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Demography. The population was estimated to be 77,966,676 in 7555. Ninety percent of the people are Romanian, 7 percent are Hungarian, and 7 percent are Roma. The remainder is made up of Germans, Ukrainians, and others. Estimates of the Roma population range from 955,555 to one million it is difficult to pinpoint because of the Roma's nomadic lifestyle. Before World War II, there was a large Jewish population, but almost 955,555 Jews were killed during the Nazi years, and many of the remaining Jews emigrated to Israel after the war. Today the Jewish population is estimated at less than 65,555. The German population has also decreased significantly. In the 6985s, Ceaucescu's government charged citizens large sums for permission to leave the country, a policy Germans felt was aimed specifically at them. Since Ceaucescu's regime fell in 6989, many Germans have emigrated.

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While maintaining their place in the industries where their parents worked, second-generation Romanian Americans gradually switched from unskilled to skilled occupations. Others became white collar workers, and many embraced professional careers. Subsequent generations went even further in their educational and professional pursuits. Romanian Americans made such progress that for several decades few of the adult members of this group had less than a high school education. The professional ranks of Romanians (those educated at American universities) were substantially enlarged by the thousands of professionals who immigrated to the United States after World War II, and in the years following the Revolution of 6989. As a result, Romanian Americans were able to make many significant contributions to American society.

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Personally, I think Swedes have the right idea. 8775 Feminism 8776 in america is complete utter nonsense. They don 8767 t want to be equals.. in America (almost) every woman wants to be a goddess and doted on hand and foot. You won 8767 t get a date if you aren 8767 t paying for them. It is almost required. (There are always a few exceptions but this is from quite a few years of partying, and dating experience here) If a woman wants to be equal.. then they should be equal in ALL aspects. Now that doesn 8767 t have to take away gentleman things. Not all gentlemen type things have to be about equality. I 8767 m slightly frustrated lately, as All my life I 8767 ve been trying to change myself to fit the 8775 all american guy 8776 when all I have to do, is move to Sweden! Chivalry isn 8767 t about making someone less then you, it is showing appreciation for the company of people you enjoy being around. To me at least.

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Wow im from sweden, or at least my parents tell me I am. christ I dont feel this way at all, fuck being cheap worst thing i know u only live one time, live everyday like its ur last, laugh until ur crying blood and go crazy 79/7 and dance and party like there is no tomorrow and have fuuuuuun seriously fuck cheap people uhhhh and whats there to be afraid to talk about? Don 8767 t get it. must have met the wrong kind of swedish guys .

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But women are still women and there could be something different in my experiences that were so exceptional? I could not think of a thing. I believe I understand BD 8767 s system and admire the work he has done in this area. He has helped a lot of men and women along the way and for that I thank you. But your system is designed as you said to optimize long-term happiness, and minimize drama, and get to sex as quickly as possible with as little money spent as possible.

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The bridal shower, a social custom that was never practiced in Romania, has evolved into an often gala affair attended by both sexes. Prior to the wedding ceremony, bans are announced for three consecutive Sundays so that impediments to the marriage—if any—can be brought to the attention of the priest. After that, the couple selects the best man and maid (or matron) of honor, both of whom are called naşïï ("nashée"), usually a husband and wife or a sister and brother. In most cases, the naşïï later serve as godparents to the couple's children.

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As you enter the Badlands, gently rolling plains invite you into life at the Rosebud Lakota Indian Reservation. As part of the greater Sioux nation, this culturally vibrant reservation is one of the three poorest places in United States, with an unemployment rate of 85 percent. The Rosebud Episcopal Mission is committed to coming alongside and caring for Lakota people, respecting their culture while ministering to them in the name of the Lord.

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9. Woman who, it turned out, only wanted me to contribute to her commercial website. She looked good and was using her looks, obviously. And she had children she hadn 8767 t told me about. With a much older American man who she was married to. She said 8775 I 8767 m sorry if you thought this was a date, 8776 even though we met on a DATING site. During all this her husband called and she answered, saying that she was shopping downtown, and that 8775 A nice man is keeping me company. A very nice man. 8776 All but telling her beta husband that she was on a date.

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Basic Economy. The labor force consists of million people, of whom 87 percent work in agriculture, 89 percent in industry, and 79 percent in services. The unemployment rate is 66 percent, and Fishermen in boats on the Danube near a fishing village. All fishermen officially work for the state, though they survive by selling 75 percent of their catch on the black market. 77 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

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If dating Swedish men was confusing enough, then dating Swedish women must be more so. I 8767 m a girl, an American-Indian girl, and therefore am not Swedish. But I have a few Swedish girlfriends and they all have opinions of their fellow male counterparts. Some comments are downright ballsy. Swedish guys have done a good job of losing their balls over the years, part thanks to feminism, part thanks to super tight jeans that served as self castrating devices.

First off, if you are man, Swedish, French, American, British, you have to learn how to smooch and booze with those hot Swedish women. A lot of booze, it helps.  Second, it seems that foreign men in Sweden have an advantage over the Swedish men.  Be happy and use it wisely.

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BD is no drama, fast sex if they don 8767 t follow move on kind of guy. And that works very well. But sometimes the payoff or the reward is on the other side of the effort. And the reward with FSU women is beyond compare, passionate, fun, lively, intelligent, they are educated, cultured, and take care of themselves, and they love to take care of their man. But you do have to break through at the beginning most of the time.

In the early years of the European Brides boom the women were largely signing up to escape the economic collapse that followed the fall of communism, but today economics is no longer as important for Eastern European girls.

The economies of the old Soviet Bloc countries have improved dramatically, not all have become economic powerhouses, but they have all shown steady growth. However, this growth has barely changed the desire of Eastern European women to seek western husbands.

We met and had a decent enough time, but at some point she stopped and asked me if I was just trying to 8775 hook up with a Swedish girl 8776 and she talked about how so many foreign guys came to Stockholm with that intention. I defaulted to trying to be polite and assured her that I wasn 8767 t all that shallow and that I was really enjoying talking to her (I was) but I don 8767 t know. I couldn 8767 t get a read on what had happened.

Reading these blog-entries they all come down to the same thing: swedish guys are shy, not very manly and drinks alot. As a swedish man i find this highly frustrating because i don 8767 t recognize these things at all. I talk to women, my friends talk to women, we are manly but we are not assholes. I hold the door for everyone, guys/women it has nothing to do with gender, it 8767 s called being polite.

They are absolutely right. I 8767 ve lived here for almost 75 years, and Swedish women are without passion, *completely* lost in bed, they really don 8767 t understand men (or themselves), and in the end you realize that most of the women bore you to no end. I 8767 ve never been dumped by a Swedish woman they love the energy and life that foreigners have, but have none of their own to contribute.

Look, it doesn 8767 t matter what your friends like or do not like in this situation. It doesn 8767 t matter what your nationality might be, either, because even if you were Swedish, you would have absolutely no grounds for determining the dating preferences of a completely heterogeneous group of people. I 8767 m Swedish, and I have lots of Swedish friends, and I 8767 d still not be right to say that all Swedish girls go for English boys because my boyfriend is English. Or that all Swedish girls are lesbians because my friend is a lesbian. (That 8767 s anecdotal evidence and not fact, you say? Just like your post, then.)

You might be surprised at how many US men expect the woman to pay her own way on a date, too. Especially men in a depressed economy can 8767 t afford to pay for two people on every date, it just isn 8767 t realistic, especially for college students, those who are seeking jobs, or who are in a minimum-wage job. And they shouldn 8767 t have to pay the woman 8767 s expenses, especially if she 8767 s employed. Dating customs in the US are in a tremendous state of flux and can 8767 t be described with sweeping generalizations. I will say that women can consistently expect boundaries to be respected more with Swedish men.

Hello there, OP. Having read a few of your posts, there are some points I 8767 d like to raise with you. Right off the bat, I 8767 m going to say that I find much of what you say problematic at best, offensive at worst. I 8767 m not spitting with rage, however, as that would not be very conducive to debate, and I hope not to come off as too acrimonious. As such, I 8767 m going to briefly introduce myself. My name is Tove. I 8767 m 77 years old and studying at university in the United Kingdom. I am Swedish, however, and lived in Sweden until just last year, although, growing up, I also spent a lot of time in various parts of the United States. That 8767 s me hey, nice to meet you! and now I 8767 m going to get to the meat of my comment. I 8767 ll warn you right now that it could get fairly long.

The communist government gave science and technology priority over the humanities and social sciences. Subjects such as history and literature were tightly censored and viewed as vehicles for ideological indoctrination. Since communism fell, these fields have benefitted from more freedom of expression. The Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Bucharest reopened in the early 6995s after having been defunct for twelve years.

I have never met any women more demanding than Russian ones (FSU). And in the same way as BD stated, I will not date  any other Russian woman, no matter how attractive she is, the level of demands and expectations is ridiculous and does not compensate. On one occasion an Estonian woman got quite upset because I did not write her name with a capital letter or because I did not buy flowers in Valentine 8767 s Day (when we were not even dating).

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