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They all in one coop if you ask me because the situation is clearly not about those kids. Yandy need to let it go the man just went to jail focus on your own kids for now and all the kids being with each other crap alone they actually in 8 separate homes so it 8767 s kind of hard to mesh all those lives together. Especially when she only going hard for one child Sams kid and not the other so this bs is really not about the kids until they get their issues out the way.

If she had her way they wouldn 8767 t be in the picture. She would be the mother to all of his kids. As a mom, she would be a little more sensitive to what they are saying especially Sam. I believe Sam when she says Yandy over steps her boundaries. She needs more respect for them all. Of course we don 8767 t know all of the back story but Yandy needs to just humble herself a little and stop talking so reckless to them if it 8767 s really about the kids. She does need to apologize. if not, things will continue to be a mess.

Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 4 & 5 – Mr. World Premiere

KIM really needs to move from the past. She acts like its a secret situation that happened in the past.. nooo your man cheated.. EXTREMELY BROKENNNNNNN 8775 The past, The Past, The Past. Girl stop living in thr past Also, Im from London and boy I do not sound like that ASIA , dont be fooled USA LMAOOOO. SHE is from West Africa and has clearly been missing English lessons I love Cardiiiiii B, SHE CRAZY.. OH and Yandi I loved the scene with the ring, I would of done the same thng

The Waltons Episode Guide: Season 7

Ike and Corabeth ask Olivia and Mary Ellen to evaluate Pembroke 696 s paintings. Olivia knows he definitely has artistic talent but Mary Ellen says she would not want those paintings of war hanging in her house. Later, Erin admits to Mary Ellen that she feels in love with Derek, but also feels like running away from him. Mary Ellen thinks that true love would not make her think that way.

Indian court orders medical exam of pregnant girl, 10

Ohhh this 6st episode 😣 let 8767 s jump right in.. 6st off Yandy baby teef with extra gums looking the fuck are you gonna boss someone ELSE child? Menfeces(catch) can 8767 t request a dam thing from behind bars. That 8767 s Lil Mandeces momma..she has the authority to say what goes all she is asking for is respect as most women would ask for. No one I mean no one is checking for Juelz (sp) or his music ijs and give ya gurl some metamucil or beano cause she looks hella bloated with them rock tits and Beverly Johnson wigs..πŸ˜‘The meeting with Yandy and her was so fake like what exactly are yall both mad about?!?! Snoop n her chick. 6st off U leave ya son to be a hopeful actress n boss bitch in a city you know nothing about??? FOH ya big DUMMY. U should get donkey of the day. And Mona needs to do better with them fake ass fans wanting her picture/autograph. The Wire happened in 7557 ova 69yrs ago..nobody still checking for that shitπŸ˜‚ yall catch her say she was gonna get blue balls cause her gurl wasnt gonna give her someπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dafuq!!! Last Cardi n her sister are annoying as fuck put all they scenes on mute.

ATimeline of the Best Schmidt and Cece Moments on New Girl

Corabeth proclaims she would like to transform the mercantile into a glamorous store similar to the one in Doe Hill. She then notices Aimee and Elizabeth wearing white shirts and jeans, insisting that her daughter change into something more appropriate in order to cultivate the tastes of a lady. Elizabeth thinks she is going through 695 the change 696 like her mother last year. Corabeth suddenly returns to the past realizing how much of her youth was wasted. She leaves to the back room where she takes a drink from a hidden liquor bottle to calm her nerves. Later, Ike returns home to find Aimee cooking supper, saying her mother is not feeling well. When Ike brings his ailing wife a supper tray Corabeth glides into the room declaring she will become an interior decorator. Ike is not prepared to deal with his flighty wife and quickly leaves for his civil defense meeting. Disappointed with her husband 696 s lack of interest Corabeth returns to her bottle.

Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 1 – Mr. World Premiere

John and Olivia return home with John tanned and rested. But Mary Ellen notices that her mother has lost weight and is still looking tired. While unpacking they see Aunt Kate unexpectedly drive up to the house. When John arrives to greet Kate she tells Olivia and John that Dr. Caldwell 696 s tests show the early stage of tuberculosis. Olivia is stunned by the news. She is even more shocked to learn it will be necessary for her to stay in a sanatorium located near Alberene in order to receive proper rest, quiet, and medicine. Olivia runs out of the house as the children wonder what is wrong. John and Aunt Kate tell the children the bad news. John comforts Olivia as she stares off toward the hills. The planned picnic is still held but the talk around the table is forced. Olivia reassures the family that even though she is leaving in the morning she is comforted to know that Grandma and John will be taken care of while she is gone. Jim Bob presents her with a going-away present as he plays Beautiful Dreamer on his accordion.

She did start getting extra petty towards the end she just need to go have a seat. You notice every time Samantha say something yandy really doesn 8767 t have a valid response cuz Sam keeps checking her with facts. So what if Kim helps her with lil mendeece she 8767 s a single mom and especially right now that mendeece is in prison! Yandy needs to just mind her own damn business and face the fact that while she claims to be #6 now she used to be #8 Sam, Erica, and her or then her! And she seems so bothered that Sam had his baby boy first, she wanna be lil mendeece mom so bad, like chile you got 7 kids worry about them.

Ike and Corabeth argue about her impetuous behavior at suddenly signing a contract for her new business. Corabeth finally screams, 695 I am drowning in this Virginia backwater! 696 The next day Corabeth asks John to enlarge the dressing room and build a partition for a waiting room in the building rented for her dance studio. When Olivia and John visit the studio they find Ike upset with Corabeth about the costs of opening the business. Ike confesses to John that he is afraid he will either go bankrupt or crazy before all of this is over. John offers the cost of the lumber in exchange for Elizabeth 696 s dance lessons and will forego the cost of labor. Corabeth confides in Olivia that Ike is very difficult to live with and is not very romantic. Back at the house, John tells Olivia that he thinks Corabeth has a drinking problem because he saw an empty liquor bottle at the studio. Olivia thinks it unlikely but did notice her breath smelled funny.

All of these females are so insecure with their men. If your man has been that unfaithful so many times that every female he 8767 s around gotta be called a 8775 hoe 8776 or a 8775 bitch 8776 then sweetie it 8767 s time for you to let it burn and MOVE ON! The ladies are putting too much energy and time into these guys that aren 8767 t MEN and stop having all these babies without that man making u his wife or a true commitment to you. Only guy on here that don 8767 t seem to be with that . is Papoose.

Yandy hmm I think the viewers are slowly getting a glimpse into who she really is. We all know Mona Scott is her best friend so she 8767 s always maintained a 8775 good 8776 image. Samantha was right for getting her together. Yandy made it seem like that little boys mother was not in his life for all these seasons. One of her arguing points with slow Bella (kim) was 8775 you see on instagram how long I have not posted little Mendeecees 8776 lmao! What?! Okay let me call up all my girlfriends and make sure all they kids are safe and sound at home cause they didn 8767 t post them in a minute.

Elizabeth: I think I''ll be a lawyer when I grow up!
Jason: Not a divorce lawyer I hope.
Elizabeth: I might be pretty good at it. I saved Yancy''s marriage! Besides, I think lawyers must have lots of fun.
Mary Ellen: Goodnight Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: They''re always writing about the ''party of the first party, and the party of the second party, and the -''
John: The party''s over! Goodnight Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: Daddy, I think it''d be more lawyer-like to say - ''the case is closed''.
Olivia and John: Goodnight Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Goodnight everyone.

The first night in their apartment Erin and Mary Ellen finish unpacking and make supper. Erin surprises her sister with a bottle of wine, compliments of Mr. Pringle. While tasting the wine they wonder what the family is doing. They are homesick but won 696 t admit it. At the supper table Ben gives up trying to finish the order after encountering problems. Grandma motions to Elizabeth to bring a dancing doll that Ben made for her when he was nine years old. Ben remembers the difficulty of the project, until Grandma told him, 695 Don 696 t give up. Figure it out. 696 He realizes what Grandma had in mind and vows to complete the order.

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Excuse me, but the f 8767 ing muslums were using Deir Yassin as a fire base from which to launch attacks against convoys of food, water and medical supplies being brought in to relieve the siege of Jerusalem. The f 8767 ing muslum monkeys hid themselves and their weapons among the civilians of Deir Yassin just like the f 8767 ing muslums hid weapons and ammo in mosques, hospitals and homes in Gaza during operation Cast Lead and sited Katuysha rocket launchers and rockets in civilian neighborhoods in Southern Lebanon. The f 8767 ing muslums in Deir Yassin DISGUISED themselves as civilians lying sh!tstain and holed up in civilian homes!

John and Olivia discuss the possibilities and the good that can happen with change. On the way home driving their new car they have decided to accept the offer. Back home Ben proudly shows John the contraption that allowed him to finish the order. John compliments Ben and decides to let his maturing son use Grandpa 696 s tools. Inside the house Olivia likes the jukebox but insists it does not belong in the living room, but rather in a roadhouse. She gives Grandma a locket that can hold Grandpa 696 s picture. Elizabeth tells her mother that Grandma has decided to celebrate Grandpa 696 s birthday at his gravesite on the Mountain. At supper John and Olivia tell the family that they will be moving to Richmond while Ben remains behind to run the mill. No one is excited at the prospect, especially Elizabeth who insists she would rather run away than leave the Mountain. In her bedroom Olivia tells Elizabeth they all need to pull together during this time of change. They hear Grandma and Jason sing and play the song, 695 Let Me Call You Sweetheart 696 .

Elizabeth decides to have a party for her thirteenth birthday. Olivia suggests an overnight party on the night before her birthday. While signing up for a music appreciation class, Ike runs into Jason at the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music. Not knowing about Jason 696 s job, Ike badmouths Cousin George for suggesting he improve himself. Jason recommends that he just refuse what Corabeth wants him to do. Ike says concessions are often necessary to make a marriage work.

Why would she bring her children to go see their siblings? She is Mendecee 8767 s wife. I think you all reading this shit this shit wrong. In the episode I watched, Samantha was clearly lying. She said that lil Mendecees never lived with Yandy and Mendecees and then she contradicted herself later by stating that they always had babysitters watching them. Yandy was wrong for taking lil Mendecees to see Mendecees since they don 8767 t have custody, though. That 8767 s not even a moral issue there for me, though. It 8767 s legal. Samantha is a bird.

Yes, I remember about their calendar, it was very accurate. it is a pity the Spanish Conquistadores burned so much material because it was 8775 pagan 8776 in their eyes
I 8767 ve been told that while other European universities were busy with the new discoveries of science, the scholars in Spanish universities spent lots of time debating whether the angels in heaven spoke Latin, Hebrew or Arameic I don 8767 t know whether this is true or not, but as the Italians say, 8775 se non Γ¨ vero Γ¨ ben trovato! 8776 (If this isn 8767 t true, it has been made up very well!)

Neither peoples nor mobs discover or invent a damn thing INDIVIDUALS do. And when an INDIVIDUAL discovers or invents a revolutionary idea or product they have usually been mocked or hated in their lifetimes for upsetting the status quo and the powers that be (Galileo). Which ever INDIVIDUAL first came up with the idea of zero, he was probably mocked and thought a fool by the idiots surrounding him, and told to put that thing away and STFU, or else.