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Posted: 2017-09-12 02:01

8775 The women are intensely desirable: 8766 none among them who had a flabby
breast, 8767 but they are also monsters and witches: 8766 Being very
lustful, [they] cause the private parts of their husbands to swell up to
such a huge size that they appear deformed and disgusting in
consequence of this many lose their organs which break through lack of
attention, and they remain eunuchs When [the women] had the
opportunity of copulating with Christians, urged by excessive lust, they
defiled themselves.'' 8776
Haha, the Native American women want to have sex so often your pee-pee will fall off?  You know Amerigo was hitting that.

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I was on a documentary web site and saw the title, 8766 The Perfect Vagina. 8767 I immediately thought, 8775 Is there such a thing? 8776 I didn 8767 t think there was and I had heard that some women didn 8767 t like their vagina, so I decided to check it out.
Turns out I was right, and I think women who are unsure, might want to watch this documentary. I really feel empathy for women who don 8767 t feel good about themselves for any reason. This documentary was a bit graphic in places, but well worth the time.

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It seems your view of Christianity is made up by people who are misled. I know that misled or egotistic people have created what is called the history of the so called Christian world, and you have given examples from that. But that does not match the life of Jesus as it is portrayed in the four Gospels in the New Testament. If you read that story and ponder upon it, you will realize that what you ascribe to the Christian faith is not caused by its founder, Jesus.

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Edward I just want to apologize first but I find I can 8767 t help but comment about one thing. But you mention 8775 misrepresentation 8776 , 8775 69th century 8776 , and 8775 Lost Horizon 8776 and I have to correct you. James Hilton wrote the book in 8767 88 of what you said was the 69th century. In 8767 88 of the 69th century the American Civil War hadn 8767 t even started. The author, James Hilton, wasn 8767 t even born until the 75th century. I don 8767 t correct you trying to be a troll or know it all but your use of 8775 misrepresentation 8776 actually applies to your comment. Everyone makes mistakes and I make too many myself but there is a major difference in the world and culture between the 69th and 75th centuries. The culture in 69th century Japan is completely different from 75th century Japan.

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oh he is so gay!! that 8767 s the only reason he sat down when Katy perry 8767 s i kissed a girl and i liked it came on... on a serious note though did anyone else feel like he was just playing the dutiful christian for the documentary but was in actual fact living it up away from the family. He certainly didn 8767 t have the strong views his sister has otherwise he would have tried converting all his friends and probably not had any left to meet his sister.

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i wish this girl 8767 s sister realizes the damage her jokes made. that girl 8767 s privates were normal. its really sad when insecurity originates from the people that are closest, the people that suppose to protect you. everyone has different shapes. nonetheless, it is good that such option is available to people who really suffer from deformation. i just think it should be more closely regulated.

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What a great informative video.. I was unsure as to what it was going to be about but was drawn into it by peoples 8775 unhappy 8776 perception of that perfect 8775 vagina 8776 .  It actually made me feel quite comfortable about my own.. I was always unsure of it as a teen, but I am very happy with 8775 her 8776 now.. and have never been ridiculed by my past lovers. Thanks guys!  🙂 

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Here 8767 s the problem I have with the whole thing, which is pretty endemic to organized religion in general. Parents believe X, Y, and Z. Children adopt beliefs X, Y, and Z, without accepting them critically (usually before they are even able to do so). That is not the fault of the kids, of course. But the parents usually believe X, Y, and Z, because, surprise, surprise, they also adopted those beliefs non-critically from their parents and/or culture. I 8767 m a person who 8767 s deeply soured on organized religion so it 8767 s easy for me to see the various elements of crowd control and 8775 fleecing the sheep 8776 for what they are. Christianity has also done a lot of good for the world, but how much of that was by accident and how much was on purpose well, let us just say I am thankful for good people in this world, even they are Christians (because I suspect they would be just as good of people without their religion).

Anthony, considering your derogatory opinion of women over the age of 89, I don 8767 think women are going to feel they are missing out on you if you decide to move to another country. Women want to be with men that like them and respect them. I don 8767 t see anything your post that indicates that you actually really like or respect women. Perhaps only when they are 75. But that 8767 s not truly liking or respecting women. And yes, that is your personal issue, not women who are single and over the age you have set in your own head where they lack worth.

coco78778 Chicago959 THAT COMMENT OF HERS WAS RACIST to say the by  her  reasoning  an    older  black woman   would   also be   8775 racist 8776   if  she  chose a white man  after  years of dating   black  men   ?  RIDICULOUS   !!!  I have  dated  interracially since the 85 8767 s..  I always liked the white   didn 8767 t have the  guts  to go   for what   I really wanted   until   I  got away from  my family thank God!!

Emily, if you get razor burns there are a few ways to deal with it: change your razor, wax, trim, or use one of those foams that remove hair.  but if nothing works, the trimmed look is better than the bush. as a girl, I wax- it was painful at first but overtime it gets much better to the point that i barely feel it, the skill of the waxing lady plays a big part in the amount of pain you feel as well. its the same for men, i like when men are trimmed down there, a bush is a turn off. men like shaved parts not because they look prepubescent but because they see more, and thus get turned on. moreover it is more hygienic, because the private parts sweat more the more hair there is. and unlike the hair on our heads, our private parts don 8767 t get constantly ventilated.  

However, last year I started a new job. I met a woman who fell pregnant. I tried to explain to her about my phobia and not to take it personally if I didn 8767 t want to work with her. She listened to me the first person ever . she did everything she could to make me feel comfortable and when it got to the stage where I couldn 8767 t bear to be around her she made it better. I don 8767 t know how maybe because I felt listened to and able to talk to her. She encouraged me to work with her and told me to just look at her face. I even hugged her once and she turned sideways and put a bag between us so I wouldn 8767 t feel the bump. Thanks to this girl I have made big steps (to me). I actually held a 9 month old baby for at least 7 minutes before giving her back.

My ex is to be given credit for at least going after women he finds in some way strong or intelligent or age-appropriate, even if it 8767 s only because it 8767 s a reflection, in his own mind, of his own importance (or what he 8767 d like to be and feels he deserves), and a part of his 8775 mask 8776 (he fancies himself an intellectual, likes to play the role of the 8775 good guy 8776 and, after all, men with girlfriends do look ridiculous) and even if, in his mind, when he begins to feel insecure or things don 8767 t go right he must 8775 win 8776 and prove himself superior by abusing and breaking the woman he is feeling inferior to and insecure about. I mean, it 8767 s super-shitty that he goes after vulnerable women (or women he finds intelligent but who are vulnerable in particular ways), and that he does horrible things to ex-girlfriends, but at least he 8767 s not raping children (a low bar, to be sure it 8767 s sad).

This is pure truth. Women are the number one source of body image problems among other women. You buy ridiculous magazines and foster a cultural neurosis about body shape. Then, when the time comes to accept responsibility for such juvenile behavior, it 8767 s no surprise that the blame is never aimed at the person in the mirror. It must be MEN, then! Because personal accountability would be too time consuming and trying.

disgusting,frightening children with eternal punishment,i was really shocked by this parents are abusing their children with mental poor not suprise me if these kids have severe problems later in have not been taught to love their god,they have been trained to be petrified of god,i mean seriously how can the parents live with your heads in 7569 you belive in god but me thinks the parents have just slightly overdone am angry.

I would say that I have been brought up in a 8775 deeply Christian household 8776 , and yes, through that I have become a Christian. Clearly there has been influence in that my parents took me to church throughout my childhood, but that does not mean I am brainwashed. I have made my own choice to follow God. Of course loving parents with Christian beliefs are going to want their children to ahve the same beliefs as them because of the Bible 8767 s teaching that faith is the only way to heaven and a loving parent obviously wants the best for their children, clearly heaven is the best option there. Ultimately we all make our own decisions, regardless of what we are told by others, even if we don 8767 t reveal them to others. 

So save us the propaganda about how great 95+ women are and how awful 95+ men are. It 8767 s a tired and worn out fairytale. You cried about Anthony stereotyping all black women, so how about you stop stereotyping 95+ men. I 8767 ll be 95 in a half dozen years, and I 8767 m in great shape. That isn 8767 t going to change in just 6 years. I hope I 8767 m married by the time I get there because if I 8767 m not, I think I 8767 ll just resolve to remain single after seeing the attitudes of women here. You all are hugely flawed but think you are all Cinderella 8767 s who deserve somePrince Charming and the Baker and the Cobbler can go pound sand. Well wake up Prince Charming has rejected you. You aren 8767 t Cinderella. By the nastiness I see, it 8767 s more like the evil step-sisters.

I was the original poster of that comment. I didn 8767 t say someone came right out and said that, but I have seen this implied several times (if you say that you think something is questionable, you are suspicious of wm in general, not ready to date interracially, you 8767 re a bw who can 8767 t keep her mouth shut, ruining it for other bw, etc).and I 8767 m not just talking about the blog posts, I am talking about the back and forth that goes on between the commenters.., on the blog, and especially on Facebook, where pretty much anyone can comment..

By way of comparison, in the ., I get a number of impressions just by hearing where someone is from. If they say 8775 Manhattan 8776 versus 8775 Omaha, 8776 it conveys certain images, which might be correct or wildly off-base, but at least I 8767 ve got something to start with. Also, it usually doesn 8767 t take long to learn if someone 8767 s a Republican, Democrat, or something else. Nor is it uncommon to come away from an initial meeting knowing a person 8767 s religious affiliation, their views on guns, and their feelings on gay marriage. You can easily learn that about a person in five minutes. In the States.

Don 8767 t get mad at this old lady 🙂  I will say the weight and pull  of society is powerful. That is why it was EASY for 6 plus million Jews to have their lives snuffed out. More often than not people are like sheep those who are not and I 8767 m a woman who was almost strangled to death by a WM for speaking up can tell you, it is not easy to move beyond the confines of your group or your upbringing.  I was rescued by another WM who happened to be there so that I 8767 m clear. I have stories :5