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Posted: 2017-10-12 14:35

Who says white sites aren 8767 t talking about interracial dating? I can say for a fact that white men consider black women fully a part of all 8775 the fish in the sea. 8776 If we find the find the girl we love there, we are going to grab her, if she 8767 ll have us. It is hard enough to find someone in this world that to limit yourselves to pre-existing conceptions and prejudices. Love is love. The main problem in connecting with a woman is culture, not race, and I don 8767 t mean a 8775 shared 8776 culture I mean liking some of the same stuff, having understandings about values, being curious and interested, being interesting, connecting mentally. Laughing a lot. Are those racial? I don 8767 t think so.

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Updated 59/56/66 I had to put this in because several of you have asked about it. When it comes to Dating Agencies I personally have never used one, therefore, I have no recommendations, I do know that there are a few out there that do a good job. I 8767 ve met guys that have used them and have met great girls. In my opinion, it 8767 s a great way to meet women without having to do too much work, also if your Spanish is limited, I can see how it can get your foot in the door. But just like anything else, at the end of the day, it 8767 s just you in front of that girl, hence it 8767 s all up to you and your personality.

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Ah ah! Here is the thing,I really don 8767 t give a damn about how white people feel about me,I don 8767 t have those inferiority complex,they are humans just like me and will be treated accordingly,so stop shaking your head. The white men I dated never exhibited racist behavior or even used the n word,my example above was hypothetical and if it happened in real life,I wouldn 8767 t give a cookie because I don 8767 t condone reverse racism either.

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I 8767 ll be glad when the day comes that everyone realizes that love knows no color. You cant force yourself to fall in love with someone simply because they are black. Your political and cultural beliefs will fall by the wayside when you find that right one no matter the race. maya angelou and alice walker are examples from this list. Is ANYBODY going to second guess how maya feels about black people??

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They (translator) discourage direct communications of any kind, as it will end their revenue stream generated by translating letters between the two of you. Some excuses you may hear are: 8775 I don 8767 t have a computer 8776 , 8775 I am not computer literate 8776 , 8775 I can 8767 t afford a cell phone or we could talk 8776 , 8775 My English is terrible and I feel much more comfortable using the agencies 8767 translators for our communications 8776 . You will hear many stories and excuses that directly contradict each other.

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How do you know the poster is a black man? And what he or she said is kind of true right? Black women are rarely featured or not at all in magazines or blogs or whatever that cater to Caucasian men. And I don 8767 t thnk we would ever have an article like this on site like that. 8775 how to go on dates with bw 8776 , 8775 what black women say on dates 8776 etc never lol.. And you know that, too. The mental illness and obsessing part may have been exaggerated, but the rest is true.

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7. It 8767 s a good idea to open a Colombian bank account, just because it 8767 s better (safer) to have that money in the bank instead of carrying around a bunch of cash. And when I say safer, I don 8767 t mean that in Colombia people are just waiting to rob you, I mean anywhere in the world that you carry around 65,555 pounds you 8767 ll be a target. The banks exchange rates are always fluctuating, so I 8767 d consult that first before opening the account.

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I will say that whenever I 8767 ve been out with one of my friends, and we enter a room wherein I 8767 m one of the few black men present and I am the object of 8775 the stares 8776 , I simply state the truth-to their faces: 8776 Yes, I am much bigger and better than you in every way. Get over it. Good night. 8776 .
I always say it with a massive grin upon my face. I, then, strut away like a boss. That 8767 s the true reason for their hatred of black men:resentment/envy/jealousy/spite. We have and are everything that they wish they had and were.:)

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One of the worst things a White man can do on a date is re-enforce Black stereotypes, even if it’s in a joking way. Why? Because that tells me that you are simply judging me by my skin even though one would think you wouldn’t do that (after all, you are on a date with a Black woman). You may find it funny, but I don’t, especially if I don’t fit into the stereotype you are talking about. Not every Black woman says “Oh no you didn’t!”

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I wonder why white people go out of their way to visit a Black site to argue their ignoramous racist views and try to lump us all in one category as if we 8767 re the only race of people in America that commits idiots are so obsessed with Black on Black crime that they are blind to the hideous white on white crimes that take place every ,violence is a problem in the Black 8767 re not in denial about every time a white person commits a heinous crime it is more times than not blamed on 8775 mental illness 8776 as if mental illness only provokes white people to commit horrible the other day a white man threw his daughter off of a bridge to her death-and she was a baby!And unsurprisingly the comments posted in the article from whites were way less scathing than it would have been had this man been seem to be very judgmental about Black crime than white like jimc and darthgetit need to be incinerated alive!Add Tom Colvin to the mix while you 8767 re at burn white skin would look much better with some pigment in it.

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Did you not here him? Foreigners are beaten all the time for fun by roving gangs in that country. Social status and cash is everything. (And if this makes you care more, as it seems to be, Caucasians and non-Caucasians are beaten equally.) The Koreans do not recognize the singular effort in our creating and building up their country at great difficulty to our lives and economy, which continues to this day.

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I am terribly disappointed in his writer 8767 s opinion. I believe in the equality of man. No skin colour is more superior to mine.
Is a shame that some of us black folks still have this inferior mindset.
I understand the role white Europeans played in the enslavement and in the underdevelopment of black race, and that is because we are not tuthful enough to take the bull by the horn.
Let 8767 s call a spade a spade, there are terrible black women out there as well as bad white women.
To single out a race hand over such an idiotic message as as bad.
Come to think of it, what is the difference between a slut white woman and a hore black woman? I see none.
Please brother, though words are cheap and you have right to your opinion, I strongly suggest you have a change of heart. Thank you.

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Since when did 8775 white boy 8776 become acceptable to call a white male over the age of 68??
You can call my 66 year old son a 8775 white boy 8776 , but I 8767 m a 96 year old white man, not a boy, and that term is extremely degrading to white men!
Don 8767 t think it is? Try calling an adult black male 8775 black boy 8776 , or an adult Hispanic male 8775 brown boy 8776 without them getting offended! It is most definitely offensive, and it 8767 s unbelievable to me that is seems to be accepted!
Don 8767 t be a hypocrite.
If you don 8767 t want other races calling YOU offensive names, YOU can 8767 t call other people offensive names! It 8767 s as simple as that. You can 8767 t have it both ways!!

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Korea is still male-dominated country. the important thing is that Korean girls are passive / guys are selfish and patriarchal. many Korean guys blame Korean girl is too passive or tend to rely on guys too much. but the truth is that many Korean women are suffering from the male-dominated can find comments that Korean guys blame Korean women with slang. but K-women just keep calm they used to endure everything. futhermore, K-guys really hate K-girl who date foreigners without reason.

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The truth is that Korean men are too demanding(we have to look perfect and gotta have a degree from best schools, make good money from nice jobs like teacher or doctor or have rich parents, take care of the husband 8767 s parent, siblings and relatives, like call them everyday, give money or gift them often, nurse them when they 8767 re sick and they can visit your home without any notice and complain about how we treat their son).

idk where did all this came from but this is a COMPLETE BS. indeed extremely biased. please don 8767 t take this article seriously. many guys from europe or the states seem to have this misconception of korean girls these days. dating a korean girls is just the same as dating any other girls from whatsoever country like korean girls are also human beings right??u should never treat people based on prejucide

Dude, so are you saying when a woman gets pregnant it 8767 s her fault? Well I am asking because that 8767 s what it sounds like. That is the lowest thinking, did it cross your mind that maybe, she insisted on using protection n the guy didn 8767 t want n told her how everything will be alright n shit like that? You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?


Andrew ,this is the best blog I have had the pleasure to read. lets see if I can verbalize my story. and tell me what you think. I met a Medellin girl on a dating website. we clicked very fast. and to make a long story short. She invited down to Medellin Colombia. I speak Spanish ,I would say as a second language. I was a NYPD Detective and I just retired. Here is my story. my girlfriend met me at the airport in Rio Negro. We were shuttled off to a Hotel that my girlfriend picked out. I had no inpout in this choice. It was not in Poblado, for some reason we ended up on Carretera 75. Wall to wall little discos that are blasting music all night. In poblado I understand the Hotels are like $ per night. I had to stay in Medellin for a month.

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