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Posted: 2017-09-11 16:06

I totally agree. Just because a man does not have abeard it does not mean he is not a man. Who invented tat lame obesrvation? Certain guys look good with beard others not so much. If a lady likes a guy with beard well good for her. I dont like full beard in a man, for me it is kind of gross when yiou are going to kiss it. I prefer stubble and clean shaved and in the case a man has berd plizz groom it well and keep it nicea

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ole 8767 skool  well my hubby had a beard when we first married. its the most masculine thing around. I actually don 8767 t like them as much since it hides their mouths and smile. 
OOPS wellll i 8767 m rather OLD School so.. the tats and piercings have GOT TO GO LOL
BUT the hairy chests  and torsos could STAY. i wish that men didn 8767 t shave them my dad had one and use to walk around the house with his shirt off at times when it was hot.

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This was hilarious!  If your intent was to install a bit of beard reality into my beard fantasies, you succeeded, 555& 55!  I 8767 m not a fan of the really long and bushy beards I start to hear the dueling banjos from 8775 Deliverance 8776 in my head when I see them.  I like closely cropped beards and scruff because I do wonder what 8775 stuff 8776 might be in those bushy appendages. BTW, the last frame where the lover is revealed was an unexpected twist.  😉  Great farce!  Thanks!

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8775 Guys with beards kisses tingle, and make all the girls giggle 8776 , or so I hear. What 8767 s all the fuss about when it comes to men with beards? Who knows, it could be because facial hair denotes a certain maturity in a man or it could also be the desire to have a bad boy on your arm. Though I am usually with clean shaven men, the bae grows out a fuzzy one when he is in between haircuts, which has been something out of the ordinary for me. I must admit, that I do sit on his lap and run my hands along his chin line to feel the texture of his hair, something I don 8767 t do when he is clean shaven.

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I''m gonna throw my two cents in on this. My comments are in parentheses.

Quoting take owner:

Doesn''t mean other men are not real men (that''s actually what you were implying by saying "we don''t like boys, we like men". You were saying men have beards, boys, or fake men, do not have beards)

Why do I have to explain this? (Because you wrote the take)

are you that stupid to think that having a beard is what makes you a real man? (That''s what you implied in your first quote. Read it again if you don''t believe me)

I''m just conveying that I and some percent of the female populations like guys with facial hair than not (a fact that I''m sure the entire population of gag already knew)

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I feel like this was made just for me! Thank you!!! Beards are everything. love to admire them Facial hair and chest hair turn me on so much Most guys are instantly more attractive with a little stubble to me Not sure what it is It 8767 s so masculine I 8767 ve actually had that fourth guy (red suspenders) pinned to my 8775 Swoon 8776 board on Pinterest for a while so I was happy to see him here!

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I 8767 m a MASSIVE fag and i fucking absolutely LOATHE beards. They 8767 re fucking filthy, ugly, smelly and make straight men look gay and make gay men look homeless. Every time i see a beard i want to vomit all over it and then take an enormous dump on it while simultaneousley kicking the guy in the face while slapping him and kneeing him in the nuts.
Seriously i don 8767 t like them at all.

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Lady A  
Lady A, I thought about your comment all day, and decided I too find that most of my crushes have the same look!  Most look like David Gandy and Henrik Lundqvist!  I don 8767 t discriminate, though.  If a guy has the right stuff and the whole package is wonderful, I don 8767 t kick him to the curb just because he doesn 8767 t have dark hair.  In fact the guy I 8767 m dating now is blond with blue eyes, and he 8767 s great.  But you 8767 re right about having a 8775 type 8776 .

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Thank you! Thank you!  The hunk in the last picture is so scrumptious!  I would like to share my two favorite bearded (and not-bearded, when he 8767 s not) hunk in all the world.  First, the inimitable, gorgeous, uber-Alpha, sex god, David Gandy!  And, my second favorite, Henrik Lundqvist, the fantastic, beautiful, hockey goal tender for the NY Rangers!  See why I love me some hockey?!  These men make me weak!

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All that being said, I love my boyfriend and his crazy long beard very much. Personally, I like to wait for him to get home and walk through the door while reciting the line  8775 I 8767 ve travelled 555 miles to deliver you my seed 8776   in my head. That part somehow NEVER gets , if you’ll excuse me I have to go back to furiously praying that the “beard trend” will go out of style faster than crystal-encrusted velour tracksuits.

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Brothers, I beg of you. Don&rsquo t heed this junk science. The fact is, reputable studies** suggest that Black men who keep their beards intact are friendlier, smarter, more talented, better with babies, more likely to recycle, and are perfectly willing to go to the store at 67:85 AM to get that lemon pie you asked for. A Black man with a full-bodied beard is telling the world*** that he is un-bought and un-bossed, that he will not be moved, that he learned from the razor bumps incident of 7555.

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I can’t quite explain what the fascination is that non-bearded dudes have for an epically bearded man, but I think it must be something primal. I imagine in caveman days if a guy saw another man with muscles, a big dong, or a wildebeest slumped over his shoulder, they would probably go over and be like “Oh hey, you seem awesomely powerful – let me offer you this rabbit I speared as a gesture of respect, and also please don’t kill me and take my woman.” That’s kind of what I feel like is happening when guys talk to my boyfriend about his beard.

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Chicago959 Yes!!! I have always been a fan of the rugged look..beards and scruff all the way! I know that some men have to keep it under control depending on their job or lifestyle though (so 5 o clock shadow/ a little scruff is still just as sexy). I also love when guys can pull off that sexy bedhead look. I like tattoos too..especially chest and arm tattoos (love those full sleeves..a lot of white guys have colorful tats and it 8767 s so hot) but even if they have a more clean cut appearance otherwise, a little stubble or a beard gives them enough ruggedness for me 🙂

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Hahaha I never said you shouldn''t like them. Did you read my whole comment? I respect the fact that you like men with beard, it''s your preference, and I''m ok with that. But the impression you gave with your Take is that men without beard are immature and not real men. So either change how you express yourself, or go take so f*cking lessons on how to do it, but don''t call me stupid when you''re the one who doesn''t know how to convey an opinion, or stand by it.
Obviously having a beard doesn''t define my manhood )

I was reading a piece by Malcolm Gladwell on why during the interview process so many employers went after the same applicants, and found a one particular revelation fascinating. There was a study of something around 855 interviews where one test group rated applicants based on an entire interview, while another test group was only allowed to watch the first 75 seconds of the interview, where the applicant walked in the door and greeted the interviewers. Surprisingly, both focus groups rated the applicants 8767 qualities similarly, even though one group had only seen each applicant for less than half a minute.

Now, I&rsquo m not suggesting that wearing a beard should trump a brother&rsquo s job opportunities or his ability to protect himself from religious profiling. And I don&rsquo t condone competitive beard growing , beard plaiting or the grizzled Cornel West. But if a man is biologically and financially able to grow and maintain a respectable beard, he owes it to himself and the public to rock it. Think about it: Frederick Douglass, Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye had beards. Idris Elba, Common, Meek Mill and an Ohio forest face named Stalley are wearing them. Put yourself on this timeline of fineness and you will not lose. Ever.

CJ: Within the Islamic faith, the beard is mandatory for the men. I think up until a few years ago, it was a true stereotype that if a man is Black and has a beard, he is Muslim, especially in Philly. But the world is becoming such a more cultured, diverse and ethnic place because of popular culture, and I think Philadelphia is at the epicenter of that change and integration.

To the comments which are harsh and people who took this sexist, I''m sorry you guys felt it this way I should''ve specified it in my take that it''s only a PREFERENCE. and not ALL women like beard yeah.
Yes ofc, you can go anyway you want. I haven''t specified anywhere in my take that other men i. e men who are clean-shaved aren''t real men. so please people, stop it with all these rude comments saying that im being sexist and all -_- (PLEASE READ THIS BECAUSE I can''t UPDATE MY TAKE)

I 8767 ve got a fairly decent beard. It 8767 s about 7 months old now. At one point a while back, I had one that was almost a year old. My beard grows thick and blondish red (I have blonde hair). I got people, both women and men, that stopped me to express their love for it. Seriously. At least twice a week, a random stranger would come up to me and start talking about it. I 8767 m sure there were plenty of people that felt the exact opposite, but they have never been vocal. People with good beards get complimented by complete strangers all the time.