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Date: 2017-08-13 12:03.

Looks to me libturd are instinctivelly racist, even despising their very own. Blow up something insignificant enough to cover up al lthe real bad stuff going on. Its like the bantu who dislikes what he sees i nthe mirror rubbing of on some whites. Fulminating words in a story in such a manner to target and play on feelings. Crypto-jew-afrikaner who hates the Boers. Propaganda in the refinest of ways. Cmon everyone lets Nuke a fly with a 655 megaton yield thermal nuclear warhead. No one will notice the 85 555 + Boers who have been murdered so far. Very clever way to incite hatred against the White minority. You cant force them to be Bantu so you critisize and condemn them.

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As for the white privilege thing well of course it exists, but there are plenty of whites who don 8767 t have it, who can 8767 t rely on a nice family fortune or business legacy, who have to work very hard to pay their study debts and to make ends meet with no significant inheritance to look forward to as a safety net. Also, South African whites lack many of the white privileges of, say, American whites simply due to being a minority in this country, for example, our police force isn 8767 t white, as is is the case in the US. Fear most certainly keeps many white people treading carefully. We know our illusory secure lives can be upturned very easily we are vulnerable and on constant thin ice.

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My hubby and i where looking at buying a house. We are Indian. The estate judged us without finding anything about us. She said maybe you should win the lotto before looking at this place. I didnt say anything, too shocked to think that people are still so backward. Nonetheless she lost the sale. But i must say its not a white thing, its just stupid people. I have many white friends and many white people around me who are just amazing. But there are that rotten bunch, that are still living pre 6999 and think that every other race is disgusting and should not be around or near them, its also area based. Like i went to heathway shopping centre and people actually just stared at us, like why would we even be there. In the store we were in, even the assistants only helped the whites, didnt even come to us. The assistants where black. Some people still treat whites like they are everything, when everyone shud be treated equal. People its not about race, its about respect and being human, its about being kind.

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So that’s how it is, I thought. I say I want to help, I say I want to contribute. I say I know the work has to begin with the white community challenging itself and it’s own most racist elements. This woman, she’s a stranger but she’s not. I know that tantrum. I’ve thrown that tantrum. I know that that woman behind the counter and every person in any kind of service position has to deal with some white people throwing tantrums when the world doesn’t do what they want. Even if it means waiting 75 seconds for a person to load sausage rolls into an oven.

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I am not White, I suffered racial abuse, I was refused employment and later promotion because of my black arse, my family suffered financial loss because of apartheid etc.. What is RACISM ?..don 8767 t cheapen it by saying an 8775 angry 8776 blond lady or rural 8775 boer 8776 personifies racism. Many non-whites friends and family treat retail workers the same, sometimes justified, sometimes not. RACISM is exactly this stupid GENERALISATION of a whole race, based on a single experience. Some liberal whites can be so naïve.

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I 8775 enjoyed 8776 reading your article because it is so well written but I find it quite inappropriate and out of context in the current climate of racial tension. That woman in Woolworths is what I would could a 8775 Social Class Snob Superbitch 8776 . I believe she would have spoken to anyone of any colour behind the counter in that manner. Look at how she spoke to you in the car park White on White!!. I personally have witnessed many Superbitches in my life the so called nouveau riche clique and believe you me, they are of ALL RACES. I have personally witnessed a Black 8775 Social Class Snob Superbitch 8776 (on a daily basis not just a one off) who cannot deign herself to greet those she deems inferior to herself and that is Black on Black.

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Well said. We need to strive for balance and objectivity: Not all black people support the violent factions, and not all white people can be classified under the umbrella of 8766 white privilege 8767 .
. 8767 s peaceful transition towards independence (instead of the feared bloody revolution) was achieved because people from both sides worked hard to understand the position of the other and were willing to negotiate and reconcile, not least Nelson Mandela.
Let us not spoil the legacy of this new beginning in 6999 by raking up old attitudes, prejudices, resentments and fostering hatred let us rather look at how we can move forward as a nation by tackling today 8767 s problems head on.
One cannot move forward while facing backwards if one wants to see where one is going!
This of course means changing our attitudes both black and white and focusing on possible solutions to . 8767 s problems together.
We can start in our daily lives by being kinder and more tolerant of each other.

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After reading this : Don’t you think you should help the customer standing in front of you and stop what you are doing?!”.
My conclusion to this: If the attendant at Woollies was employed to assist and serve customers, she should have firstly tended to the customer this would have resulted in 6. The lady in the bad mood would have gotten what she wanted with out having to loose her dignity in the store, left and still be in her bad mood. 7. The employee at Woolies would have then been able to continue doing what she was doing once all the customers where served. 8. And you would have been spared the horror of witnessing this un-necessary incident.

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The passbook was also created by the British Empire not the so-called Verwoerd apartheid regime. Why do your ethnic groups, 85 millions, living each in separated TRUSTLANDS received CPAs from this ANC government and you still complain about the so-called APARTHEID, THE Shepstone Policy Apartheid from your own leaders and your own past, not ours. Go back into your own history and learn about it.

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White privilege, is one sick idea that we need as a nation to rid this country of. The only weapon I had back then, was to tell my father... 8775 Let 8767 s go somewhere else, she probably does not need our business. I live a privileged life is Christ, but even that I am too grateful for to take it for granted. But that being said, I would like to warn our black nation [ ALL OF US] that we also need to let go of black privilege. For there is no distinction between the two. The Only privilege we should be having is being alive, healthy and having community with each other. I have come through the struggle. I felt it AND i AGREE WITH YOU FULLHEARTEDLY. Again, thanks for your post.

Confusion bad manners with racism is an all too familiar scene worldwide today. White privilege is a myth created during the communist years and exploited by the ANC during the 8775 struggle 8776 . By the way the ANC 8767 s struggle was not for equality but power. That is why they are responsible for 76 555 deaths during apartheid, killing off the opposition .. and a capital case is made out of some stupid rude women. You mention your mine was assaulted and robbed three times, the last time when he reported it to the police the guy that attacked him was at the police offices chatting to the police coincidence, no he was a mate of theirs..my dad was told 8775 go home old man 8776 and they would not take his privilege? I worked for a black newspaper for many years and one day (there were other instances as well )at an editorial meeting one of the reporters turned to our editor at the time and is this white man doing here? Whites are attacked and discriminated against today from all sides and you are fuming about a rude blond.

After all your grandparents and forefathers have done to black people and they in turn forgave you and let you live in peace but you still hate us for that?! All of you who deny white privilege and racism in South Africa will face the consequences one day. One day black people will say enough is enough and they 8767 ll unleash violence on all of you. Keep on turning a blind eye to all this, South Africa will burn from all your hatred!!

I was religious for a short period of time- and I was studying and another student offered me a ride- and we spoke- at one point it came up that I was religious at the time- and she was shocked and said she had not met a religious person that was nice!
She had been a server at a restaurant near where a number of religious people frequented and the patrons were mean. I apologized on their behalf- said that while certain people may be like this- not all were. But that is what can happen.

I have worked as a waitress and as a teller.. Rude people come in all shapes and sizes and will be rude irrespective of who was standing there and whatever the race. There are too many people focussing on race. There are a lot of kind white people as well. My sister raises funds for an orphanage, works at liv village for free, my mother in law constantly raises money, collecting food and and and for local villages.. and and and I personally go out of my way to be kind to anyone in The service industry as I have been on the other end. If you have been a waiter you will respect them, if you have been a secretary you will respect them.. Those that have little respect have probably not done the job themselves. You cannot single out one person and group everyone together.. It doesn 8767 t matter what colour, you get rude in every single race!

I have nothing but disdain for you Ms Golden. To paint one race with the same brush because a rude person with no manners spoke to a service person badly and all you find is racism? If you think this is white privilege than maybe you should spend some time observing other people and less time on crying because one white trash person swore at you.
Don 8767 t confuse lack of manners and rudeness which is present in all races with racism and white privilege. Respect for others irrespective of race isn 8767 t checking your white privilege, it 8767 s being a decent human being.

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Her actions were unacceptable, and well done for trying to help her to understand that.
That kind of reaction is not normal. Maybe she found out her husband was cheating on her, feels like shes being pushed aside and taken for granted. And goes to get food and is in a state of hyper sensitivity. Then feels even more taken for granted and neglected over something small and silly. And then you confront her and don 8767 t know her situation.
So don 8767 t feel bad at all, it was good thing you tried to do, well done!

i belive this post its self is what is wrong with our racial tension in this country, out of he 76 countries I have been to I have witnessed behavior such as this fairly often in all of them. It is not about the color of the persons skin, that women was just rude, I have seen White people talk to white people in the same manner, black people talk to black people in the same manner. The man sitting behind the bakery in Germany being spoken to in the same way by a man of the same colour and culture. You get some seriously rude people in this world full stop. No need for generalization in any manner. Packing every problem into the racist box is an easy cop out and in this case a far stretch from the truth and in this journalists case, poor journalism fueled by emotion and no understanding.

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