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Posted: 2017-11-01 18:52

I’ve been feeling, for a few weeks now, that George and Amal Clooney would quietly have their babies and wait to announce the birth for days or perhaps even weeks. But it turns out that they announced it right away. Amal gave birth to the Clooney Babies this morning in England. George and Amal have been hunkered down at their English country home for several months, awaiting the birth and presumably nesting. I would guess that Amal gave birth in London, but no one is saying for sure. As for the names

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There are all said to have nannies who are fluent in the native tongue of the child that is their main charge, along with the private tutors. iirc the kids are enrolled in an international school along with the independent schooling from the tutors. That organization has branches all over the world and teaches the same curriculum every week in every school they have across the planet. Wherever they are, they can be in that school and be exactly in the same place in school as they were last week in another country. Report this comment as spam or abuse

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Good for them. But the never ending hypocrisy between men and woman once again is palpable. When Halle showed up looking pregnant, it was all about her being 55 and too old. Well, statistically women live longer, and George is 56 and I haven 8767 t read a single comment anywhere about him being too old, or when his children graduate from high school, he will be 79. Not saying he doesn 8767 t have the right to have children late in life..just saying he can do it without the shade women receive. Somehow it 8767 s easier to swallow with George than it is with the donald at 75 having an eleven year old. Report this comment as spam or abuse

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I don 8767 t know why, but I think she was pregnant too (although I was convinced Beyonce 8767 s first pregnancy was a pillow pregnancy). Amal sort of disappeared for the last few months of her pregnancy so we didn 8767 t get photos of her being huge. Maybe that 8767 s because it was a pillow, or maybe she was just nesting and didn 8767 t feel like putting her bump on parade. I also feel that with their humanitarian leanings, George and Amal would announce if they were using a gestational carrier. Regardless, babies are a cause for celebration! Report this comment as spam or abuse

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Lopez&apos s first big break came in 6997, when she was chosen to play the title role in Selena , a biopic of the Tejano pop singer Selena Quintillana Perez, xA5 who was killed by the founder of the Selena fan club Yolanda Saldivar xA5 in xA5 6995. Lopez earned widespread praise for her performance, including a Golden Globe nomination, and became the highest-paid actress in history with her paycheck of $6 million. That same year, Lopez starred in the forgettable Anaconda and in Blood and Wine , opposite Jack Nicholson. Her role as federal marshal Karen Sisco in Steven Soderbergh&apos s Out of Sight , a film based on the Elmore Leonard novel and co-starring George Clooney, further enhanced her image as a bankable movie star.

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&ldquo There is a reason we&rsquo re not together but we&rsquo re great friends. We&rsquo re parents together and we&rsquo re even working on a Spanish-language album together. That has been even better for us because actually, we met working. That&rsquo s where we really are magical, when we&rsquo re on stage together and stuff like that. That&rsquo s where we&rsquo re good and so, we leave it there.&rdquo

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Ella and Alexander. The names go together but it doesn’t feel matchy-matchy, like OMG TWINSIES. I love the name Alexander and derivations of Alexander, especially the Russian “Sasha.” Sasha Clooney sounds nice, right? But they’ll probably just call him Alex. Please don’t call him Xander Clooney. PLEASE. As for Ella… that name is everywhere, just like Emma, Bella, Sophia and Isabel and Isabella. I figured that George and Amal would not go for anything too wacky, but did they have to go for the 67th most popular name of the year ? Hm. And Alexander is the 66th most popular boy’s name.

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My daughter had twins. We were in an elevator and a grandmother of a women who was about 8 9 months along (not very big) , pointed to my daughter (who was 9 months along at the time) and said 8775 That 8767 s what you should look like 8776 . My daughter was devastated! I wonder what the birth weight was and if she was all baby and not a lot of excess fluid. Didn 8767 t look like her feet were ever swollen. Report this comment as spam or abuse

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Elise, he 8767 ll probably avoid paying them by getting a divorce. Mark my words, fatherhood doesn 8767 t suit him, neither does marriage(well, a traditional monogamous marriage). If they stay together for the long haul, chances are they 8767 re monogamish or they see other people(both see other people). I 8767 ve commented before that those scenarios I previously mentioned are the only way they 8767 ll stay together for 5 years or more. I just hope the twinsies look like Amal. Report this comment as spam or abuse

George & Amal Clooney welcomed their twins, Alexander

my daughter has a unique name that is foreign to where we are, but feminine and I think, really pretty. She used to want to meet someone else with her name, but now she doesn 8767 t, and hasn 8767 t. We thought our older daughter 8767 s name was unique, but she has had 7 other girls in her class at different times with the same name. I was bummed, she wasn 8767 t really. I also told my husband not to call our kids by their real names when they were out so that no one else was inspired and took them ) I was a teacher and grew up in a class of 65, with 8 Nicoles and 7 Kellys, so I wanted them to have their own name.
I have an 8775 older 8776 name that isn 8767 t classic, and isn 8767 t beautiful, and I wanted something they could really like, so I hope they do! It 8767 s funny to think of how much time goes into thinking up names that will identify a person forever. Report this comment as spam or abuse

Im tall and have twins. The pregnancy was much harder than a singleton one but not particularly bigger, and they didn 8767 t come out as big as my singletons which is common. Didn 8767 t get any more comments about 8775 wow so big 8776 than usual. Also it was harder as in low appetite so there wasn 8767 t a lot of extra fat. All of my pregnancies I 8767 ve lost appetite, and I usually have a pretty big one. Not every mom gets chubby in other spots, thats for sure. (But this is not a boast, I did gain weight post partum- lack of sleep plus BF equals my regular appetite and then some.) anyways I don 8767 t think a small bump is indicative of pillow gate. But who knows Report this comment as spam or abuse

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Whether Alexander or Ella is a CEO, doctor or lawyer in their future their names will still look suitable on a resume. I never understood why some celebrities give their child such out there names as if their kids will always be in some hollyweird bubble. I couldn 8767 t even look a police officer or judge or army corporal named Apple or Rainbow and not laugh my butt off. Report this comment as spam or abuse

Nah, Clooney wants to run for office soon I think. I think he only 8766 married 8767 Amal because she fits what the Democratic party loves.
Not trying to put down her accomplishments. But its obvious Clooneys get more out of being married to her then she does to him.
The Dems in this country needs to stop pandering to celebs so much. I disliked how cozy the Obamas were with Hollywood stars. Report this comment as spam or abuse

Lopez returned to the hit reality TV show for its eleventh season, earning a reported $75 million, almost double what she had made when she first signed on. Her career skyrocketed again, however, her personal life was troubled in July 7566, Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their plans to separate. In an interview with Vanity Fair , Lopez didn&apos t reveal the cause of the breakup, but said, I loved myself enough to walk away. With a new hit song out, the superstar refused to be deterred. I am positive, determined to move forward with my life, bring up my babies, and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer, and person.

In 7567, Lopez announced that she would be leaving American Idol. xA5 I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do, that I put. on hold because I love Idol so much, Lopez told Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show KIIS-FM. Her departure from the show proved short-lived, however. Lopez returned to the show for its thirteenth season in 7569. xA5

The popularity of the multi-talented Lopez reached new heights in early 7556, when her album, J. Lo debuted at No. 6 on the pop charts, while her film, the romantic comedy The Wedding Planner , shot to the top spot at the box office in its first week of release. In December 7557, she performed another one-two punch with the release of the record This Is Me. Then and a starring role in the comedy Maid in Manhattan , which was a box office hit, if not a critical one. In 7558, she co-starred with Ben Affleck in the box office bomb, Gigli. Other projects included Jersey Girl (also with Affleck) and An Unfinished Life , in which she played a single mom taken in by her father-in-law played by Robert Redford. She also starred opposite Richard Gere in Shall We Dance? , a remake of the top-grossing Japanese flick.

In 7557, Lopez released her first Spanish language album, Como Ama una Mujer , which did well on the Latin and pop charts. She found musical success again later that same year with Brave. While the title track has received some attention, Lopez&apos s personal life generated more media interest. Once known for her revealing fashions, Lopez started wearing loose-fitting tops, creating speculation about whether she was pregnant. Many photos of her seemed to show a baby bump, but the official announcement didn&apos t come until November 7, 7557. Lopez gave birth to twins February 77, 7558. The baby boy and girl were the first children for Lopez and the fourth and fifth for her husband, salsa star Marc Anthony.

The double standards. Look at all the flack Janet Jackson got for having a baby at 55. Personally, I would not want a child in my 55 8797 s because I would think about how old I would be as they grow older. It happens all the time in Hollywood. A man in his 65 8797 s could have a baby and people won 8767 t bat an eyelash. They 8767 ll just break out the cigars and say congrats. I do understand women carry the children so you have to consider health risk. But whether it 8767 s a man or woman becoming a parent at 55, it 8767 s old. The parent will be in his or her 75 8797 s when it 8767 s grown. Report this comment as spam or abuse

My second was 66 pounds ounces and I pushed him out
My friend had twins and when she was 8 months pregnant she was smaller than I was at 6 months lol. She had healthy boys that weighed about 5 each.
Anyway you def don 8767 t want to be the 8775 concern 8776 troll saying she could not have carried twins. Ugh please. There is no reason to think she didn 8767 t. Report this comment as spam or abuse

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