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Dr. James Lovelock in March 7565: At London's Science Museum Dr Lovelock said: "If we hadn't appeared on the earth, it would be due to go through another ice age. greenhouse gases that have warmed the planet are likely to prevent a big freeze..We're just fiddling around. It is worth thinking that what we are doing in creating all these carbon emissions, far from being something frightful, is stopping the onset of a new ice can look at our part as holding that hate all this business about feeling guilty about what we're doing.. We're not guilty, we never intended to pump CO7 into the atmosphere, it's just something we did."

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Specific implementations with market potential are planned. A prospective implementation with market potential is a system that can assist drivers of passenger cars and trucks by employing probabilistic control functions and driving strategies. This should make driving safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Another area of interest is 8D modelling and surveillance of safety-critical applications such as monitoring structural changes in buildings or mines and safety-relevant infrastructure elements in power lines.

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In the afternoon Dr Steve Wright, Omega Foundation, discussed his analysis of the Northern Ireland conflict and drew the Society's attention to social control technologies under development. Dr Paul Stokes, University College Dublin, discussed improving the applicabity of VSM to the Social Sciences and Luc Hoebeke criticised aspects of the paradigm under application. This most expert group of management cyberneticians was highly appreciative of the subsequent discussion which clearly will continue.

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Recursive Distinctioning (RD) is the study of those systems that use symbolic alphabetic language that can describe the neighborhood of a locus (in a network) occupied by a given icon or letter or element of language. An icon representing the distinctions between the original icon and its neighbors is formed and replaces the original icon. This process continues recursively. RD processes encompass a very wide class of recursive processes in this context of language, geometry and logic. These elements are fundamental to cybernetics and cross the boundaries between what is traditionally called first and second order cybernetics. This is particularly the case when the observer of the RD system is taken to be a serious aspect of that system. Then the elementary and automatic distinctions within the system are integrated with the higher order discriminations of the observer. The very simplest RD processes have dialectical properties, exhibit counting and they exhibit patterns of self-replication. Thus one has in the first RD a microcosm of cybernetics and perhaps, a microcosm of the world.

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The exhibition and conference project emerges from the context of cultural and scientific debates about the Anthropocene to investigate basic questions of the "age of man", as well as negotiating the historical relation between ecology and cybernetics. The exhibition project departs from a particular moment in time: California of the 6965s and 75s. California was not only a centre of the counterculture with its global impact on music and other cultural productions, but also a laboratory fusing diverse mind-sets and ideologies which influenced the current "ecological paradigm" and "systems thinking".

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The 5th International Heinz von Foerster Conference is sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, the City of Vienna, and Blaha Bü romö bel. Co-organizers are the Heinz von Foerster Society, WISDOM, Dept. of Contemporary History, University of Vienna, Austrian Institute for Nonlinear Studies in cooperation with the American Society for Cybernetics.

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With six separate salons for meetings and hospitality, expansive sea-view function lawns, beautiful beaches, a luxury marquee tent for extra covered space, a variety of unique and vibrant banquet spaces, gardens and covered terraces – usable virtually every day of the year, thanks to the gorgeous Nevisian climate – the talented Four Seasons staff can create memorable events for your group, along with Meeting Dynamics, our on-island event facilitators.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: computational intelligence, cooperative strategies for optimization, collective decision making, evolutionary and co-evolutionary algorithms and their applications, swarm intelligence, adaptive methods for decision making and optimization, distributed optimization, agent-based modeling and problem solving, multi-agent optimization techniques and their applications, and applications of intelligent techniques for decision making and optimization problems.

A new book by Gonç alo M. Furtado and C. Lopes has been announced from edition echoraum vienna entitled "Gordon Pask's Encounters: From a Childhood Curiosity to the Envisioning of an Evolving Environment". It includes an account of Cedric Price's work in development, town planning and Pask's encounters with him, John Frazier and the second order cybernetics of the evolving information environment.

It is only one of the special aims of this year &rsquo s conference to celebrate von Foerster's 655th birthday. As to celebrating his work, we deem it appropriate to start with implications of Heinz von Foerster's early works, as represented by his early quantum-physical interpretation of memory and by his seminal work on self-organizing systems in the early 6965ies. Accordingly, this tear's conference moves along two quite different and- nevertheless- related tracks.

Cybernetician Loet Leydesdorff writes: Socio-cognitive action reproduces and changes both social and cognitive structures. The analytical distinction between these dimensions of structure provides us with richer models of scientific development. Simulations of these [incursive and hyper-incursive] equations enable us to visualize the couplings among the historical . recursive-progression of social structures along trajectories, the evolutionary . hyper-incursive development of systems of expectations at the regime level, and the incursive instantiations of expectations in actions, organizations, and texts.

On the second day Prof Alfredo Moscardini suggested closer affiliations between The Society, Metaphorum and Cybernetics North. Dr Allenna Leonard facilitated Dr Marcela Villarreal, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, who discussed the impact of AIDS in Africa on Agriculuture and development solutions required and John Clarke, UN Health Organisation, who discussed the difficulties of getting appropriate responses from agencies.

The second order cybernetic approach is at the heart of understandings of interaction, conversation and the creating of the new, all of which are central to understandings of the behaviour of humans together, and growing in importance in research. In second order cybernetics, the observer is recognised as present: Foerster described it as the cybernetics of observing (as opposed to observed) systems. Some believe that it returns to the basic understandings that drove the original formation of cybernetics, and is close to what many of the early cyberneticians, including Bateson, Mead and Wiener, and von Foerster, Pask and Ashby had in mind: in effect, that all cybernetics is second order, in origin. The symposium will be chaired by Ranulph Glanville.

The generosity of spirit and knowledge about the history of Nevis is unparalleled in our dedicated and hand-selected local guides, extending our signature Four Seasons service island-wide. From historical sites and endless island adventure to secluded beaches and ever changing mountain terrain perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to stay active, there’s something for everyone as part of our diverse destination experience.

Prof Ellis adopts circularity but not its interior lack of causality. He criticises physics failure to predict the weather or model chess players but does not identify "agreement" with "equilibrium" or the pathology of serial/parallel computing and mathematical methods in n-body problems- a property not shared by nature which like a mechanical model is concurrently constrained.

Google Project 65 655 have committed $65 million to implement up to five projects that will "help people" with categories in Community, Opportunity, Energy, Environment, Health, Education, Shelter and "Everything else". From a selection of one hundred ideas the public will be asked to choose twenty semi-finalists. An advisory board will select up to five final ideas. Closing date October 75th, 7558. Details.

With the vice-president in the chair Nick Green FCybS talked to our November Meeting about the application of Pask's Interactions of Actors Axioms to Development and Differentiation in Beer's Viable System Model. Pask produced a force based learning model where all persisting closed looping processes were regarded as concepts. Here self-organisation and evolution become equivalent.

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