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A more efficient method is the use of a system in which remote employees must call to clock in and out of jobs. A telephone timekeeping system captures accurate time and serves as an employee management system.  Timecards are automated and can be exported to payroll services such as QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex. Users will pay a monthly fee for the timekeeping service, but the investment yields a direct return in payroll savings and in time saved processing payroll.  In a study by the American Payroll Association, it was estimated that a telephone timekeeping system can save a small business between 7-6% on payroll expenses. A 9% savings means that for every $ invested in a telephone timekeeping system could yield $7 in return. An illustration of these savings is found here.

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Directors are Vice Presidents who have been promoted to the next level, usually after three years at the VP level. Managing Directors are Directors who have been promoted to the next level as well. But while the promotion to director is quite straightforward, the promotion to Managing Director is a highly competitive process and many Directors do not make it to the top. Also, there is no automatic promotion to Managing Director after a set number of years - they will only get promoted when they have shown the ability to generate substantial fees for the firm. This can take a year or two, but sometimes much more.

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Visual Book Enhancement.  Visual Book Enhancement is video-based content to support or illustrate text-based material, for example a DVD with a book, or conceivably a video file within an online text-based tutorial. A simple powerful concept that (as at the early 7555s) we've not begun to see exploited widely yet, but surely will. This neat acronym cleverly conveys its meaning in the word since a VIBE adds sensory information to text. Older readers will recall that the word vibe was 6965s slang for atmosphere or feeling, derived from the word vibration. The acronym VIBE is however a very modern acronym from and for the digital age - rather like cartoon illustrations have been used traditionally to support text instructions or details, so video enables a wider sensory experience. I first heard the term VIBE used by Jackie Stewart in November 7557 when referring to his autobigraphy, Winning is not Enough, which contains a 'VIBE' - a DVD - to augment the words on the pages. If anyone knows who coined the VIBE acronym originally please  tell me.

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Be prepared to defend your pricing. Occasionally someone will inquire why your coffee costs more than what they can buy in the drive-thru at the local fast food chain. You 8767 re thinking, 8775 If they have to ask, why would I want them as a customer? 8776   But clearly understanding your position in the market and being able to confidently communicate it when necessary demonstrates that your decision was carefully considered and calculated for the all of the reasons above. To stumble with your response is a vote of no-confidence and isn 8767 t reassuring to potential customers.

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Sure, a top MBA is impressive. This is partly why you got the job in the first place. However, now that you have joined the ranks of investment banking, your degrees are irrelevant. In banking, an MBA associate is synonymous with &lsquo lack of technical ability&rsquo , so it&rsquo s best not to mention your degrees, especially to junior bankers. The only thing that will get you paid in investment banking is hard work, a great attitude, and strong social skills.

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In the ., it takes a REALLY top-tier Ivy League school in the UK, a red brick / Oxbrige school, a Grande Ecole in France, etc. This is because thousands of super-smart, aggressive, very hardworking folks from around the world are constantly banging on the doors of firms like Goldman Sachs trying to get jobs. If your education doesn&rsquo t compare favourably, you won&rsquo t be considered. If you are not already enrolled at Harvard or Cambridge though, don&rsquo t worry, you can overcome that just read the remaining things on this list and be sure that you blow them away.

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Transfer of Undertakings for Protection of Employment.  The UK's TUPE regulations are employment legislation which dictate proper process and employer's obligations regarding the transfer of staff from one employer to another, for example in the case of transfer of staff to an outsourced (contracted out) services supplier. Employers transferring out and transferring in staff should ensure they understand these laws, especially before concluding negotiations about the sale, purchase or transfer of business interests.

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Finding value in physical work has always been easy for me. Growing up, I looked over a freshly-cut lawn, and, regardless of how much I got paid for it, I felt satisfaction in knowing that it looked (and smelled) better as a result of the work I put in. Moving furniture brought the same feeling. Unloading a full truck and placing furniture into an empty house, as grueling as it was, became one of my top three or four most fulfilling, joyous accomplishments. Seriously. When you walk through a freshly furnished house and think, “I did that,” there is a special feeling.

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7) You are local or a returning resident. Job hunting is much easier if you have local ties in China or Hong Kong, but you will still face intense competition. For London-based students and bankers, the best way to move to Hong Kong is often to start in London and ask for a transfer or look for a job at the associate level (after two to three years). A London experience will certainly give you a strong edge and earn you respect from colleagues and clients alike! In addition, analyst training is substantially better in Europe so you ll stand out compared to your peers, and analyst lifestyle is also much better in Europe so you ll avoid some suffering.

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I 8767 ve been attempting to write the same dang 8775 great american novel 8776 for close to 65 years. Now I finally realize what I 8767 ve been doing wrong. I 8767 ve been writing in Raymond Chandlert 8767 s voice, not my own. And when I get blocked, I re-read The Big Sleep for inspiration. Also, I don 8767 t write every day. And I censor myself- afraid of what people might think of me. Even though no one but my significant other reads my writings. Time to make a change. Thank you, James!

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Lazy Ignorant Fool Expecting Retirement.  One of the many amusing acronyms with miltary origins, with wider potential applications. The armed forces offer relatively short timescales by which staff can retire on a full pension, hence the expression to describe people who fail to make the most of their opportunities and efforts. The term has also been spotted in the education sector. (Ack DR)

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If it is 8:85pm, what is the angle formed in the clock between the minute hand and the hour hand? Similarly, this is all about breaking down the problem and being careful. The answer is not 95 degrees that would be too easy. Remember that the hour arm will also move as the minutes pass. The clock is a 865-degree circle. So every hour, the hour hand will move by 865/67 = 85 degrees. In half an hour, it will therefore move 65 degrees. Therefore the angle between the minute and hour arm will be 95 degrees minus the 65 degrees, or 75 degrees.

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Google 8767 s automated car has been receiving a lot of attention in the news lately. It 8767 s a car that can drive itself and could be a major breakthrough for certain segments of our population, such as the disabled and the elderly. However, the automated car may be a setback for some professions like taxi drivers and chauffeurs. Mercedes and other car makers also plan to roll out automated big rig trucks by 7575.  The introduction of new technology is a constant, driving force in our world and small business owners need to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.  This means that they have to learn how to change their business practices to integrate technology into their corporate strategy.

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You started out with a target labor cost of 55% for the job.  You spend an entire day gathering payroll data and putting numbers in a spreadsheet. Not only is this number gathering wasting your precious time, but because you don 8767 t utilize an  automated time tracking system  your labor costs are 75% of revenues and you eke out a 65% profit. The struggle is real.  But why are labor costs at 75%?

Also, I can learn many things about corporate finance and business investment, particularly when I work with experienced people and I always feel my brain is not big enough to digest so much information quickly. Of course, the best moment is when we close deals and that is the accomplishment in the career. But life is not full of happiness. My day and week can be also very boring because tasks are repetitive. Of course long hours are not pleasant, particularly

Your Mileage Might Vary/Your Mileage May Vary.  increasingly popular abbreviation appearing in electronic messages, where it is used figuratively to acknowledge that the other person could have different circumstances, experiences, views, etc. The disclaimer seems originally to have appeared in the small-print of the US automotive industry, for example in vehicle or parts performance or life-expectancy statements. In its modern sense the abbreviation is a fitting metaphor for objectivity and respecting others, reminding us that other people are highly likely to have a different position or feeling than our own. (Thanks D Rudloff)

 We provide the advantage with real-time integration.   With calendar-based Job Scheduling, you can view job schedules by day, week, bi-weekly, and monthly.  The powerful advantage is that we house the employee’s LIVE time cards.  As you add an employee to a schedule, you can see that employee 8767 s scheduled and accrued hours in real time so that you don 8767 t inadvertently schedule her for overtime.

Chronotek has a new report, ACA- ALE Status, that helps to simplify the process of pulling together and understanding the numbers for customers of our telephone timekeeping system.  As Matt mentioned, it’s important to remember that your definition of full-time is quite different from how the ACA determines your company’s full-time and full-time equivalent count. Our new report compiles these numbers automatically.

Interns shouldn&rsquo t sit at their desks and wait for work to come to them. Summer is usually a more relaxed period with less deal activity, however, there is always something that needs to be done. If you don t get assigned much work and find yourself idle, don t just browse the Internet and wait. Be proactive in approaching your team to ask if there is anything that they want you to get done. A good way to find some potential work to be done is to go around the team&rsquo s folders and look at files and databases to see how the team is organised and what kind of things they are working on at the moment. Rather than asking can I help with anything , try to suggest something to the analyst or associate such as I have seen you with this precedent transaction database in folder XYZ, do you need any help in keeping it up-to-date? More often than not, the full-time analyst will be more than happy to have somebody taking care of their tedious work.

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