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Posted: 2017-12-07 14:07

The PlentyOfFish Chemistry Test is probably one of the website’s more unique features. Those who are interested in finding a match that really suits them will want to narrow things down a bit, and the test is the perfect way of finding out. Over 79 million people have already done it. The test consists of 88 points that are tested and will give other users a better idea of who you are. This will, in turn, allow you to find someone to whom you are more suited.

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The website was okay but not all that great. Also, there are better sites out there that don''t charge like they do and have quality people out there. It is easy to view people but they just want to expose and take advantage of people and be real for real people. It would be nice to have real quality and I wish they would stop the meat market and have quality people that are real with jobs and worth dating. Also, something with real women and tasteful people and something worth actually being a part of and wanting to use.

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Another unique and interesting feature of Plenty of Fish is that each member gets two virtual roses when they sign-up to the website. You can only have two roses at a time and if you send one to another member, regardless if they are male or female, then you will have to wait a total of one month before you receive another rose. It’s important then to be careful and choose wisely as to which person you give your two roses too because you have a very limited supply and you won’t be able to re-stock as easily as you would like to.

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If you have been added as a favorite of another user, they may choose to write a testimonial about you talking about your time together, your personality, and your attributes. You can also write testimonials about any users who you add to your own favorites list. If you’re not happy or are wary of any testimonial that is written about you and appears on your profile, you do have the option to remove it. After you write and publish a testimonial about another user, you can always edit it later or even delete it if you are unhappy with what you have written about the user in the past.

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To make a dating site work, the site must first have viable options for people to date. In the case of Intimate Encounters, Frind said, "There are million people who use the site every day, of those there are only 6,596 single women looking for Intimate Encounters. Of those 6,596 women, the ones with hot pictures are mostly men pretending to be women. Intimate Encounters on POF can be summed up as a bunch of horny men talking to a bunch of horny men pretending to be women."

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When my brother wrote the company (Markus) I do believe and said he wanted them to be aware that he has had several woman pretend to be someone and then these woman try to get money from him. He went on to say anytime someone would give him her phone number it would automatically block them from speaking to each other and that he will not use the site anymore. That day they pulled $95 from his bank account. I was with him the whole time and he never authorized this.

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Awful website. Good job it''s free. First and not least is that you are not allowed to corresond with anyone in their 75s ro 85s if you are outside that age group.
Forget that it will not happend. Even if you decied on the age range in the advanced feature you are still not allowed to seach for anyone outside 65 years of your age range.
Better to pay for a site and know that everyone can see you and make their own decisions than decide on this site for free.
Lots of woman in their 95s and 55s looking for toyboys. Go for it.

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PlentyOfFish, a site much like our other online dating personals , is probably the largest free dating site in the English-speaking world, with the site even being offered in several other languages as well. Originally founded by Markus Frind, PlentyOfFish has grown in popularity since 7558. At the present moment, there are now around 8 million registered users who are active on the website every day. As well as this.

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POF claims 85 million registered users worldwide with about 755,555 logged in at any given time.

Plentyoffish POF may have lost a few people to newer rivals such as Tinder but it''s still big by any standards. Estimates of the number of users active on there (not just registered) is likely to be around million. This still makes it one of the most popular dating communities in the world.

PoF highlights being a free site however their lack of funds does mean navigating around extra advertisements for other dating services. They offer a full array of options including free messaging for the non-paying customer, with a few extra perks like being on the front page for those willing to pay.

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A few other words of wisdom for you about this revolutionary dating site. Plenty of Fish offers the ability to block other members from messaging you, but not necessarily viewing your profile. The site used to offer an IM feature but that was removed because it was slowing down the site and members don''t really seem to miss it (according to the CEO). You earn points on POF based on your use of the site and other criteria, and those basically can be used to send things like images of alcoholic drinks, teddy bears, puppies and steaks. Possibly a more creative use of points is in the works.

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I like how Plenty of Fish is simple, fun and interesting. Profiling was easy. It''s easy to navigate and to set up your profile and some of the users are actually pretty interesting people. But I don’t feel like POF understands my complexity when pairing me with matches. My overall experience was pretty good, but I doubt I will be finding my forever match through POF. I dislike how Plenty of Fish users use the site mostly as a hook-up site and not for the purpose of finding their forever mate. I believe the site needs to weed out these people so the site can live up to its potential.

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Had a few instances of sending messages and women first looking at my profile and then deleting my messages without even reading them. Complete white trash behavior!!! I would never dream of doing that to anyone. I did enjoy posting a comment about how Halloween was not here yet you can take your mask off. She did read that and did not get the humor as she wrote in response Huh! Dumb, Dumb! Then POF lies to you immediately every day by saying you have a "mutual match" "who is interested in meeting you." Of course you send a message only to find that they really are not as they don''t reply or have not logged on for months. What CRAP!

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The site also offers members the ability to "favorite" other members and to rate their pictures, which seems like nothing more than a popularity contest, similar to those on sites like While it can provide some social proof that a person is interesting, fun or valid, it can also show that a profile with hot pictures and little text gets hundreds of favorites regardless of whether or not there''s a real person behind it.

Overall, POF is one of the best free internet online dating site services , unlike no other, as it is simple to use and potentially meet interesting new friends and possible romantic connections in your local area.  It may be at the very top as the best no cost personals website. As always when using a socially-based internet site exercise caution when meeting strangers, but with this site you''ll find the cliché true that there''s "plenty of fish in the sea"!

Most profiles have at least two pictures, the basic form info, and a few lines of text that normally go along the lines of “I''m a nice guy, I don''t know what to write here really so I''ll just say something hopefully humorous for the next sentence or two.” The form information includes children (wants/has), smoking, zodiac sign, age, religion, drug use, if they have a car, profession, drinking, marital status, and education. Things like hobbies, interests, and political affiliation are blatantly missing from the list.

I was on PoF for a few days. it was depressing. For some reason, PoF seems to attract a low grade of person. Compared to any number of other dating sites -- such as OKCupid (where I met a wonderful woman I am now deeply committed to) or Match -- PoF seems to the bottom of the barrel, for whatever reason. It was dismal. Okay, fine. Then I cancelled my account, or I thought I had. Then, two months later, PoF charged me again. I called them to request a refund, but they have a "policy" that says that when they steal your money, it''s theirs, gotcha! Okay, I understand: everybody has to make a living, even pickpockets. So I canceled AGAIN, this time telephoning PayPal to make sure all the i''s were dotted and such. hopefully these petty crooks are out of my life forever. My advice: stay far away from these bottom-feeders. And happy dating-- elsewhere.

is free and safe. They have covered all areas from where they live, what they like to do, what they look like, their ages, their careers, and educational life. gives you the option of taking to who you want and block out if you feel uneasy. We have plenty of chatrooms. You can talk one-on-one or you can talk in groups and you can go incognito where you''re just off the map for a little bit. I have meet a lot of interesting people. I like it. It takes a questionnaire to sift through people then makes matches then shows you pictures to allow you to pick through the ones you want, give you the option how close they are to you. I''ll enjoy this site is a very hopeful and helped me be very social. Overall, they are on top.

When it comes to certain features, they may only be accessible to you depending on whether you are a man or woman. Users of a certain gender will have access to specific features but the other gender will not. For example, men can access a list of female members who are cited as being the ‘Hottest Girls’ based on their ratings and how often they respond to messages from potential suitors. Women also have access to a specific feature just for them known as “Most Attracted” which highlights those men who have the highest chance of being attracted to them based on their profile, answers to questions, and personal attributes.

was alright and completely free. Paying to find someone is a major deal breaker for me. Dating is already expensive enough and a person shouldn''t have to pay to find the one they''re going to date. Overall, I made some good friends. However, there should be a better way to match compatibility. Maybe more personality quizzes likes, dislikes and a distance meter on how far they are willing to go to meet someone.

Mediocre but not too bad. I like that POF has more of a social media feel to it as opposed to a dating site. I kind of feel like I’m using Facebook or Myspace. It’s different than other dating sites. The customization was okay, I would prefer it to be better. However, I didn''t find it too useful for me. I got a lot of people I wasn''t interested in sending me messages and I noticed it was a little difficult to get a response back as well. I just wish the matching aspect was a bit more spot on. I feel like I could be missing out on a good match because of this.