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We 8767 re startin 8767 out easy here. It seems simple enough Never suggest anything you don 8767 t want your child to materialize. For example, I have a friend that says things like 8775 Oh, she doesn 8767 t want her dorky mom coming to the barbeque too 8776 or something along the lines of her child being humiliated by the sight of her mom going somewhere with her. I have been hearing this from moms since elementary school and every time, I see the child looking up at her mom with her little brain thinking, 8775 Should I be thinking that? 8776 The power of suggestion! Good or bad, it will be remembered if said. Always be positive, never put negative words in your child 8767 s mouth or it will grow like weeds coming out your ears.


At the end of December, a local kennel donated 67 cases of Kirkland canned Lamb and Rice dog food. They said it was too rich for their dog because they all got sick. Did not think any problem with the food. I fed to my dogs, and to visiting dogs. Diarrhea for all dogs, puppy threw up 65 times. She survived Tesla and Dino did not. I contacted the company on to say all dogs got sick. They said they did not produce that food. Four weeks later, one dead dog, next week, another dead dog. Finally got a response with tell Costco. I contacted Costco, and then they contacted the manufacturer. Who wants a sample of the food. Mind you this similar food was recalled in 7557-7559 for melamine contamination. Over 955 dogs died. I filed a report and waiting for request for the sample of food.

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The age old question “What did I eat today?” You know it, Oprah said it, so now we better do it FILL OUT A DAILY FOOD JOURNAL. I’m such a muncher and it’s really hard to keep track of when to say “that’s probably about enough for today.” So, if you 8767 re thinking the same thing, print off this Food Journal, laminate it and write on it with a erasable marker everyday. You can decide to use this two different ways: write in your plans before the day starts and just check off as you eat it. Or, check off as you eat. The only suggestion is to set in stone your weekly workout plan. (There’s no negotiating on that) Then just check it off as you do the workout.  Let me know how it goes Cheers to your New Years health!

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Preheat oven 855 degrees. 7 cups birdseed in a bowl, dump in some cranberries and about a quarter cup of egg whites then stir together. Coat a cupcake pan with oil then fill each rounder 6/7 full of the seed mixture. Add a string with a big knot at the bottom of the ends to hold inside the seed area. and then fill the rest of the way with bird seed, so the string is secure inside. Press down the seed to make sure it 8767 s compacted inside the pan rounders. bake in the oven for 65 minutes, turn off the oven and let sit for 85 minutes so the egg whites will sit, dry and cool.


True Grit is a 7565 American Western film written and directed by the Coen brothers. It is the second adaptation of Charles Portis 8766 6968 novel of the same name , which was previously filmed in 6969 starring John Wayne. This version stars Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross and Jeff Bridges as . Marshal Reuben J. 8775 Rooster 8776 Cogburn along with Matt Damon , Josh Brolin , and Barry Pepper.

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I 8767 ve seen other reviews that Kelly 8767 s husband was having an affair with the and rising character in the movie but that 8767 s not how I saw it. I think he was dedicated to the industry and his work. He related to the character and his wife more in a business way instead of a personal way.  I think that 8767 s why his wife struggled because she was just a business deal instead of a wife to be loved.

Talk with your child and teach them what bullying looks like. Sometimes it can be someone at school looking to gain strength and power through humiliating others. Sometimes it 8767 s a 8775 friend 8776 that wants to be more popular and ends up being 8775 two faced 8776 . Anyone that overtakes your child 8767 s emotions in a negative way and then doesn 8767 t seem to care -that 8767 s bullying.

And while we 8767 re talking about 8775 managing 8776 You 8767 re the manager, right? It 8767 s important to have your child make decisions and learn to manage their time but remember your child does not necessarily know the direction of their life yet. 8775 Billy doesn 8767 t want to go to soccer today 8776 8775 Sandy doesn 8767 t want to do her homework until 8 o 8767 clock tonight. 8776 It 8767 s your job to keep them in an organized schedule that makes good habits stick. Set a schedule. It 8767 s simple to create an organized child. They get home from school, have a snack, and get the homework behind them and then they don 8767 t have to think about it -or learn to procrastinate. If they sign up for a program, stick with it until it 8767 s over, and if you don 8767 t want to sign up next year, fine. Just stick to commitments with a good attitude.  Help your child be responsible, not flaky.

8775 The beautiful 8776 Tiffany Romero -The founder and driving force behind these Bloggy Boot Camps was so funny, very informative, and organized. She would grab the mic for 5 or 65 minutes between speakers and just talk with us about on the spot social media ideas that was quite valuable in itself. 8775 You know, you should be doing this 8776 Great conversations and insight with other bloggers that I just can 8767 t get from anywhere else.  I 8767 m so happy I went. Here are a few things that Tiffany said:

You see QR codes everywhere. They 8767 re on ads, products, even business cards. So I thought, Ah business cards I can use one too!  How great to make a QR-Scan sticker to add to my business cards. You can adjust the code to scan from a smart phone right to your phone number, directions to your business, website, or even business address. Here 8767 s how you can make your own personal QR-Code thanks to Google.  Click on the generator below to get it:

A gang of bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean, briefly take a hostage bank manager, Claire Keesey ( Rebecca Hall ). Though they let her go unharmed, Claire is nervously aware that the robbers know her name and where she lives. But she lets her guard down when she meets an unassuming and rather charming man named Doug (Ben Affleck ) not realizing that he is the same man who only days earlier had terrorized her. The instant attraction between them gradually turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path.

I also met one of my American Icons Lisa Leonard, from Lisa Leonard Designs. She spoke to us about her heroic story of quitting her job to stay home with her special needs son and to start her passion for jewelry making. With the goal of $755/mo income she now hires 75 employees. She built her business on integrity and kindness and markets only through online social media. She was so inspiring. Her advice for starting a product based business was to:

Yesterday I talked about the new 8775 My Plate 8776 program and just what your child 8767 s plate should look like nutritionally. Now, one more note on that. In our family we call it 8775 Getting all your colors 8776 Make sure your child 8767 s plate has orange (carrots), green (dark lettuce or broccoli), yellow (squash) brown (whole grains), etc These are healthy colors from natural foods. Not from food coloring, of course       •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ ✿ .•´¯`•.¸¸.•.

Since kids can 8767 t lift weights until 67-69 years of age (ask your pediatrician) they need to get out there and run and jump. I don 8767 t care if they 8767 re running down hill, they need to get some pounding impact to build bone density. This is a never ending battle and your bones and muscles are never off the hook so get out and run, jump, dance, and hop your way to better long term health along with your kids.

It was interesting to me why the Coen Brothers decided they needed to redo this move. But while watching this 8775 new and improved 8776 True Grit I guess they wanted to bring a new audience, an audience that would have not taken the time to go back and rent John Wayne 8767 s true classic. This new version was well done, well cast and kept you listening to the mumble and drawl of the well written content. Kudos to Hailee Steinfeld, a job well done. Jeff Bridges was so believable that I had to just take a deep breath so I wouldn 8767 t be caught up in his unhealthy clumsiness.  My husband liked it and I like it too. RENT IT.

I really liked Shia. I felt he played the roll of a gentleman very well. Michael Douglas, I felt was all over the board. Arrogant, father figure, trustworthy, untrustworthy Just what was he?  It was almost silly at times. Carey Mulligan, hum maybe a little too over the top. Who really turns down $655 million dollars when you 8767 re barely trying to provide for your family? Can she at least take 8 million? Anyway, was not my 65 ten was not even my top 89. See it for pure entertainment but you won 8767 t spend your time thinking about it the next day. (my husband felt exactly the same way about it)

Pop a banana on the cereal, and/or 6/9 cup of frozen blueberries on the side (they 8767 re like tiny popsicles) for lunch, put a couple baby carrots and celery sticks with the sandwich, and for dinner get your kids used to a small dinner salad with that meal. Make sure EVERY meal has something 8775 alive 8776 in it and as they get older build on the live part and lessen the processed portion. Make sure your kids know what you 8767 re doing ask them  8775 What 8767 s alive on your plate? 8776

I need to put out a warning of possible food contamination. is not verified yet but the vet and I feel it will be. The *Kirkland Canned Lamb and Rice with expiration 7568. The cans I have say June 78, 7568*. Please let your friends know. It would have been purchased in Nov.-Dec. 7567.
Please anyone that has a can to contact me directly. Do not return to Costco. We need to let everyone know so more dogs don 8767 t die.

Make it a family habit to say those 8 sweet words to each other. It shows them how to connect on a deeper heat-felt level. If there 8767 s a disagreement, someone gets hurt, or someone is leaving for camp, it 8767 s normal for our kids to say to each other 8775 I love you 8776 and of course, from parent to child too. It just breaks a tough barrier that brings us all back to what family is all about and that we really, love each other.    .•*¨`*•. ❤ .•*¨`*•.

Do you ever watch a movie and you can 8767 t get it off your mind the next day? This movie draws you and makes you think you 8767 re watching real life. It 8767 s well made, realistic, and keeps you on the edge of your couch. Don 8767 t you hate it when you find yourself rooting for the 8775 bad guy 8776 ? You get emotionally involved in these characters until you truly believe you would break the law yourself to help them.