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How does this all relate to the topic? My mate Daniel once had a great quote for me: 8775 To avoid the b 8776 #¤shit 8776 make yourself irrsistible 8776 . Id be the first to admit that both skw and I probably destroy the minimal chances we get with negativity and bad inner game. Guilty as charged. But again, second serve tennis is a mess, a lottery and you 8767 ll never get good feedback to whether its looks or personality, etc, etc. To gain confidence and be a consistent winner, you need to have a good first serve and get the quick easy points soem of the time. That doesnt happen and youre struggling- common sense really. And the one way to get a good first serve is LOOKS.
Now respect to PUAS like Jon Sinn and Ryan DRH for realising this and now moving past the old PUA nonsense to giving advice on improving your looks. This I can deal with and in fact I recommend as its quite useful.

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I talk to hundreds of guys every week, thousands every month and they all fear the same thing, REJECTION !!! So instead of putting themselves out there to possibly be rejected, they don 8767 t do anything and get no results.  In my opinion that 8767 s just silly.  They are basically rejecting themselves, so that they won 8767 t experience being rejected by a woman.


Lastly, just to say that I am a big fan of Marni 8767 s material because unlike many of the other female dating / pick-up experts out there, she does not hold back on the more hardcore, masculine aspects of pick up . sexual intent, playing women at their own game (in a healthy way) etc. Most of the female experts focus on deep rapport, 8766 date 8767 game, conversation etc (which is valuable but can be very one dimensional), which is why most learners go to male-dominated sources for their advice on pick up. Coupled with her perspective as an attractive female, who has no doubt been on the receiving end of almost every type of attraction/ seduction based behaviour from almost every type of male, I think she is occupying a unique place in the community.

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Just stay down till you are accepted no matter how many times you get rejected. If a woman acts like she is leading you on and is playing games leave her alone she is an attention hound and/or a flake. Again stay determined and you will get a woman. Try not to figure out what makes a fickle and irrational mind tick because it is a waste of time. Just stay determined to get a girl who likes you and who won 8767 t flake on you.

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This article covers an Intermediate/ Advanced concept 8766 getting rejected to show attractive unreactiveness and other attractive, masculine traits 8767 . Inner game concepts such as those i describe above can also help to contextualise this more advanced material, which is at first confusing when read by beginners There is plenty of Inner Game-related material to corroborate this and contextualise this . in RSD 8767 s Blueprint Decoded programme specifically where Tyler talks about how women 8767 s attraction to men is based on behavioural cues (unlike a man 8767 s tendency to based his attraction to women on visual cues). A cool, calm response to rejection is a behavioural trait that distinguishes the most desirable men for the majority of healthy, attractive women, who have high self esteem particularly those who are used to being approached and courted. This can be taken further


Once you have more experience, you will be better able to judge whether the advice is good advice or not. Sometimes you will have success or failure and not understand it this is where reading this type of material will help you improve your thinking and better direct how you go about improving. Marni can give you the answers and compared to a lot of other material I 8767 ve learned hers is excellent, and so far it is totally 8766 spot on 8767 from what ive read but she cannot make you experience it or give you the frame of reference you need to contextualise it. This is where field experience comes in, and mentoring for those who need the extra push to take action, and continue to take action immediately after a 8766 rejection 8767 / failed apprach / ejection. Building momentum is key to one 8767 s success and the beginning of that process on any given day (or night) most oftem begins with one form of rejection or another, even for the most highly skilled.

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Interesting topic! I have been rejected several times in my live. For a very long time I thought I had failed in one or an other aera. So I thought it was my fault! But after reading Marni 8767 s stuff especially concerning rejection, I 8767 m getting aware it 8767 s a kind of test from out the girl. Obviously she can have many reasons for rejecting him but not only! In this case if I catch it correctly, she want to see his grounded character ..

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68. Talking About The Future.   She 8767 s definitely flirting with you if she start to come up with future plans.  For instance, she 8767 ll mention a band that she wants you to see. Or she 8767 ll literally say, what are you doing next weekend? When I am flirting with a guy, I want to seal the deal and lock him down.  BUT if he eagerly responds to my invites, I 8767 m over it.  I remember when I was doing a TV show with Jennifer Love Hewitt and we had a 8775 female date 8776 , she turned me off by over inviting me to things.  I could tell she liked me because she invited me to do something that coming weekend. That made me happy but I said to her 8775 l 8767 ll check my calendar and let you know 8776 .  Before the night was over, she had invited me to 8 more things.

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In regards to using the Dalai Lama for your argument, I reckon you 8767 d be wrong. Even if he did react that way, a lot of people would see it as noble. That specific man who has a high level of influence towards those people and doesn 8767 t take aggressive action against his adversaries for such an abominable action to his people. That tells me one thing loud and clear, he 8767 s not as peace loving as he comes across, he 8767 s a drop nuts. Because there is a time to express love and kindness, and there is a time to express righteous rage.

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66. Interview Time.   She 8767 ll ask you questions about yourself.  What is your name? How old are you? What do you do for a living? Many men think that questions are a sign of testing, when in fact they are a sign of interest.  She 8767 s asking you questions because she wants the full picture.  REMEMBER: Giving responses are important BUT the way you respond will dictate her attraction levels.  I talk more about this in How To Become A Man Women Want, Step 6. Click Here To Read More

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I have to be honest here: if she isn 8767 t placing you in a position of enough value to take your calls, it 8767 s unlikely that she will be in the best place to accept you romantically. It sounds like, regardless of what else is going on in her life, she doesn 8767 t respect you as a romantic interest: otherwise she would be treating you like a higher priority. I 8767 d cool things off a bit and focus your attentions elsewhere.

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Hey Toyin,
You realise that you want to get out there. That 8767 s the first step!
You don 8767 t need to drink to go to bars! Chances are no one will even notice what you 8767 re drinking if you have a soft drink or soda water.
Try starting by going out with a group of friends if you get shy one on one. Chatting with a group of girls if you have some friends there too can be a lot more fluid. When it comes to conversation, there is no one answer. Chat about your interests: movies, music, books etcetera. Even if she doesn 8767 t like the same things as you that doesn 8767 t stop you from teasing her about her taste or getting her to give you some recommendations!
Marni 🙂

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I have been a professional sales man since I was eighteen, after reading this post I used the same math I use to track my sales and closing ratios. I estimate that in the past five years i have gotten close to 7555 phone numbers. From that I have gotten 5 dates, not going to post the number of women I have slept with, and two gfs. I 8767 m no stranger to rejection. Can I be omitted from this experiment lol.

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I have provided dating and attraction advice for men of all ages, from all different social and cultural backgrounds, with varying sticking points in achieving real results with any women they desire. Although there are clear universal rules when it comes to attraction, I am of course sensitive to the different cultural, age or any other specific nuances that can influence the dating and attraction process.


Women often test guys that they 8767 re attracted to and want to know if the guy is a keeper, or not. 8767 Testing 8767 a guy as to how sincerely interested in her he is a way that women separate the men from the boys how they work out whether this guy- out of the 65 that have hit on her that day- is the guy that she 8767 ll take seriously, as he 8767 s demonstrated to her that he 8767 s interested in something beyond her superficial appearance

so, i got rejected by this girl that now i don 8767 t really know what i noticed on her, but she is cute, now. i sit next to her and i can 8767 t concentrate in the class, i have sort of a attraction to just look at her and talk to her, the issue is that i asked her to be my gf by texting, i know it shouldnt have been like that, but well, so we did not speak to each other for like 7 years, now we are sitting together in the same class in the last year of school, id like to talk to her, but she sort of i dont know perhaps wanted to make me feel bad, but she started to talking to my friend and i now dont know what to do, and yes i am sort of scared of talking to her because alll her friends sit next to her, too.

9. Lively banter and laughing.  She will be laughing at all of your jokes even the unfunny ones  (another powerful flirting sign). When I am attracted to a guy, I will be fascinated by anything that comes out of his mouth. Remember, if a woman is NOT interested she will give you single-word answers and nod. If you have a woman engaged but you can tell she is slightly nervous, it 8767 s a sign she is into you.

I 8767 ll tell you a story, I was waiting in line to get tickets to a show, but it was total chaos, people all over the place, so this hot girl comes behind me and says, 8775 do you mind if I get by you? 8776 trying to use her hotness to make me move, I turned around, stared dead in that bitch 8767 s face and said, 8775 Very much so 8776 then smiled.. as in.. no, your tits will not make me budge. She flinched a little, then said something like, 8775 uh ok well I 8767 ll go there 8776 then she walked by me and brushed her tits against my back.

On a slightly different note, I just watched an interesting video from this guy James Marshall from Australia. I had never heard of him before, but I liked his low energy approach to meeting women. (Sure Jame 8767 s is a good-looking fella with an australian accent, but I think the info he shares could be helpful to all men. Plus he 8767 s an entertaning speaker.) I 8767 ll post a youtube link of his hour and half talk at the 76 convention last year, if that 8767 s allowed.

Yes you do need some physical evidence (EXTERNAL reference) to help motivate you at some point we have all heard that success breeds confidence but you need to interpret any external cues with a clear understanding and frame of reference (INTERNAL reference). The internal process is what will determine whether subsequent efforts to improve yourself will succeed or fail. As well as Marni 8767 s DVD material, which I will be going through in more detail myself (as I 8767 m also looking to improve my understanding / coaching ability), I can recommend looking at David D 8767 s Deep Inner Game programme. This helps you to distinguish between achievable goals (. things yo control, that fall within your perosnal boundary) and non-achievable goals (. external validation, or having long-term goals within someone else 8767 s boundary for example 8766 oneitis 8767 ) and also teaches core psychological truths with regard to improvement of self esteem (. Courage means doing the right thing in context, thus turning Anxiety to Confidence Assertiveness means taking action to fulfill basic needs, turning Anger /Depression to Well-being etc).

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