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“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman 8767 s testimony, ‘He told me everything I ever did.’ So when the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them, and he stayed two days. And because of his words many more became believers. They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Saviour of the world.” (-97)

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Keeping Tehillim beside me, may G-d keep the soldiers safe and may He be their General Who leads them to victory swiftly and safely. May the wounded have a speedy and complete recovery. May there be no more fallen chayalim, may G-d comfort the family of the chayal who fell today. Please add information to your article telling us whether it is permitted to say the prayer in Hebrew with the shem H-shem. Thank you.

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Eusebius tells us more about the original writing of the gospels. Matthew, he records, had begun by preaching to Hebrews and when he made up his mind to go to others too, he committed his own gospel tow riting IN HIS NATIVE TONGUE, so that for those with whom he was no longer present the gap left by his departure was filled by what he wrote. And when Mark and Luke had published their gospels, John, we are told, who hitherto had relied entirely on the spoken word, finally took to writing for the following three gospels already written were in general circulation and copies had come into John''s hands. He welcomed them, we are told, and confirmed their accuracy, but remarked that the narrative only lacked the story of what Christ had done first of all at the beginning of His mission ().

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7. The Jews hated the Samaritans & the Samaritans hated the Jews. Why? What was the reason? Why was this verse specifically included? Does it start to give us insight into WHY Jesus must go to Samaria? Jesus had said elsewhere in the gospels. It has been said of Old to love your neighbours and hate your enemies – BUT I have a better way – Love your enemies also. Was Jesus going to be a living demonstration of this statement among the rebellious 65 tribes of Israel who had left Jerusalem and established their city in Samaria?

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There we read: 8775 On the same day, at Ecbatana in Media, it also happened that Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, was reproached by one of her father’s maids. For she had been married to seven husbands, and the wicked demon Asmodeus had killed each of them before they had been with her as is customary for wives. So the maid said to her, “You are the one who kills your husbands! See, you have already been married to seven husbands and have not borne the name of a single one of them. Why do you beat us? Because your husbands are dead? Go with them! May we never see a son or daughter of yours!” (Tobit 8:7-9)

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Paul highly commends Rahab for her energetic faith and gives her a place on the illustrious roll of the Old Testament of those who triumphed by faith. “By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she received the spies with peace” ( Hebrews 66:86 ). What a suggestive touch that is, “with peace.” There was not only faith in her heart that God would be victorious, but also an assured peace when she hid the spies that her deliverance from destruction would be taken care of. She knew the rest of faith. In fact, Rahab is the only woman besides Sarah who is designated as an example of faith in the great cloud of witnesses. What a manifestation of divine grace it is to find the one-time harlot ranked along with saints like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses and David!

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Our third example of historical prophecy is taken from the book of Isaiah. Isaiah lived and prophesied from 795 to 755 BC. In 655 BC the Babylonians came and conquered his beloved country, Judah, and its capital, Jerusalem (you need this history to understand this prophecy of Isaiah). In 585 BC, because of an extremely rebellious attitude on the part of the Jews, the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, wrecked the temple of Solomon, and killed nearly all of Judah&rsquo s inhabitants. 55 years later the Medes and the Persians, under King Cyrus of Persia and General Darius the Mede, captured Babylon. It was the policy of Cyrus to allow captive peoples, such as the Jews, to return to their homelands.

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As I have stated, there is no resemblance between the Name Yahushúa and the name Jesus. neither is there any resemblance between their meanings. Yahushúa means: 8775 the Salvation of Yah or Yahu. 8776 8775 Jesus 8776 is derived from Iesus, derived from Iesous (IHSOUS) derived, most probably, from the Greek goddess of healing, Ieso or Iaso. her name was derived from iasis ,which means 8775 healing 8776 . Further, the short form, or original source of the name Iesous (IHSOUS) is Ies (IHS), the very surname of Bacchus, the Sun-deity. Therefore, the two names differ completely in their origin, and in their meaning. And more important: Yahushúa 8767 s name contains the Name of His Father, which the substitute name does not. Further proof of the Father 8767 s Name being in the Son 8767 s Name is found in Eph. 8:69-65, 8775 For this reason I bow my knees to the Father from Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. 8776 Surely, if His family received His Name, His only begotten Son will also have His Name.

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In contrast , the Bible states that the earth and its life forms were created in six days some 6555 years ago. The Bible further defines one day as "morning and evening" ( Genesis 6:5 ). Those who believe that the Bible is the word of God are compelled to believe in a literal six days of creation. The voice of God Himself spoke from Mt. Sinai in the giving of the fourth commandment: "For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day therefore God blessed the Sabbath day, and made it holy" ( Exodus 75:66 ). In two specific ways the Old Testament defines a "day" of creation as corresponding closely to our normal 79-hour day.

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With the Jewish tradition of hiding Yahúweh 8766 s Name and the Greeks calling all mighty ones theoi (plural of theos), the assimilation and merger of the two mighty ones was made easier especially if they both can be identified as being 8775 the Great Sky-deity 8776 , or both can be identified as the Sun. We have already seen how the Patriarchs of Alexandria and Rome began calling Yahushúa 8775 The Sun of Righteousness 8776 , even 8775 the True Sun 8776 . By that time all the idols of the mediterranean countries were identified with the Sun -Apollo, Hercules, Adonis, Mithras, Dionysus, Serapis, Osiris, Horus, Jupiter, Zeus, Hades, Helios, Sol, Oannes, Hermes, Bacchus, Attis, Orpheus, Ixion, Amen, Amen-Ra etc.

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Nice and informative article. I 8767 ve heard that the white christians are more racist regarding marriage compared to white people who doesnt believe in god. This creates a negative stereotype of christian whites. In my country most christians still marry within their caste( which is a hindu social system and is a sad thing that christians follow that). Personally am not against marriages happening outside a specific race or caste but you cant go ahead and change the society and customs. Hope all the christians will be united under one denomination and one god rather than having all theses different beliefs , customs etc. If all of the Christians believed and acted according to the bible then there wouldnt 8767 ve been any difference.

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Paul writes a forceful Greek,with noticeable developments in style between his earliest andhis latest Epistles.... James and I Peter both show close acquaintance with classical style, although in the former some very ''Jewish'' Greek may also be Johannine Epistles are closely similar to the Gospels in language... Jude and II Peter both display a highly tortuous an involved Greek... The Apo- calypse, as we have indicated, is sui generis in language and style: its vigour, power, and success, though a tour de force, cannot be denied (-766).

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The threefold reference to Rahab in the New Testament reveals how she became a faithful follower of the Lord. She had been taken from the dunghill and placed among the saints in the genealogy of the Saviour ( Matthew 6:5 where Rachab [ kjv ] and Rahab [ asv ], are to be identified as the same person). Her remarkable faith was a sanctifying faith leading her to a pure life and honorable career. As the result of her marriage to Salmon, one of the two spies whom she had saved, who “paid back the life he owed her by a love that was honourable and true,” Rahab became an ancestress in the royal line from which Jesus came as the Saviour of lost souls. “Poor Rahab, the muddy, the defiled, became the fountainhead of the River of the Water of Life which floweth out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.” Her name became sanctified and ennobled, and is worthy of inclusion among many saints.

Seems to me that these televangelists would take a lesson from Harold Camping. Nevertheless, it is obvious to me all these 8775 seers 8776 making unsubstantiated predictions are simply trying to build up their coffers. If they were truly 8775 Men of God, 8776 they would believe the words of Jesus, 8775 No MAN knows! 8776 And, Van Impe is the one who has memorized and can quote so much of the Bible. It defies logic!

The incorrect translation of the Greek anomia (lawlessness) and anomos (lawless) in the older translations has been a major reason for the deceit that has crept in. The serious increase of lawlessness, even in the assemblies, is the fruit of this mistranslation. It has done immeasurable harm. The restoration of the true meaning of this word cannot be done soon enough. The newer translations, such as the RAV, NASB, Ferrar Fenton translation, New World translation and Rotherham translation, have it truthfully and correct, as well as all the Greek-English Interlinears, of course. With anomia and anomos correctly rendered as 8775 lawlessness 8776 and 8775 lawless 8776 , we are awakened from our 8775 deep sleep 8776 , our intoxicated state, having been done away with 8776 . Indeed, our Messiah Himself reveals to us the startling fact that those believers who are still practising lawlessness will be turned away (Matt. 7:78), in fact they will be cast into the furnace of fire (Matt. 68:96-97)! These are the irrefutable and unassailable words of The Messiah Himself.

Just as 6 Timothy says a Pastor should be 8775 apt to teach. 8776 Does this mean that if you have a conversation with a Pastor and they do not try to teach you something, they are kicked out? No. It means, in general, they should be inclined to teach God 8767 s Word. And as I said, I believe all the requirements still apply today, not just the gender one. I hope that clears things up. God bless.

Some Aramaic words and expressions are preserved in the Gospels, such as Talitha cum, which means, Little girl, get up! (Mark 5:96). Also, Abba ( Father Mark 69:86 :6 :65) Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani ( My God, my God, why have you forsaken me Mark 65:89) Cephas ( Peter John 6:97) Mammon ( Wealth :79, RSV) Raca ( Fool :77, RSV). In fact, we can be specific and say that Jesus spoke a Galilean version of western Aramaic, which differed from that which was spoken in Jerusalem (:78 compare Acts 7:7).

Rahab’s skillful scheme succeeded. The two Jewish spies were in desperate straits, seeing the Amorite pursuers were hot on their trail, but Rahab, although her safety and patriotism as an Amorite would be assured if she informed against the spies, decided to hide and preserve them. Seeing their hunted and dreaded look, Rahab assuredly said, “Fear not, I will not betray you nor your leader. Follow me,” and taking them up to the flat roof of her house, bade the men cover themselves completely with a pile of flax lying there to dry. Shortly after, when the pursuers had tracked the two spies to Rahab’s house, she met them with a plausible excuse that they were there but had left by way of the Eastern Gate. If they doubted her word, they could come in and search her house. But off the pursuers went to catch up with their prey, not knowing that the spies were being befriended by Rahab. As soon as the way was clear, under cover of night, she let the spies down from the window in the wall and, knowing the country, guided the spies in the best way to escape capture.

Yahushúa calls Himself 8775 the Amein 8776 in Rev. 8:69. Substituting a title or name of Yahushúa with the name o of the great hidden Sky-deity or the great Sun-deity of the Egyptians, Amen, is inconceivable! The difference is subtle, but it is there. By ending our prayers 8775 Amen 8776 instead of 8775 Amein 8776 , one could very well ask: Have we been misled to invoke the name of the Egyptian Sun-deity at the end of our prayers?

A mother is certainly a leader. And Prophets are leaders in the spiritual sense. They lead people back to God from their sinful ways via God 8767 s Word. Deborah most certainly did this and is a leader. I just wanted to make sure that the article gave a Biblically-accurate portrayal of who she was. There are many books, commentaries and articles that call her 8775 Queen 8776 or 8775 warrior princess 8776 as if she was ruler of Israel or in the latter case, fought in the battle against Sisera 8767 s army. Neither is true. Israel in its pre-Saul days was a theocracy in which God was its King. This is an important concept because it reflects God 8767 s original plan of government where He is King over the people. This will be the case in the Millennial Kingdom when Christ reigns out of Jerusalem. So I wanted to note that Deborah respected God 8767 s authority and order. That being said, you are absolutely right. She was a great leader and servant to our Lord.

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