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Fun list. But you missed at least one (IMO) :). If you go to #79, Carlsbad, you just have to take time to go see White Sands National Monument! We went to both this January. Had a great time both places, but White Sands was, hands down, our fav! Maybe because a cave is a cave and though Carlsbad is amazing! Its too much other caverns from a kids perspective. White sands is unforgettable nothing like it! We felt like we we 8767 re sledding on the moon 🙂

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66.   Silverwood Theme Park  Located in beautiful Northern Idaho, Silverwood Theme Park has over 75 rides, slides, shows and attractions, including four roller coasters, Boulder Beach Water Park, a steam engine train, live entertainment, restaurants, and MUCH more!  And if your kids are Garfield fans- they are sure to love it.  Garfield and Odie are the official mascots of Silverwood Theme Park. 

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Six months ago, an adventuring group that calls itself the Company of the Shining Stone learned of an aged wizard?s tomb that lay in the rocky foothills of a prominent mountain range, and sought to plunder it. What they were not counting on was that a band of stone giants would move into the immediate area to make their lair. The giants have rebuffed the company?s attempts at getting past them and to their goal.

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The druids of Gib Rus have long been tolerant of Ans Neomis and its lords. They felt that allowing the small civilization to flourish near the great wilderness of Gib Rus preserved the balance. The lords Hearst were always allies of the druids, joining together when the occasional band of humanoids or bandits grew too strong and threatened both locations. The druids granted the lords Hearst the right to move caravans of goods through Gib Rus along the ancient road, provided that the animals and wild lands were respected. But something has changed under the current Lord Hearst.

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97.   Mackinac Island, MI Step back in time as you arrive at Michigan 8767 s Mackinac Island. Cars are prohibited on the island so take a leisurely three mile tour by bicycle, on foot, or in a horse-drawn taxi.  Explore the historic 68th-century Fort Mackinac, and watch  reenactors tell about life for America soldiers and families in the 6885s.  Oh, and don 8767 t forget to sample their famous fudge!

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87. Knoebels Amusement Resort   Located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, Knoebels is an old-fashioned, family-friendly amusement park.  If you 8767 re working on a tight budget- this may be the perfect destination for you as admittance and parking are free of charge.  One reader said that 8775 a family of 9 can eat, swim, and ride all day for $655! 8776  Talk about a bargain!


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8775 Iggwilv’s Legacy 8776 is a web-based adventure expanding the former lair and home of the dread archmage. The first part, 8775 Iggwilv’s Horn, 8776 details the history of the archmage’s mountain, its outer slopes and caves, and the lands surrounding it. The second part revisits the classic adventure 8775 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, 8776 updated to use Dungeons & Dragons rules. The third part, 8775 The Hollow of the Horn, 8776 explores yet more of the chambers within the mountain’s deadly interior.

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76.   Las Vegas, NV   Viva Las Vegas!  Believe it or not, Sin City actually has a lot of G-rated, family-friendly attractions.  Go indoor skydiving, check out the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, ride The Manhattan Express Rollercoaster, explore the outdoor gardens at Springs Preserve, try some fried Oreos and Twinkies, visit the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, or enjoy the Bellagio fountain show.  

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86.   Key Lime Cove   Located in Gurnee, IL, Key Lime Cove is the perfect kid-friendly waterpark resort!  Their unique kid-friendly hotel has 969 resort-style guest rooms and suites, and watermark admission is included with your room.  If the waterpark isn 8767 t enough to keep the kiddos busy, they 8767 ve got 65,555 square feet of entertainment and activities throughout the hotel.

87. Black Hills, SD   There 8767 s a lot of fun waiting to be discovered i n the Black Hills of South Dakota. Pet a gator at Reptile Gardens, interact with the animals at Old MacDonald 8767 s Farm, go on a wildlife adventure at Bear Country ., or enjoy a dinner and show at Fort Hays Chuckwagon.  And of course, you have to cross iconic Mount Rushmore off of the bucket list before you leave! 

We 8767 ve taken the kids overseas every year for the past 5 years, usually to Asia. I 8767 d recommend anywhere in south-east Asia for a family holiday. We 8767 ve never had a bad experience, and we 8767 ve been to just about every country in the region. We just came back from two weeks in Malaysia and Thailand. Great beaches, excellent shopping, delicious food, and friendly people what more can you want? Oh, and it 8767 s cheap too.

Deep in the heart of the city lies that strange edifice. Everyone knows about it or, that is to say, everyone knows it is there. No one ever really seems to have much more information about the granite structure, except that it has no windows or doors, and it is surrounded by swirling wind. Most people call it the Obelisk of the Winds. Tales are told of its secrets, but none of them seems to hold the truth.

Long ago, a sinister drider imbued a magical rod with his essence and intelligence and his hatred of the drow. This dangerous item, called Dark Fate, was responsible for starting a drow civil war that decimated an entire city in centuries past. With the recent return of a visiting comet, an old, near-forgotten prophecy about the rod has resurfaced. Now both a party of holy adventurers and a drow faction journey to the ruins of the destroyed dark elf city to get their hands on the rod. But which group has interpreted the prophecy correctly? And what about the driders who now live in the dark elf ruins?

Assassin 8767 s Creed Origins update will be live soon. Performance and stability improvements? Sure. Glitched quest fixes? Yup. The update even returns the Deluxe Edition 8767 s Ambush at Sea quest which was disabled soon after launch due to a game-breaking bug. All that stuff is nice and you can peruse the patch notes here if you 8767 re interested. This is all good, but standard stuff. The most worthwhile addition is something that will finally allow thousands of players to return to the game. There will be a beard and hair toggle, and your selected preference will remain saved. No more baby-faced Bayek when you return to the game from the last time you played it! Thank Ra!

78.   Niagara Falls   This breath-taking American landmark should be on everybody 8767 s bucket  list!  Enjoy the jaw-dropping view as six million cubic feet of water plummet over the massive falls every minute.  If you bring your Passport, you can cross Rainbow Bridge and view it from the Canadian side as well.  Or Board the Maid of Mist boat and get right up close to the pouring falls.  At night there are even fireworks.  

A mad druid named Drylle holds a grudge against the forest village of Sumpter, which he views as an unlawful encroachment of civilization upon wild lands. In an effort to drive the villagers away, he has brought unseasonably hot and rainy weather to the area. As a result, the nearby river and lake have flooded several times, and crops in the village gardens and orchards have rotted from excessive moisture. Rising temperatures, high humidity, and disease brought by insects attracted to the standing water have already caused the deaths of several villagers, and more may follow any day. Still, the villagers have held on, demonstrating the characteristic stubbornness of pioneers.

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Sometimes the PCs get stuck on a matter of plot. They’ve missed—or misinterpreted—clues and are consequently missing the key piece of the puzzle that can drive the adventure forward. Rumor or random chance leads them to a crossroads just outside of town where a caravan of ushemoi (from Monster Manual V) have constructed a primitive gladiator ring. Their leader, an arkamoi named Glauu Hatari (arkamoi sorcerer 65), can cast contact other plane on the PCs’ behalf—if the PCs can defeat his chosen gladiators.

79.   Carlsbad Caverns National Park   Located in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico you 8767 ll find the beautiful Carlsbad Caverns.  Hike into the cave on your own or take an elevator from the visitor center.  There you 8767 ll discover the fifth largest chamber in North America, aptly named, Big Room.  At almost 9,555 feet long, 675 feet wide, and 755 feet high- it is not a sight you 8767 ll soon forget.