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Sexual Compatibility Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

Posted: 2017-10-12 04:04

Just an update. I'm the married Cancer woman who is having affair with the married Scorpio man. I'm still married and I'm still having the affairs with the Scorpio man. I still love my husband and I'm still crazy in love with the Scorpio man. Just the other day I was talking to the Scorpio and he said to me he can't believe its been two years and he said there is strong connection between us,and he never had an affair that last longer then two month. Then he said I was part of him and there no going back. I'm not sure of what that mean. Can a Scorpio man please respond

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I am a Cancer women married to a Scorpio man. We have been together for 9 years and married was my prom date. We married right out of high school and now have 8 children. He is amazing and sensitive. He cried watching Dear John and would kill me for telling that. He's kind and compassionate. He believes PMS is a legitimate illness and treats me wonderfully when I'm cranky. He's my everything!!!

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I am a Cancerian woman engaged to a Scorpio man. The moment I looked into his eyes I knew that we were made for each other. He's in the navy and all it took was one week to fall in love with him. As soon as he left he got deployed, he keeps me strong, constantly reminding me that I am the only woman he has eyes for. He is completely gorgeous, and passionate in every way possible. I love him to death and can't fathom my life without him, we already started arranging our wedding which will take place June of next year

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I am a Cancer girl' and it does take a lot of patience to be with Scorpio man. they like challenge and not easy they want to truly trust you first before they give their heart to you. they want to be your friend first!!!! for a reason. be that friend and they will at their own time give it to you cause they are so emotional deep they fall in love deep! but be very patient and survive their test and they will give in to you! I know all my loyalty, trust, patience is how my new love (Scorpio man) choose me and they will tell you they want you!! that's how deep they are! they want to test the waters before they dive in deep! ******warning!!!!!! don't ever lie to them. it will be over before it start! wouldn't it be wonderful to fall in love with your best friend? I went through the hot and cold. be patient and you will be rewarded! it took me 75 months to win his heart! may 78, 7565 is our anniversary date!

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I'm a Scorpio Male, and have yet to date a Cancerian. I would like too, or thought I did until reading some of these posts. I see that a high number of Cancer Women have cheated on their boyfriends or husbands. "Whats up with that?" Several of my Male Scorpio Conterparts were cheating with these women also, they are scum too. My point being, is that if a woman cheats on anyone, she cheats. It shows that she has no loyalty Even the ones who were flirtatious, and not physical, they were still cheating in their hearts and minds if they were already with someone. I could never trust a Woman that has cheated on someone else, it means that she could do the same to me. I won't play those games, and if she is that hard to catch, will she be worth it? Not if I found out she was flirting or playing cat and mouse with someone else. If I am with a beautiful woman and other men want her attention, I understand, I did and do too, however, if she flirts or leads another man on, t hen she will be dropped cold and real fast. Cheaters, liars and game players are the worse kind. I hope infidelity is not common for Cancerian Women.

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Well I am the saddest girl in the world at the moment, I have been dating a Scorpio man for a couple of months, which has not been easy, I broke it off with him but still really liked him, we got back together on the weekend and he went all out to impress me, we had fantastic sex , then I drunkenly abused him - he walked out of my life right there and them - can I ever get him back, I like him so much I want to die without him

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Due to this Scorpios can end up fairly wary and pessimistic about the concept of true love. Ironically, each bad experience can make all their traits that much stronger and more intense next time. Scorpio men are very skilled at relating to others, and as such can be very good friends and emotional healers. It's a one way mirror however. Highly secretive and subtle he will often prefer to give only a limited view of what's really going on inside himself. They often don't like a partner to know quite how smitten they are, due to the vulnerability it creates.

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Say what you like about Scorpio men and their sexuality, aggressiveness and jealousy traits, they know they've met their match when it comes to a Cancer woman. This woman knows just where to go into this man's heart and mind and does it with ease. I'm in love with one of the most gorgeous Scorpio men ever on this earth. He's strong, sweet and so romantic he can melt your heart. But, so am I I can see by the way he looks at me that he longs for me every minute of the day. I feel so secure with his love and only have to think of what I need him to do and a second later he does it. He was the first one to say we are "perfect" for each other and believe me they don't talk that way unless they are head over heals about you. I love him more than words and I know he loves me. Of course he has his mood swings so do I but we only take a minute before we put it back on track. Other than that we're on loves hangover every minute of the day. I want him for the rest of my life and I know he wants me too.

Sex:   If you are a Scorpio who has ever tried to mate with a non-Scorpio, you will find mating with your own kind heavenly.  There are many tacit agreements between two Scorpios that are not present with the other signs.  Some things are better left unexpressed verbally and neither of these two will ruin something sacred with profane words.  Their sexual union will be almost religious in nature, producing ecstasy and profound communion. 

Well I'm a Cancer woman and I dated a Scorpio guy for 6 months and everything was going great until around the 9 month, he started being distant with me and stop calling, texting, etc. I became worried and of course possessive and annoying and right after out 6 month anniversary, (In which he took me to dinner.) We broke up and he said to me if he really loves me I will come back, and if not I won't? However we still kind of talk and I miss him a lot, but since he does not internet anymore I can't tell if he like me anymore. I mean I hear from his friends that he stills likes me and wants to date me, but he wants to wait until he graduates. BTW I'm in college and he's still in high school. He will be a senior next year. We dated when I was a senior and he was a sophomore. Any suggestions? Should I really wait until he Scorpios keep their word? Any Scorpio men who have been through this situation?

I am a happily married Cancer woman who became friends with a married Scorpio man at work. From the beginning we felt an instant attraction and bond with each other---mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We became really good friends. But deep down I know that it was more than that, sometimes he would tell me in conversation that we must have known each other in a previous life and now we are finally I truly felt that way.

Taurus men are stability loving homebodies who are fiercely loyal to their loved ones. They are men of action, and show their love by doing romantic and thoughtful things for the ones they love. Although they will move heaven and earth for the object of their affection, keep in mind that they will do so at their own pace and in their own way. Taurean men do not like to be bossed around by their partners. They are respectful of their mates' intelligence and freedom, and expect the same in return.

I don 8767 t know if it 8767 s my capricorn sun or virgo moon but I feel the need to STOP or RUN
They are so intensely focused on your every move and probe to the very bottom it is a very unnerving feeling and I personally feel very lost (which is unusual for me) and a little insecure being equally private and sensitive and having a practical wall of iron around me..water signs geesh! It is literally a sense of drowning

We soon had our little thing after he broke up with her,kissing,fighting,txting,touching,feeling,talking,flirting,the whole shebang! But that realaity caved found another girl he liked (no hey are no together he likes her she likes him back),me and him are still friends in all butt now I love him he old me he loved when we were in that little thing we don't talk as much it feels odd sometimes and I don't know if he still likes me,damnit I wish I 'm stuck here and he's in my dreams,and in y head,I see him all over,and when we talk I forget a little,but I can't stop saring at his hazle eyes and I my head is screaming at me saying this all bullshit! and that I should just tell him everything weather it kills me or just what to know that when I said those 8 words he said them or not he meant it or still does,I wish I knew I can't and its driving me crazy.

These men do not get upset easily, but beware their tempers if they do become angry! Fiery bulls will come out to do battle to defend their position if something they believe in strongly has been affronted. Fortunately, Taurus personalities are as generous and patient as they are stubborn. This means that although they may argue fiercely, they do not argue often. Taurus men are attentive and loving partners.

I am a Cancerian woman who is deeply in love with a sag man. We first met 65 years ago. Were together for a little over a year. It was passionate, wild, and beautiful. Why I let him go is still unknown. We both got married and had kids. He walked back into my life about 9 months ago. Never in all my life have I felt so much want and passion for a man. He is my match, my heart, and my soul.. But we r both married now with families. We can never be reunited fully. It is a tragedy. I will make sure my child does not make the same mistake. I will make sure that when she meets him, she fights for him, and does not let him go.

My Aries man has driven me crazy for over two years and I still find myself thinking about him We dated for about 6 months very intensely. We saw live music together, ate at our favorite restaurants, had wine bar nights, motorcycle rides (he has 7, and although it 8767 s never been a goal of mine to ride, riding with him is absolutely the best feeling EVA!) He 8767 s the perfect combo of Macho/Brainiac/Adventurer/Lover.

I'm a Scorpio male with a Cancer woman. We have been together for 8 years now since we met in high school. We did have our fair share of arguments and dramas but looking back at it now it is just a joke and water under the bridge. I never really looked into astrology until recently and I believe that the Scorpio and Cancer match is very solid. As a Scorpio male I would always use to find something I disliked about a person and then use them and toss them after I was done. I did this with my Cancer woman a few times as well but now looking back I think it is Scorpio's test to see how enduring their mate is. Cancers are pretty enduring when it comes to love and with their ability to not let go of the right mate it really benefits both partners. Sex is amazing, passionate and unforgettable every single time. Be patient and understanding, communication is key to everything really.

I am a Cancer woman and my first love is indeed a scorpio. we dated back in high school. later went with our lives. I can truly say that thru out our lives we keep ending up back in each others. and the funny part about it we seems to pick up whereever we were like unfinished business I feel so alive whn im with him he totally completes me. like know other he's the only one I can truly say know me like a book. whn were together were like lil kids.. our attraction is so magnatic that I feel its us against the world!!! he is truly the love of my life.. when we make love its like an outter body experience..its definitly powerful he's the best lover I ever had. not only that he's my best friend love you marquise!!!

I a true aries man 67 april born & i wished he should hav understood you i m also an aries nor i drink not even smoke..nor hav cheating habits i just needed a true love..which was my scorpio woman..but it ended lyk hell..& hurts more than hell & thats why i guess that astrologers give us the keywords lyk..: 8776 ardent ,jaelous & intense 8776 . But aries_scorpio should team up together because it hepls society & themselves a lot. M i right plzzz reply me on this..!!!

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