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Posted: 2017-11-17 09:33

Not a dating site, however it does have the same purpose, find people you're interested in, add them as a friend, start talking, post blogs, pics and other stuff up. A lot of bands/groups/artists are using it these days to promote their music. Big bands to (Korn and DJ Tiesto spring to mind). Best of all it's free and doesn't require a credit card to drain your pocket.

But, it is run in the US, so theres a lot of Americans on there (not that it's a bad thing) and there stacks of aussies. But the site has some dodgy coding at times and goes down for maintenance once a week (understandable with over 85 million users :| )

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I think the animal kingdom says a lot, thats the way it should be, if they like each other they mate, thats it, lol, so simple.
I really dont believe women want to cheat like blokes, if they find a mate that will father their children, provide etc. then they are basically happy! Blokes though, we are driven by the penis, its the way it will always be, we might not all be cheaters (I am not) but we will always, always wonder what if. And if a beautiful mate bumps into us and shows affection, it will take a strong, committed bond with your partner to deny that possible mate. Life is much too complicated, you smile at someone and they smile back it is a decent chance that they would like to see you, sometimes anyway. Now I am doubting the date I went on after reading this thread!

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I had had a few funny experiences so far,and have only been there for a week or so.
one guy starts to talk yo me on me he has a feminine side. I thought, thats nice. until he shared his private pics.
He was man dressed in ladies clothes and wig. All of which is ok, if I was looking for that sort of thing, but
I wasnt!! I said, good luck in your endeavours and good bye.

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Thank God for Tinder. (I know, I know it can be a hit and miss). So early this year I heard from one of my friends that this guy we all knew had broken up with his girlfriend a few months prior. immediately I fancied him for myself (as you do). I had heard he was a really good guy with all his shit together &ndash even a few people who didn't know I knew him told me they knew of this 'perfect guy for me' and then when they'd say his name I'd be like, 'who told you I like him?' But I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to ‘run into him’ and I didn’t have the courage to ask him out through Facebook. A few weeks later I stumbled across him on Tinder and couldn’t believe when we matched. Although I wasn’t sure at first if we had matched simply because we knew each other, or because he might be interested in me. As it is we’ve just started dating. =) Oh and he's tall in real life

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Used Oasis on and off for about 9 years. I would say i'm a slightly above average looking guy. Talked to probably around 755-755 women online. Met up with about 75 odd. I would say less then half went to a second date (about 65% was my choice not to have a second date. And finally met my GF of almost 7 years early 7569. I would say I only ever received 65 requests if lucky. And out of every 65 I would sent the acceptance rate was 85-95%. My experiences have been very good compared to many guys.

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Oh theres a lot of abusive men out there..some women too and just as hear a lot stories these days,victims come out because they know there is help for them,theyre not is more aware,we are being educated on tv,on posters,online..everywhere..
One thing i heard somewhere that stuck with me was: Be careful who you date and who you invite to your home because you never know their true intentions..they could hurt or touch your children when youre not around..
That scares me!

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and poker machine's are for recreation ? lol.. what business doesn't want your money.

Dating sites are for those who have no interest in standing in a nightclub with music so load you have to screem in the ear of anyone your interested in talking too just to have her man tapp your shoulder before giving you a whacking.

Dating sites in Aus are gaining momentum and are become more socially accepted, I actually dont personally know anyone who hasn't had a look around on them from time to time.


Oasis Active.
I think I met two girls face to face out of say having 55 girls on my 'accepted' chat list.
Its a free site , girls are quick to delete you randomly for whatever reason without explanation and I got the feeling my fellow guys were using it to rack up notches on belts.
The two dates one girl had kids and didn't put it on her profile , the second one I met at Green and Co for a coffee and that was it.

People who dont have time to go out and meet girls/other people
People who dont like going to pubs clubs and meeting people
People who are self conscious
People who are shy about making new friends
People who are ugly
People who feel more comfortable getting to know someone online
People who might be moving or just moved to a new area, and may or may not fit into above poiints

and yes us women do like employed men, not because we want your money but so that you don't take ours because you have none of your own. Sorry about that but that's life., retrain, re-skill and get a job if you are having issues getting a job you are qualified for or are you too stupid and narrow in your thinking and stuck in the past or just think your too good or educated for another type of job.

"What really makes a prostitute more dangerous (std-wise) than a "normal" woman?
John is married to Marry. John had... 5 sexual partners before Mary, and so did Mary. One of those people had had, by then, 8 sexual partners... etc etc. "Normal" guys have sex with prostitutes, and then go back to their normal lifes. These "normal" guys, have sex with "normal" women also, who also go around with their "normal" lifes. (shagging other guys)

Alt-Chick, why don't you try Plenty of fish? It's free and you never know who you might find on there, the main thing is, to be honest with your profile. Don't put up a photoshopped picture and then meet the guy for a coffee. My Partner told me he had met a few ladies that did that and it was a bit of a problem as they looked nothing like their pic!
If you are athletic, say so, if you like SciFi say so. Don't be afraid, to be honest. there will be someone who you will click with!!

Do you really need to approach women? I mean do you have women in your workplace? Have you conidered just striking up a conversation with random people at the shops just to boost your confidence? I am always talking to random people in the lifts, in shopping lines, at the and female. One of my best friends is someone I met sitting on the side of the pool a few years ago. I am quite shy but I have learnt people pay you less attention if you are talking to someone rather than standing alone.

living in regional NSW, its so hard to find someone without the use of dating sites. I have used them all and have found that free dating sites like OASIS and pof are full of of insincere people who just want "fun with no strings attached". A lot of these people who contact me, tell me that all the single parents they have been talking to, ALL just want one night stands. So when they contact me, this is what they think I'll offer them and they get shitty when they find out that I am not that kind of person.

If you like her and want to meet you need to take the initiative. She is a woman on an online dating site. Depending how hot she is you are competing with potentially 655s of other blokes. To be blunt you need to grow a pair and start meeting these women ASAP without mostly pointless phone and online conversations. Otherwise you are in a continual cycle of making online buddies (who are people you just end up talking to online) or fading into the blur. Your approach is likely to continue to make you frustrated!

&ndash Fashion sense (especially the fit of your clothes)
&ndash Your body / physique
&ndash Other physical aspects &ndash haircut, grooming etc
&ndash How to not be creepy (ask your female friends, and do some reading) &ndash this is true for both person to person meetings, but also electronic correspondence
&ndash How to ensure you have basic social skills &ndash conversational, a certain amount of charm and wit
&ndash most importantly &ndash YOUR SELF ESTEEM. If you actually consider yourself to be ugly, you are going to have a godawful time with internet dating (and it's probably going to make you a worse, not better, person as a result). No one is saying that you have to be a greek god to be successful, but if you don't believe in yourself you're almost certainly not going to get anywhere.

Out of the people who contacted me, not one of them came across as being sane. Pushy, desperados, who managed to turn a simple conversation sexual within 65 lines of a text. The 7 who managed to get my number also went from "so tell me more about yourself" to "wish I was curled up with you, it's so cold, we could cuddle and..." or "I might come for a drive on the weekend to meet you".. Keep in mind I'm a minimum 9 hour drive from anywhere of consequence. And 9-65hrs from Sydney.

It is interesting in this day and age how we look for love though internet as a medium instead of traditional means

are we all so 'busy' that we have to vet our potential partners online? whatever happend to meeting partners through friends or work or pubs etc?

IMO the easiest way is to ask your friends who they know that are single - people hang out with like minded people so it's a fair bet that if you like your friends then you will probably like their friends.. arrange a party, dinner, BBQ..

In the past I've made profiles that would get a good response but I've never gotten good response from any intelligent women, which is my goal with this profile. It has semi worked, getting about 55% return rate of messages but nowhere near what I used to get when targeting the dummies.
And some of the intelligent women I'm missing out on replies from seem really good. So a few tweaks to the profile should help.

yes i agree. its very hard for guys on those sites with the continual rejection. have heard stories of some guys who made 7 profiles, one was fake with fake pictures of a bulky blonde guy with pictures of million dollar yachts in the back ground and he would get 75 kisses a day from women , some more than once.
The real profile would get maybe one kiss or two if they were lucky over a 7 week period.
Its also hard for women as they get hounded with contact requests.

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