barian World. However, the Barian in question emerged from a portal and possessed Dr. Faker, continuing the Duel by resurrecting "Heart-eartH Dragon". [87]

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As rivals in hunting "Numbers", Yuma and Kite saw each other as enemies. Kite first thought Yuma was a regular "Number" Holder and tried to get his Number. During the Duel, Kite was surprised that Yuma used 7 "Numbers", and identified him as a Number Hunter, but looked happy to have a rival. [9] After their first Duel, Yuma became depressed over his near loss and developed a fear of Kite. [57] However, this was short-lived and Yuma become more confident when facing Kite, despite knowing the dangers. [68] Yuma was shown to respect Kite's Dueling skills, calling him "scary", but strong. [86]

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Yuma gave "Sandayu" to Alito in order to help him free Girag from Don Thousand 's curse. [687] Mizar entrusted " Number 655: Numeron Dragon " to Yuma before confronting Thousand himself. [698] Yuma eventually obtained all the remaining "Number" cards by defeating Nash in their final rematch, plus another form of "Utopia" called " Number 89: Utopia Beyond ". [698] For a final Duel with Yuma, Astral kept all of the "Numbers", leaving Yuma with none. [699] During this Duel, however, Yuma created " Number F5: Utopic Future ". [68]

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When they first met, Yuma had mixed feelings about Astral when all he did was tell him how to Duel during his Duel with Shark. [66] Though Astral was insightful and was always thinking about what his opponent would be capable of doing, Yuma ignored his advice and continued playing his way. Eventually, Astral figured out a way to have Yuma listen to him and over time, Yuma began trusting Astral more and more with each Duel. They are shown on numerous occasions to be able to talk telepathically. [95]

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Returning home, Yuma was informed by Astral that the Astral World was in danger and rushed down to find Kari watching the news about abnormal phenomenons occurring all across the globe. In the streets, Yuma met up with Tori and expressed hope that Rio would wake up from her coma like when she knew the Barians first came to Earth. He also expressed that he was worried about Shark and stated that he been acting odd since the ruins. Yuma was surprised when Astral told him that he had a serious discussion with Shark and that he would have speak about it sooner or later. After contemplating, Yuma resolved to speak to Shark as a friend when the latter just rode up and asked if Yuma was alright. When ashes began to fall from the sky, the group was transported by Number 96 to another location, alongside Kite and Orbital 7. With three worlds on the line, Yuma began his Duel with Number 96 inside a Sphere Field , which caused real damage to him. During the Duel, Number 96 used the effect of " Chaos Field " to steal two of Yuma's "Numbers" and ranked them up. [667]

Instead of asking them to go, Kagura drags the two so that they are all almost devoured by the alien. Umibouzu arrives timely and save them all. Kagura greets her father, and introduce him to the other two Yorozuya. Umibouzu expresses he would like to take Kagura back to his side, but Kagura objects vehemenantly, saying, "Papi does what he wants, I'll also do what I want. I came to Earth of my own accord, I'll leave of my own accord." Her father insists she leave with him, and their building-destroying fight ensues.

Striker quickly reduces Yuma's Life Points and prevents him from attacking with his Soccer-themed Deck. During the Duel, Striker reveals that he used to play soccer in his older brothers' team, but Striker doesn't play as a team, so he quit the team and started Dueling instead. Yuma manages to win the Duel with his new Xyz Monster , " Muzurhythm the String Djinn " and reminds Striker that he likes to play soccer and rejoins his brothers' team. Striker gives Yuma his Heart Piece, earning his first Heart Piece. [57]

After Sagi's defeat, all except Katsura are being brainwashed by the Renho tribe where like others Kagura seems to have forgotten everything. While Katsura brings along his Uno to bid a last farewell to Elizabeth, the Yorozuya and Kaientai show up, revealing that their memories are still there. Surprisingly in the last moment, Elizabeth appears again and Katsura explains that Elizabeth is actually two persons taking shifts.

Yato Instinct mode : Kagura in a panic once tapped into the full potential of her Yato heritage which transformed her into a berserk monster bent only on killing. She has no control over this state and says she does not remember anything other than being feeling anger. When she calmed down Shinpachi told her what happened but fears losing herself to the state again. In this state Kagura's strength and fighting ability go up tremendously enough to where she can overwhelm the stronger Yato who was fully trained albeit missing an arm. To make the point clear she drove a very heavy Naginata through his shoulder and threw him out a reinforced wall all in the same move. Kagura is only able to calm from this state by Shinpachi's words reaching her and currently refuses to ever enter this state again as she fears she might completely lose herself to the Yato heritage within herself.

After Yuma dreams about being warned by The Door that someone is planning to take the most important thing to him, he feared that he will lose Astral. Not willing to put Astral in danger and be taken away from him, Yuma left his key to Tori in order to protect him and goes to Duel with a Barian-brainwashed Fender by himself. During the Duel, Yuma thinks that he the only one that can protect him and reflected how Astral is always the one protecting him. [95] In the key, Astral can receive the damage Yuma takes and knows Yuma is Dueling alone, which disappointed him since they are "partners". Once Astral got to Yuma, Yuma confined to Astral about his dream and states how he couldn't protect him. However, Astral told Yuma that he was proud of him and that he's a true friend, and will not forgive anyone who hurts him. [89] After nearly losing to Mizar and become shaken, Yuma and Astral grew even closer as they reaffirmed their desires to Duel together. [96]

Having seen Hart 's picture before, Yuma first met Hart by seeing him walking in the middle of a busy street and recognized him as Kite's brother. When an up coming truck was about run Hart over, Yuma tried to protect him. After Hart had blown a huge hole in the truck, Yuma kindly let Hart come home with them and let him stay for the night. Yuma was also happy when Hart finally started to eat something and enjoyed his time at dinner. At night, Yuma let Hart sleep in his hammock and covered him with a blanket. [77]

After looking it for a while, Astral asks Yuma about his parents and Yuma fondly tells him about his father and how he obtained the Emperor's Key , and how he gave it to Yuma, teaching him the "kattobingu" challenge. After finding the key in his attic, Yuma goes back to school just in time for . class. Yuma spend the time watching his friends jumping over boxes when Kari and Haru arrived, finding out about Visitor Day and realize that Yuma didn't tell them. Yuma was surprised, but happy when they cheer for him, who once again challenges jumping 75 stacks. Smiling, Yuma sees the stacks as a mountain, and seeing that his parents' spirits watching over him. Astral realizes everyone loves Yuma and cheers for him too, then Yuma leaps toward the boxes with his family and friends cheering him on. [76]

Afterward, Yuma found out that Tori was at the park the whole time, playing with Cathy's cats. As they walked to school the next morning with Bronk, Tori told them that she was forced to play with the cats and that Yuma should stop being so angry with her. Yuma angrily insisted that he was not angry with her as Cathy walked up to them, saying "Good morning." and Yuma responds with a "Hey!". As Cathy walked off happily, Bronk asked who that was, and Tori told him not to be rude since that girl was in their class. When they couldn't remember her name, Yuma told them her name was Cathy with "Cat" as a nickname and that she's a strong Duelist. Jealous, Tori said that she didn't know that and Bronk asked if Yuma figured out who was messing with them. Tori said she had to go and walked ahead of them, leaving Yuma confused. Astral floated above and documents his eleventh observation - "Yuma still doesn't understand the feelings of women". [67]

Trey first took interest in Yuma during their Tag-Team Duel against each other, and was amazing at how he would keep sacrificing himself for Kite's safety. [6] [78] On the other hand, Yuma thought of Trey as an enemy because he is part of the Vetrix Family , but he learned that he likes all the artifacts that his dad had found, and let him stay at his house for lunch. Yuma thought that they had become friends, but Trey thought of his childhood and asked Yuma for a Duel. [86]

On the way, they meet a lot of companions. A meeting is made when the Shinsengumi and Yorozuya plans to cooperate. The meeting ends sadly as they find no further clues to track down the amantos. A week later, they give up the hope of becoming normal again and change their jobs too. Sarutobi is discontent by their change and gather them up as she finally locates the amantos after some hard work. They fight again and successfully win.

During a mission under extreme heat, Gintoki takes away Kagura's umbrella to get himself some shades. As Kagura gets dehydrated and dozes off, Shinpachi and Gintoki sends her to a hospital. During her hospitalization, she deliberately feigns her illness so that she can get all the care and love. While she is very happy with her act as many others start to show up, she gets too over that makes every one thinking she is going to die.

Later, Yuma unintentionally drove his Duel Coaster car into Jungle Field where Dextra and Vetrix are Dueling. At first during the Duel, Yuma has faith that Dextra will win against Vetrix, given the advantage she has. However, Vetrix manages to pull himself out and beat Dextra with only 655 Life Points. After Vetrix removes her memories of Kite and leaves her emotionally scarred, Yuma vows to Duel Vetrix for her sake. [89]

Ironically, there is some resemblance between Kite's and Yuma's Dueling styles, as both seem to prefer a more offense-based strategy, and their Dueling styles were at least somewhat compatible when they Tag Dueled. This may have some relation about the similarities Yuma and Kite have that Astral himself has observed. [77] At first, Kite denied being compared to Yuma, but seems to have somewhat acknowledged this when he asked Astral for support during their Tag Duel. [78]