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I'm Fat, Forty And Single And I'm Having No Problems

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Your 67 Its not love sweety. Trust me rather break it off with him and focus on school and enjoy your life? Your still so why do you want to get your heart broken by a couple of jerks? If I was you I would wait until I 8767 m at least 66 to date. Sounds like he just likes the idea of having a gf. I 8767 m 68 and I really don 8767 t want a boyfriend right now, you want to know why? Because I have big dreams, dreams that i don 8767 t want to miss out on because of a silly boy. I don 8767 t want to waste my time when I 8767 m not ready to settle down with a guy. Yeah, have crushes and go on group dates but even then I would wait till I was older. Your so honey, don 8767 t ruin your life by getting involved in things that aren 8767 t meant for your age 8

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Saw this posted on FB and it is an incredibly moving account that mimics many of the struggles I had when I was dating. I did just want to take exception to one thing: men who appreciate fat women don 8767 t have a fetish. By labeling it a fetish, you are saying that women who are fat really aren 8767 t all that. There are men who like skinny women, but they are never labeled as having a fetish.

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My boyfriends the same but he 8767 s learning a little bit to check himself. He 8767 d get mad cuz I would buy the new Jordan 8767 s and we 8767 d fight to the point my mom had to get involved. He would think I 8767 m buying them to impress some other guy and then later say he did it because he didn 8767 t want me getting scammed by buying fake Jordan 8767 s. I still by my shoes I fact he doesnt live with me but we 8767 re still trying to see if we can salvage 9yrs but it 8767 s not looking good. What I 8767 m saying to you is that if you know deep inside your not doing anything wrong, fight, fight with all your heart and soul but don 8767 t let him change you, you aren 8767 t doing nothing wrong. That 8767 s how I see it I go out with my mom or I buy whatever I want knowing that when he 8767 ll find out we might get into in a big argument, and it hurts to think that but if you give in to him he 8767 ll start feeling like he has a point and soon everything he says will be right. I hope God can give you strength and take care

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You 8767 re probably just assuming the other BW are giving you looks, seeing what you want to see. Being beautiful is more than skin, hair length, dress size and breast size. You can 8767 t explain beauty. And I 8767 m not even impressed by the 8775 stats 8776 you list. I 8767 m thinner than you are with longer hair, and I still have a solid 89C chest. I 8767 m probably darker than you and I like it that way. Trust me, not every BW is intimidated. You have to love yourself first. In general, the amount of dumping on 8775 overweight BW 8776 that goes on this site is shameful. SMH. Why are we parroting racist, sexist tropes?

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Along the same lines, most women may not be into short guys because it makes them feel big and heavy. There 8767 s such a strong emphasis on women being small mostly thin, but also petite so maybe if it was okay for women to be any other size it would be okay for men too. If a guy is going to outweigh me (I 8767 m 5 foot 6, mid 695s) yet not be fat, he 8767 s probably going to be a few inches taller than I am.

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However, I would expect my man to be manly enough to help me carry some of my shopping if I 8767 m struggling and so on and I 8767 d like him to be able to stand up not only for himself, but for me as well. After all I do want protection emotional as well as physical, cause behind my 8775 can-do-it-all-myself 8776 appearance there 8767 s still a delicate woman, we all need some reassurance from time to time.

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I think lady anonymous has said truthfully what a lot of women feel.  We want to feel feminine.. she may have said dainty.  But we were brought up to want to be gentle and kind and light on our feet.  Some of us are athletic or curvy and have been criticized for years for our bodies.  Don 8767 t try to minimize her feelings  they are totally legitimate.  It does not diminsh your manhood to recognize that she wants to feel feminine.  Maybe try to find ways to make your female friends and relatives feel appreciated and feminine and accepted and that accepting nature will attract a woman whatever your size relative to hers.

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Gee this site has been posting since 7565
My family has a swedish background i may not be a fully swedish but i have swedish traits. i dunno why i adore swedish girls but its mainly got to do with blonde hair and blue eyes, in which i have but a brown blonde. I been looking into chatting to a swedish girl since yesterday cause i learned about whats happening guys taking on old genetics. You swedish girls are very beautiful and soo nice ive heard about the marriage rates it seems love over there is a lost meaning.

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I have been going through the same thing…the pain was too much. I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke it off. We love each other but I also have to protect myself. This is my only insurance that he can’t hurt, emotionally abuse, disrespect, take advantage of, and ignore my needs anymore. I felt instantly better for standing up for myself. Also, if he really wants to work on this, it will have to be at a safe distance before I can trust him with my heart again.

8rd: You 8767 re not a stranger when it comes to being shot down. You have been denied more times than the hunch back from Norte Dame. YOU KNOW WHAT NOT DO AND SAY MY MAN! Use that to your advantage From what I gathered in your comment, you have a heart, you 8767 re a gentleman. There is no need to keep kicking yourself and looking for somebody else scraps. My GOD bro there are so many fish in the sea! Once you build that physical confidence and get your happy butt into shape. There is no force that can stop you!

I just think physical beauty is a superficial thing to invest your time and energy (and sometimes money) on. It isn 8767 t a real concept anyway. Lol in reality we all have noses, ears, eyes, hearts, etc. One pair of eyes isn 8767 t better than another until someone SAYS it is. I don 8767 t think people get that. So why are you going to base your life off of something that isn 8767 t real and won 8767 t even last?

As it pertains to your weight, I like the fact that you 8767 re making lifestyle changes because they 8767 re value added to your life, and not to 8766 hook a man. 8767 I believe that we are most attractive when we feel like we 8767 re at our best, regardless of what that looks like. I 8767 m a pretty big dude, and I 8767 m still working with my weight, but I have found that the self-motivation is far more important than any extraneous compulsion. I 8767 m glad you found it sooner rather than later. I wish you all the best in that effort.

And once again you don 8767 t seem to be getting it. You said, 8775 I simply said you probably pissed them off because there is a shortage of tall men 8776 You seem to be stuck on this idea that women are rejecting me. No, just the opposite. You don 8767 t seem to pay attention to what is written. I am not lacking for female attention. I am the one that is not happy with what I am finding in American women.

My boyfriend who I have been with for 6years when we fall out he keeps calling me fat I feel so down about it I feel ugly in my self and the way my body looks he 8767 s made me loose my confidence I never see my friends. He makes me feel like no one else would ever want me cause I 8767 m nothing I had a baby 7 years ago and ever since when we have fallen out all he does is call me fat. I feel I have no way out I live with him in the house his father owns but feel like I want to go but scared where I will have to go I 8767 m so down

I can 8767 t live like that anymore, I have no more energy in my body to do so.
He doesn 8767 t care what he says.
I was reading somewhere else that 8775 they forget or simply say that didn 8767 t mean it 8776 how many times he said 8775 I was angry at you that 8767 s the reason I said so 8776
I 8767 m actually good looking woman, but I never feel so, everywhere people say that to me, he never say and as soon as we start fighting, he says how ugly I am.

My boyfriend 8767 s that I have had in the past have been very abusive. I have been thrown out to be homeless on the streets over ten times,burned in the eye,face,and chin with a lighter,hit across the back of my head,hit in the forehead with a hammer,credit debit cards stolen,cash taken from my wallet,and teased because of my teeth and weight gain. I 8767 m not upset just thankful to be alive and well. I have been insulated and humiliated in public and at home. I have been physically beaten so bad my spinal injury pain came back excruciating pain. I have decided to stop dating for now and become asexual. I don 8767 t ever want to be abused again so I am currently taking a break from dating.

I have been going through the same thing the pain was too much. I couldn 8767 t take it anymore so I broke it off. We love each other but I also have to protect myself. This is my only insurance that he can 8767 t hurt, emotionally abuse, disrespect, take advantage of, and ignore my needs anymore. I felt instantly better for standing up for myself. Also if he really want to work on this, it will have to be at a safe distance before I can trust him with my heart again.

It 8767 s sad but true. If you want more prospects in the dating game, you have to make yourself a viable player. And to be that viable player, you have to make yourself appealing so that you have options. Not really sad when you think about it. You can 8767 t discount that men are out there doing what they can for their appearance to make them more appealing to us as well. They want options and we should have options too. If you want more option in the working world, you get an education that opens those doors to you. If you want more options in the dating world, you improve your appearance. Easy enough.

Sadly, for some posts i have seen, chilvalry is only considered as such if it means you are burning an outrageous sum on the woman, or acting as a bag carrier/cry shoulder at her convenience. I 8767 ve never been in Sweden, although I would like it, for the quality of teaching. But having seen some posts here and on other sites too, and personal accounts, I would never would go to Scandinavia after women. I have some girl friends who went there and married native men, the second marriage for these men, the first was with native women, and did not last long. And when married women from outside, these guys acted as if they were people who had never eaten a good meal in life. These girl friends have a hard time to fit in, because there are many women there who act like men and are upset by women who want to act like women, as if they want to be sex toys for men or something.

Sabrina I just want to take time to tell you and Eric how AWESOME your advice is, and how grateful I am for it, as millions all over the world also are I 8767 m sure! I am in my 95 8767 s and could have used this advice 75 years ago, maybe I would have spared myself alot of heartache. I have a 66 yr old son, and much of this advice about men I can apply to him also in a way I am truly feeling much happier and hopeful in life now that I am learning how men YOU BOTH!! I will def be buying your books!

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