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It 8767 s unfortunate that the black women you 8767 ve been exposed to have put a bad taste in your mouth. Not all of us think that way. Sadly.. There are a few with ignorant/selfish ways of thinking. Keep yourself open. Or move to the suburbs ! Ha. I 8767 m kidding.. But like I said. There nice black women out there, that have their own and aren 8767 t looking for 8775 what you can do for them. 8776

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**Sigh that age old question that just won 8767 t go away even on a date. It 8767 s not that I have a problem with White people who are genuinely curious as to why it is considered inappropriate, but it 8767 s the fact that you 8767 re making me answer the question as if I am representative of the entire race. Believe it or not, we 8767 re not all the same, and some of us have differing views. Once again, your best bet is to keep the conversation light and fun. Save the debates for after we know that we actually like each other, not when we 8767 re still trying to

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How is it narcissistic if its true? I am hot and I 8767 ve always been approached by a slew of men regardless of race. I don 8767 t need to downplay my looks to assuage people 8767 s feelings. I take offense primarily to this author 8767 s inference that she being of African origin is a cut above the average African American woman and therefore this is what allows her to attract white men. That type of thinking just turns my stomach. Getting a white man to date you is not something that is so special that you need to write an article about it. It really doesn 8767 t mean a d*mn thing.

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The article should 8767 ve discussed some of the important issues. Like how to explain why your weave is off. Or why you have to challenge a man to prove your strong. I don 8767 t know about other BM but any BW that has been with a WM 8767 s is desperate and doesn 8767 t measure up to an intelligent successful BM such as myself. Shot out to all my quality, naturally beautiful BW who are just what a BM needs.

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She’s black period. Black American women like that are considered black not mixed,like you said, of course she’s mixed it’s apparent but there are so many blacks like that living in the black community and have been for years that they consider themselves black, if you see her parents they are probably two light skinned black Americans, if not then the Momma is most certainly black, but I doubt she has one from each race I think their both black

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and is no one going to mention how this article had 8775 fetish 8776 written all over it?? It is a white man 8767 s privilege to fetishize minority women, so when I hear stuff like 8766 they like my natural hair 8767 , I automatically think, No duh, it 8767 s probably BECAUSE of your natural hair that he 8767 s attracted smh. I instantly noticed the more attention I got from white guys after I went natural, and it is as she said, they have mad questions for you, want to touch it, and have a slough of stereotypes to go along with it all. Only, this in no way was flattering to me some women will fall for anything.

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Him: (Frustrated) OK Daniel, here are the rules. If you don 8767 t answer my questions, or if you answer with an attitude or if I realize you 8767 re lying to me, I won 8767 t even warn you. I 8767 ll just shoot you in the head, throw your body out of the moving car and drive on like you never existed. And do you know how they 8767 ll report your death on the morning news? (Imitates a newscaster) 8775 The decapitated body of an unidentified male was found dumped along Thika Superhighway last night. The body which is unrecognizable because of being ran over by motorists, was taken to Kenyatta University Funeral Home. The police suspect that he was trying to cross the busy highway when he was struck down by a speeding vehicle. The areas OCPD Mr. Reginald Omwamo has requested pedestrians to be extra careful while on the road. We 8767 ll take a short break and return with the sports news shortly. 8776

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What was the point of this article, i thought i was going to learn her experience and maybe read about how she told these men that how a person turns out depends on how that person was raised, their own personality and or where. It really has little to do with their ethnicity. She pretends to care, but its so obvious she 8767 s taking it all in and was just boasting and make all the compliments she received known. The article should be titled 8775 The awesome compliments i received from white men 8776 . I 8767 m African and i get these comments all the time, but people i know (relatives and what not) who are from the same area, not just country are loud mouthed. It really depends on the persons mindset really. And there are millions that are considered 8775 loud mouthed 8776 with degrees and athletic bodies and vise-versa. I can go on and on but I 8767 ve already let this get to me lol and already written enough. I can understand how this can offend some people.

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So many people in the comments are so worked up over who bw are supposed to choose as a partner when it is all so individual. I have no problem dating men of any race, but I have found that I am more attracted to men who are not black (including wm) from personal experience. The black men who have approached me seemed to be all about sex first and me last. I am a little old fashioned. I 8767 m just not going to give up that easily. Men that I have dated from other races showed more respect. Not shading black men, but show me one who who will respect me and I will think differently.

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My only thought on this is, people attract people who are into the same things they are into.
If this article was written by a white woman from another country saying pretty much the same thing , I don 8767 t think people would be so upset.
I understand the article and I don 8767 t think it 8767 s ignorant at all. It is this woman 8767 s experience. No one can say she is wrong cause it 8767 s her life. To get on her about it is just plain wrong.

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Good list, I think one of the reasons black women are subjected to so many microaggressions is that most men of all races would rather not date them, which means those who do tend to be losers hoping this will eventually change because black women are wonderful despite the smell, lower intelligence, overweight issues, and apelike appearance. I married a black woman before my gender transition and never looked back (or black).

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As much as white men like to date black women, there is one thing for sure. They will never accept a black man as a friend or an acquaintance. A black women would be more accepted in a predominately white club than a black man. You will see a group of white people going out with maybe one or two black women with them but you will not see a black man with them. Black women are more likely to date a white man than a black man dating a white women. Unless he is a musician or an athlete. Also, when a black women is dating a white man she has the tendency to forget who she is and try her best to fit in with whites. Look at the weeves they ware.

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Wait a minute, are you saying that the black men who dated her were all monks and celibates? Come on. And not every date ends up in the sack. As a white man dating a black woman, I don 8767 t see her as a mere bedmate. As a matter of fact I don 8767 t enjoy sleeping with women I am not serious about. It makes me feel slimy, for a reason, because it is slimy. I have to feel that we have the potential to be together for good, for real. I have said no to additional dates with women of all races because I knew I had nothing in common with them at that point. And I didn 8767 t sleep with them and then dump them.

Love Kevin 8767 s cute and clever comeback!  This is why I don 8767 t pay attention to those studies.  It doesn 8767 t surprise me in the least to read about WM expressing interest in BW even in Arkansas!  I actually have a WM acquaintance from Arkansas that is quite smitten with me and always tells me how beautiful I am.  My real life experiences and interactions have always confirmed for me that WM are interested in dating and marrying BW.  And with books like Swirling and spaces like BB& W, I hope those interested but hesitant WM come to see that BW are just like any other woman.  You don 8767 t have to approach us in a special way.  And if you encounter a BW that is not interested in WM, don 8767 t take that to mean we all feel the same way.

Hi I 8767 m a fairly guy looking for a want to have some I like to be serious at 8767 m a good loving have no 8767 m very open minded. And always willing to would like to experience something I 8767 ve never seen I 8767 d love to be with a woman who would be willing to show me what life is you for your .Vern.

In our present world it is beyond silly to identify anyone with African blood as just black especially if they are mixed race or biracial heritage! Why should anyone deny the other ethnic gene pools and declare themselves exclusuvely black when they clearly look anything but black ! It’s like a childish game of “i gotcha”
Probably the best observation for the unmarried is this if your want to breed beautiful ,exotic, and gifted children marry someone who is Black ! Did you know that with out the tint of Black in all colors, the color lacks vibrancy.

One of the worst things a White man can do on a date is re-enforce Black stereotypes, even if it’s in a joking way. Why? Because that tells me that you are simply judging me by my skin even though one would think you wouldn’t do that (after all, you are on a date with a Black woman). You may find it funny, but I don’t, especially if I don’t fit into the stereotype you are talking about. Not every Black woman says “Oh no you didn’t!”

With the online thing, I have a question. I have a friend (not me) who is in her early 95s, but could easily pass for her late 75s-early 85s.  Physical fitness is very important to her and it shows. Unfortunately, because of her age, she gets a lot of older men she doesn 8767 t deem attractive physically and gets excluded by men near or than her age. Another friend advised her to change her age on her profile to reflect that she is in her mid-85s, maybe 85 or 86. I honestly didn 8767 t know how to advise her on this as she wants kids, too. Any thoughts (not to steer off topic too much here)?

I am a African-American teenager and I like interracial dating I find it very Influential to other people to see how different races interact with each other even though I have never dated outside my race I would. I find all the races attractive. Often times I find it scary to talk to people outside of my race because of the stereotypes that they put on African-American women. I 8767 ve often heard some people say I 8767 m more attractive because I 8767 m like skin and I have naturally curly hair. I often find it offensive because God made us perfect and often times we change ourselves because society tells us what we should think is beautiful. all people are beautiful no matter the color of your skin or where you came from

And you shouldn 8767 t be ashamed if you have a strong preference for miscegenation. Be aware that many are just prejudiced against miscegenation and some will do all sorts of things to make it difficult. Could it be that articles like this are just anti-miscegenation? Seems so to me. If you have a strong preference for Africans then don 8767 t be ashamed about it. Go and get involved in African (Kenyan, Ethiopian, Nigerian) community events. Learn about their language and culture. Go there and teach English or something else. I think Kenyans all speak English. All the ones I know speak English very well. But anyway, don 8767 t be ashamed and don 8767 t let haters get you down!

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