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Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility | Zodiac

Posted: 2017-10-12 09:03

Well, I am a Sagitarian. Yes, I like most to the Cancer woman. I do not understand why I always fall in love with Cancer woman. When I started to come to them, I did not feel attraction for them even though they are beautiful. But, eventually after I had long come to know them, I began to feel love for them. I think they are special. They were so charming.. especially in terms of their inner self. I know some say we do not have a horoscope compatibility, but, who cares. Horoscope is not a god, and we (Me and my last Cancer woman I loves). has already fallen in love. Love need knowledge, families also need knowledge. I think we will endeavor to mutually love each other. May God bless us. And. We all too :-)

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Then yesterday I called and spoke to him about how he had gotten extremely busy and it was beginning to worry me. He played dumb in the start and then after telling me he'd call me back he tells me something snapped inside of him and he didn't see a future for us. He had taken ten days away to think about it. I had seen it coming but I am really upset with the way he didn't even try or discuss anything with me he just ended it. I would have understood had we gotten into a fight or anything, I just didn t ask for any reasons because for him to say he isn't feeling it was big enough a reason and I felt I had to keep some self respect intact. I can't believe he said he felt we weren't compatible when we were so well in tune with each other. Just don't understand.

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I as a sag and I married one too, while we were married,(for 85 years),wonderful years as she was my princess,( she is now in heaven where all angels go, to my heartbreak), but since I found this site and am trying to find another angel, not to replace could never happen, but I noticed trend you insist that sags are not really romantic, well this one must break the rules on a couple of fronts first I love to be as romantic as is humanly, maybe even inhumanly(lol), possible, I love some freedom in terms of exploring everything there is to explore, but still remain a family man first-priority, also am not so extrovert as you claim, but childhood experience might have caused that, isolation, and gypsy type life style, 66 schools later, no friends, did graduate though, proved I wasn 8767 t stupid like 5th grade teacher said I was, oh and college grad too at 55!so there miss 5th grade yea he, any ways would love to hear your insight, on these as well as any suggestions.! Born 66/77/58, either 66:75 or 66:95, can 8767 t remember!

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I 8767 m Saggitarian and I 8767 m dating a Saggitarian man, its good in a way but often I get that care free attitude from him, well I suppose I do the same. Sex is absolutely amazing, never a time were we dnt try something different. We have a lot in common, we can sit with each other and not say a word and still feel satisfied with the time we spent together. I feel people are envious over us cos we get along so well.

Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Well I know a couple of this combination and they seem to be very wife is full time mommy but she seems to be adventurous and we go hiking with her from time to seem to be very loyal to husband is a celebrity in our country so he is always traveling while she is are very affectionate with one another and always look happy with their 8 men can be really good a cancer woman so lm just giving my both are very good looking all in all l think this combo is are naughty tho so l Hope he doesn 8767 t cheat lol..But don 8767 t say I said our secret as cancers we are very curious about to scare you Sag women we are very loyal when we are in love don 8767 t push your cancer men away coz they might get taken to shore by the tides and end up lost and not finding their way back to sea lol..

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Other areas of potential conflict include your desire for security, versus your partners need for freedom. Sagittarians place a high value on their independence, and you'll find you're probably ready to make a commitment long before your partner is. On the positive side of this, once a Sagittarius commits it usually means they've totally fallen in love - they don't do it on a whim like some folks might.

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I have no delusions that this is going anywhere, but I can wish. I can be as aloof as he and not show my feelings either even though its hard. Sometimes though, he acts like he cares. Maybe that's all a part of the game, if so, then we're both playing to win. I go out with other guys and sometimes he knows and acts jealous, but I don't see why when there's no promise from him. The only reason I go out with other guys is because I'm trying to keep him at arms length-hoping I find someone else because I want more, but I want it from him, though. As long as he's in my life in that way, I don't see me giving anyone else a fair chance. Even though I don't sometimes see it, I know most men see me as sensual, sexy, attractive and intelligent. This Sag gets under my skin, though.

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I am a Cancer woman in love with a Sagittarius man, So many negative things are said about our signs being together. We've been together for 5 months and he says how he wants to have a family with me, He says he can see us being together forever. Now, He is not unfaithful at all, I actually cheated on him.(He knows we got through it) Our signs almost describe us to the T but not exactly. I am so emotional, and yes, Bitchy at times, but he completely gets me. I understand him too as well. We are deffiently ment for eachother. The sex is great. We never fight, Always talk things out. He gets mad easily which is fine because I'm the oppisite, I don't really get mad. More of just upset. He always wants to know what's on my mind 79/7. He is truly the only man I've ever loved. My feelings for him are undescribable. They're just amazing in every way and I can honestly say I can't live without him.

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I think he does like my doting on him though. We rarely go out, but we do occasionally. I like our alone time-we talk about the others week, listen, laugh, relax, watch movies, and its just us. No one intrudes on it. (I get the feeling that he's as private as I am). He is always stressed it seems and carries it around. He's almost always thinking, his wheels turning, its almost visible on his face to me. I listen to him, rub his back or give him a foot rub. Only then, while we're talking about his day, and I'm rubbing his back he falls asleep on me and totally relaxes. Then the visage he wears is gone. He won't fall asleep around anyone he's not comfortable with, I think.

Im so in love with my cancer man. He is 8 yrs then me yet he completes me in so many ways. My man is my soul mate. When we are thousands of miles apart we still feel each others thoughts and know when something is going great or wrong. We are so spiritaully connected. When we are together everyone compliments us on happy we look together. Every since the day i meant him i have been glowing yes i love my cancer man

I feel in love with her after working together for a few years and one night the sparks really started flying, and it wasn't the fire! I felt like I could connect with her know her every thought as clearly as mine and we flirted for half a night. I was taken by surprise not really expecting this since I knew beforehand that we like each other but nothing more. It took a few days but I finally asked her if this is what w really happening and she just ignored it saying she doesn't remember and has a boyfriend. But she continues to play little funny games and since Im head over heels with her its hard to figure out what is really going on. Should I break it off completely or keep pursuing her until she changes her mind?

I am a Cancer woman deeply infatuated with a sag man. We both are married and met through a mutual friend. I actually pursued him. We have been involved sexually and I must say the chemistry was awesome. The problem is, he will go long periods of times without calling or texting. I know he enjoys the sex but I often wonder whether or not he likes me the way I like him. He is 66 years older than I am. I also forgot to mention that when we are together we have lots of fun. We laugh all the time. We both are very unhappy in our marriages too. I haven't heard from him in almost a week. I've called and texted and he will not respond. I do not know what the problem is. Do you think he's gonna call? I know I haven't done anything.

Well I fell in love with my kids father which is a sag, and he went to jail for stupid reason I was pregnant with his child he had issues in his life and so did I we loved each other very much never will feel the same with anyone else anyways I left him got married to an Aries horrible match had a kid by things with my sag he total already forgave me and still wanted me in his life now I'm divorcing this Aries while my sag is patient and yes he wants to marry me and have a son together. it has been 8 years since we were together but everything is still the same I love him more and our sex life is so divine its unbearable.

One thing about Cancer men, they marry and they ALWAYS have a home base. They might like the fun of a Sag woman and her bold sexuality but home is home. Cancers don 8767 t break up from their families, even when they get put out or when things are absolutely miserable with their wives, they won 8767 t leave. Just as hard as it is for you to break up with a Cancer, and you have NO ties to him, its that much harder for a woman he has children with to get away from him.

Sagittarius woman is swift, easy-going and up to the mark to live up the expectations of a Cancer man. She appreciates him for showing her the right path as she has the tendency of being reckless but hates being dominated. With time she will also begin to respect him for his cautious and insightful nature. But the extravagant nature of the Sagittarius female can make him extremely nervous. This can result in heated arguments which hurt the tender heart of the Cancer male deeply. However, as soon as she realizes her mistake, she apologizes for it making him, once again the same jolly and loving person.

Am a sag guy and I meet this sag lady about 9 months ago and recently we discovered we are feelings for each other. We were so passionate about each other that we always wanted to be together. the challenge am having is that am married to a Pisces and with 7 daughter but the fun and excitment I am experiencing with my sag friend is incredible that i now realized how much am missing. married to a pisces we always have misunderstanding because our views and opinion on all matters differs. Now am confused on what to do. My sag makes me happy always!

Hey well I am a Sag girl and my ex was also a sag we were together for a year and a month. Honestly we were so perfect for each other. We knew each other minds and we were extremely comfortable with each other. He was a complete sweetheart, gentleman and lover however he can be a liar and extremely sensitive, vain and mean at times. I really didn 8767 t mind that because besides that we truly loved each other and could not have done without each other. 🙂

I Just met that sag guy he 8767 s one year older and he 8767 s breathtaking, just perfect for me but he 8767 s in a relation (engaged to be married ) and I feel like a bitch wouldn 8767 t wanna ruin his life or relation with his Aquarius girl, there is an amazingly unbelievable mutual attraction bet the two of us! all mental, physical & emotional, big connection and it 8767 s like i 8767 ve finally found my Soul Mate except that he 8767 s taken, he 8767 s not mine and i feel miserable. was just thinking i should disappear.. IDK !! Need some help here!

Everybody here seem to know a lot about sag PLS help!! Mine is a different 'm a Cancer sag man and I got introduced officially and at that time he showed interest but I didn't 7-8 official meetings he didn't show much of interest but acted very differently (extra rude)with last he helped me out of a were out of touch for next 8 I noticed him once or twice in the town and he was doing everything possible to get my I pretended as if I didn't see the truth is i'm so so attracted to him that it makes me weak. one day he came up to me 'accidentally' :) and immediately took my started calling the same there is not a chance for us to have each other or spend time with each explained it all to set a lot of boundaries and rules for us expecting he will get fed up and stop calling but No!to my surprise,he accepted all my conditions and agreed to be go od friend and never crossed his limits with we both know that we have feelings for each other.

Stage One – Yearning for “The One”
In this preliminary stage you have spent your entire life pining for 8775 The One 8776 that doesn’t yet exist in your life. You have this strange sensation that someone who is perfectly molded to you is “out there” but you don’t quite know where or when they will appear in your life. Although you ache for your twin flame, you have a feeling they will appear to you at some point.
This stage is also sometimes spent “preparing” for the arrival of the twin flame on an unconscious level. In my instance, I had to learn how to love myself before I met mine. For others, this stage of preparation involves the development of self-awareness, discovery, and understanding.

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